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First Time Swining at a Club

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We had talked about swinging more than once. We had even gotten on the computer and found a swingers site to meet others. But I was nervous about it, he was excited about it. We decided that we would go slowly and that we would go to a club first. Just getting ready and thinking about going had gotten me excited. I got into the shower and as I was shaving my pussy clean I found myself rubbing my clit and thinking about tonight. With my other hand I was slowly squeezing one nipple then the other. My hand moved from my clit into my by then hot pussy and I wasn't aware of anything else around me, until I felt his mouth on my free nipple. He was sucking my nipple hard and it was really turning me on. I moved my hand from my pussy and he immediately replaced it with his, he had a finger on my clit and started to rub it as he inserted two fingers in my already wet pussy. I moved my hand to find his cock and found it rock hard. As he was finger fucking me I began to pump his cock up and down. I was hot and really wanted him in my pussy, I pulled back from him and turned around and leaned over alittle as he shoved his big hard cock in my wet pussy. He then grabbed both of my nipples with his hand and started to pull and squeeze them as he pumped me hard from behind. I could feel my orgasm start - my pussy was throbbing my nipples aching - my whole body started to feel like waves of vibrations as I was cumming but I could feel the throbbing inside of my pussy as he was cumming with me. We couldn't move for what seemed like forever as the shower washed over both of us. We finished our shower by bathing each other til we were both squeeky clean. Now to get dressed for our big night. I had picked out a black silk low cut tank top, it was cut very low - just barely covering my nipples. I then pulled my my small black silk thongs. Slowly and carefully I put one black stocking on at a time, smoothing them out on my long slender legs, once both stockings were on I then slipped into my short mini skirt. Finally it was time to put on my black 6 inch open toed shoes to finish off the outfit. When I walked out into the living room I got a head to toe look from him as he walked over to me and pulled me close and started kissing me - he said maybe we should stay home and I said no tonight was going to be a night to remember. We then got into the car and drove to the club. We discussed how nervous we both were about going to the club and what to expect. Once inside we relaxed abit - we were shown around the whole club, as we were led down the hall were the rooms were I became more and more excited. At the end of the hall was even a dungeon. We then went back to the bar and got a drink. We were listening to the music and then dancing with each other and watching others on the dance floor. Watching the other people grinding on each other was really turning me on. We decided to go get some private time in the great room. I sat down on a sofa and he knelt between my legs and pushed my thong to the side as he found my clit with his mouth. As he was sucking my clit he put a couple of fingers in my wet pussy and starting pumping them in and out of me. I then felt someone playing with my left tit and I glanced over to see who it was. There was a couple right next to us and her skirt was pushed up and he was fucking her and playing with my tit. I was really hot but this time and wanted to fuck. But I was ready for more than just my partner. He had been aware of the couple next to us also and between sucking my clit and watching them he was hard and ready to go also. He then asked the other couple if they might want to join us in a room and they thought that would be a great idea. The four of us found an empty room and proceeded to undress. She was beautiful - big beautiful tits that stood up very well for their size, and as my eyes went down her body to a small waist and a nicely rounded butt, and she had a nice clean shaved pussy too. Then my eyes went to him. He was built very nice and his cock was big and hard - hmmm better to fuck with. I laid down on the bed and she laid down next to me, we started kissing each other slowly, then I felt her tongue in my mouth searching for mine - we continued to kiss like this for a few more minutes as our hands found each others breasts and we were fondling them. Then then moved one of her hands down to my clit and started playing. I could feel my pussy getting very wet at this moment. I moved my hand down to her clit and also started playing with her. I glanced up and both of the guys were sitting on the bed pumping their own hard cocks as they watched us. She pulled away and turned around so that we were in a 69 position as she put her head between my legs and on my wet pussy. I in turn put my mouth on her clit and could feel how wet her pussy was. We were sucking each other and then I felt my nipples being pulled and squeezed and I looked up and both of the men had moved over to us and were playing with our nipples. We continued to suck and play with each other until we came over each others faces. As we rolled from each other we were met by our men and their hard throbbing cocks. They wanted their turn to be pleased. I took his big hard cock into my mouth and started sucking him. I would take my tongue and flick the head of his cock then circle the base of the head with my tongue and then go all the way down on his shaft. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to deep throat him but I did. While I was taking care of him she was busy with my partner. She was on her knees as he was pumping his hard throbbing cock into her wet pussy. He kept pumping her hard and slowly moved her closer to us as I was sucking her partner. I then felt her mouth close on my wet clit. As he pumped her she pushed into me and was sucking and nibbling on my wet pussy, while I was continuing to suck his cock up and down. I could feel myself starting to cum and knew that he was about ready to shoot a load in my mouth. As I was cumming I deep throated him as I felt him shoot his load down my throat. About the same time I could hear her moaning as she was cumming and my partner was shooting his load deep inside her wet pussy. We slowly separated and laid down to rest for a minute. My insides still kept feeling the tremors from cumming. I knew then that I wanted to do this again. We started talking and decided that we wanted to get together again. Finally we got dressed and took the ride home - both of us thinking about what a great night we had and what the future was going to be like for us now that we had finally taken the step to swinging.

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