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First Encounter Friends

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We are in our mid 40’s but Ann looks much younger. Both of us are 5’-6” and slim. Ann is a 36c. In 20 plus years of marriage we had never had extramarital sex. After doing IRC chat with people in chat rooms called “Three Way Sex” we thought it might be fun to give it a try in the real world. Searching the Internet we found Swinger Board. We placed a personal add and had several replies but we only pursued one of them, Bill and Sue. We had IM chats and conversation with them and they seemed comparable to our age and builds. After conversing with them on the phone and Internet we exchanged pictures and started talking about really meeting. We agreed to meet and make sure that none of us had any reservations about having “same room, full swap” sex and go forward from there. I was being optimistic and reserved a room at a motel. We met at a nice dinner club for drinks. We got to the bar a little early and waited for them. When they arrived we recognized them immediately as they did us from the pictures. We ordered fruity martinis and discussed a bit about ourselves. We all talked open about sex and obviously checked out each other’s bodies. Ann wore a red collared silky top with a zipper that ran the length in front and tight designer jeans. She had it open enough to expose glimpses of her black bra. Sue was bigger breasted and had a pretty white sheer blouse with a heavy-duty bra; it was obvious that she had big tits and a sexy waist. I could see Ann was really getting into the swing. She was putting the charm on Bill. He had a very good sense of humor and was totally unpretentious. When I told them that I had a motel room reserved, we all decided that it was a good idea to continue the acquainting there. In the room, Sue and Bill walked to a table and chairs while Ann and I sat on the edge of one of the two Queen size beds to talk with them. Bill had done his research and knew how the tension could build at this point. He pulled out adult dice and suggested that we play the game. He explained how the game was played. One die had an “action” and one die had a “body part”. This turned out to be a fast action game. We started by agreeing that the first roll would be with our spouse and the only rule was that it was always ok to say no. Sue rolled, “Squeeze” x “?”. Sue un-zipped Bills pants and started rubbing his crotch while they fell into a deep kiss. I rolled the dice next, “grab” x “tits”. I moved around behind Ann on the bed had Ann’s tits in my hands thru her shirt. Bill and Sue came up for air and I said that it was time for Ann to have on less clothes. I reached around her and un-zipped her top and un-snapped her bra. Bills face lit up and Sue was still smiling which we took as a sign to continue. I rolled Ann’s nipples around in my fingers while Sue and Bill watched with a smile. Bill asked Sue to take her blouse off. As she did, Bill unhooked her bra and started sucking on one of her nipples. Bill saw my interest and asked me to suck on her other nipple. Ann smiled and asked if we would mind her rolling the dice for action with Bill. I smiled back and said go for it! She rolled “Lick” x “Your Choice”. Again we all grinned. Ann looked at Sue and me to reaffirm once more that we were “Positively OK with anything”. Ann got up off the bed and had bill stand up while she pulled his underwear down. Sue had already loosened his pants. While Sue and I watched intently, Ann began to lick the head and shaft of Bills dick. She licked up and down and then started to thoroughly lick his balls. Bill lowered himself back down in the chair while Ann continued to lick and suck him. Ann was really enjoying herself. Sue turned to me, I handed the dice to her and said, “your turn again”. As Sue rolled the dice, Ann pulled Bill out of the chair and led him to the other bed. I don’t think we even looked at what Sue rolled with the dice. She had me stand beside the bed while she lowered my pants and underwear. Ann and Bill were observing from the other bed as Sue lifted my dick and started licking my balls. As she started to suck me, I got on the bed and kneeled while she continued to suck. I watched as Ann and Bill removed Ann’s pants and panties. Bill started to lick Ann’s freshly shaven pussy. I pushed Sue back and removed her pants and panties. She had a full cover of dark brown pubic hair, which I pushed aside with my tongue as I began to lick her pussy and her hard clit. I worked her with my finger and tongue for some time. She was very animated and let me know that she was enjoying it. I held and squeezed her tits while I licked and then moved up to just suck her nipples. When I looked over her I could see Ann and Bill. They had rolled over into a position that was a 69. He was on top. We had never done it in that position before. Our 69 were always with Ann on top. I was glued to the sight. At my angle of site I could clearly see him fucking her mouth and she seemed to effortlessly be taking all of him in. He was thrusting into her mouth with his hips. She rolled her head aside, licked and sucked his balls while watching me watch her and smiled. Then she took his hips in her hands and started pulling his dick deep into her mouth. Her cheeks were dimpled in from the suction she was giving. The evening was really just getting kicked off good. I was doing all I could to keep from cumming too soon. Sue sat up and started licking my balls again and sucking me intensely. I thought I was in control but the sights, sounds, and sensations got me. I began to cum while Sue had my dick buried in her mouth. She then jacked my dick as the cum flung. She went to the bathroom and got a washcloth and wiped the cum from both of us. Ann and Bill had switched positions and Bill was on top licking Ann again. Bill was looking across Ann at us with a grin. Sue looked at Bill and said, “Fuck me”. Bill made a gesture for her to come over to the other bed. She then lay beside Ann; Bill moved over on top of her and began to fuck Sue while alternately kissing Ann on the mouth and then sucking her tits. I got up in Ann’s pussy and licked her clit and pussy. Ann started moaning, Sue was vocal too. They all lasted through maybe two minutes of this and the three of them all had an orgasm together. I hoped that we would all recharge and do more. Bill and Sue explained that they had to get home to kids. They got dressed and left very abruptly. I was concerned that I had ruined the evening by having an orgasm so quick. After they left, Ann and I took a shower and had sex for couple of more hours and had several more orgasms. We were both raw and sore for a few days but it was well worth it. We all talked on IM later and they said that they had had a great time with us.

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