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Filipina Babysitter

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Myself and my wife live in the Philippines, we have been here for over 4 years now. We are married with kids and she feels at home being half Filipina herself.

We have busy lives and travel a great deal on business and have a girl who is a college student who baby sits for us on a regular basis. She gets a chance to study in peace given that her house is full of siblings apparantly and earns some extra cash in a country where a good education can cost a good deal of money. She is quite a cute little thing with a nice tight little body, maybe about 5'2" tall, but fairly average, very polite, and always struck me as very studious.

Anyway one night I went out for a few drinks with the boys, but having just come back from a trip I was late going out and tried to catch up with them on their bar hopping night. Most of the bars in the area were girlie bars with scantily clad dancers on stage, that are rotated with another group of girls every second song. You can pull one off the stage to sit and have a drink and fondle with you in the many dark corners of the club, or indeed retire to a private area shut off from the rest of the bar by a curtain, and do whatever you agreed for a fee of course. Most fo the girls are between the ages of 18-25, and cute. A lot of them are girls putting themselves thru school, as they can earn the equivilant of an average weeks wages or maybe even more in one night.

Having trawled my way thru a few bars trying to catch up with them, I decided to sit it out at one of the bars halfway down the strip and was sure they would come in this direction at some point. It was one of the new bars that had just opened up and I thought they would want to check it out.

A few drinks in I was feeling a little drunk and more than a little horny watching the tight little asses in t-back panties wandering all over the bar, and decided to take one of them off to a private room for a little play. One of the little brown skinned beauties caught my eye. She was about 5'2" with pert little tits that couldnt have been more than about 32b with a waist that was about 23", with long silky black hair and very chinese looking eyes. We got into the room and she started to do a little strip for me taking her top off and teasing her own nipples with her slender fingers. My cock was hard in seconds watching this little Asian, turn around and push her hands slowly into the band of her skimpy panties ans slide them down her soft brown legs, bending over to give me a view of her pussy lips from behind.. She then walked over and straddled me, pulling my head onto her little tits telling me to suck them, grinding backwards and forwards on my groin as she did. She slid her hand down my chest and onto my crotch rubbing my now very hard cock thru my pants, and asked me whether I would like to have another girl join us. My cock was making all the decisions now, and I nodded as she got up and called to someone thru the curtain. The lights were dimmed in the room and after a few minutes the curtain opened slightly and the sillouette of another nubile figure slipped in. I wanted to see a little more of what was going on but she told me the other girl was a little shy. This kind of addedto the excitement, and I watched as she slipped out of her panties and took her bra off and climbed over next too me.. I ran my hands over this body which was just as smooth as the other and my head moved between the two of them sucking a nipple in turn. Their hands where now undoing my belt and button, dragging down my fly. I liften my ass up off the seat and they pulled my pants down with my boxer shorts in one movement. My cock sprang out and I felt 2 sets of hands caressing the shaft and my heavy sac. They gently pushed me onto the long setee and pulled open my shirt and one of them started to kiss my stomach and move down, the other climbed over and straddled my face. I felt the softn shaven pussy against my tongue, and began to lick and suck, just the the mouth of the second girl engulfed the head of my cock. The girl of my face moaned and groaned with pleasure, shouting "yes" as I obviously hit the right spot and after a short while orgasmed. I felt her juices run over my lips and I licked them off her hot wet slit. They then changed places, and I felt a condom being rolled onto my cock as I pushed my tongue into the tight little hole of the second girl, who steadied herself with one hand and gripped my hair with the other, pushing her pussy hard onto my mouth and pulled my head up to meet it. The felt my cock being gripped and then the hot wet feeling as it slid into a pussy. She was tight, but soon got into a rhythm bobbing up and down on my cock. Both of them moaning. The girl on my cock I felt shudder as she came, which was repeated only a few moments later with the pussy I was licking shooting her jiuce into my open mouth. The girl on face told the one on my cock she wanted to try and she got off, and I watched in the dimly lit room as this gorgeous slender finger positioned herself over my pole and slid down. Her friend watched from the side, her hand buried in her wet snatch. The girl on my cock leant forward her hands on my chest as she slowly began to pump and and down on me now taking the entire length inside her. Leaning forward further she buried her tongue in my mouth ans she pumped more quickly, with me pushing up to meet each thrust. I felt her shake and bite on my lip hard as she came, and within a few second, I announced I was cumming. She quickly got off me and yanked the condom off my cock, gripped my cock hard and stroked me hard till I came over her face and tits.

After a few minutes we all started to get cleaned up and dressed, and one of the girls undimmed the lights. Just as the second girl was leaving the room with a towel wrapped around her I saw the face of my babysitter, and she clearly saw me, and rushed off.

I went away on a business trip a few days later and my came back late one evening to a note that said my wife had gone off to the Province due to some family issue, and the babysitter was staying over looking after the kids and that if I got in early enough to send her home. Anyway it was around 2am when I got it and the kids were in bed. She was asleep on the settee, and woke up when I got into the lounge.

She bounded to her feet and whisked past me grabbing her books and trying to get her shoes on hurridly. I asked her to sit down and she could barely lookat me, as I tried to calm her down and told her it was ok. She explained she had started there a few days before when the bar opened when one of her friends, the first girl I chose, told her how good the money was and that she would have a good time too. I was apparantly her first 'client', and that she wouldnt have done it if she new it was me etc.. I told her it was ok, as we both got caught out, as my wife didnt know what I'd been up, and we agreed that it would be our little secret.

After a couple of drinks she got a little drunk and we kind of laughed over it as she relaxed and told me she had a good time, and that she has masterbated over it since....What happened next is probably another story, but another good one.....

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