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On Saturday night, we plan a date, and agree to stay at a hotel in the city. We arrive at the hotel early to check in and get settled before dinner. A glass of wine plus a little touching and kissing set the tone for the night. You shower and change into a nice button up top and soft pants with your new sexy red underwear under your pants and nothing beneath the top.

Dinner is light, at a nearby restaurant where we meet a stranger, known to you only as Pete. Small talk and dinner with more wine continues. He tells us a little about himself while occasionally resting his hand on your thigh and caressing it. You look nervously at me and I smile to reassure you that it?s okay to enjoy yourself. Eventually, you reach out and touch his thigh, slowly moving your hand toward his cock. You can feel his bulge and give it a couple of gentle little strokes before removing your hand. You trade touches all through dinner while continuing the small talk. When we finish eating we pay the bill and get up to leave, promising to meet him in a few minutes at the hotel. We give him our room number and walk to the car holding hands like a couple of newlyweds.

In the car you excitedly tell me that you can?t believe what we?re doing, at the same time telling how wet you are. We arrive at the hotel before him and go to the room, another glass of wine for you.

When Pete arrives, he has another bottle of wine. It?s your favorite wine, and you two have another glass. We all sit on the bed, you toward the middle, Pete on one side and me on the other. We both caress your legs while talking about nothing. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom after I give you a gentle kiss. While I?m in the bathroom, I remove all of my clothes but my thong and return. You look surprised when I return, but say nothing. Next, Pete excuses himself to go to the bathroom and we give each other a deep kiss while we touch each other?s body.

Of course, when Pete returns he is wearing only his underpants which are tight and show the obvious bulge of his cock. His chest is a little hairy but not like a wool blanket. He returns to his position on the bed after turning off all of the lights. Pete and I begin to unfasten your pants and you lift your bottom to help us slide them off. Next we unbutton your shirt, exposing your beautiful breasts. Pete moves his mouth to suck one while I do the same on the other. Your sighs tell us you are enjoying the attention you?re getting. While we suck you breasts, our hands are both busy stroking your inner thighs and exposed belly. Soon, his hand is on your pussy feeling your wetness through the thin material. You arch your back, enjoying the sensations you are feeling. He slides his hand under the fabric and inserts first one, then another finger into your hot pussy. All the time, I continue to suck those wonderful globes, pausing occasionally to give you a deep French kiss. I only stop kissing you long enough to help him remove those sexy panties, leaving you naked from the waist down. He immediately moves his face between your legs to lick your sweet pussy.

I stand to take off my thong as he continues to enjoy your sweetness. I position myself so that you can lick my hard cock and take it into your waiting mouth.

Pete is moving now, removing his underwear allowing his cock to stand proudly at attention. He grabs a condom he has brought and puts it on. The time is here, when you will at last have one cock in your mouth and one in your glorious pussy. He moves between your legs and gently slides his cock into your waiting hole. You moan with pleasure as you are pleasured by two cocks. I try not to touch him while he continues his sliding in and out. First he moves slowly then faster and faster. Finally he tenses and we both know that he is emptying his balls into your hot waiting depths. You sigh feeling his cock pulsing deep inside your belly. He finally relaxes and smiles at you, kissing your neck. He gets up to go back to the bathroom where he removes the used condom and rinses off his spent cock. When he returns he finds I have taken his place between your legs licking and sucking the very place he has just finished fucking. You are wetter than ever and I am drinking in your juices. He moves near your face for you to begin sucking his cock. You tentatively lick it and taste some of his cum that remained and moan as you open your mouth to engulf his member. The whole time I continue to lick and suck your pussy. You finally tense and clamp your legs around my head as you come to a full body climax. As you begin to relax I move up and place my raging cock into its home. I pump you, much the way he did, but when I release my seed it is into your depths. I relax and move up to kiss you deeply. As I roll off you Pete puts on a fresh condom and returns to give you another round in your freshly fucked hole. This time he pounds hard from the beginning and you moan and sigh repeatedly as he continues to pound away with abandon. Finally his body stiffens as he again drains his balls. This time he just rolls off and we all lay quietly, resting after such a fun work out.

You decide it?s time for a pee and get up to leave after giving me a kiss so I taste his cock on your lips. I lick them before you leave. When you return you assume your previous position between us as we return to stroking your body. Soon my cock begins to stir again and I return between your legs to fuck you again while he sucks and strokes your tits. I fuck you for what seems like an eternity before I finally empty my cock into your belly again. Pete is ready for another round, and puts on another condom so that as soon as I pull out, he takes my place and fucks you again, this time at a more leisurely pace until he spills his seed again. Once more we lay quietly together stroking your nakedness. It?s getting late and Pete finally gets up to go to the bathroom again. This time when he returns he has gotten dressed and tells us he has to go, but will be happy to meet us again anytime. He leans over to kiss you squarely on the lips and turns to go. He stops once to look back and tells you that you are the hottest 45 year old he has ever met.

After he leaves we kiss again and hug each other. You grab my cock and begin to gently stroke it back to life one more time. This time, you mount me, taking me deeply into your pussy. While rocking on my cock you stroke your pussy until you explode again, finally collapsing on me with a sigh. Then I realize, gee, I forgot to lick your ass! Oh well.

We awaken later and crawl under the blankets snuggling against each other enjoying each other?s warmth. We tell each other ?I love you? and settle in for the rest of the night.

When we finally wake up, we take a shower together, towel each other off and get dressed before hading out for some breakfast before returning home.

What a night we had. I love you.

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