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Fantasy, Desire And Freedom

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We were relaxing with a couple of friends we had met by the pool at Paradise Lakes nudist club, the conversation turned to the subject of sex - how often we did "it", what were our likes and dislikes, how many partners we had each had and so on. At that time I had only been to bed with a few men in my entire life, including Jack and my first husband. So I was very surprised and a little shocked when James and Mindy told us they had both had at least thirty partners. They went on to tell us they were swingers and that the variety they had introduced into their sex life had done much to enhance their own sexual experience and enjoyment together. They said we would be very welcome to join them at one of their parties if we wished, but I replied that, although I considered myself to be pretty broadminded, I could never do anything like that and the conversation moved on to other matters totally unrelated to sex. I was relieved because to tell the truth I had discussed my desire to experience other men with Jack but I was not sure that I wanted to put that desire into action.

On the way home from the club Jack asked me what I thought about going to a party with James and Mindy. I considered that subject with both excitement and reservation. I knew, of course, that Jack had exchanged partners with friends in the past, and I actually enjoyed the stories of his experiences. His stories always turn me on and as we talked I felt warmth between my legs and knew we had again tapped into my desire to be fucked by another man. To see a new mans reaction to my body and feel his hard erect manhood as it enters me for the first time. To please and be pleased knowing it is purely for the sexual pleasure with no obligations or complications. Raw intimate hot sex! Inwardly I said ?Clam down wild child ?not in these shoes?

Jack and I have a great sex life and that is part of my confusion about this desire. We often have shared joint fantasy talk about me sharing Jack with another woman to pleasure him. I had also told him of my desire to have sex with other men. In fact he had freed me to explore that need and desire. I just never could free myself from the fear of hurting our relationship by acting on that desire. And yet that desire burns hot in me often making me wish I had not met my dream lover Jack right out of the breakup with my husband. The great thing about Jack is that he understands this even better than I do and has freed me to talk and act with no threat of losing our relationship. In fact he fears the suppression of the desire more than the act because of how it puts me into such an internal emotional conflict.

The next weekend we saw James and Mindy again. They told us they were going to a party the following Saturday and asked if we would like to go along. Jack replied that we would think about it and let them know later on. I knew he was giving me the option to refuse their invitation. Later that afternoon when Mindy and I were alone, she asked me what would be the harm in going to the party if only out of curiosity. She told me that all the couples that would be there came from the same age group and professional background as us and that I would be under no obligation to do anything if I didn't want to. After further reassurance from her that absolutely no pressure would be put on me to "perform", I agreed, very reluctantly but at the same time with inward excitement to go. I made it very clear to Mindy that under no circumstances would I be a participant in whatever took place. She smiled at me and said that was all right but not to be surprised if I changed my mind after I had been at the party for a while. ?Not in these shoes? I whispered and knew by the way Mindy was looking at my shoes she was wondering what I was taking about. To myself I reminded wild child to calm her self again.

When Jack and James rejoined us, Mandy and I told them what had been decided and the ground rules, which had been established. James and Mindy gave us details of the time and place for the party and we parted company.

On the day of the party I was like a cat on hot bricks. I was extremely nervous and afraid even. I really wanted to go and at the same time not go. Jack said we had made a commitment and that we were going with no obligation and that after we got there if I was still uncomfortable with what was going on we would make our excuses and leave. That gave me the comfort level I needed so I said "Oh, alright then, we'll go". I also told Jack that if he wanted to take part in the goings-on he could, but not to expect me to do so. It was a little difficult for me to say to Jack that he could go with another woman but to be honest the thought of seeing it also exited me. He told me that if he got interested in another woman there he would ask my permission because his was mine to give away and share.

The next problem I had was deciding what to wear. James and Mindy had suggested that we not wear very much. The less we had on, the more easily and quickly we could take it off, they said. Jack decided he was going in a silk shirt and slacks. He instructed me to put on a simple shift with nothing at all underneath. He often instructs me to be available to him in this way. Maybe my sub-conscious was telling me what might happen but with his command I was instantly wet!

The party was being held in a large suite at an apartment hotel. The furniture in the living and dining area had been rearranged to make room for a dance floor. A bar had been set up in the kitchen; there were two bathrooms, one with a Jacuzzi, and at least three bedrooms. As soon as we arrived, we sought out James and Mindy and they introduced us to several other couples. All told, there were about ten or twelve couples there. They all seemed very nice, quite friendly and not unattractive. Indeed, several of the men were fairly good-looking. (?Down Wild Child? I shouted inside my head). We spent and hour or so sipping a glass or two of our raspberry martini?s, nibbling on snacks and chatting with three or four of the other couples. The atmosphere was very relaxed with soft lights and slow music, but I was far from being relaxed myself. On the contrary, I was absolutely terrified. If a man made a pass at me, could I turn him down? How would I turn him down? What happens if he won't take no for an answer? What would happen if I wanted him? These were just a few of the questions rushing through my mind.

As time went by, more and more couples undressed and began to mingle and circulate in the nude. I noticed several men and women dancing together, but not with the partner they came with. I had to admit to myself that the sight of nude couples dancing and smooching together was quite sexy. Two or three couples left the dance floor and went off to the bedrooms.

Jack had left me to go to the bathroom. When he returned I saw that he had left his clothes behind. The fact that he had undressed did not really concern me. What I was not prepared for was to see Mindy go up and ask him to dance. It wasn't long before they were dancing cheek to cheek, both of them nude of course, with their bodies very close together and their hands roaming freely wherever they wished. I could not help but notice that Mindy seemed to be paying particular attention to Jack?s penis. The music stopped and I saw Jack whisper something in Mindy's ear. She nodded in reply and they came over to me. Jack said that Mindy had asked to use him and that he wanted me to show her how and grant her permission. I smiled at Jack and we exchanged a knowing look that told me one of our shared fantasies was about to become a reality. I looked a Mindy and said ? I?ll share him but on my terms and you must follow my instructions?. This seemed to excite her even more and we all headed off, hand in hand, to one of the bedrooms.

Someone had thoughtfully provided some silk ties on the bedposts and I instructed Jack to lie down and Mindy to tie his feet while I bound his wrists. Jack?s penis was rock hard and I could see the excitement and anticipation building in his body. I took his penis in my hand and looked at Mindy saying ?So you want to use this?? She smiled and said ?Yes, very much? as she moved on to the bed. I offered it to her and she began sucking it as I held his balls in my hand. I then told her ?The only rule is these are mine?. She momentary raised her head and smiled her acceptance of my one condition. We both then set about enjoying and being enjoyed by my man. She sucked on his cock as I took both of his balls in my mouth swirling my toys and hearing my man?s moans of pleasure. Our efforts were rewarded with pre-cum drippings and as usual Jack?s cock got even bigger. I encouraged her to mount him as she admired his excited manhood and I could see her glistening wetness as she moved to straddle my man. I held his erection in my hand and guided it into her wet dripping pussy. It was a turn-on to see the look in her eyes as his manhood slipped into her depths and I heard a pleasure moan from Jack that almost made me cum. She rode him to her first climax that was loud and joyful. I smiled at her and said, ?My turn?. She bent down and kissed my man a thank you. He whispered, ?I want to eat you? to her. I knew what he wanted and guided her forward freeing his juicy cock for myself and placing her very wet and hot pussy over Jack?s mouth. I was so ready for him and I needed to feel him deep in me. I quickly sat down on his steel hard rod and smiled at the thought of where it had just been. Mindy?s back was now to me and I was holding her shoulders as I began my-cum ride. Her body was very hot from her Jack ride and that excited me even more.

I felt her shudder as Jack?s tongue found her already sensitive clitoris. I think he is a master clitoral stimulation with his tongue and I knew she was on her way to her second ?my man given? cum as I approached my first. She and I both loudly sang our cum songs together and I felt my mans hot fluids spilling into me all at the same time.

I rested on her back and could feel her body?s after shocks joining mine as we recovered. I mentally explored my feelings of experiencing this fantasy ?now reality? with my man and felt the true warmth and freedom of our relationship surround my soul. It was exiting to finally see him do to another woman the things he does to me and to share that experience with him. It was then that the world around me came back into focus and I realized two other women were standing at the door watching and I presumed waiting for the room. They were both smiling and whispering as Mindy and I moved from a smiling Jack. We all laughed and Mindy asked the two women ?Were we that loud?? They said yes and they had come to see why. I moved to untie Jack and one of the girls stopped me and asked ?Could we use him for awhile??. My first thought was that this is not part of the fantasy and at least I knew Mindy. I looked down at Jack and as usual his man-rod was still standing at attention. He was also still tied and help-less which fired a thought and a need and that dam desire of Wild Child to be fucked by another man. So I said ?Ok but on two conditions. First, no one eats his balls and second, no one unties him until I return.? Jack looked at me with a quizzical look wondering where I was going. I simply said ?My turn - be good for them and I will want you to tell me all the details later. OK?? He smiled his understanding and said simply ?Enjoy, I will always be yours?. He knew me and was again giving me permission and his assurance that we would always be we. I loved him more at the moment and smiled in the warmth of that thought as I left him to the desires of the two new women. In fact it did not look like Mindy was leaving so maybe three.

I walked in to the main party room and realized that I was the only person in the room who was still dressed. I had mounted Jack without removing my shift. Everyone else was nude so I stuck out like a sore thumb. I had to go to the bathroom anyway and while I was there I thought "OK, what the hell?", so I took off my shift and returned to the party room. Now at least I would fit in with the rest of the crowd. Actually, the act of undressing was not a difficult thing for me to do because, as a nudist, I find it very comfortable and natural to be nude with other men and women. However, I was not expecting to see the scene that greeted me when I got back from the bathroom. All the bedrooms had apparently been taken; so one or two couples had started to make out on a sofa bed that had been pulled out by the dance floor. It was the first time in my life I had ever seen (or heard!) anything like that, other than in the porno movies Jack had or the one we had made of ourselves. The couples were obviously enjoying themselves and I had to concede that the whole scene was very erotic and pleasant to watch.

I went to the bar and got myself another raspberry martini and began to wonder how I was going to go about getting my fantasy realized. As I was sipping on my martini, a good-looking man to whom I had been introduced earlier in the evening came up and asked me to dance. I was beginning to feel like a wallflower by now so I agreed. I knew the moment I had been dreading all evening was getting closer, but funny enough I didn't feel quite as firm in my conviction that I was only going to get involved with some one I know as my first ?other than Jack? fuck. As we danced, we engaged in very interesting conversations about our soul mates and our feelings of love for them, with the music slow and sexy we soon moved our naked bodies together and were dancing cheek to cheek. I thought to myself "Have I gone crazy, what on earth am I doing on the dance floor with a man I had only just met for the first time and both of us nude? " It was then that I remembered Jack?s smile and the look of eternal love in his eyes as I had left him to be used by the other women. He knew I needed him not to be there when and if I did take another man. So I started to relax a bit and I put my arms around my partner's neck as we moved slowly in time with the music. My partner was gently squeezing my bottom. Then I felt his penis beginning to swell against my tummy. It may sound strange but I found that reassuring because it told me he thought I was attractive. He looked me in the eye and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. How I ever did it I will never know, but I reached down and put a hand on his bottom for a few seconds before I slid it between us and touched his penis. I was pleased to confirm that he was circumcised like Jack because, to me at any rate, I like the thought of the ridge of a circumcised penis that I could use against my clitoris. (Wild Child was definitely out and staying out) Anyway, my new friend's penis felt nice and when, after some stroking and fondling by me, it became fully erect it felt even nicer! By then our kissing and exploring of our bodies with our hands had become fairly intense and this, combined with the pressure of his hard penis against my tummy as we ground our bodies together while we danced, had begun to turn me on. I knew that my desires were close becoming reality.

When the music stopped my new friend asked if I would like to go to the bedroom with him. To this day I cannot believe that my ears heard me saying "Yes, please, that would be nice"! (in-side I said ?WHO SAID THAT?) By this stage of the evening most couples had finished their first encounter so one of the bedrooms was free for us to use by ourselves. That was good because I don't think I could have done anything with him if other people had been there with us. Even so, I still really couldn't believe what I was doing. Here I was going to bed with a man I hardly knew and couldn't even remember his name!

We spent the next hour together in bed. It was simply wonderful. While we were dancing I had told him I was attending my first party and that I was very nervous. I was so pleased when he did everything he could to make me feel comfortable. He did not rush things and he made sure that he was very gentle and patient with me. He began by asking me to lie on my tummy with my legs apart while he gave me a massage. His hands felt so soft and light as he ran them up and down my legs, the inside of my thighs and over my bottom. When he moved up and began to massage my back and neck I could feel his penis rubbing between the cheeks of my bottom. That was nice, very nice! He turned me over and began to run his hands over my breasts and tummy. My nipples became hard and raised. He was straddling me with his penis resting on my shaved pussy and although he had not touched me there, my pussy was already quite wet in anticipation of what I knew was going to happen.

By now I had completely lost any reservations. I was becoming very aroused and anxious to join in the action myself. I reached down and took hold of his penis. It was very, very hard. I began to run my fingers up and down the shaft and around his scrotum. I put my hands on his bottom, pulled him towards my face and began to lick the tip of his penis with my tongue. We turned ourselves around so we were facing each other in the 69 position not my usual like but what the hell. I felt his tongue exploring the entrance to my pussy. I began to suck his penis while he flicked his tongue around my lips and in and out of my pussy. When he found my clitoris I moaned in pleasure. I knew I was ready for him and I was simply dying to feel his penis inside me. I whispered to him that I wanted him to fuck me, and, yes, I used that word, something I do very often with Jack. I lay on my back, legs wide apart and in the air and very slowly and very gently he entered me. Boy, did he ever feel good! His penis was so long and hard he filled me right up. He began his thrusting and we were soon moving together in rhythm, his penis sliding up and down inside me, slowly at first and than more quickly and urgently as we abandoned ourselves to the pleasure of good sex. I was completely carried away, moaning and sighing softly as we continued to fuck. Then I felt his body becoming tense. I could tell from his grunting that he was close to his climax so I pushed him away and watched as he ejaculated onto my tummy. It was so exciting to see his semen spurting out on me as he pumped his penis vigorously.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and lay quietly together on the bed. I started to think about what I, a happily committed woman, had just done. I had enjoyed some very good sex with a complete stranger. I was not ashamed, on the contrary I was very happy. I accepted complete responsibility for my actions and was very comfortable about it. There was just one snag, I had not had an orgasm myself. As we lay there we started to explore each other again with our hands, him caressing my breasts and pussy, me his penis and balls. I was thrilled when I felt his penis starting to become erect because I wanted him again so much. Not like with Jack it took a while, but eventually he became fully erect which was what I wanted. I just had to fuck him again because by now I desperately needed to have an orgasm.

This time I wanted to be in control so I got on top of him and slowly lowered myself onto his penis. I took him as deeply inside me as I could and began to ride up and down on him. Although I was concentrating on fucking my partner, for some reason I looked up and saw Jack standing in the doorway. ?Dam someone had released him? I thought but I was glad to see his smiling face. He was with another woman and they were watching us as we fucked. He smiled his love at me and I smiled my love back true to his word I saw only love not disappointment or hurt. It was a strange and exiting feeling for me to be fucking another man while my eternal man watched me. It was obviously exciting for Jack as well because with the help of his lady friend, who kneeled in front of him, he quickly became erect and soon they joined us on the bed. As I continued to ride my no name man, I was enthralled to see Jack and his friend starting to fuck. Here I was in bed with my true love making love, but not with him, while he was similarly engaged with another woman. Never in my whole life had I imagined myself in such a situation, but I felt on fire with passion. Could I be the same woman who until Jack would never have admitted this need and desire much less acted upon it. It was then that I realized No, I was not the same woman. As Jack had once described me I was now ?a force to reckoned with?. I was truly free to feel and live life out loud with my soul mate.

I was filled with this thought as I looked down and saw my partner's penis sliding in and out of my pussy. He was helping me with his hands on my hips and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I began to ride him harder, told him I was about to have an orgasm, and groaned loudly when I came in a series of shudders. My body was tingling all over. It felt soooooooo good, so very, very good, as if all the tension that had built up in me over the years before this new life had finally been released. Shortly after I had my orgasm my partner (I still didn't know his name ) had his and this time I let him ejaculate inside me and enjoyed his hot cum shooting into me. All this time Jack and his lady friend had been in a world of their own, fucking merrily away beside us but had their orgasms as we had ours. What a rush to hear and feel.

The four of us went back to the party room and had another drink. In a few minutes, Jack and I were approached by James and Mindy. They asked if we were having a good time and we said yes. Actually, I don't think we needed to say anything because the smug and satisfied expressions on our faces, especially mine, completely gave the game away. We chatted for a while and then after some fairly heavy flirting and petting we just seemed to migrate naturally to the bedroom together. It went without saying that I was with James while Jack and Mindy paired off together. We spent a very nice time masturbating each other and having oral sex. At one stage, I realized that it was not James's tongue which was pleasuring me but Jack's. I was a bit surprised but I love watching while Jack was flicking his tongue in my pussy and around my clitoris, Mindy was also fucking him. I told James to move over so I could stroke and suck his penis. After I had another orgasm thanks to Jack?s tongue, I watched Mindy and Jack finish fucking. I was so excited I asked James to fuck me which he did, ejaculating inside me as I had yet another orgasm.

By this time it was getting quite late and the party was starting to break up. We got dressed and left for home. On the drive home Jack asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I said I certainly had and he told me he had too. He had been with Mindy twice or three times and the two other women had used him really good although he did not have a climax every time. He asked how I was feeling and if I wanted to go to another party if we were invited and I replied that wild child did but that I would have to check with my other personalities! I said it took a long time for me to overcome my reservations about living my fantasy, but once I had done so I had absolutely no regrets about what I had done.

We both told each other about our experiences at the party, in some detail I might add, and by the time we got home we were both so turned on again that as soon as we got inside the door we tore our clothes off and went straight to bed. As he slid into me Jack told me it was a big turn-on for him to feel his penis in my extremely slippery pussy that was still full of the juices left behind by him, James and my no-name lover of the evening. It was exciting for me too, knowing that my eternal man was about to leave his calling card where my two previous visitors had been and cum! In our heated passions we both exploded into a mutual mega organism spawned by our lust filled evening. That night as we always have always done through our love-making and free exploration of our fantasies we reaffirmed our love for each other.

In a new and different way I was now more in Love with Jack that ever before. His words and wisdom that had freed me to explore my desires had freed me to be who ever I wanted. By freeing me to chose without judgment he was my chosen and always would be in our life and in our fantasies. Nothing and no one would come between us? But they may cum between us!

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