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Excitement and Boredom Two Couples Work Through Sex Flat Period In marriages

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Excitement and Boredom

Audrey walked past him for the fifth time and said nothing, still irritated that he?d not shown her the closeness she obviously thought was her due. Her posture was erect and stiff, saying more than words with her crisp pace and focus on everything but him. George felt guilty but didn?t know exactly how to recover for his earlier omission that had been the root of her behavior. Twenty years of marriage and he still hadn?t fathomed every nuance of the mystery that was Audrey. He was in good shape, clearly evident as all 6?4? of him stood there with a big white towel draped around his waist, shaving and cleaning up for their evening out. Each time she?d passed, shed added a layer of clothes; panties and bra one pass, a slip another pass and so on until she passed the last time outlined in the dark blue silk sheath dress which followed her forty year old curves. He could see her four feet away now at her dressing table, adding makeup and a hint of perfume. A wonderful woman with a shape ten years her junior, he felt even more guilty and decided he had to do something.

In desperation, he reached for the ceramic rose which sat on the counter and carefully folded the dry towel around his hand, stuck the stem of the rose into it and plunged it down, making a sort of flowery fabric vase. He fluffed it one flick and then walked behind her and carefully placed his arm around her right side and in front of the mirror and spoke, ?Forgive me? It was thoughtless, Audrey.?

This was one of the reasons they had been married so long, she recognized when he?d been punished enough for being a guy and smiled, took the cloth vase and it?s ceramic rose from his hand and bussed it lightly before looking up at him in the mirror and winking. ?I know, George, I know. Thanks for the rose. Sometimes I think it?s just being married this long and around each other so much that we take each other for granted, maybe even get a little bored with each other.?

The fingers of his hand touched the skin of her shoulder above the blue of the dress and drifted across it a second before the deepness of his voice came over her shoulder. ?Maybe that?s it. I love you more than anything in the world and you are gorgeous but sometimes, I hate to admit it, I think our sex life is boring. You know, nothing new and all that.?

She patted his hand, pulled it down and kissed it quickly. ?Probably. Well, let?s not forget we love each other. Maybe I can buy a whipped cream nightgown some time.?

The argument over, the subject of boredom disposed of as much as it ever was, he touched her back, checked the top of her zipper and declared, ?That?s it. You?re all set and beautiful. The Patels will be impressed, for sure him and she?ll be jealous.?

?No way. Now get dressed. You?ve got fifteen minutes to get into your slacks and sport coat, George. Get going.?

The evening with their friends, the Patels, had been planned two weeks prior. Urvashi was a wonderfully exotic Indian woman with a warm personality and a very intriguing shape. Tom Patel was lighter skinned, tall for an Indian and very athletic. They made a handsome couple and had known Audrey and George for three or four years now. Neither couple had children and they often entertained. This time they would be at Patel?s home which sat next to a lake and had stunning sunset views from the patio and anywhere along the back of the house.

Audrey rang the chimes at the front door and Tom greeted them, stopping momentarily to hold Audrey?s hand and whistle at how she looked while grinning at George. ?Welcome. George, you are one of the lucky ones to be married to a woman like this!?

?What?s that?? Urvashi sang from the foyer.

George answered her, ?Just the usual, Urvashi. Tom is flirting with Audrey again.?

Urvashi swept into the foyer wearing a dark crimson loose dress, which draped her rather lush shape in layers and moved with her. It was George?s time to play his role and he had no trouble at all when he stepped forward, put his arm around Urvashi and gave her a hug and a sedate kiss on one of her sable-dark hands. ?My pleasure indeed, Urvashi. You are both ravishing tonight.?

The women having gotten their due led the men into the house where the evening went through iced tea and good food until it was time to watch the evening sundown on the patio. During the evening, Urvashi and Audrey had talked in one of the rooms on and off about what must have been women?s subjects and had some kind of continuing conversation. Neither Tom nor George had paid much attention other than to notice the two women were agreeable about something.

Tom suggested they watch it from the upstairs patio and put a cd on so the music could waft upwards as they sat. The women looked at each other and Urvashi motioned to Tom. ?First, Tom, I?d like to talk with you in the kitchen.? Obediently, he went with his wife and left the great room to George and Audrey.

George didn?t know what to say so he asked Audrey what she and Urvashi had been discussing on and off all evening. ?She stood and walked over to him, put her arms around him and spoke softly. ?You know I love you, right??


?You know that you think we are kind of at the boredom in the marriage stage, right??

?Yes, we agreed on that but I don?t know what to do about it.?

?Urvashi and Tom are at the same stage and she and I have been talking about it. That?s what we?ve been discussing.?

?Ahh.. Why do I think I?m about to get in trouble??

?Nothing like that but while you and I are talking, Urvashi is talking with Tom the same way about the same thing.?

This was taking a new twist and made him a little nervous, not knowing where she was headed.

?What, ah, what do you mean, Audrey,? he shyly asked.

?Well, George.? She gripped his hands tightly, looked directly into his eyes and spoke. ?She and I thought maybe we ought to put a little variety into all four of our sex lives, you know.?

George wasn?t entirely stupid but it took a moment for his mind to forward to what she meant. He didn?t move but did squeeze her hands back. ?You mean, like tonight??

She nodded, reached down and squeezed the front of his soft slacks where his soft penis lay nestled between his legs. ?Yes. If we all agree, if we aren?t too blown away by the idea, no pun intended, we thought we might spend the next four hours with different partners right here at their house.?

?Not love, right??

?No, just good friends and recreational, sexual fun and variety.?

Words failed him still until she said, ?I know this is sudden but what do you think??

?Are you okay with this? I mean knowing I?d be having sex with Urvashi while you had Tom inside you??

?Yes, if it?s okay with you and if it?s okay with Tom. Urvashi wants to and it?s not a foreign idea to her. She is very sexual and wants to try several positions from the Kama Sutra with your height. She even agreed I could watch and maybe learn some for us for later. For her to even consider it given her religion is amazing so I know she?s serious. Besides, I think she fancies you.?

There was no getting around it, his penis was his answer and she found it when she brushed his slacks again and found a rising star where there had been relaxation before. ?Is that a ?yes??

?Yes, if it?s okay with Tom.?

?Good. Urvashi said we should turn the music volume up if we agreed and come upstairs to the patio off their bedroom for the sunset.?

?You?re sure this won?t kill our marriage, Audrey??

?Positive if you are. We?re adults and we know what we have together.?

?Okay, turn the music on and lead the way.?

His normally staid wife stepped away from him, jacked the music up a notch then did something else first. She slid her dress up and grasped the waistband of her slip and her panty hose, slipped out of her shoes and peeled them both off. Her pussy was clearly wet and her hair only took a second for her hand to fluff down there. She paused to settle her skirt then kissed him and touched the music down lightly again and put her slip and hose by her purse in the front hall. ?Now we?re ready.?

?Good God, Tom is going to be one happy fellow if he goes along with this. If he doesn?t you are going to have to put those panties back on quick though.? She laughed and followed Audrey up the stairs and around to where Tom and Urvashi stood arm in arm smiling and waiting for them, both nodding yes.

Urvashi spoke first, ?Nice music, eh??

?Yes,? Audrey said, ?Nice enough to watch sunsets with and dance a little too. How do you feel about our plans for the rest of the evening, Tom??

He looked at his wife who brushed Tom?s slacks with her hand to show that his penis had arrived at the same answer as George?s. ?Never in my wildest did I dream this but if we are all going to be friends and still in love in the morning, then I think it?s just what we need to get over the smooth spot we?re going through. What about you, George??

George answered by walking Audrey towards Tom and reaching out for Urvashi whose eyes were large, wet and shining as he put her arm through his. I think I?d like this dance, Miss Urvashi.?

The sun was already dipping as the two couples stepped out onto the upstairs patio and began to dance. Urvashi fit nicely into George?s arms and pulled herself tightly to him, letting him feel her substantial breasts and when his hands held her back, he felt no evidence of a bra or even of panties as they moved, close against one another. Five feet away, he could see Tom and Audrey dancing tightly together, getting used to each other?s bodies and fitting front to front. He could see Tom?s arm around her waist and the other holding her hand. The arm around her waist drifted downward and he knew he was feeling the upper part of Audrey?s excellent butt. It was exciting, knowing that they were going to be with other people for the first time in probably 22 years. Urvashi looked up at him, offered her mouth and he took it, kissing her soft, red lips and being inhaled in her aura. She kissed the way men dreamed women might all kiss and it transported him, transported him enough that his erection was touching her belly and rubbing about where her belly button must have been as they slowed. Her feet moved wider and one arm slid between them, found his cock and rubbed it. Somehow, the other arm opened her top and let his hand find the magnificent sable breasts. Warm, large, topped by dark black aureoles and nipples already ¾? long, she was offering him herself and he accepted, first holding then suckling one of the breasts until he couldn?t breath anymore. When he took a breath, his glance caught Tom and Audrey in the far corner where she had slipped her dress off to her waist and Tom was doing the same with his wife?s tits while she moaned loud enough for the cats downstairs to be disturbed.

Urvashi saw him looking and whispered, ?Right now, let?s go to the guest bedroom and let them be alone. Okay, George??

He moved with her, winked at the flush that was on Audrey?s face when she looked up at their movement and departed with Urvashi who turned at the doorway at the far end of the hall where a candle was already lit and it smelled like nutmeg and vanilla. Once inside, she closed the door after him and stripped every piece of cloth from his body, pausing at each step to kiss, caress and suck each part of him with special attention to his balls and the rigid length of his cock. ?George, Audrey said you were big, but I had no idea!?

?Well, you are beautiful, Urvashi, a fantasy come true with your sable skin, those lush breasts, rounded tummy and that dark hair below it?just beautiful.?

She held his cock and pulled him to her??Put yourself against my Yoni, please.? She spread her feet and let him feel her opening, the long lips which curved and curled against one another and the large bump at the top which was continuing to swell into what would be the biggest clit he had ever touched. His fingers and palm went over and over her opening as she bent backwards and thrust her middle forward until the dry outer lips were no longer dry but wet with the moisture which had been building all evening inside her. He could not resist as she knew he wouldn?t and he kneeled, put his tongue against the opening and wet it, inhaling her odor, feeling the swelling around her lips and tasting the moisture that was inviting him in. They stayed that way for five minutes until Urvashi began to shake and her stomach convulsed in a series of waves and her opening squirted a clear liquid over his tongue and she cried out an Indian word and orgasmed, her first of the night. Her discipline was ironclad and her legs firm as she let her body show him the full orgasm, the release and the relaxation as she came down from the plateau the first time. When she was done, she touched his head and pulled him up and over to the bed where she laid him on his back and cupped his balls in her hands then sang and breathed over the wet tip of his erect cock, circling the wide head with her tongue and bathing the bottom of his cock with her lips and tongue from stem to tip.

Her eyes were wide as she whispered, ?The head is so wide. You will touch my soft spot inside, the one behind my clit and you will give me many peaks, tonight, George. Many peaks.?

In one soft movement she straddled him and put her feet near his chest, counting on him to hold her butt up and gradually lower her over his cock while she guided it in. They both watched the head spread her lips, touch her clit and make her jump with the feeling as it met some resistance to the width. She cried out when it stopped going in then looked at him and shouted, ?Drop me on it, drop me now. I want it all the way against my cervix.?

And drop her he did until even the hair at the base of his cock were inside her opening and she was helping him as he pushed and pulled and she squeezed and moved up and down. Both could hear the sound of the liquids inside her as they swished and curled around where her pussy lips sealed against his wet cock. He knew he was bigger and harder than he had ever been and did not know what possessed him but he wet his finger and slid it into her bottom, the other opening which set her off, made her quiver, shake and scream again as she came again. He was only human and this was too much. There was no specific time, just his cock shooting white, thick liquid shot after shot inside her to match the warmth of the wet liquid she was bathing the tip and shaft of his cock with. They grunted, pushed and ground as hard as they could until the silence was around them.

Just then, they heard something from the master bedroom. It was clearly Audrey who was screaming something like, ?Oh God, Tom, I?m cumming again.?

He hugged Urvashi who hugged him back and slid downward, letting his softening cock escape from her Yoni but putting it right where she could suck it into her mouth and revive it. Five minutes of careful attention while he looked down her back at the heart that was her butt had him erect again. Urvashi held him there, kissed him deeply on the mouth and then stepped up towards his middle, pirouetted, putting her bottom towards his face and then sliding it down his chest, wetting him with their juices which she tasted with her finger then gave him a taste.

She ground her wet lips and the now 1? long clit?s head over his stomach, teasing him and holding his balls once again, looking straight down into the head of his cock and watching the liquid gather again at the tip to lubricate it. When it was right she grunted and moved her hips away from his mouth and told him, ?Hold me, George. I?m going to put you in me and then I?m going to put my feet by my face and squeeze you inside my Yoni until you cannot stand it.?

He did and she did, an exquisite feeling that she made last and last until the door opened and a nude Tom and Audrey came in, holding hands and wet with their own juices but smiling and relaxed. Audrey said, ?George, we want to watch, learn something. I?m done for the night. This big fellow has done everything I can handle and now I need to learn.?

He just smiled, hands full of sable Indian woman who was increasing her pacing and squeezing him until she mumbled, ?Again, I?m going to do it again.?

Audrey reached out and held one of her breasts while Tom held the other as Urvashi screamed, convulsed and nearly passed out with the intensity of her orgasm. George came and came and came, having no clue where it all had been until he had nothing left. Tom and Audrey were now holding Urvashi and when she nodded to them, they lifted her off and Audrey ducked her head to George?s cock and sucked him in, juices and all. Tom lifted Urvashi and carried her back to the master bedroom after speaking. ?Spend the night. We?re all friends now and I make a great omelet in the morning. We?ve got to talk about this but it?s been wonderful for me. Audrey broke off sucking her husband enough to pat Tom?s soft cock and kiss his knee. ?Tom, you?re great. It was wonderful. We?ll spend the night. Go wake Urvashi up with what she wants.?

They were alone and she continued to kiss and suck his cock until once again it rose, defying all odds, and her wet breasts rubbed his stomach and felt his hands pull them, tease them. Her breathing was fast and before he knew it, she had straddled him just like Urvashi and he was inside his own wife, this time bigger and wider than ever. She said over her shoulder, ?George, hold me. I?m going to try to put my feet where Urvashi had hers, up around my head.?

She did and the tension on his cock increased dramatically as they humped, grunted and moved up and down until Audrey couldn?t stand it and burst loose with a long wail as she came for the third time that night, liquid running out of her and down his cock.

It matched his own and both moved until they were so exhausted by the position that he gently laid her down beside him and whispered to her.

?I love you, Audrey. You are some kind of surprise.?

She touched his face with her hands and kissed him, deep, long and slow as she said, ?I love you and this only makes it better.?

?Absolutely. Was it good with Tom??

?Yes. Like you with Urvashi. His cock is dark and richly brown and he?s a different lover than you but you are both wonderful. It?s just variety and it was nice. I liked watching and helping you and Urvashi too. She?s sexy. And, it?s the first time I?ve ever touched another woman?s breasts sexually. I thought it was all just very exciting; beyond what I had imagined.?

He agreed with a murmur then hugged her and asked, ?Aren?t we having dinner with our other good friends, Helen and Bill Matthis later this month, Audrey??

Her giggle followed the playful slap she gave him before saying, ?Helen Matthis has these big tits that I?d like to touch and rumor is she has a very furry bush over a very long gash. You?re going to love her. Urvashi says her husband isn?t long like you and Tom but is very wide and uncircumcised. I?ve never touched one like that.?

?See, there goes the next twenty years! We?re all set,? he said as he hugged her to him and began to drift off, happy beyond what he?d felt just a few hours ago while she marched in and out of the bathroom, mildly upset and bored with him.

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