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Debbie Does a Swing House

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Debbie was tall and beautiful with long red hair and full breasted and a nice rounded butt.

I am slightly shorter by an inch but it didn’t bother me. She was a lot of fun and loved sex and we did all the positions. Her favorite was doggie as was mine and have been told by several other women theirs as well.

We often talked about our fantasies. Mine was being with 2 women who were into each other and me. Hers was having several men in a row.

We had both been married and divorced and had several relationships along the way so had had sex with several different people over the years.

Debbie was doubtful that we would ever act out our fantasies as they seemed complicated and involved other people. I was not so doubtful as I knew those people were out there somewhere and it was just a matter of finding them. I asked her if I could explore and see if I could find them and she agreed.

So here we were sitting in the car outside this house. It was in Sacramento where we lived and it was a party house that offered a place to meet people who were interested in having sexy fun with others. I was excited and Debbie was nervous, but excited as well. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go in the house and she said well we can see what it is like at least. We had agreed not to do any thing unless we were both feeling ready.

Debbie’s only concern was we would run into someone we knew. I laughed and said well they are there for the same reason we are right? She got it and was a little less nervous.

We knocked on the door and the hostess welcomed us and thanked us for coming. She was beautiful and seemed very nice. Her partner was standing next to her and welcomed us as well. He was very tall and Debbie likes tall men. They ushered us into a living room area where several other people were sitting and standing talking to each other. They introduced us as Jim and Debbie and that it was our first time there.

We didn’t have any idea what to do so found a place to sit and looked around at what was happening. Another couple came over and sat next to us and they were Donna and David and said this is our first time as well. So we had someone to talk to and they were as nervous and excited as we were and so we felt comfortable with them. They weren’t sure what to do either.

Finally the discussion got around to what the house was and why we were all there.

David and Donna wanted to swap partners with another couple for the first time.

I told them what ours was and it included swapping with another couple as well. I turned to Debbie and asked her right? She said yes. I said I need a smoke and Debbie and I went outside and I asked her well what do you think. She asked me do you want to do this swap thing? I said well we could as a way of getting started if we are going to do this and do you want to? Debbie paused for a moment and said well I guess we could if you want to I will.

We went back into the house and found Donna and David and I said well would you like to swap with us? They looked at each other a little surprised that they were going to have to say yes or no. Finally David said we have been talking and have decided we want to do this, but not in front of each other at least for now. I looked at Debbie and she looked relieved and I realized she didn’t want to anything in front of me either. I told David that was ok with us. So it was decided we would swap ladies. We were all at the jumping off place and someone had to make the first move so I walked over to Donna and took her hand and said we will see you later. She looked and David and he nodded and gave her a kiss. So off we went.

Donna and I found a quiet place in the house and stood in front of each other knowing the plan was to fuck each other. She said I am very nervous and I said me too. We had only met a hour earlier and now we intended to have sex. I asked are you sure you want to do this and she said yes as her and David had talked many times and had agreed that it would be fun and exciting. I moved over to her and gave her a kiss and she responded and so we started. I was instantly hard. We continued kissing and unbuttoned her top.

She was full breasted and wasn’t wearing a bra and my hands found their way to her boobs and I could see her breathing increase. I took one than they other in my mouth and sucked on her hard nipples and my hands moved to her butt and I pulled her close. She moaned and said I love that. I than removed her top and than her skirt and panties and felt her pussy and she took a deep breath and her pussy was very wet. I moved back and removed my clothes and my hard cock sprung free. She looked down at my 8 inch cock and looked me in the eye and took me in her hands.

We stood there me fingering her and she moving her hand up and down my cock kissing passionately. We were ready to fuck and I turned her around and pressed on her back and she bent over and I stood behind her and kneeled behind her and licked her pussy. She moaned and pushed back on my mouth and I licked and sucked. Than I stood up and entered her and went deep. She cried out and moved back and forth on my cock fucking me.

I began fucking her hard and heard her say I am cumming and felt her shutter and shake as she had her cum and I couldn’t hold back and exploded in her pussy and we both collapsed on the floor panting. Donna said I did it. I said what? She said fuck another man other than my husband for the first time. Wow.

I looked up and another couple was standing there watching us. Donna gave me a hug and said thanks, that was fun and you and you were very good. I said you to and we had taken less than 30 minutes. I asked her if she was interested in sex with another woman and she said oh that is David’s fantasy and I am willing to do it for him. Mine too.

Debbie’s Story After Jim and Donna left David and I looked at each other and he said ready? I thought oh yes I was ready. I was already wet with anticipation. Although I didn’t make a habit of it I had gotten laid on a Saturday night on a couple of occasions over the years being single and this wasn’t going to be much different. We found a place and he started by kissing me and than said I am real nervous, as you will be the only woman I will be with since I have been married. Don’t worry we will do fine, I hoped.

I stood in front of him and slowly undressed first my top and bra and then the rest of my clothes. He just stood there looking at me and said you are beautiful. I walked up to him and unbelted his pants and they fell to the floor and pushed his shorts down and looked at his cock and said you are beautiful too and dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. He had an 8”+ cock big around and I love to suck cock. I realized I really liked what I was doing, feeling like a slut and wanting to fuck a stranger was really turning me on. I am a bad girl and smiled inside and said yes you are. It wasn’t long and he was hard and ready and I turned around and got on my hands and knees and looked over my shoulder and made eye contact with him and he knew what I wanted and got behind me and went deep on the first thrust. I lost my breath for a moment and his cock inside me felt so good I climaxed crying out yes, yes.

I was ready for my next cum and he slammed into me riding me hard and grunting behind me. I looked over my shoulder and could see the lust in his eyes and see his cock going in and out of me. I was thrilled by what he was doing to me. I was so hot. I had no idea that I would love being here doing this guy. He grunted and pushed into me harder and I felt his cock swell in my pussy and knew he was going to cum. I pushed back and moved my butt side to side and felt my cum rising with his and he grunted again and said cum and he exploded in my pussy and I crashed and burned with him. My cum was so intense I went blank for a moment and collapsed on the floor completely spent panting.

I grabbed him and kissed him and said that was incredible. He just looked at me and said you were so hot and way beyond my expectation. I loved it.

We were all in the loving room again. As Debbie approached she had that I just got fucked look, hair messed up and a flush on her face and her breathing was a little faster than normal. I looked over to Donna and she had that I was just fucked look that David must have noticed. We decided we would get together sometime in the future and plan a day together. The evening was over and we headed home.

I asked Debbie if she was ok with the evening and she smiled and said oh yes lets do it again.

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