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Crossing the Line

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Hello. This is a true story about the first time I crossed the line and cheated on my husband. I had cheated on my high school and college boyfriends many times, which I will enthusiastically write about in future articles, but I had never cheated on my husband. Well, not since taking my vows anyway.

It all happened a couple of years ago. We had been married for several years and still had no children at that point.

I never realized how bored I would be come with just one cock to pump my pussy. Don't get me wrong, my husband is above average in endowment and really knows how to use it. But no matter how good your love making techniques might be in the beginning, sex will always become routine and mechanical over time. Before long I began to glance at men in public, the mall, restaurants, the grocery store and I'd wonder, "What would it be like to screw around with these strangers?

Do they have a nice cock? How would it feel to put it inside of me?" But they were just silly fantasies. Some times when my husband would be grinding away on top of me I'd close my eyes and fantasize that it was one of them in my pussy instead.

On this particular year, we took a vacation the Florida Keys. We rented a small house in the Old Town district of Key West. On the second day we were there, my husband chartered a fishing trip and left me alone for the day. The house we rented had a small in ground pool that was completely enclosed by a tropical garden and a high privacy fence. I always sleep naked so when I awoke alone that morning, I stayed naked and took my tanning lotion out to the pool along with my beach towel. I covered a deck lounge chair with my towel and laid out on my back to get some sun. Every month, the week after my cycle has finished is my horniest time of the month. So it was no wonder that when I rubbed suntan lotion onto my bare chest my nipples responded by standing straight up.

I quickly finished lathering up with the tanning lotion.

When I rubbed it on my inner thighs, I felt my pussy tingle.

With my right hand, I rubbed lotion onto my skin through my bush and as I did, I let my right middle finger slip down to feel my pussy lips. My love tunnel was soaked. Maybe it was that hunk of a guy that sat next to us on the plane two days ago I joked to myself. On the plane ride down to Miami I sat between my husband and a very nice looking middle aged man dressed in a business suit. He was well built, salt and pepper hair, clean shaven and smelled good. I stayed wet and ready the entire flight.

As I lay there in my chair, next to the pool, I inserted my middle finger into my gash and began to fantasize about that middle aged business man putting his hard dick up inside of me in the airplane lavatory. I frigged myself furiously while thinking about what he might have been like while pumping me and how hard his cock might get while he was cumming inside of me. I came hard right there on the deck chair beside the pool.

After about an hour, I decided to put on a bathing suite and walk up to a little semi-nude beach only a few blocks from the house. There was a bar on the beach and I knew there would be men there. Since I was feeling a bit naughty, I was looking forward to showing off my trim body and little ass in one of my skimpy suits. I am not at all self centered or stuck up. Nor do I think that I am all that hot looking. But I do know men find me hot looking. I know because of the number of tents I can create in the shorts and trunks of men that I walk by in my bathing suits. I may never understand why they think I'm hot, but I do love the attention their hard dicks give me!

I was wearing a one piece dark blue suit that my husband had bought for me for my birthday. It is cut very high in the legs leaving most of my ass and my sides bare with just a little triangular patch of material to cover my pussy. The neck line plunges down between my tiny titties. One of my less than adequate features. As my husband jokes, I have a little more than a mouth full. Of course there is no back to the suit.

I strutted right through the bar not even trying to hide my nearly naked body from the several men standing and sitting about. I walked onto the beach and spread my towel out on the sand. As I leaned over to spread out the towel, I noticed a young man about college age sitting a few feet away and staring at my ass. He was very nice looking. Very tan, short brown hair and muscular looking. He was wearing a Speedo that was showing off a very nice package underneath. Between the Speedo and the attention he was giving my ass, I could feel my pussy begin to seep. I decided to really give him something to look at. I sat down on my towel and began to put lotion in my palms. He had laid down on his back and was not directly facing me but he was wearing a pair of wrap-around sunglasses and I could tell that he was looking at me askance from behind the glasses. So I pulled my shoulders and arms out of my bathing suit straps and pulled the suit all the way down to my crotch exposing my belly and my boobs.

I laid on my back and began to rub the lotion onto my bare chest.

As I rubbed my titties, I played with them and kneaded them with my hands. I lightly rubbed the nipples and made them as hard as possible. I stole a quick glance his way. He was indeed watching because his Speedo was buldging twice as much as it was before! Feeling even more naughty, as I rubbed lotion onto my belly with my right hand, I continued to play with my tits with my left hand. Slowly I let my right hand slip beneath the front of my bathing suit bottoms.

I quickly inserted a finger into my dripping hole. I knew I was only going to get to frig it a couple of times otherwise I risked being seen by someone else on the beach so I made the most of it and slid my fingers in and out only a few times.

I laid back and began to fantasize about the young man sitting a few feet away. Then I had a terrible thought, "Why fantasize? He is only a few feet away. Your husband won't be back home until this evening. Get him to take you somewhere private where you can screw his brains out! You're on vacation. In a few days you'll be back to reality in a different part of the country. You can satisfy him and your pussy and then part company never to see each other again. Who will ever know?" I chastised myself. I need to stop thinking that way. Fantasies are one thing but to act one out would be way over the line.

So I lay there on my back a few feet from a goreous hunk of a man with my pussy dripping into my bathing suit. I wished my husband hadn't left so early this morning. I would have loved a little morning interlude. My pussy was absolutely aching for a cock. "How dare he go off on our vacation and leave me alone for the entire day! I should do that young guy just because he left me today, " I thought to myself.

Of course I knew I was just trying to rationalize what I was wanting to do.

Finally something in my mind turned on or perhaps it was my conscience turning off. I sat up on my elbows and looked straight at the young man in the Speedo with the very large buldge. "Excuse me, " I asked in my sexiest voice. When he looked over I asked, "Would you mind putting some lotion on my back for me?" He didn't hesitate. He stood right up and walked over to me smiling.

I told him thanks, giving him the sexiest smile I know how to give, and handed him the lotion. I knew he was staring at my nipples the entire time and that made me even hotter.

I turned over on my belly and he began to apply the lotion expertly over my back.

His touch felt so good I couldn't help but emit a low moan. I introduced myself and he said that his name was Don.

I asked him if he was on vacation and he surprised me when he said he was on his honeymoon. "Honeymoon! You don't look old enough to be on a honeymoon, " I said in surprise.

He said that he was going to be 20 in two months from now. I know it was kind of tactless but I let it be known that I was surpised that a young man of 19 would be getting married already. He told me that he married his high school sweetheart and that they had been planning it since they were 14. "Where is your wife?" I asked. He told me she went shopping for the day. He was supposed to meet her at the bed-and-breakfast where they were staying at 2 p.m. for a late lunch. I stole a peek at my watch, 10:30. "Plenty of time to coax the snake out of the basket, " I thought.

I began to wonder why, on her honeymoon, this guys new bride would leave him to go shopping? If I had just married this hunk, I'd be staying in bed with him all day everyday we were here! I'd only come up for something to eat!

But the more I thought about it the more I realized the answer.

They probably had their unofficial honeymoon years ago.

That is what happened between me and my high school boyfriend.

I was 15 when I did the nasty with him the first time. Then I cheated on him a month later with a guy I met on vacation.

After that, I couldn't get enough cock. When no one was home, we'd get completely naked and bang on my bed, on the floor, in my parents bed, on the kitchen table and in the shower. If anyone was home, we waited until everyone was asleep and then I'd just pull my panties and shorts to the side and let him slip his cock into me infront of the TV with my parents sleeping only a few feet away down the hall. In the summer, we'd take a blanket and walk deep into the woods where we'd get naked and screw for hours.

Yes, if I'd married my high school sweet heart (thank God I didn't) my honeymoon would have been nothing but a regular vacation to me too.

He asked me if I was on vacation too and I told him yes and told him about my husband's fishing trip. He joked and said that he guessed that it would just be us today then. That is when I decided to test the waters. "We're renting a house with a private pool only a few blocks from here. Would you like to go there and hang out at the pool until it's time to meet your wife?" I asked unabashedly. He thought about it for a second and then said that it sounded great.

I picked up my bag with my suntan lotion and he picked up a small back pack and shoved his towel into it.

We walked back to the rental house and when we got inside and I secured the gate, Don left out a low whistle. He said he was surprise that it was so private and that no one could possibly see in through the privacy fence. "I know" I said, "We could skinny dip in here and no one would be the wiser!" He chuckled and said that he guessed we could in a tone of voice that seemed to be light hearted and jovial. In a more serious tone, with a devious grin on my face, I said, "Do you want to?" He just froze and stared at me as if to see if I was serious. "Well, you've got that Speedo on anyway. It's not like that leaves much to the imagination" I said. "No I guess it doesn't" he said with a chuckle. Then it was his turn to be serious. "Are you kidding? Do you want to?" he asked me. "Do I want to?" I thought. "I've wanted to be naked with you since I spyed you on the beach." But of course I didn't say that out loud. In fact, I didn't answer him at all.

I was too busy slipping my arms out of my suit and slipping it down my legs.

He stood there, mouth agape starring at my furry twat as I flung my suit over the back of a deck chair. I laughed. "You look like you've never seen a naked woman before" I joked. "Not in person. Well not other than my wife I mean" he stammered. I immediately felt a little embarrassed for him but I covered by saying, "We all have the same parts" and then I dove into the pool.

When I came up he was still staring down into the pool and his Speedo was still on. "Well?" I asked. As if coming out of a trance, he quickly removed the Speedo revealing one of the two most beautiful cocks I've ever seen in my life. It was about as long as my husbands but oh so much thicker! It was fully erect and standing straight out from his very tanned and muscular body. I suddenly realized that I was out of control and I no longer cared. I had to find a way to get that meat into my pussy. I could tell that my eyes had grown big and round as I stared at his lovely manhood.

"Wow" I exclaimed, "That is the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!" He thanked me but he blushed when he did as if he were once again embarrassed. Then he dove into the pool.

We swam and splashed each other for a while. We laughed carried on and tried to dunk one another under the water. As we splashed around, his stiff dick touched me from time to time. Sometimes my butt and sometimes my bush. Each time I thought I would cum right there. When we were finally finished with the horse play I told him that I was going to catch some rays and I swam to the shallow end of the pool. He stood next to me as I prepared to get out and he said that catching some sun sounded like a good idea. Before I climbed out, I looked down and saw his huge erection just below the surface of the water.

I could no longet contain myself. I giggled then reached out and grabbed it. He let out a little moan. "Do you wanna fuck?" he finally asked me. I gave him a soft kiss on the lips in reply. "We shouldn't do this.

We are both married" he said in an almost half hearted protest. "Who will ever know?" I asked. "Have you ever cheated on your husband before?" he asked me. "Not since we've been married" I answered.

Then we began to kiss more passionately, our tongues exploring each other's mouths.

Suddenly he scooped me up in his big muscular arms and carried me to the picnic table. He laid me down on my back with my butt nearly hanging off of one end. I spread my legs wide for him and nearly salavated at the thought of his big dick going up and into me. I didn't have to think about that long.

Before I knew it, he had lined his cock up with my gash and was using the purple head of it to push open and separate my pussy lips. The thrill was too much! My head was up and watching him down my body as his dick slowly entered my pussy.

The excitement was like a static charge. By the time he was all the way in I was cumming hard. That is the first time in my life that has ever happened. Actually, to this day that is the only time that ever happened. Before he even pumped me once my 31 year old pussy was clamping down on his 19 year old cock and my stomach was contracting in a huge orgasm.

He began to slide in and out of me slowly and the feeling is indescribable. Just five pumps and I came again! Then he pulled out suddenly and I saw about a half dozen white blobs of jizz fly out of the slit in his dickhead and land on my body.

I was covered in his baby batter. I could feel it leaking around my neck and onto my hair. It was covering my boobs and several white stripes spanned my belly between my bush and my boobs. Some of his cum was beginning to form a little pool in my belly botton. Several huge white globs were mingling with the brown hairs of my bush. He stood there moaning and jacking his cock to get every last drop of cum out of his balls and onto my pussy. I could still feel more cum running down my inner thighs around my pussy lips and dripping onto the table and then probably the ground.

When every last drop was out of his dick, he stuck it right back into me and then picked me up and carried me to the deck chair. He laid me in the lounge chair on my back and then he sat between my legs thrusting his dick deep inside of me.

My pussy made little squishing noises as he thrust in and out of me. I came again and again all the while telling him how good his cock felt inside of me. Finally I sat up and pushed him over onto his back on the pool's deck. I rode on top of him like a wild woman that I didn't even know existed inside of me. I slammed my hips down on his as hard as I could with every thrust, taking every inch of his magnificent pole each time. I came again and then he grabbed my sides and pushed me over onto the deck on my back. He laid ontop of me and began to pound me as hard and as fast as he could.

"Oh yeah!" I screamed. "Harder! I want to feel you cum inside! Give me your cum!" With that, he groaned and slammed his hips forward. I could feel his sperm filling my womb. His cock was super hard and I could feel it pulsate with every load he shot in me. I came again with him.

Then we lay together panting. I brushed some sweat off of his face with my palm and told him that was wonderful. "I've never been with anyone other than my wife and I'm lucky if she comes once each time. How do you do that?" He asked me. I just laughed. "That was the best I've ever had" he said. His poor wife, I thought. I think I just ruined him for her! He got a worried look on his face.

"We can never tell anyone what we just did" he said with concern. I laughed and asked him who did he think I would tell?

He climbed off of me. My pussy made a little plopping sound as he pulled his deflating dick out of me and his cum began to ooze out of my twat and down my butt crack. I jumped in the pool to wash Don's cum off of me. I asked him if he was hungry and when he said yes, we went into the house to make lunch. After we ate, he took me doggy style while I was placing the dishes in the sink. Then we did it on the dinning table and again on the couch. We had sex one last time in the bed where me and my husband slept just before Don had to leave.

I thanked him for a wonderful afternoon and left him with a very sensous kiss, the kind only shared by lovers, as he walked out of the gate. I never saw him again and that night when my husband climbed on top of me I once again closed my eyes. This time I fantasized that it was Don's cock that was pleasing me and I came.

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