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Cousin Maggie's First Time (Cousin Maggie #8)

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Cousin Maggie's First Time

by Joby

It was a hot summer day and Maggie and I were spending it the way we spent nearly every other morning - fucking. Maggie was on top of me, riding me like a cowgirl on a mechanical bull. Each stroke took me deep inside my cousin's wet pussy and we were both near climax.

Maggie was nearly to the point of screaming, our bedroom windows were wide open, but there were no neighbors close enough to hear her.

We were dripping in sweat, but the main smell in the room was from the cut grass from the field across the street. Besides the up and down motions - Maggie was also swaying side to side and when she finally came, she not only screamed - she howled! When she howled - she grabbed ahold of my chest hair and gave it a mean hard pull. I was in pain and Maggie slumped down totally and completely spent.

I had yet to cum.

Maggie rolled off me and on to her belly. I entered Maggie from behind and humped until I shot my hot spunk inside her. I was now also totally spent.

"Today, smells like that other day." Maggie said. I looked over and her face was turned toward the wall.

"What other day?" I asked. I watched a trickle of sweat run down Maggie's left thigh - probably mine from dripping a minute earlier.

"My first time. When I let those boys do me." She was still turned the other way.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked.

"No. But I want to tell you. Just listen, OK...?" I thought I could almost hear tears in her voice. I had never seen Maggie cry and judging from how she had herself positioned - I wouldn't this time, either.



It was the summer of 1991 and 13 year old mentally challenged Maggie had filled out quite well over the past year. The addition of breasts and pubic hair had not changed her at all - she barely noticed except when bathing...

However, the Johnson brothers who lived one street over saw Maggie as their opportunity to get laid for the first time. How hard could it be to con a retard into sex? Pete shared his idea with his brother Mike.

Slowly, the two boys got to know Maggie. They said, "Hi" when riding their bikes past her house. They even stopped and tried to teach Maggie how to ride. This gave each boy he opportunity to touch Maggie's ass to steady her on the bike and to brush against her tits when catching her as she fell a few feet later. Maggie loved the attention and never realized the intent. She also loved the boys for telling her that she was soft and pretty - everybody likes nice comments. There was plenty of laughter from all three teenagers in the front yard as they tried to include Maggie in touch football and other fun activities. As previously said -- Maggie loved the attention!

There was a playground at the school on the corner of Maggie's street. It was an elementary school that Maggie had never attended, but she often went on weekends and after hours to use the slide and swings. It was also her boundary as to how far she could stray from home. Maggie's father, Stewart and Maggie's adopted mother tried to give her some leeway in her growing up, but still had to make an extra effort to check on her. Raising a "special child" is a learning experience - there is no pat answer as every child is different. You just try to do your best and change course if that doesn't work. Maggie's parents had no idea what the Johnson boys were planning, they had literally watched them grow up, also. It was a good neighborhood full of good people.

One hot afternoon in August, the three teenagers were at the playground and Mike Johnson who was 15, but small for his age took his shirt off.

"Boy, it's really hot out here." he said to his brother and Maggie. Maggie was smiling. Maggie always smiled. Pete, who had just turned 14, but who towered inches over Mike and was the dominant brother nodded and took off his shirt, too.

"That really cools me down." said Pete and he looked over at Maggie hoping she'd get the idea and take off her shirt. She didn't. Mike came flying down the slide and rolled off and just laid there.

"Maggie, go check and see if Mike is dead, ok?" They'd played this out a week earlier with Mike jumping up and chasing Pete and both boys rolling around on the ground." This time, they were going to roll with Maggie. Maggie knew that Mike wasn't dead and she knew he would jump up and give chase and it had been fun to watch last week and she thought it would be fun to be included this time. She liked how the boys included her in fun stuff.

"Mike?" Maggie approached slowly - grinning all the way! She knew he would jump up any second. She got closer. "Mike?" She was ready to run at any second, she didn't notice that Pete had positioned himself across the playground.

And then Mike jumped up and chased Maggie. Maggie was giggling and running just fast enough to not outrun him. Mike tackled her almost at the feet of his brother Pete. It was still innocent play, at this point - no one had crossed the line. Both Mike and Maggie ended up dirty and with cut grass all over them as the playground had been mowed early that morning. The smell of cut grass was strong that day and Maggie would forever associate that smell with sex.

"Come on, Goofball, get up!" Pete said to his brother as he held his hand out to Maggie. She took his hand and stood. "You got Maggie all dirty!" Pete started brushing grass off Maggie's butt and Mike started picking grass off her shirt. Maggie was loving the attention as always...

The boys had maneuvered Maggie over to an area of the school yard where there wasn't an easy view of them. An area where older teens often made out and more. Sometimes, there would be beer bottles and condoms left on that side of the building. Sometimes even panties were left behind. As part of their plan, the boys had placed a soda bottle against the side of the building.

"Maggie, you have grass all down your shirt. You're gonna have to lift it up some so I can brush it off, OK?" Mike said.

Without a care, Maggie just took the shirt off entirely and started shaking it out. Both boys jaws nearly hit the ground as Maggie's breasts were finally out where they could see them. Although, both boys had copped plenty of feels already.

Regaining his composure first, Pete said, "I see that you are growing up, Maggie - those are very nice breasts." Put that way, as a compliment, Maggie barely realized that perhaps the boys shouldn't see her boobs. "Wanna see what happens to boys when they grow up, Maggie?" Maggie nodded and Pete started unzipping his jean shorts. He lowered his shorts and fruit of the loom briefs about a foot and exposed his hardened penis. Maggie had never seen a penis before and had thought that the only difference between men and women were boobs and the beards.

Maggie moved closer and took advantage of looking at that first penis. Although, at that time - she didn't know what it was called. The word "wiener" popped into her head as she remembered bits and pieces of stuff she had heard other girls talk about -- "boy's wieners". Maggie had thought they meant hot dogs, but this must have been it as the "thing" did look like a hot dog. Maggie wondered if it tasted like a hot dog and if it would grow back if she bit it off. Maybe that's where hot dogs came from, she thought. Wieners ARE hot dogs and, after all, chicken is really a chicken! It was getting close to lunch and Maggie was getting hungry. But, she decided against eating Pete's wiener - because it was his.

"So, are you getting hair down between your legs, too?" Pete asked while bringing attention to his pubic hair.

"Yeah," Maggie said and she pulled her shorts all the way down and showed him and Mike. Maggie's pubic hair was thicker than any of the women in Playboy magazine, thought Mike. It blocked the view of her cunt. But, things had progressed so well today, that Mike had no doubt that he and his brother would see and do everything they hope to do.

Mike unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis and proceeded to piss toward the empty soda bottle. He made sure he missed as his brother had instructed him. "Haven't you figured out how to use that thing, yet?" asked Pete, "I bet Maggie could get more pee in the bottle than you did - what do you think Maggie?"

Everything was a game for Maggie and everything with Pete and Mike was fun - so, a few seconds later -- Maggie was squatting and peeing and trying to fill the bottle they had placed between her legs. Maggie was very proud when she filled it much better than Mike had. The boys were also proud of her and they hugged her and Pete even gave her a big kiss. When he did, his wiener touched her hand. Maggie was starting to feel a bit dizzy and funny and she had the feeling that she wanted to touch herself as she sometimes did. She let one finger touch the bump between her legs very quickly so neither would boy notice. Pete saw the move for what is was...

"Does it feel good when you touch your pussy, Maggie?" Maggie had no idea what he was talking about. "Can I touch you, Maggie?" Pete continued, "I'll let you touch mine..." Maggie was sitting against the wall of the school and her legs were partly spread and Pete came over and sat beside her. He put his hand on her leg and watched as her legs opened even more. Soon, he was rubbing her clit and even sticking his finger part way up her hole. Damn, Pete thought if it didn't almost sound like she was purring! Mike was standing back a few feet and watching and jerking himself.

Maggie was no longer there. She was up floating on a cloud or mentally back in her room and rubbing herself. She was just one with the feeling and Pete touching her was stronger than it had ever been when she just touched herself. When she touched herself, she'd rub and stop when it felt funny - Pete just took it farther and kept going which although she didn't know the word - would lead her to her first full blown orgasm. All of a sudden, Mike bent down and squirted some stuff out of his wiener - all over her private spot. It felt warm and looked tasty - she wondered what wiener juice tasted like. She also wondered what else came out of boy's wieners besides pee and this gooey stuff. She knew that her mom sometimes had blood spots on her panties because Maggie helped with the wash. Maggie's mind was spinning with all sorts of questions for which she didn't even have all the words - and then she screamed and she spurted girl's wiener juice all over Pete's hand.

Pete was startled that Maggie had screamed and his first thought when he pulled back his hand was that it would be covered in blood and later the cops would come and drag his 14 year old ass off to jail or Father Baker's (the local home for troubled youths). But, his hand just yielded slimy pussy juice mixed with his brother's cum and Maggie was ok and smiling bigger than ever. HEY! he thought -- I just made her cum!!! Pete gave Maggie another kiss and eased her down to the ground and he climbed on and inserted his dick. It went in farther than he thought it would, but not all the way. OK, she's a virgin. So, he took it nice and slow. He made like it was a game and each time he was on an 'in' stroke - he'd give Maggie a little kiss. She was there to meet each peck with a smack of her own. After a few strokes, Pete was able to bottom out and Maggie's pussy took it all. Of course, being a horny 14 year old - there weren't that many strokes before he shot off deep inside her. Pete pulled out his dick and was very surprised to find no blood - maybe she hadn't been a virgin or maybe it was one of those "horse riding cherry buster" things he'd read about.

Mike was now humping Maggie and she seemed to be in discomfort. The smile was gone and she was trying to get out from under him. Mike didn't let her up until he'd finished. As both boys dressed, the word 'rape' was going through their minds. Maggie got up and all the goo started running down her leg. Pete wiped it up as best he could with a piece of paper he found blown against the fence. They helped Maggie into her clothes and just as they were all walking around the side of the school - there was a cloudburst and rain started pouring from the sky drenching all three teens. There was no time for talk as the teens darted for their homes. Had there been talk, they would have discovered that Maggie's discomfort while Mike was playing on top of her with his wiener was due to a small sharp stone poking her in the butt. Her wiggling attempts were all to get her off of that stone. She'd had a fun time and it opened her to lots of new feelings.

Maggie's mom took one look at her dirty drenched daughter and immediately sent her in for a bath never suspecting that Maggie had had her first sexual experience. The Johnson boys told their father what had happened when they got home as they were scared to death by the thought they had raped Maggie. Mr. Johnson sent the boys to live with his brother the very next day. Maggie wondered why the boys didn't come around to play anymore, but she wasn't allowed to go on the next street to ask. She started rubbing her "pussy" (the word Pete used) more and more and several times a day. She found that she also liked sticking her Ken doll deep into her hole and moving him in and out.

Maggie got sick weeks later and her doctor discovered that she was pregnant. Mommy and Daddy asked her all sorts of questions and Maggie didn't know some of the words they used and the only answer she could give was "Ken". Maggie miscarried and Uncle Stew had her tubes tied - this has made Maggie very fearful of doctors -- particularly gynecologists.

Uncle Stew never knew about the Johnson brothers and Mr. Johnson worried himself into an early grave. I, of course, filled in the "unknown" areas of the story as best I could.

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