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Corrupting The Innocent

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Theres nothing better than hot sweaty beautiful women dancing in front of you, teasing you. Except maybe one of those beautiful bodies on top of you. I was at my favorite strip club again, sitting in my usual spot on what they call "Pervert Row" (the front row seats so close you can hear their shoes scr*pe the floor as they move). I was watching a very sexy blonde shake her massive tits in my face when I saw someone walk in and sit a few chairs away.

There was a woman short and sweet maybe still in High school and a tall lanky man. They did not look to be together so I carefully looked the woman over. Imediately I saw a rainbow colored wristband tatooed on this womans arm, she must be gay this excited me. She was wearing a short skirt and see through long sleeve top and a black bra. She had small but plump breasts and her long legs were in shape, from her head all the way down to her high heeled shoes she looked wonderful.

Obviuosly I had been looking too long beacuse my freind the striper grabed my face and turned it toward her naked body. My drink had been untouched and getting warmer and my money still sat in my lap.

"I don't work for free hun, am I going to get a tip or do I need to move on to someone that is more interested?" She asked of me.

Grabbing her G-string I sliped in some dollars and let it snap back onto her hip. With a smile she moved onto someone else and started dancing again. Picking up my Crown&Seven I took a long drink I started to think about the new woman. She is gay I must go over and introduce myself, then again she's young I might intimidate her. Ah fuck it! I pushed my self up and walked over to her.

I sat down and looked into her piercing blue eyes, she smiled and held out her hand.

"My name is Alexa, I wondered when you would come over, You were looking at me long enough."

Taking her hand I kissed it then raised my head and said " Pleasure to meet you Alexa. How old are you sweetie? You look like a young doll sweet but beautiful."

" just turned 18 last week and my friend from work wanted to take me out somewhere new so I could enjoy watching some women. I have never been here before or even seen a naked woman before now, I was kind of sheltered." Alexa explained pointing to the man next to her.

"Well I can see you already know what you like by the wrist tattoo.

Have you been a lesbian for long?" I inquired.

" I have been a lesbian all my life but haven't been able to find a woman that will teach me anything. All the lesbians I meet want a woman that is experienced already. I would love for someone to help me learn more about it. What about you?"

" I am bisexual, I have a man but am looking for my next woman to please. She doesn't have to be involved with my man, she just has to serve me. I have been with all shapes, colors, sizes, races of women. I enjoy helping people learn and if you would like I am willing to teach you."

I said this thinking it was more of a line than anything. But to my surprise she actually took my bait.

"Just tell me where and when. I have been looking for someone experienced like you. I am totally up for it." She said with a sexy smile.

My jaw almost hit the floor, this was too easy. A lovely woman wanting to play with me, right now. Damn I'm good. I finished my drink and watched some more ladies. Me and Alexa talked then she told her co-worker goodbye and we left together. She just happened to live in the same apartment complex as me so it made it easier to convince her to go to my place.

Sitting on the couch a while later we talked more and then I decided I had enough I wanted some of this young flesh. I put my hand on her inner thigh and sat close. Leaning in I kissed her soft full lips then played with her mouth with my tongue kissing soft but deep. My hand wandered up and cupped her breast through her shirt. Her nipples were hard and her breasts small and firm.

I stopped and looked into her piercing eyes "Are you ok with this?

Would you like me to go further and show you things that will make you scream?"

Pleased she said yes took off her shirt and skirt and laid back on the couch. She was going to take off her bra and black thong but I stopped her. I think a woman in just her lingerie is very appealing. Her soft curly hair fell around her breasts making her small young breasts look bigger.

I pulled her thong aside and find her pussy with my hand. Just as I had expected she had small fine curly pubic hair but not yet a bush like of a woman, this girl was hardly older than a child. It turned me on to think I was about to ravage someone so young and innocent to my world of sex and fun.

My finger rubbed her clit and she smiled and squirmed. A noise not really a moan but not yet a scream passed her lips into the still air. I rubbed harder and she started to shake, she was surely going to come early. I slipped my finger into her wet hole. She obviously had never been penetrated before. Inside was so tight I had to work so I could fit two fingers in without hurting her. I moved my fingers a bit further and could tell her cherry had never been popped, ooo this girl would be fun.

In only a few short minutes of fingering her clit and pussy she had an orgasms all over my hand. She screamed so loud that my neighbors started banging the wall to get us to hush.

" That felt really good. But I want more." She begged.

I smiled. "More huh? Oh I can give you more. I have a strap on dildo in the bedroom I can use to pop your cherry for you. I can make you scream again and again if you let me. I can show your young innocent body some things it's never experienced before."

She was up for it, She was so horny from being sheltered she wanted everything I could dish out and then more. So I lead Alexa back to my bedroom and laid a towel on the bed. I instructed her to lay on her back on top of the towel. Leaving into the bathroom I striped and put on my dildo, lubed it up and then stepped back out. I moved to the bed and her eyes got huge.

"I have never seen one of those before and you look so good in it. You really do have an amazing body. Please fuck me. You don't have to be gentle I want you to pop it quick." She commented staring at me with those innocent blue eyes.

I climbed onto the bed and licked her cunt, the small pubic hairs tickled my face. I had never been with someone so young and unshaved before. She screamed as I flicked my tongue across her clit over and over and licked her pussy. She was about to orgasms so I stopped.

I let her relax and then stuck the tip of my dildo in her tight pussy.

Grabbing her thighs I spread them apart and her hole opened a little bit wider. I stuck the next couple of inches in her and she winced. I pulled back so just the head was in and then holding her hips I quickly but forcefully thrust it all the way into her. All 7 inches was filling her up. She screamed with pain and excitement. Tears rolled down her checks and her body quivered. Blood trickled down onto the towel, pooling by her ass.

I pulled out and went slower back in and out she began to climax again. I rubbed her clit with my thumb as I moved in and out of her pussy. She raised her legs and screamed very loudly. I pulled out and she literally shot cum and blood to the end of the bed. A steady stream squirted out (just like if a man was pissing) I never seen a woman squirt that far before.

She smiled again and pulled me down on top of her. She kissed me hard and deep thanking me for the pleasure she had received. I got up and pulled off the dildo.She asked if we could do more but I knew my man would be home soon and we were in his bed. I told her next time I will teach her more.

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