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Cautiously Curious

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My wife first expressed an interest in exploring new sexual opportunities about eighteen months ago. Along the way she had brought up the idea of involving another person, specifically a woman, but perhaps someday more.

Like anything I do in life, I researched the heck out of it first. In order to express to her what I had learned through the reading, and documentaries, and websites* on the various subjects in the least threatening manner possible, I wrote the following story for her (*SLS was a great place to get info, the members that wrote back were very kind and encouraging).

We have since started meeting some really nice people and having experiences of our own (although more intimate couple to couple as opposed to a party). Today I looked back at this story and thought of what it did for her and us and thought it might be nice to share it. I’ve cleaned it up a bit, mostly minor word edits, as she prefers a bit of vulgarity but not everyone does.

Hope you enjoy:

Cautiously Curious

Patrick and Lynn had been married for a few years, deeply in love, when they started to further explore their sexuality and the possibilities that lay ahead. Although their sex life was quite satisfying, part of that satisfaction came from the personal growth and experience gained in trying new things.

Lynn had always been a very sexual person. Although somewhat insecure about herself, she harboured deep fantasies that the mere thought of excited her, yet at the same time frightened her. She wasn’t sure what to make of these thoughts and feelings. She wondered to herself if they were wrong. She knew these things really happened to other people but, could she really explore her fantasies, was it right for her? What worried her more was not being sure what would happen to her relationship with Patrick. Although she would occasionally leak out a little hint now and then, she always kept what she was really thinking locked up inside; trapped by fear and self doubt.

Patrick used to be kind of a prude. Outwardly he would joke and carry on just like anyone else, but deep inside he had his own hang-ups and self-doubt. He believed that the love and attention given to him by a woman somehow validated him as a person and that intimacy and sex were a confirmation of that validation. He believed that any influences outside of a relationship were a threat to it. As time went on, and his love for Lynn grew, he realized how wrong he had been. After years and years of uncertainty and poorly conceived notions about life, he was finally able to shed an enormous amount of baggage and in the process began thinking about things he had never thought he could do. But like Lynn, he kept the vast majority of these thoughts and feelings to himself not realizing that Lynn was harbouring her own secret fantasies too.

“Hi Lynn, how was your day?” Patrick asked as he arrived home. “Busy day.” she replied “We got a lot of orders for the new products at work.” Patrick dropped his briefcase and started flipping through the day’s mail picking out a red envelope. “What’s this?” he asked. Lynn began to explain, “Cindy, one of our sales reps, is throwing one of those toy parties. That’s the invitation.” “Toy party!” Patrick said with a puzzled tone. “What do you mean… toy party?” Lynn continued on “It’s a party she’s hosting where they do a little show and tell with massage oils, lingerie, sex toys, and that kind of stuff. After the demonstration people can order whatever they want and then the rest is just a normal party.” “You men they really demonstrate this stuff?” Patrick asked excitedly. “No, they show it and talk about it.” “Oh, and it’s a couples party.” Lynn smiled. Patrick was a bit apprehensive at first, but he figured that if Lynn really wanted to go, there would be no harm.

The night of the party the both of them got ready and headed off for Cindy’s house. Cindy, a rather attractive brunette, opened the door and already had quite the crowd inside. Lynn and Patrick were two of the last to show up. Most of the women Lynn knew from work and the husbands they had met at company functions, but there were a few of Cindy’s friends that they had not met before. After the introductions, Patrick and Lynn mingled for a wile and spent a bit of time talking to Judy and her husband Ron. Judy was a tall redhead with a tanned complexion and huge breasts. Ron was tall, with light brown hair and a pretty average build. They had been married for five years and had been to a couple of Cindy’s parties. After about a half hour of idol chatting Cindy announced the start of the presentation.

Patrick and Lynn were amazed by the variety of products and actually found the whole thing fairly exciting. It wasn’t long before they were giggling and joking along with everyone else. At the end of the presentation Lynn asked Patrick “Will you go buy a few things for me?” “What do you want?” Patrick replied. She handed him a brochure with a couple of toys and a nighty circled. Patrick grinned thinking these could be fun.

While waiting in the hall for Patrick, Judy approached Lynn. “Lynn,” Judy started “it was really nice meeting the two of you tonight.” “You too!” Lynn replied. “Ron and I really enjoyed talking with Patrick and yourself.” Judy paused for a moment. “We’re throwing a party in a couple of weeks and we’d like you and Patrick to join us.” “Another toy party?” Lynn asked. “No,” Judy paused again and grinned “it’s, lets just say, a bit more advanced.” Judy recognized the look of confusion on Lynn’s face.

“Have you ever heard of ‘The Lifestyle’?” she asked. Lynn was shocked “Do you mean like swinging?” “Yes.” Lynn didn’t know what to say. “I don’t think we could do that. I mean we’re happily married and… and…and…” Lynn stammered. Judy broke in “I know. I had the same reaction, when I was first asked. It’s not what you think though.” “You mean it’s not having sex with people other than your husband?” “Well it can be.” Judy went on to explain “But it’s not just that. A lot of the time Ron and I end up together, and sometimes more join in, sometime we’re with others. It really all depends on what you want. But a lot of first timers just come to check it out. That’s how Ron and I got into it.”

“At our first party we were inseparable, but it was such a turn on watching all those people going at it. There was a man sitting about two feet from me and his friend’s wife was sucking his cock while her husband fucked his wife on the bed just a few yards away from us. Even though I was really nervous the whole time I got so horny and wet I had a spot showing through on my skirt. Ron and I went home and fucked for hours.” Lynn was listening more intently as Judy continued on. “Then at the next one, we sat together and started making out.” “Right there, in front of everyone?” Lynn asked. “Yes, right in the middle of the room. No one was really paying any particular attention to us at first but just the thought of someone watching got me even wetter. Soon enough I slipped off my blouse and bra, and after a little while my pants went too. One thing lead to another and we were fucking like jack rabbits on the sofa. I let out a scream as I came and when I looked up half the room was watching and I realized I had just had the best sexual experience of my life.” “Wow!” exclaimed Lynn.

“That was two years ago and we’ve been happily swinging on and off since.” “What do you mean ‘on and off’?” Lynn asked. “It’s not like we do it every weekend. Typically there’s a party in our group about once a month but like most couples we sometimes skip just to be together ourselves.” Lynn was blown away. She had never heard anything like this before and the odd feeling in her stomach only added to her confusion. Was she really getting excited by Judy’s story? “Look,” Judy said “there’s no pressure. There never is. First rule of the Lifestyle – No Means No! – Everyone has the right to refuse whatever they don’t want to do.” “Are there anymore rules?” Lynn asked. “Rule two - You arrive together and you leave together – if you want to go he needs to as well, not for us but for you, and same goes for the other way around. As far as the rest of the rules, I can educate you at the party.”

“I don’t think this is for us.” Lynn replied. “I’m sure it’s fascinating but I just can’t bear the though of Patrick with another women.” “I understand.” Judy assured her. “I used to feel exactly like you do. But once I realized that Ron didn’t love or enjoy me any less I realized that the jealousy was just silly. In fact it’s almost like he’s just playing with, well for lack of a better term, a moving toy; although that’s not really how we’d describe our friends. And he feels the same way too.” Lynn was speechless. “Here’s an invitation just in case you change your mind. Like I said, nothing has to happen that you don’t want to. Even if you just come by for a drink and check out the party, Ron and I would still like to get to know you better as friends – benefits, if any, are not required if not desired.”

Lynn took the invitation just as Patrick was returning from the bedroom where the purchases were being made. She shoved the paper into her purse without him noticing. Lynn and Judy said their goodbyes and Judy gave her a quick kiss. On the way out Patrick asked what that was all about. “She’s just friendly, that’s all... really friendly.” “Ron seemed pretty cool too.” Patrick noted “Maybe we should ask Cindy for their number and get together.” “I already have it.” Lynn said.

About a week went by and Lynn had not mentioned a word about the party, or what Judy had told her. She was not sure how she felt about it, let alone how Patrick would react. She was thinking about throwing the invitation away and forgetting the whole thing when Patrick finally brought up what Lynn was dreading the past few days. “We should call Ron and Judy and see if they want to get together next weekend.” What was Lynn going to tell him? They’ve always been honest with each other, but now she either had to tell him about Ron and Judy, or make something up. “They’re busy next weekend.” Lynn was satisfied with her response, she didn’t have to lie and she didn’t have to tell him everything. “How do you know?” he asked. She stopped dead in her tracks. She had to tell him something. “They’re having a party.” “Oh.” Patrick replied. “A party like Cindy’s?” “Kind of along those lines, I guess.”

Lynn was becoming increasingly nervous. “What’s wrong?” Patrick asked. Lynn drew a deep breath and tried to explain. “Judy invited us to the party.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. “Um…. Let’s sit down.” They proceeded to the living room and sat on the couch. “What’s the matter?” Patrick asked. Lynn continued slowly “Well, it’s like this. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid to, and unsure about how I felt about it.” Patrick was quite confused at this point. “It’s a swinger’s party.” Patrick was taken aback. “Wow. Ron and Judy? Swingers?” “Yes.” she replied. “And she asked us to come to their party.” “What did you tell her?” he asked. “I told her that we weren’t into that kind of thing.” “OK” he said. “What, you’re not mad?” “Why would I be mad? If you don’t want to go we don’t go.” Lynn was surprised. “You want to go?” she asked. “Ahhh… I don’t know. Do you want to go?”

Lynn thought about it for a moment “She did say that we could just check it out, we don’t have to take part, and we can leave any time we want to.” “So what are you saying?” he asked. “What’s the harm in going for a drink, meet some new people? We could just check it out and leave. Besides she did say that if we didn’t want to get involved they would still like to be just plain old friends.” Patrick hesitated a moment, looked at Lynn lovingly and said “I love you more than anyone. You are the most important person in my life and nothing, no one, could ever change that. Let’s have a drink with Judy and Ron and then we’ll decide where to go from there.” Lynn smiled and nodded in agreement.

The following week seemed to drag on. Neither one mentioned the party but they both had the same delightfully strange feeling, kind of like the ones they had before a first date, or the first time they made love. They were both excited, and nervous, and full of wonder about what was to come. They were both sure of one thing though… each other. Everything they had done together, all of the sexual knowledge and experience they had gained, their happy years together, all of this had prepared them to at least poke their heads through the door of this strange new world that they had been invited to.

On the big day they decided to sleep in. At the very least they wanted to have enough energy that evening to enjoy a party. As Patrick and Lynn awoke and looked into each others eyes they smiled and realized that this past week of anticipation had somehow strengthened their love and bond of commitment to one another. They had no doubts about each other and the fears about the evening ahead seemed to be diminishing, turning into excitement.

After a light dinner, they both prepared for the moment they had not been able to get out of their minds for the past week. Lynn, a stunning petit brunette, wore her hair up. Her makeup was simple and elegant. The outfit she chose just about stopped Patrick’s heart when he saw her standing there in a black sleeveless turtleneck sweater that had a diamond shaped cut out just above her chest revealing the cleavage of her lovely breasts. She wore a dark red leather skirt with black netted stockings and a pair of shiny black leather boots that came right up to her knees. Although Patrick’s jaw was only inches from the floor she still admired him in his suit, straight cut and black with a white dress shirt with the top three buttons undone. At over six feet tall and solidly formed, Lynn always loved the way Patrick looked in a suit, and this was her favourite one. They both gave each other that ‘if we didn’t have to be somewhere I’d be on you’ look.

They gathered what they needed for the evening and left the house. Patrick held Lynn’s hand all the way to the party. It was about a good forty minute drive, but all they could do was look at each other and smile. When they arrived, Judy answered the door. “Well!” she cried with a big smile “this is a very pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to make it.” “I thought about what you told me,” Lynn said “and we discussed it and decided that at the very least we would like to see you and Ron, have a drink, and then we can decide where we’re going.” “We’re glad you did.” said Ron as he rounded the corner to the foyer. “Most people won’t take this step and they’ll never really know for sure what could have been. I commend you for coming this far. Whatever happens, after tonight I do promise you one thing, you will have a clearer perspective on where you stand regarding this part of your life. And even if you walk away, you’ll know you made an informed decision and won’t have to regret passing the opportunity by. “Ok Ron, enough of your philosophical bullshit,” Judy laughed “why don’t you get our guests a drink?”

Judy led Patrick and Lynn into the living room where they were pleasantly surprised to see a party just like any other. About a half dozen other couples around the room were talking and laughing, music playing in the background, just a normal party. One of the women turned around and it was Cindy. “Oh my god!” Cindy smiled. “What a great surprise to see you here.” Lynn was a bit shocked “Cindy, I…I…I wasn’t expecting to see you here,” “Lynn, don’t worry. What happens here stays here. Nobody at the office knows about what Donald and I do, and they don’t need to know about you either.” “Well it’s nice to have a familiar face.” Lynn said. “Where is Don?” Cindy nodded to the far corner where Lynn recognized Don and saw him talking with a blond woman a bit younger than him. Lynn looked back at Cindy who said “We’ve been at a couple of the same parties.” Cindy smiled as a guy walked by and patted her on the rear. “And that’s her boyfriend.” she said. “This will take a little bit of getting used to.” Patrick whispered to Lynn. Cindy picked up on it and replied “It’s kind of like getting into a pool. After a few laps you get comfortable and ready to dive in.” They all smiled.

Judy and Ron returned with glasses of wine and made all of the formal introductions with one or two small twists when they had to point out who the couples really were. Patrick and Lynn sat on a large chair near Judy and Ron and carried on a very pleasant conversation for about and hour when Lynn noticed Cindy leaving the room with the blonde’s boyfriend. Patrick looked toward the hall they were headed down and asked Ron where they were going. “The guest bedroom and office are down there. The bed is pretty much first come first serve, but the office has a comfortable couch.” The master bedroom is at the end of the hall which is off limits and the bathroom in the other hall.” Patrick inquired “May I ask why the bedroom is off limits?” Ron explained “The master bedroom is out of bounds to everyone but Judy and I. That is our place just for us.”

“Are there any other things we need to know?” Patrick asked. “Rule one,” Ron started “No means no!” “I covered that one and the come together / leave together at Cindy’s place.” Judy interjected. “There are only a few others.” Ron continued. “No drugs allowed. You always have to tell the truth. Cleanliness is a must. And finally, if you know of any personal reason why you shouldn’t be involved in this, then don’t be.” What do you mean?” Lynn asked. Judy stepped in again to soften the point “If your involvement poses any risk to others or yourselves then you should not get involved. Also, if you have issues in your relationship that may be exacerbated by these activities then that is another reason to not get involved.” “We understand.” Patrick and Lynn nodded in concurrence.

As the conversation turned to less serious matters Patrick and Lynn noted that a number of people had disappeared. “Where did everyone go?” Lynn asked. “Well the one couple on the loveseat went to join Cindy and her friend in the bedroom, and Donald followed the lady he was talking to into the office. Lynn turned to Patrick and said “It’s been happening and we didn’t even realize it.” They smiled at each other and kissed.

As they turned back to Ron and Judy they saw that their hosts had become otherwise occupied. They were kissing quite intensely. Patrick and Lynn sat back in the chair and just watched quietly. Judy’s hand slowly moved towards Ron’s midsection where Lynn had noticed an increasing bulge. Judy’s was rubbing up and down Ron’s crotch. She slowly undid his belt and pants and pulled out a throbbing penis. Judy slowly slid down to kneel on the floor proceeding to wrap her mouth around his erection. His head dropped back and he let out a little moan. Judy lovingly took him into her mouth and out again. This went on for several minutes all the while Lynn and Patrick watched and realized that they were getting really turned on by the show.

Ron lifted Judy gently, and nudged her back. He then grabbed her hips and lifted her up to his face. As she leaned backwards until almost upside down, her skirt fell above her waist revealing a panty-less, cleanly shaven, area that gleaned with moisture. He buried is face between her legs and she gasped with pleasure. As he rolled his tongue around her clitoris she squeaked little moans of pleasure and started playing with her breasts, caressing each one and gently pinching her already excited nipples. Once she was close to coming she tapped his knee and he released her.

Once she was upright again she removed her skirt and blouse as he slid his pants to the floor. She turned around, now both of them facing the newbies, and sat straight down on his lap. Rising up and down for what must have been about fifteen minutes, he had a hand cupped over each breast. His hand slowly moved down and he rubbed her gently. Her hips started to buck and they both started to groan moving more quickly with each motion until they both finally climaxed with her shriek of joy.

They opened their eyes and looked at Lynn and Patrick who sat quietly watching the whole thing. So engrossed in the show unfolding before them, neither Patrick nor Lynn even realized that Patrick had been encircling her erect nipple with the middle finger of the arm he had around her shoulders. Judy asked “So, how did you like that?” Lynn answered first “That was not what I expected at all, but a very nice experience.” Judy looked at Patrick and noticed the outline of an erection in his pants and said “I guess he enjoyed it too!” and smiled. Once Ron and Judy had their close back on, Patrick and Lynn thanked their hosts for a surprisingly pleasant experience and bid them good night.

During the ride home, Patrick and Lynn couldn’t shake the feelings that had built up inside them. The lust, the passion, the desire were all overwhelming. As they continued to talk about the experience their excitement grew. Neither one could have anticipated the effect that night would have on them. At one point, without Patrick noticing, Lynn slipped her hand up her skirt and teased herself with her fingers. Neither one could wait to get home.

Once in the house Patrick locked the door and turned to face Lynn, only to have her grab him by the shirt and kiss him deeply. They proceeded up the staircase tearing off each others clothes. Lynn, normally a fairly submissive person, was acting like a woman possessed. She knew what she wanted and she knew her husband was just the man to give it to her. Once in the bedroom, Patrick swept up his wife and gently tossed her in the center of the bed. Before she could make a move he had her hips pinned under his arms and was kissing the inside of her legs. Lynn giggled a bit as it tickled but as he progressed to more sensuous areas her giddiness was replaced by a wave of pleasure. Patrick had practiced his technique on her many times and his proficiency was not lost on her. It did not take long at all before her hips started bucking and she began to wail with pleasure. Lifting up to push herself against his face, she came in a burst of ecstasy.

Patrick slowly kissed his way up to her stomach and then to her breasts where he began to lick and tease her rock hard nipples. Finally she pushed him off of her. She knew what she wanted to do and she wasn’t going to ask, she was going to take. Lynn spun around throwing her leg over Patrick’s body and moved herself right over his face. Patrick tried to reach it but she pulled away and told him to wait. Just then she let her hair out and it fell down her shoulders like a dark shower. She slowly leaned forward and began to lick him. Patrick gasped as she swallowed him whole. She passionately sucked for several minutes while her hair brushed the inside of his thighs. She was driving her husband wild and loving every minute of it, but she really wanted something else. She removed her mouth slowly and backed into his face to give him a quick taste before rolling over and commanding Patrick “Fuck me!”

Patrick worked his way between her legs and reached up to run his hands all over her body. As he moved up he gently slid inside her just a bit. She grabbed his nipples and squeezed, gaining his undivided attention and repeated herself “I said fuck me! Now!” Patrick happily complied and gave her everything. Lynn screamed “Oh, yes!” He rocked back and forth as the bed creaked and Lynn moaned and wailed. He reached around her back lifting her to face him and he slid his beautiful wife up and down. Her hair flew as she was rocked from side to side until the both came together and slumped in a heap of sweaty flesh still holding each other in their arms. They slept like that all night, never letting go of one another.

The sun rose that Sunday morning and had been up a few hours before either of them. As they awakened they looked into each others eyes, not needing to say a word and gently kissed. “Thank you.” Patrick said. Lynn kissed him again “Thank you. You were incredible last night.” The two of them showered and got dressed. Patrick prepared brunch as he did on most weekends while Lynn pretended to read the paper. She couldn’t digest any of the information though as all she could think about was the greatest night of passion she had ever experienced. Patrick was equally distracted while he burned the first round of toast and almost set off the smoke detector.

As they sat down to their morning meal they discussed their new experience. Patrick started “So…” Lynn smiled. “How do you feel this morning?” he asked. “About the same as yesterday morning, but different at the same time.” “I know what you mean” he replied. I feel like a weight has finally been lifted from my shoulders.” “Me too.” Lynn agreed. “It’s funny,” she said “I would have never thought that watching another couple having sex right in front of us would have such an effect on me. Maybe…” “What?” Patrick pushed on. She shook her head shyly. “We’ve come this far, what can’t you tell me?” Lynn continued “It’s just that, even though I’ve had thoughts about being in similar situations, I never though I actually would, let alone enjoy it so very much.” Patrick smiled “Me too.” Lynn looked at Patrick realizing for the first time that they both had secret dreams that had been kept buried inside all this time.


That next day, Lynn and Cindy passed each other in the hall. They looked at each other and grinned. Neither one needed to say a word to know what the other was thinking. As agreed, the topic never came up in the office, however the two of them became closer friends and would discuss these things over lunches and after work drinks.

Several weeks went by before one day at lunch Cindy told Lynn “Donald and I are throwing a party this weekend. Would you and Patrick like to come?” Lynn blushed a bit “I don’t know. We did really enjoy Judy and Ron’s party.” “Did they put on their show for you?” Cindy asked. “How do you know?” Lynn replied. “Those two are such show-offs. They did it right in front of us at our first party.” Lynn laughed “I’ll talk to Patrick about it and see what he thinks. Can I let you know in a few days?” Lynn asked. “Sure” Cindy smiled.

That evening at dinner Lynn passed on Cindy’s invitation to Patrick. “You really want to go again?” he asked. “Well the last one was kind of fun, and look what we got out of it when we came home.” Patrick nodded and smiled. “Sure. We could try it again.” Lynn was pleased he agreed.

Lynn met Cindy again for lunch at the café down the street from their office. “Cindy, I talked to Patrick and we’ve decided we’d like to give it another go.” “Great!” Cindy exclaimed. She reached into her purse and pulled out what looked like a credit card. She handed it to Lynn “This is a key to room 714 at the Grand Marquis Hotel, downtown. We’ve got a suite for the night. It actually works out nice; we get a great room and it only ends up being about $80 per couple.” Lynn tucked the key securely in her purse and headed back to work.

When they arrived at the suite, Patrick and Lynn were a bit surprised to be met at the door by a stark naked woman. “Hi, I’m Allison. You must be Lynn and Patrick. Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too Allison” Patrick managed to choke out a pleasant reply. This was a bit different than the last party. Some people were already naked and others were well on their way. Their hearts were racing as they walked through the room. There were two couples in the Jacuzzi in the corner and more up stairs in the loft. Cindy came over “Hey there! I’m glad you made it.” “We must be a bit late” Lynn suggested. “Not at all.” Cindy told her “Sometimes things get started quickly.” Patrick handed Cindy the bottle of wine they had brought. “Thank you.” She said. “Can I pour you a glass?” “Sure they replied.” The three of them went and found a couch in the corner opposite the hot tub. Patrick noticed Don, Allison, and another person going into one of the bedrooms. “Cindy, where is Don going?” Cindy looked over and then leaned back “That’s Allison and her husband.” Lynn looked at Cindy “He’s going in without you?” she asked. “We don’t always play together.” Cindy told her.

The three of them sat quietly for a while just taking in the sights and sounds of the sex all around them. This was different from the last party but seemed to be having the same effect. Cindy noticed Lynn and Patrick becoming increasingly aroused. She leaned over and whispered something in Lynn’s ear. Lynn jerked back with a look of shock on her face, but inside wondered if it was time to let another one of her fantasies come out. “I’m going to get some more wine, I’ll be back.” Cindy announced. “Just let me know what you decide.” As Cindy walked away, Lynn rolled over and smiled at Patrick. The two of them started making out like they were in high school again. This went on for about several minutes when Cindy came back with a fresh bottle. She sat down next to Lynn again while the couple were still locked in their embrace. A moment later Lynn turned to Cindy, smiling, and winked at her. Patrick had no idea what was about to happen. Lynn put her arm around Cindy and the two began kissing passionately. At first he was shocked, but once that subsided he realized he was enjoying watching his wife with her friend.

This went on for a few moments before Lynn turned her attention to Patrick again. She started at his lips but didn’t stay there long. As she began to head south she removed her blouse. Meanwhile Cindy removed her clothes as well. Lynn reached Patrick’s belt and undid it, then his pants. And not a moment too soon as the material was not going to him in any longer. As his wife began to suck in him, Patrick saw Cindy slide herself between Lynn’s legs. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Their new friend was going down on his wife while she went to town on him. Lynn moaned and grunted all the while working Patrick harder and harder. After a little while Lynn stood up and laid her husband down on the couch. She straddled his body, inserting him into herself. But the biggest shock was yet to come. Lynn took Cindy’s hand and lead her to Patrick’s side. She nudged her hip suggesting her to raise her leg. Lynn looked at Cindy, smiled, and then looked at her husband and blew him a kiss. Lynn nodded to her friend who promptly sat on Patrick’s face. The two of them rocked back and forth in unison as wife took him in and friend enjoyed his tongue. Cindy and Lynn started to fondle each others breasts and kissed all while taking advantage of Patrick for their own pleasure. Cindy started to come first and she reached down to Lynn and started rubbing her. The two women came together on him. In appreciation for his fine efforts the two ladies sat Patrick up and kissed him each on one cheek. They then took each others hands and knelt down in from of him. They both started out licking him together. Then as Cindy took him deeply, Lynn proceeded down and worked lower. Patrick felt like he was going to explode. He couldn’t take it anymore and after giving the two fair warning they straightened up and fondled him until he came on their chests. A few gentle licks later and it was done. Each of them sat on either side of Patrick and rested their heads on his shoulders. At the same time they said “Thank you!” Thinking he was the grateful one he replied “Thank you both. I will remember this forever.”


Lynn was still a bit in shock, but a good kind. She was still filled with feelings of excitement and anticipation. Patrick was the same. Both of them felt contentment unlike before. And the oddest thing they realized was that this wasn’t better than their sex life before, it was just different; a different experience that they could enjoy occasionally if they chose too. A new area of their life had been opened to them with possibilities they had once feared, they could now embrace.

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