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Business service anyone?

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There was a knock on his hotel room door. He wasn't expecting anyone...he was on a business trip. He peered through the peek hole...but saw nothing...He opened the door, there she stood in a long black trench coat. He could see she had on black high heels. She smiled and said as she opened up the trench coat "Did anyone order room service?" His jaw dropped when he saw she was wearing black thigh high stocking, a black lace bra and matching thong.....She stood there with the coat held open and said to him. "Pick your jaw up off the floor and invite me in."

He moved back to let her she walked by he caught the scent of her sweet perfume. She took her coat off and laid it over a chair....walked up to him grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close and kissed him hard. She slowly removed his shirt, kissing the one side of his neck moved down his chest and back up to the other side of his neck, then tossed his shirt on the floor. She pushed him down on the bed, she could see his huge cock was hard through his pants. She straddled him and started kissing him again, even more passionately then before...he was running his hands up and down her thighs to her ass, then put them around her waist and pulled her even closer to him.

Unable to stand it anymore she kissed her way down to his pants and unbuttoned them, reaching her hand into his boxer briefs grabbing his rock hard cock. She slipped his boxer briefs & pants off and looked his naked body lying on the bed and smiled. You ready for me? she asked him. "More than you know" he responded. She looked into his eyes and told him, "then lay back and enjoy the ride..."

She put her foot up on the bed and ran her hands from her ankle to her thigh and slowly took her thigh high off and threw it on his face...she took the other one off and did the same thing. She undid her bra from behind and slipped if off one shoulder and then the other....he watched he his eyes dancing seeing her almost naked body in front of him....she ran her hands over her breasts making her nipples hard, down her stomach to her thong...she turned around and slowly bent over while sliding the black lace thong off. She walked over to the bed, he sat up, her breast right in his face and her stated licking and sucking her hard nipples....she pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him.

She lowered her sweet wet pussy onto his cock. His hard cock felt good in her warm, wet pussy as she pumped up and down on it. Her pace quickened as her breasts bounced up and down over his face...he grabbed both her breast with his strong hands and started sucking on them making her moan just a little bit louder...She could feel the build up and he pussy started pulsating as she was about to cum she straightened up, threw her head back and arched her back as she covered his cock with she sweet pussy juices......She looked back down at him and smiled...then jumped off and flipped around and 69'ed him....As she sucked her own juices off his cock he was going wild licking her pussy to get every last drop of her sweet pussy juices in his mouth......

She stopped him and jumped off the bed...went over to the window and opened up the curtains....he was on the 4th floor in a busy downtown area..."Get over here and fuck me from behind" she said and she faced the window....He jumped off the bed and grabbed her by the waist bending her over. Her breast we pressed up against the cold window as cars drove by on the busy downtown street...he put his rock hard cock in her pussy and starting thrusting it in and out of her wet, warm pussy...he had one hand on her hip and with the other one he grabbed her hair down by the back of her neck and pulled her head back....she screamed "Oh yes!, Fuck me"...his pace quickened and he gave her hair and even harder pull...this only excited her more....her hands were pressed up against the window and the window began to fog from all the heat there bodies were producing as they fucked....As the cars drove by and people walked down the busy sidewalks, he had both hands on her hips fucking her hard, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy....she moaned even louder as she knew she was going to cum again....her hands slid down the window leaving hand prints on the steamy window as she moaned with pleasure as she came again..

He could not take it any longer he threw her on the bed and put her legs up on his shoulders and started fucking her in her tight ass...she moaned when his huge cock entered her ass. He had her by the ankles and thrusted his cock in and out of her ass...she slid her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit as fast as she could...He got even more excited and was about to cum...she could tell her was close and said "cum in my ass now!"....This sent him over the edge and he came hard and filled her ass with his hot he pulled his cock out cum dripped out of her ass....she smiled and said to him with a grin on her face....."That was just nice"..........

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