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Bev and I

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Towards the end of my Grammar School days, Bev and her family moved in next door to us. We all became good friends almost immediately. I showed Bev around the town and introduced her to many of the kids she would be seeing in school and she really appreciated me doing so.

All thru the the eight grade we became very close and helped each other with the homework from school.

Her mother was a very beautiful woman and her father was a very handsome man who was in the business of selling cars and he was very good at it. They moved here because he had the opportunity to become a partner in one of then local car dealerships. Her mother was a registered nurse and worked in one of the nearby hospitals.

My father worked construction and made a very handsome living at it. Hard part was that at times he would have to go out of state to do a job and may be gone for two-three weeks at a time. Mother had an executive position at one of the banks so between the two of the lack of funds was never a problem.

As Bev and I became closer and closer it was unknown to us that her father and my mother were becomeing close also.

I guess it was due to the fact that my father was gone quite a bit and her mother had long hours at the hospital due to a shortage of personell.

There happend to be a large social gathering for many select people and it was desired to have couples only.

Being that dad was gone and her mother was working that night it was agreed that it would be okay if her father escorted my mother to the social.

The event took place at the Lakefront Innn and the Lioquor was all free and as was everthing else. MOther can not hold her licquor so after just a few drinks she becomes a little wild and skiddish.

Bevs father had a nice Van that he had customized and that is what he drove to the social. As the story unfolded and the facts came out it was discovered by another couple that was looking for them that tjhey found them in his Van. The movement of the Van gave it all away and they peeked in the side window to see the two of the fucking and were really into it. They realized that thney had been discovered but there was no way they could hide it. Before long the word was all over town and later during the divorce proceedings it came out that they had fucked each other more than once.

Family devastation followed and Dad told mom to leave as did Bevs mother to her father.

I stayed with dad and Bev stayed with her mother.

During that summer Bev and I spent a lot of time together in either her house or mine. She would come over and watch me work out with the weights and then she and I would enjoy a swim in her pool.

She ask me to come over for a swim and when I got there she had on a very skimpy Bikini and I was totaslly amazed as to how her body had become to feminine. I could not help but to stare at her full thighs and well filled lut Calves. Her breasts weere now something else to behold. The Bikini Bra was hardly enought to keep them covered. As for me I was becoming embarrassed for my cock was getting very hard. For some reason I had been endowed with a very large cock for my age and it was difficult to conceal in my bathing trunks. We both stared at each other and then hugged and then a big kiss from her full lips set me compleley off.

There was no sense in trying to be naive for we both wanted each other and new that it would be the forst time for both of us.

Dad was still out of town and her mother was working a double shift so no danger of being exposed.

We went into my house and then up to my room where the exploration of both bodies took place. I could not ever remember being the hard not even when I jcked off which I did on a regular basis. I now knew that I would not have to Jack off any more for Bev was as hot and wanting as I was. Once my senses returned I went into my dads room and took one of his condoms. He bought them by the dozens so he would not miss one.

When I went back to my room I closed the door and covered the windows and then began to suck on Bevs hard and lovely nipples while removing the rest of her Bikini.

She reached down and held onto my cock and mentioned that the size might be to much for her. I pulled of my bottoms and let her look at it and rub it. We both agreed that we had to try to enter her. I layed her on her back and spread her legs wide and then put on the well lubricated condom. I held my cock in my hand and guided it toward her entrance then realized how tightshe was. With a little gentle force I managed to getthe head just inside of her and she said to be very slow. She liked the feeling but did not want any pain. I held my position for a while and in the meantime I started to squeeze and suck on her lovely breasts and she eally enjoyed the sensation from having her nipples sucked and nibbled on.

She then would move her hips very slowly and as a result I was able to go inside of her a little farther. The heat and wetness that I felt was almost to much for me and I had a very difficult time keeping from cumming.


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