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Annual Training

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This is a true story that happened about 15 years ago,

while I was still in the military. My unit was in charge

of providing rations for the annual two week training, for

my state's National Guard units. This particular year, a

group of visiting soldiers, from New Jersey, were assigned

to our unit. There were only about 20 guys. However, I

noticed one of them right away. He was a Staff Sergeant,

about 6" tall, stocky and rugged. Not handsome in the

traditional sense, but still good looking. He appeared to

be in his mid to late 40s, with salt-n-pepper hair, cut a

little longer than the usual military hair cut. He had the

bluest eyes I'd ever seen.

Maybe I should describe no one gets the wrong

idea. I am female, about 5'7". A little tall for a

female, but I appeared even taller in my boots. I have put

on a "few" pounds, but at that time, I was fairly slender.

My boobs were a respectable 38C and my ass fit into the

uniform in such a way that I usually caused a few guys to

"rise to the occasion", when I passed. My hair is auburn,

though the red really shows up in the sunlight. It's

naturally curly and I wore it long, almost to my waist.

However, in uniform, I had to keep it controlled and under

my cap.

The first morning, I went through the breakfast line,

picking up a tray and chose myself something to eat. We

were always provided a choice of fruit. That morning the

fruit was bananas. I took my tray and moved a bit away

from the rest of the company, as was my normal behavior. I

had finished most of my breakfast and picked up the banana.

As I sat there, I noticed the sergeant, across the

clearing, staring at me. I didn't think much of it and

kept on enjoying my banana. This went on for a couple of

days, however, I did notice that with each day, more and

more guys were joining the sergeant. Guys from New Jersey,

but also a few from my unit. I couldn't figure out what

was so interesting. On the fifth day, I was startled by

the sergeant. He had walked across the clearing and was

suddenly kneeling in front of me. "Please, you're

torturing me. Either stop eating bananas, or take me into

the bushes and eat me, like you do" Looking

around, I noticed even more guys than usual standing there

watching us. I laughed it off. Giving the sergeant a wink,

I walked over to dispose of my breakfast, including the

rest of the banana and headed to work. I made sure that my

ass was swinging just a little more than usual.

All day I was thinking about the incident. I really,

really like bananas. I tend to enjoy eating them. First I

slowly take the skin and peel it back, exposing the

familiar shape of the fruit. Then I kind of slip it

between my lips, savoring the taste and feel. Finally, I

take a small bite. I repeat the suck and nibble, until I'm

finished with the banana. It's funny how I had never

thought of how it looked from the guys' perspective.

I thought it was too bad that the sergeant hadn't made his

move earlier. His unit was due to pull out the next

morning. They had already been in the field for a week,

when our unit arrived.

That evening, I heard a knock on the outside of my tent.

Being one of the few women in the unit, and the only NCO in

the section, I rated a tent to myself. When I answered the

knock, I was surprised to find the sergeant standing there.

I had just come back from the showers. My hair was still

a bit wet and hanging down. I was in the middle of combing

it out. It hung down my back, in controlled waves. (It

would curl more as it dried.) As I was getting ready for

bed, I was wearing one of my husband's T-shirts, which

reached about half way down my thighs. I had quickly

slipped on a pair of running shorts, before answering the


"We are heading home tomorrow." "I know." "I just wanted

to come by..." He trailed off and started shuffling his

feet. It was kind of cute how nervous he was suddenly

becoming. "Let's go for a walk." Inviting him in was a

BAD idea. My lamp was on, in the tent. Not only did it

light up the whole inside, but anyone walking by would see

our silhouettes.

We walked around the clearing surrounding my tent. We just

made small talk. I didn?t ask his name and he didn?t ask

mine. We didn?t discuss our lives or family, outside of

the military. We didn?t discuss the weather. But I also

didn?t tell him what I was planning... As we walked, I

kept an eye out for anyone passing the area. After about

10 minutes, I was satisfied that both his unit and mine

were not in the area. They were either enjoying an early

evening or had made the last shower run.

I knew where I was taking him. He came along, without

asking any questions. The next morning?s rations were

stacked up on the other side of the clearing. The stacks

looked solid from the outside, however, I knew that they

were stacked in such a way as to leave a gap in the middle.

There would be just enough room, between the pallets, for

us to squeeze into the gap. Once inside, there was plenty

of maneuvering room.

I took his hand. He didn?t pull away. I had him curious,

at least. I looked into his eyes and whispering, asked,

?Have you been thinking about this morning? Because, I

have.? ?Yeah.? And he gave me a grin. ?I still am.?

?Would you still like me to take you into the bushes?? He

groaned. ?Don?t tease me.?

I was still holding his hand and I started to pull him

behind me. I slipped through the opening between the

pallets. Soon we were in the middle, completely surrounded

and away from prying eyes. I gently pushed him against one

of the stacks, and kneeled down in front of him. He was

dressed similar to myself, a T-shirt and cut-off jeans.

The shorts were just a bit tight on him, accenting his ass.

And at that moment, the bulge he was sporting. I

unsnapped them and pulled out his penis. I would not have

to be doing any extra work to get him ready. He was hard

and throbbing, just from me studying him or maybe he was

still thinking about the morning...

I reached up and cupped his scrotum, in the palm of my

hand. Then taking my other hand, I ran the fingernail of

my thumb, from base to tip. I heard him gasp. ?You like??

Apparently, he did, because he didn?t ask me to stop. I

lightly squeezed his balls with my hand and then leaned

forward. One at a time, I took them into my mouth. I shut

my eyes. Holding one in my mouth, I ran my tongue over it,

savoring the taste and the feel. I then went to the next.

In between, as I switched from one to the other, I would

run my tongue or a fingernail, from the base of his penis

to the tip. About every third time I did that, I ran my

tongue over the head of his penis. After about three

minutes of this, I tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum.

It was time to stop playing games. I slipped the head of

his dick between my lips, just like I had the banana that

morning. I bit down lightly. He started, but otherwise

didn?t move. I took more of him into my mouth. Every inch

or so, I would bite. Soon I had him in my mouth,

completely. I pulled back until only the head of his dick

was still in my mouth. Adding a little suction, I made my

way back to the base of his penis. As before, every inch

or so, I would stop and nibble. After doing that for a few

times, I ran my tongue all the way to the tip and then

over, licking off the droplets that had collected there.

As I was sucking him, I kept his balls cupped in one of my

hands. Each time I would bite, I would apply a little

pressure with my hand. It wasn?t long before I realized

that he had enough. He reached forward and placing a hand

to either side of my head, he fisted his hands in my hair.

He thrust forward, fucking my mouth. It only took a couple

of thrusts, before he was filling my mouth with his cum. I

swallowed as much as I could, but couldn?t keep some from

sliding down my chin. He had obviously been saving up for

the entire two weeks, because it felt like he had emptied a

gallon container of his cum into my mouth.

Not saying a word, I stood. I wiped the cum from my chin,

licking my fingers as I did. He watched me suck his cum

off of my fingers. I leaned forward and kissed him. He

whispered, ?Thank you, but I have one question.? "What is

it?" "Why didn't you do that this morning?" I grinned and

said, "Too much of an audience." Then I turned and walked

away. Without looking back, I made it back to my tent in

time for ?lights out?.

He was gone in the morning. Lucky for me, we had apples

that day. I am not sure I could have eaten a banana

without blushing, and that would have raised some eyebrows.

He and his unit were gone, but our unit still had another

week in the field. ...But that?s another story.

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