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Annies Story

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Vera?s children grow up A story of sibling love

A story about how a girl grew up, in an inhibited family with a remote Father and an repressed mother.


Leslie woke with a start ! The loud clap of thunder followed by a bright flash of lightning. He tug the bedclothes around his head , as he shivered and waited for the next one. When it came it brought the rain thrashing against his window.

Leslie was ten and had always feared thunderstorms ever since the parents of a school friend were killed when a chimney struck with lightning had crashed through their roof and killed them while they laid in bed. The third clap of thunder was too much and he quickly climbed out of bed and dashed into the next room and climbed into his sister?s bed and snuggled up close. He always sought the warm comfort of Annie at night when he was frightened by thunderstorms and bad dreams.

Annie was 13 and was quite nice looking with freckles on her face and nose which wrinkled when she smiled, and which she hated; and fair hair and blue eyes. She was slim and agile and like to climb trees with him and play football. For a girl, she was a good companion and played with him, which was as well because there wasn?t many other children close by and Mum didn?t like them straying too far from home although the nearby woods and fields were allowed.

She would always turn towards him and cuddle him close until he fell asleep. Lately, he had began to notice that her chest seemed bigger and softer. After some thought on the matter and overhearing older boys at school, he had decided that Annie was growing breasts, not as big as some girls but nice firm bulges under her t shirts or school blouses.

Annie on her part, liked it when Leslie slipped into her bed, It felt nice having someone warm to cuddle and feeling his head snuggled against her growing breasts was nice too. She had started to notice that when she woke in the morning that his ?winkle? as mum called it was often stiff as he cuddled up to her.

The following Morning Annie woke first as usual, the storm had passed and the bright sunlight shining through the curtains promise a good warm day. She could feel Leslie?s winkle sticking into her thigh as he laid slumbering next to her. Her hand crept down and she lightly touch it through his pyjamas. It felt quite hard and about as big as her thumb maybe a little longer it was hard to tell unless she felt harder which might wake :Leslie. She decide she rather liked the feel of it poking into her thigh and thought she would have to get him to show her it sometime when they were out playing ; perhaps in the woods would be good, because their parents never came there.

She laid back waiting for mum to call them for breakfast, and thought about the things some other girls had told her about boys winkles although they used another word which sounded rude to her although also more grown up. - Cocks !. As her mind wandered with these thoughts, her hand was between her legs and her fingers felt her own twinkle which the girls at school said boys called a Cunt !. Although, she thought to herself, she was sure mum would be shocked if she used that word.

She felt so ignorant about these things compared with other girls. Mum and Dad never talked to her about sex and things. When her periods started 16 months ago, Mum just said it was growing up and gave her sanitary towels to use when she was bleeding. Anyway, she thought I must find out about these things for myself.

It was at this point that Mum called, which cut short her reverie about sex. She got out of bed , woke Leslie and headed for the bathroom.before dressing for school.


It was afternoon break when she bumped into Joan Smith who knew a lot about boys and sex. . Joan was the youngest of her family with two brothers and two sisters , the eldest of whom had a small baby boy. She had told her how her brothers liked her playing with their cocks and making them spurt, and how they like feeling her tits, that is what she said her brothers called her breasts.

?Joan? she said ? When did your brothers first spurt ?

?About 10 or 11? Joan replied ? Although not very much. They spurt a lot more now ? Smiling at the thought.

?Do you like them asking you to make them spurt? She asked rather naively.

Joan laughed ?Yes? she said and I like them touching me too. She paused with a far away look before adding ? That really gives me a funny feeling which is very nice ?

She also liked watching her sister feeding her new baby who usually fell asleep when it had had enough . ?Last time, I was at my sisters,?she remarked ?After she had put the baby back in its cot her breasts were still oozing milk and Jack had sucked them till it stopped.?

Annie thought that Joan was kidding her, But Joan said it was true because sometimes her sister let her brothers do it too when Jack was out.

Walking home Annie wondered if what Joan had said was true, she had no reason to believe she was making it up, but, it did seem a very weird thing for Joan?s sister to do. She couldn?t remember seeing her mum feeding Leslie but she was sure that her Mum wouldn?t have let Dad suck her nipples like that.


It was Saturday Morning and Annie and Leslie were down in the woods playing. They were sitting up on a branch of a large beech tree have a rest when Annie, recall what Joan had told her. She smiled to herself , then turned to Leslie and asked;

?Would you like to show me your , er? she hesitated ? er cock !?

There she had said it she thought to herself feeling a bit embarrassed.

Leslie glanced at her in amazement, Annie had never said anything like that before and she certainly had not called it his ?Cock? that before!. He flushed a little as he realised that it, his cock, was getting stiff at what she had said.. He remained silent.

Annie thought heavens I have blown it, good one Joan; the silence was too much.

?Well! ? She asked.

?Ah! ? Leslie paused thinking ?You really want me to show you? not sure what he was hoping her to say and whether he dared while it was stiff.

?Yes ? Annie insisted ?I wouldn?t have otherwise, silly?

She smiled trying to reassure him. Slowly he open his shorts and lowered them and fished it out of his underpants, exposing its stiffness to her gaze.

?Mmmm? she murmured and reached out to touch it. Annie hadn?t expected it to be so stiff and was surprised at its warmth.

Leslie shivered at her touch and wondered whether she would rub it for him like he did sometimes when he was alone. His leg was shaking uncontrollably, at the thought of her looking at him an touching him as he wondered what was coming next. This had never happened before and he had never really thought of Annie as being a girl until now.

Annie for her part was stroking Leslie?s cock and wondering what he would say if she made him Joan said..

She shyly looked up into his eyes and asked him if he would like to see her ?tits? Leslie nearly fell off the branch ! What is going on he asked himself, Annie had never use that word either . Cocks and Tits were what the boys used when they talked about girls and things. He found it hard to think Girls use words like that. He had always thought of Annie being like Mum and Dad very restrained in what they said. And here she was talking about cocks and tits and offering him a chance to see her tits too.

Annie found the long silent pause too much and decide to unbutton her blouse and through caution to the winds.

Leslie?s hands fell to his cock as he sat mesmerised watching her blouse gap open as she undid the buttons from the top slowly exposing more bare skin. And it was bare because she wore nothing under her blouse that morning.

By the time she had finished Leslie was rubbing his cock vigorously, oblivious of any embarrassment that his sister was watching, all he wanted was to relieve the terrible pressure which had built up inside him. Annie leaned forward and whispered ?Let me do it for you? Her fingers replaced his as they wrapped around his throbbing cock and he lean back eyes close as she drove him to exploding point.

Suddenly it happened; he groaned, hips thrusting forward as he spurt over her tits naked in front of him. Annie squeal as the hot liquid hit her flesh, suddenly feeling delighted that it had worked and he had spurted for her.

Leslie remained still, except for his throbbing heart, breathless at coming harder than he had ever managed before. As his cock shrank from Annie?s grasping fingers, she looked at gooey liquid on them and raised it to her nose to smell it, her tongue slipped out and licked lightly over them to see what it tasted like. ?Mmm, not bad she said to her self ?only a bit salty?.

She noticed that the liquid on her tits was feeling cold and so she spread it around rubbing it into her skin before she close her blouse.

? Did you like that? she asked Leslie.

Leslie open his eyes and said ? Oh, yes? he was in heaven and wondered if she would want to do it again.


That night Leslie lay awake for a long time, reliving the events that day, his cock hardened as he thought of Annie?s warm hand grasping it and rubbing him off. He wanted to go and slip into her bed as he had done so often in the past; but for the the first time, he felt embarrassed about going.

He rubbed his stiff cock but it didn?t feel the same now. He rally wanted to feel the pleasure of Annie?s doing and watching her tits jiggle a bit as they did that morning. He hoped that spurting hadn?t frightened her; although she had seemed to enjoy that. He had been surprised when she had licked it off her fingers and seemed to like the taste. He eventually fell asleep after resolving that he wouldn?t say any thing about what had happened to Annie and would wait to see what she would do.

For her part, Annie laid in bed feeling her self and wondered if Leslie would let her do it again when the chance arose. She also thought she should talk to Joan to find out if she did anything else with her brothers which she hadn?t mentioned..

Both slept soundly till Mums morning call.


It was Friday before Annie bumped into Joan again as they were leaving school. Joan said she was going to see her sister and asked Annie if she wanted to go with her, Annie thought about what Joan had said about her brothers sucking her sister?s milk and decided she would like to see what she was like. As they walked Joan said that Beth, that was her sister?s name, thought she was pregnant again although her baby was only 8 months old. Annie said she thought that was a bit quick but Joan just laughed and said Beth might only be 19 but it was surprising that she hadn?t had more kids seeing as the way she had acted with her brothers before she went to live with Jack Annie, taken by surprise by that piece of information, naively asked if she had been a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding.

Joan laughed and said ?OH she isn?t married yet !? And seeing the look of surprise on Annie?s face continued ? Beth says she is trying Jack out to see whether she likes him enough before she gets married ? Adding with a smile ?Saves a lot of problems with getting divorced if she finds it was a mistake?

Annie was thinking about how much Joan seemed to know about these things, when they turned into the drive of Beth?s house. Joan led the way to the rear entrance and just before they went in she bent down lifted her school dress and took her panties off. Annie?s eyes open wide as she watched Joan stuff them into her school bag. Joan look at her and said ? You don?t have to take yours off if you don?t want to; but Jack likes the women in his house not to wear them? before adding with a smile ? Beth hasn?t worn any since she day she met him.?

They went in, Annie having declined to take her?s off . Beth was sitting in a chair feeding her baby her breast were bare with shirt wide open and she wore no bra. Joan introduced her and Beth gave her smile and told Joan to put the kettle on and make some tea as Jack would be coming in soon. ? And there are some biscuits in the tin as well ? She shouted through to the kitchen.

Annie sat in a chair across from Beth and as Beth chattered she found it difficult to keep her eyes off the feeding baby and thinking about Jack and Joan?s brothers sucking the large dark nipples that were displayed before her.

The back door slammed and she heard a man?s voice talking to Joan. Then after a pause they both came into the room Joan with the tea tray which she put onto the coffee table before she sat by Beth . Jack said Hi and flopped into a chair next to Annie.

He was obviously older than Beth , Annie guessed he was about 25, he was dressed in a boiler suit which was a bit oily because he repaired cars in the his garage next to the house. As he sat back in his chair looking across at Beth, Annie notice that Beth?s short skirt had ridden up and that she had parted her knees, Oh my God ! she though , I can see her pussy quite clearly. Jack was smiling at Beth and was obviously able to see even more clearly.

His eyes turned to Annie and ask her where she lived and about her family before looking back again at Beth. who sat smiling at him enjoying the way he look at her nakedness.

Then he asked Joan how her family was, and whether her brothers were still fucking her mother on Saturday nights while her dad watched. Annie looked across some what shocked when Joan answered ?Yes, and dad likes me sitting on the arm of his chair to watch as well?. Jacked laughed and told her to be careful or her Dad will be after her as well.

It was then that Annie noticed that when Joan had sat down she had lifted the back of her skirt so she wasn?t sitting on it and had rucked it up in her lap and when Jack spoke to her her legs had spread like Beth?s; giving him a full view of her downy mound..

Annie looked around at Jack and noticed that his boiler suit was tented and the press studs below the waist were undone. As she watched he put a hand in his pocket and got himself more comfortable.

As they chatted away about school and things, with Beth and Joan keeping their knees apart when Jack was looking at them, Annie glanced sideways at Jack and saw that his overalls were gaped open and his cock was showing, she looked away quickly and noticed Beth smiling at her . Annie blushed knowing that Beth had seen her looking at Jack?s cock.

She, suddenly realised, she was late and Mum would be worried , so she got up and said they must go to Joan.

Jack said he had to get a car finished and got up as well. They walked outside and Joan followed him towards the garage. Jack had sat on a low trolley ready to lay back and get under the car. His boiler suit was still undone and his cock popped out Annie could see it was a lot bigger than Leslie?s and not actually hard he looked up at Joan and she smiled at him an lifted her skirt to give him a show. Jack laughed and said ? Perhaps Annie will give me a show next time she visits? as he slide under the car.

Annie?s mind was in a whirl as they walked down the street, thinking about the conversation at Beth?s house. Joan said goodbye at the corner and she hurried off home, thinking about what Jack , Beth and Joan had said, She found it hard to believe that Mr and Mrs Smith, Joan?s parents would behave in that way and that they had talked about it so openly in front of her. But then she pondered about the way the sisters were prepared to display themselves for Jack?s obvious pleasure, with out any embarrassment in front of her.

She realised the sight of his final display as he slid under the car with his words ringing in her ears had made he knickers damp and had to admit that she felt pleased that he had wanted her to let him look at her as well. Humming to herself she skipped into her drive way thinking sex was a funny thing, making people do the most unexpected things.


Saturday was a lovely bright morning, as they sat eating there breakfast, As mum fussed about the kitchen. Leslie smiled at Annie and asked if they could go to play in the woods again he thought he had heard a Cuckoo about and wanted to see if he could find a nest with its egg in. Mum said he wasn?t to touch the nest or eggs but he could look if he didn?t disturb the birds. He said he wouldn?t do that anyway. He looked at Annie expectantly, she was far away the mention of Cuckoo?s had made her think of the Smith family,.

?Can We ?? Leslie asked again giving her a nudge with his elbow.

?Can we what? ? She asked.

?You weren?t listen ! were you / He said and repeated his question.

? Yes , of course ? She said her mind still imagining herself standing behind Mr. Smith and Joan watching Mrs. Smith moaning with pleasure as her sons took it in turn to satisfy her needs.

She got up from the table and went upstairs to her room and dressed in an old school blouse and askirt that her mother said she should throw away because she had out grown it. Thinking of joan she bent and removed her knickers before she returned downstairs.

?Don?t be late back? their mother cried out as they slammed the back door and headed of to the footpath through the fields to the large wood.The grass was still damp in the shade of the hedgerow and the eir feet got wet through their sandals Annie stopped and bent down and removed her snadals and skipped along barefooted, wet with dew, she love the feeling. Once in the wood Leslie started searching for nests with a long stick carefully prodding the branches of the bushes apart so he could see inside the foliage. The birds were twittering as the flew around searching for food. Annie loved the wood early it was so full of life later if it got hotter the birds would rest in the shade unless they had young in the nest who needed feeding. After awhile Leslie began to lose interest in his search and they decide to head for? their? tree. Annie went up first and Leslie standing below could hardly believe his eyes when he saw in the shadow under her skirt not the knickers he was expecting but her bare bum.. As she scrambled over into the fork of the branches her short skirt pulled up at the back exposing her completely and confirming in full view that indeed she had no knickers on.

There was a reaction in his cotton shorts at what he saw and he grinned to himself glad that he had left his underpants off too. Cuckoos were no longer at forefront in his mind as he scramble up to join his sister in their hidden nest in the fork of the tree.


As he scrambled over over the edge of the branch into the wide junction where it met the trunk he saw that Annie had crawl along the branch a few feet to where several leafy side branches fanned out forming a platform wider enough for two . He followed and joined her laying back on looking up at the blue sky through the higher foliage. They both laid still, a whisper of a breeze caress their bare legs and sneaked up their thighs. Their hands met and both shivered with anticipation. Annie moved first, she rolled on to her side and moved her hand o to his thigh just below the leg of his shorts, her fingers sneaking up towards Leslie?s cock. His left leg started twitching uncontrollably as he went through the agony of anticipation, waiting for her fingers to reach his tender swollen appendage.

It was like an electric shock when they touch it ever so lightly. And then close round it.

His tension drain away as he relaxed and his mind filled with the bliss of anticipation of what was to come. Annie leaned forward and kissed his lips and whispered ?Aren?t you going to undo my blouse ??

His hand moved and fumbled with the buttons and she smiled feeling him throb in her grasp as his thoughts moved toward seeing her tits again. It wasn?t all that was throbbing she thought to herself as she felt herself becoming wet between her legs too.

By the time he was finished and her blouse was loose her nipples ached as they became infused with blood and hardened. . She thought of Beth ad her baby suckling and wanted to feel her nipples being sucked too. She moved her hand and undid Leslie?s shorts to free and expose his cock, ?he had a nice looking one? she mused to herself as her hand slowly moved back and forth along its length .

?Suck my tits ? She ordered Leslie quietly. He obeyed and she felt the pleasure and the sweet pain that followed as he did what she asked. He almost bit her when her fingers released his shaft and squeezed his balls. He squirmed a bit as a hint of pain mixed with the pleasure her hand was giving him.

Then he was lost in that whirlpool of pleasure as she started to wank him; his mind focussed on the image he had had, climbing up behind Annie, His back arched up as his body tensed and then collapsed as his cock throbbed and shot his load , slowly becoming aware that it seemed to be engulf in a warm soft cavity, he opened his eyes to see Annie had her lips close over his cock which caused him to spurt again. She ?MMMMed? through her nose as her tongue went round his cock in her moth waiting for him to subside. And he felt her swallowing.

Leslie sank back relaxed and exhausted ; no one had told him how much it took out of you when you come hard like he had just done. Annie laid across him panting slightly, her sex felt swollen as she slowly caressed his now almost limp penis. Pleased that she had managed to catch all his come before it had sprayed everywhere, Joan was right. it felt and tasted good once you tried it..

Leslie broke the silence and asked ?Annie ! Am I a pervert because I like you playing with me ? ?

?Why do you ask that ?? Annie countered.

? Well a boy at school gets called ?a pervert? by his older sister when she catches him looking at her when she is dressing , and I suppose wanting you to do this is much worse ?

? Don?t be silly !? She laughed ? Don?t you think I like doing it ! And don?t I welcome you into my bed when you are afraid ?

He smiled before replying ? I suppose so, that?s good then, it is you who is the pervert? they both giggled and Annie grab his sack and squeezed before ?Saying ?Ok, little brother, now it is your turn to play with me, I want to come too ? As she wriggled out of her skirt. And laid on the branches with her legs parted her swollen clit showing between her downy moist lips.

Leslie rose and sat on his haunches between her knees and started his journey of exploration with his fingers as his mind absorbed the sight before him. Then Annie guided his fingers to her bud and he started the caresses she so ardently desired.

As his fingers explore her , Annie laid back and thought how wonderful it felt her tummy felt full of butterflies and her small breast began to feel tight and swollen, She looked through half closed eyes at Leslie as he gazed at his exploring fingers,she could feel her vaginal lips swelling and opening , allowing him a full view of her innermost most private parts. Parts of her body that no one had seen before.

Then Leslie?s fingers tentatively parted her inner lips and began to search her innermost cave. Her body tense and she moaned quietly as her whole body suddenly shook and her mind exploded as she convulsed. Leslie watched and withdrew his hand thinking he had hurt her, but she grabbed his wrist and replaced it and cried out for him to continue wanting to prolonged the sensations she was feeling; until finally she collapsed and went limp.

Leslie sat there watching her, worried and wondering what he should do. She has never reacted like that before although he had to admit he had not touched like that before either. He continued watching her as she laid her breathing returning to normal, thinking how nice a girls body looked compared with a boy?s with its awkward appendage, which gave away his thoughts. As it was doing now as his cock stiffened up.

Slowly a smiled appeared on Annie?s face and her eyes opened, as she realisd that she had had an orgasm, as Joan had predicted. There was no other way that that intensity of feeling could be described.

That summer, they spent a lot of time playing in the woods, their young bodies tanning as they wore their clothes less, exploring their secret paradise world as Adam and Eve. While Leslie spent more time sleeping in her bed than he did his own. Sometimes, She would allow him to slip his cock into her and they would lay still as they enjoyed sensation before they parted and they would bring each other off.


Vera Anne watched her two children dashing off together towards the woods, It was an warm autumn day the leaves were coloured and starting to fall, She frown as they disappeared from view. She was worried about their closeness and what they did when they were out. She worried because most of the time Leslie?s bed was undisturbed and unused. Had she done right by ignoring and allowing him to take comfort in Annie?s bed when there were thunderstorms ?.

She smiled to her self , at least, they don?t fight and argue all the time like some siblings . But it was still a worry that Annie might get pregnant if they were doing what she suspected. She sighed and resolved to have words with Annie. Then she turned back to washing the breakfast dishes.

They climbed the tree to their ?Nest? in the branches.. It was a large Cedar and the branches spread like a spring bed the needles didn?t drop and they had an old rug which protected their bare skin from the the twigs and needles. It was still damp from the rain which had fallen the previous week. Annie sighed and thought that soon it would be too cold to play in the tree, as she reflected on the pleasures she and Leslie had had in the tree that summer. They had run around in the wood naked and skinny dipped in the small pool they had found along the stream. It had been the best summer she had had.

Leslie watched as she undressed, noticing that she seemed to have changed shape, she was no longer a skinny girl who looked like a boy in her jeans and shirt , but was more rounded somehow. Her tits had grown and although she was still slim, her bum was more rounded. Even in Jeans no one could mistake her for a boy now. He was glad though that her pubes still bulged below her flat tummy and that the tip of her bud peeped between her full lips below her thickening down. He sighed wondering how soon that beautiful sight would be hidden by hair like Mum?s which he had caught a glimpse of one she changed with her bedroom door ajar.


They cuddled up close as Annie?s head bobbed up and down her lips encircling his stiff penis as the tip of Leslie?s tongue dipped between her open nether lips teasing her nub. Suddenly their were voices below , Annie stopped her movement and peered down through the foliage and could see a couple walking towards their tree. She released Leslie?s penis from her lips and turned quietly around and put her finger to her lips signalling Leslie to be still and they both looked down. The couple below stopped and kissed leaning against a tree in the grassy clearing below. The woman unbuttoned her coat as they kissed and the man?s hands disappeared inside it; her arms were around his neck as they embraced. Annie gasped when she saw the woman?s face . It was one of her teachers, Mrs Johnson ! She said something which she couldn?t hear and the man looked around and smiled, before he slipped her coat off her shoulders and turned to spread in on the grass. Annie gasped again as she could see it wasn?t Mr. Johnson but a younger man with her. While he was spreading her coat she slipped off her dress and neatly folded it out of the way. Then she bent and slipped her panties off from under her skirt. The man dropped his jacket to the ground as they kissed again his hands encircling her, fumbling with the clip of her bra. They parted and she slipped her bra straps off her shoulders and arms then pulled it clear dropping it on his jacket beside her panties. She was left standing in her lacy slip. And as his hands fumbled her now loose breasts through the thin material. She unbuttoned his shirt while kissing him again. The children in the tree watched engrossed at the scene below them Annie?s hand was gripping Leslie?s cock slowly working it through her fingers. Then Mrs Johnson step way from him and sat on her coat as he undid his jeans and slipped them off. His large stiff member stood out from his hairy body as he stood in front of her and she leaned towards him and guided it into her mouth Annie starred amazed as its length disappeared between her lips. The man held her head as he thrust forward , as she sucked hungrily on the throbbing member buried in her mouth. Then he moaned and arched back as Mrs Johnson gasped for breath as his sperm filled her mouth. She looked up at him as she let his cock slip from her lips showing him the sperm on her tongue before she swallowed.

He sank down beside her and slid her slip up to her waist and bent and kissed her pubes searching for her haven.

Leslie watched intently and was surprised to see that Mrs. Johnson was not as hairy as he expected, in fact, she only had a small patch of short hair which didn?t hide anything ! The man was spreading her loose lips and had two fingers sliding into the wet gulf between them as his thumb rubbed her clit.

The children watched as Mrs. Johnson was beginning to squirm and moan . A third finger was added with ease , then fourth was being pumped into her. Mrs Johnson was grasping his penis with one hand and one of her breasts with the other her legs spread wide apart. Then Annie and Leslie gasped aloud as the saw the man tuck his thumb into his hand and drive his hand inside her right up to the wrist. Mrs J. couldn?t contain herself as she let out a long cry and begged him to ?fuck her !? The man withdrew his fist and got between her legs and did just that . Annie watched with wide open eyes thinking how brutal it looked ; like two Dogs on heat . No sign of the loving tenderness with which they had started..

Afterwards as they laid there panting she heard Mrs. Johnson thank him and say that they must go.

He rolled off her and she sat up reached for her panties and wiped her self clean from the sperm oozing from her engorged cunt. Then she slipped her petticoat off as she put her bra back on. She leaned over and kissed his cock and then his lips before getting up and shaking her slip straight picked her dress up and put it on. She took a comb from her bag straightened her hair.repaired her lipstick. He rose and dressed also and shook her coat free of leaves and helped her on with it before dressing. Then she gave him her panties which he pocketed. The kissed lightly as they walked away back to their everyday lives.

Annie and Leslie laid back on their branch and wondered. What they had seen played out below them didn?t seem to be the loving that she and Leslie had enjoyed together that summer, but something more animalistic. While Mrs. Johnson and her mysterious friend had obviously given each other great physical pleasure somehow she thought love seemed to be missing.

Annie?s thoughts buzzed round her head as she turned to cuddle Leslie again feeling his warm body stiff cock against her. ?I love you, little brother? she whispered to him.


As the days got shorter and winter approached, they spent less time in the woods, their cuddling confined to their bed. Mum had words with Annie about how important it was not to get pregnant and that she must tell her if they have full sex. She also hinted that they must not get rowdy or their father would find out and would tan their hides. The later remark, puzzled Annie for a while , until it dawned on her that Dad tended to be a remote figure and perhaps Mum didn?t get the love and companionship which her children enjoyed. She felt sad for Mum, and thinking of her uninhibited relationship with Leslie. Decided she should show Mum that she loved her by being more helpful. The next two years seemed to go very quickly for Anne, she grew taller and her figure became more curvy In fact she became a an attractive young woman rather than a tomboy. She was nearly 16 and Leslie remained inseparable as they continued their close relationship. Annie was also aware of how much he had grown as well. Although he was still 13 and hadn?t shot up like she had, he was filling out and was stronger and most of all she noticed that he had grown pubic hair and his manhood ?danm it ! his cock ! She smiled to herself? was much bigger and thicker than before.

Leslie had moved into Annie?s room permanently and they help their mother who seemed to be happier than she had been as they conspired together too hide what was going on from their father., who remained as remote as ever. Annie had moved to a new school and was doing well. Mum found a book about contraception which she shared with Annie, on which reference was made to safe periods.


They had taken up cycling and exploring the countryside further afield. One day, they were heading for a lake they had found a few miles away it was on a large country estate and no one seemed to go near it. It was a warm day and when they got there they felt hot and sweaty. The Lake looked inviting and without no more than a glance at each other they started stripping off and ran into the water together enjoying the coolness and freshness. As they happily splashed each other she reached down and felt his cock and found he was stiff. They paused in their splashing and without a word Annie lead him out of the water to a grassy patch and they kissed and held each other tight. Nothing was said and they sank done on the grass and she laid back and pulled him onto her spread-eagled body guiding him into her whispering ? Leslie I love you so much ? He penetrated her and their bodies started to slowly moving in unison as they started the oldest pastime in the world. Leslie pushed in further than he had done before, concentrating on avoiding the moment when Annie would tell him to withdraw, as she always did. Annie was enjoying the feeling of fullness that Leslie gave her and as she felt the tension in her body rising she wanted to share the moment of extacsy with him buried deep in side her. She heard a voice, her own saying ?Please don?t stop, I want you to come inside me? her legs wrapping around him and her hips thrust up and Leslie , unable to believe what she had whispered raise himself on his hands and drove himself into her depths feeling her cunt gripping his cock as it swelled up and then throbbed as he discharged his semen deep inside her for the first time. He roared like a bull as he repeatedly discharged into her belly as she arched up to receive him she moaned loudly until the tension left her and she sank back feeling with joy the throbbing cock softening inside her, as Leslie sagged down over her, spent.

They lay there for some minutes getting their breath back, until Leslie slipped out of her.

She kissed him ? Wasn?t that wonderful ??.She asked as he rolled off her. Leslie could only nod his reply as he bent and kissed her nipples. ? I love you so much little brother? she sighed. As her hand stroked his beautiful cock still moist with their juices.

Leslie reacted to her touch as might be expected and pleaded ? Again Annie? Please! ? Annie giggled and said ?Why Not? as she tugged his now stiff cock towards her. He got between her legs and slid it into her slowly until their sparse pubic hair met and his pubic bone pressed hard on to her clit. She wriggled around under him feeling his hard member moving inside her. Then he was in motion again but this time slower as they both savoured the intense pleasure of the rippling movement between their organs. Gradually Annie?s desire rose until she was moaning again arching up to meet his thrusts as Leslie speeded up his thrusting, pulled her legs up over his shoulders and thrust harder and deeper into her. An electric shock flashed through her body every time his pelvis hit her clit She was bent double as he gripped her breasts and speeded up until suddenly he roared again like a rutting stag and pumped his semen deep into her cervix. Annie squirmed wildly under him howling with the pleasure of her climax. As his balls hit her bum as they unloaded their gift into her.

They collasped on the grass and slept It was perhaps half an hour before they stirred. And reluctantly got up and went into the water to wash them selves and clean up the evidence of their coupling. Neither said much as the dried off on ther shirts and dressed ready for the ride home.

Annie was thoughtful on the way back thinking of the intensity of feelings she had experience and smiled to herself , understanding her mum?s concern about being noisy. Wondering whether her mum had ever felt like that with dad.

Leslie was whistling as they pedalled, knowing for the first time the intensity of the pleasure of full sex.

He hoped that Annie would want it again soon.


They had speeded home because they knew Tea would be ready and Mum liked them to be on time for meals. They park the bikes by the shed and went in through the Kitchen. Leslie went up to the bathroom to wash before tea and Annie lingered in the kitchen with mum, She was flushed with the ride home and also could feel her damp knickers sticking to her and felt as though she had a flashing sign sign on her forehead saying ?I am a woman ? Mum busied her self with making some sandwiches and look up at Annie. She looked hard; there was something different about her and it dawned on her that something special had happened. She said nothing and waited because she could see that Annie was fidgeting which was a sure sign that she had something too say.

There was silence as Annie wondered how to tell her mum what had happened after all she had promised . Suddenly taking a deep breath she blurted out ? Mum, I promised to tell you if Leslie and I did it? her Mum waited her mind in a whirl, knowing what she meant but waiting for her to explain more clearly as she turned the pages of the calendar in her head counting the days since Annie had last had her period.

Annie didn?t think that mum had understood what she had said. And she step forward and gave her a hug and whispered ?Mum, Leslie and I have had sex ! ? She felt her mum?s hand fold across her back as she bent and kissed her hair. And then Mum replied ?Yes baby, I heard you before ?

?It was wonderful Mum!? She whispered again as she clung to her mother. Mum held her tighter and tears started running down her cheeks, tears of happiness. Her Mum stroke her hair knowing that her baby had grown up and life would never be the same for her again. She sighed and thought back to her own girl hood and first time; thinking to herself what she had lost and wondered what had happened to the joyous feeling which had slowly left her life.She felt envious of her childen, that together they had discovered the ecstasy together. All she had to do now was to make sure Annie was careful not to get pregnant.

She push Annie away from her and smiled ?There there , stop those tears and go and get washed for tea? as her fingers wipe the tears from her daughters cheeks, Annie?s eyes were shining with the happiness she felt; that she had been brave enough to tell her mum and keep her promise. She did love Mum so much. ?Ok Mum? she said as she ram out of the kitchen up the stairs to wash and change her knickers. Her mother watched her go leaving the scent of sex behind her.

? I hope her father does recognise that smell? She thought wistfully, remembering the moans of Joy she had felt when she had conceive Annie.

She finished laying the table ready for when her Husband got in so they could all sit down together. Contemplating how she and her husband, much as she loved him had grown apart physically over the years and how they had enjoyed sex in the past. How she had revelled in the aura of sex which had surrounded their early years together. Henry was a good man and she still loved him but sometimes, like now, she missed the intimacy and closeness of cuddling up together. Especially since he bought the new twin beds for their room a few years ago so he could go through his papers which he had started to bring home from work without keeping her awake and disturbing her as he had explained at the time..

She sighed and went to boil the kettle ready for his arrival home and the routine peck on the cheek he gave her when he asked ?Had a good day dear? ? Not expecting any answer nor would have heard it if she did reply. She had given up saying anything ages ago. Although sometimes she wondered what reaction she would get if she said ? yes darling , I had sex with the postman this morning and the delivery boy r*pe me after lunch !? He would probably reply ? That was nice for you Dear ? As he wipe his hand on a towel and fastened his cuffs before sitting at the table looking at his watch to see if the children were late.

She smiled wearily to herself at the thought, as she called the children down ?Your father will be here soon !?


Annie and Leslie continued playing together. And every month for a few days when she thought it safe they would enjoy the fullness of rutting together and their cries of joy increasing in volume as their unity became stronger.. If they were alone in the house it would reverberate to their moans of joy. Dutifully, Annie would report it to her mum , so that she knew that Annie was keeping her promise.

Not that Mum really needed her report, she could always tell by the aroma which accompanied Annie?s confession, and the glow of her skin.. She never interfered or suggested that they should stop what they did, She often thought that was because she enjoyed their joy, vicariously. After Annie?s ?Confession?, the aroma lingered and while her husband slept. She would gently stroking herself to orgasm as she thought of her children?s activity and distant memories of the early days of her marriage.

One day Annie and her best friend at school were talking when her friend asked if she was still a virgin. ?What Kind of Question is that ?? Annie queried somewhat taken aback and colouring up a little. Her mind in a whirl with wanting to be honest with her friend but not wanting to tell her the truth either. But April pressed the point until Annie quietly in almost a whisper said ?No?.

April could not believe what she heard. Annie never went out with boys as far as she knew. She looked into Annie?s eyes and knew that she was telling the truth.

?Oh !. what was it like ?? she asked, genuinely interested and wanting to know.

?Alright, I suppose ? Annie replied trying to change the subject. But April wasn?t to be put off so easily and slowly and reluctantly she admitted that it felt wonderful. April continued her questions and gradually Annie admitted that she was doing it regularly when it was safe. April was agog with excitement at this piece of news but most of all she wanted to know who Annie did it with.

Eventually, knowing April was not going to give up until she had the answer,; but worried that April would think her disgusting and would not want to be her friend any longer.; she admitted that she did it with Leslie. April?s eyes open wide and her mouth dropped open. Annie couldn?t tell whether it was with shock or amazement properly both she thought, and disgust.

? Leslie? breathed April. In disbelief ?How long have you two been playing together?? Playing was the most innocent word she could think of for their activity.

? Playing?? Annie replied and after some hesitation, flushing even more but anxious to get this third degree over with. ?Since I was 13? . April gasped ?Not intercourse ?? she said .rapidly calculating that Leslie would have only been 10. ? Oh No!? Annie said taken aback ?that has only been for the last 6 months.? April glance at her with an interested but unfazed look . So Annie turned to her and explained all about her relationship with Leslie. Summarising the details that have been related above. When she had finished April gave her a hug and said? That is amazing, and I would never had guessed.


A couple of weeks later ? April and Annie were playing Tennis on the school courts. After a fairly hectic game. As they sat watching the other matches and sipping juice to cool them down, April suddenly asked about the ?safe period? that Annie had mentioned. Annie patiently explained what she and her mum had read. April was quiet for a while and with some hesitation asked if Annie would let her try it with Leslie. Adding rather rapidly, that it didn?t matter if she wouldn?t want him to have sex with anyone else.

Annie pondered this new turn in events, She had worked out that sooner or later Leslie would want his own girl friend on the other hand she wasn?t so sure that she would want him to have ?casual? sex with anyone else even if April was her best friend. So she replied ? I am not sure, but I will talk to Leslie and see what he thinks. April smiled and said ?Ok, but there are plenty of other boys who would like to get into my knickers, but I don?t think it would be nice for me. They are only interested in getting themselves off?

It was Annie?s turn to be shocked , she had never really considered other boys in that way, which got her a nickname of ice maiden in some quarters, although she didn?t know it.They went to get changed and Annie looked at April in a different light, realising for perhaps the first time that she had also grown in to a woman her boobs were bigger than Annie?s but she was a bit shorter and not so feline. ; nevertheless she was not fat.

It was the following night in bed that Annie, playing with Leslie?s engorged member raised the question with him. Asking if he would like to see what another girl felt like to his lovely cock. She loved the way it jerked when she used that word, Leslie still seem taken aback when she use sex words even after three years but it also had an effect which he couldn?t hide from her.

? Why do you ask that ?? he queried with surprise. Annie giggled and said she knew someone who would like to try it.. Leslie finally answered ? Well I suppose it would be nice to see if it was a good as with you? Annie smiled to herself wondering where he had learnt to be so diplomatic. So she bent and kissed his swollen head and agreed to let him meet the girl and they could see what transpired. He insisted that he wanted Annie there if he did anything.

They turn and snuggled together dropping off to sleep with their own thoughts of what might lay ahead.

. **************

The next Saturday Annie and Leslie set out for a cycle ride the trees were starting to change colour and it would soon be getting too cold for their rambling around the country, or, at least thought Annie for what they did when rambling around . Annie had the book about contraception in her bag as they headed towards April?s house. It was a bigger one than their?s she thought as they turned into the drive and park their cycles befor ringing the bell. April opened it and told them to come in she led them to the Kitchen where her mother and little sister were staring some baking. She told her mum she was going cycling with Annie and her brother. Her mother look up said hello to Annie and said ?don?t forget to be back in time for lunch. Dad is bringing your uncle and aunt for lunch?. April wrinkled her nose and said ok. As she left she said that her aunt and uncle were great but their two kids were the pits.

Off they rode, along the winding lanes which never had much traffic except farm tractors and even those weren?t too common on Saturdays..They got to the wood with the lake in it and pushed their bikes along the narrow overgrown path to the grassy edge of the lake. Leslie walked down to the water and decided it was still warm enough with the sunny day for a dip if they wanted it.

Annie said that would be a good idea but first she wanted to talk to April. Leslie said Ok and after looking at them as they sat down heads together he undress a few yards away and ran into the lake naked. I was colder than he thought but a brisk sprint warmed him up and he found it quite comfortable .

Meanwhile Annie was showing April the book and quizzing her about when she had her last period as they worked out that it would be ok too go ahead.then Annie got up and slipped her clothes off. to join Leslie in the lake. April hung back , feeling embarrassed she hadn?t been skinny dipping before or even been seen by a boy completely naked. But the thought of what she intended to do later overcame her qualms and she turn away from the pair in the water and slowly undressed and neatly folded her clothes. .The she made a dash to get in the water and cover herself up he tummy full of butterflies, her nipples stiff even before the cold water hit her. She swam into deeper water so that she could stand her breasts just covered. Some distance from where the other two were splashing about she caught glimpses of Leslie?s penis stiff despite the cold water, Annie kept touching it with a familiarity that she suddenly envied. Leslie turn towards her and dived under the water swimming towards her, then a shockwave went through her when she felt his hand on her leg sliding up her body as he surfaced . He shook the water out of his eyes as his body pressed against her her nipples pressing into his chest and in return his penis putting pressure on her tummy.. ?It feels enormous ? She thought to herself as he kissed her lips his arms around her hugging her close.

He pulled a few yards away and told her to stand astride then he dived again and disappeared sundennly she felt his arms coming through her legs from behind as he slither between them and rose close to her body in front of her. Her skin tingled as his body progressed up her front and then hereyes opened wide as she felt his stiffy slide over her nether lips pressing against them, His engorged end making a furrow between them before it flipped up between their tummies. ! ?Oh my? she thought still tingle from its touch on her clit. Her head was spinning with the messages .her tender nerve ends were sending and the thoughts of what it would feel like inside her.

Annie watched smiling knowing how good it felt when Leslie teased her until she begged for him to make her come.. he did a repeat performance each time April?s legs seem get further apart as her moisture made her lips open easier each time he rubbed past, her clit felt as hard and sensitive as her nipples. Annie swam over and said it was too cold to stay in any longer and suggested a race to the shore. Off they went swimming fast until they ran towards the grassy patch where their clothes were they were panting as the fell to the ground glowing with the exercise . Annie reached into her cycle bag and pulled out a couple of towels, she threw one to Leslie telling him to dry April off. He told her to stand up and then briskly dried her before he slowed down and she closed her eyes as he caressed her with the towel ensuring she was dry all over. Enjoying this new sensation and the softness of the towel followed by the tenderness of his touch as he let the damp towel slip from his hand to the ground.

Annie watch her friend slipping into a blissful state of happiness noting that one part of April was still wet as her nether lips parted of their own accord waiting to receive what she desired most.

April?s hand search for his penis surprise to feel how warm it felt as she felt his pulse beating within her hands. He kissed her as they sank to the ground and she guided him towards them ready to receive the first offering to her altar of love. Leslie was careful not to break her spell as his bulbous end parted her lips and slowly enter her cavern of love. He wanted her to enjoy it to the utmost.. Annie had taught him well and he knew how important it was for April future happiness that she should remember every blissful feeling of tenderness and love that giving up her virginity should bring, Besides it was also the first time he had done it with anyone except Annie and he didn?t want to mess up.

They played together gently at first but with rising desires until eventually April cried out ?Now? Do it now!? And Leslie?s slid his penis slowly into to her inner depths until their pubic bones crushed together. Then after hold still for a while he pulled back and started pumping into her. She moaned with pleasure her vagina gripping him every time he entered her. Her tummy churned with new emotions.aware of becoming a grown woman with this simple act,.suddenly she spasmed and her back arch up as her first orgasm hit her. Leslie speeded up and thrust harder as she squirmed under him her eyes tight shut moaning ?Yes, yes , yes? then he felt himself grow as his balls prepared to finalise the act and with a roar of triumph he thrust hard in as he pulled her towards him and his penis throbbed his sperm deep into her belly. April gasped and collapsed under him. The final sacrifice made. Leslie pulled out of her a thin trail of their juices tinge with blood showed between her open lips still joined to his cock..

Annie smiled having watched the performance and knowing that April would now want to have that experience throughout the rest of her life. She moved over to Leslie and smile ?Well Done? she said as she bent down and took his cock in her mouth to clean it off tasting the mixture of Leslie and another girls juices for the first time. ?I think we should get going as soon as April recovers? she whispered. And started dressing. Leslie followed her lead and muttered ?She felt good, do you think she will want more? Not now but yes I think we have converted her for ever.

April sighed, she had never felt better as she opened her eyes, smiling when she saw her friends. sitting watching her. They were dressed ready to go. She sat up realsing that she was still naked. She reached for her clothes to cover herself. And Annie laughed and said ? It is a bit late to hide yourself from us now after what you have done ? April giggled realising that Annie was right she stretched herself out legs spread eagled and laughed ? Well you have seen everything now? . Then got up and dressed quickly as they walked their way back to the track she was silent.

But before she mounted she asked ?We are still best friends . Aren?t we??

?Of course? Annie said ?better than ever because we share a common experience?

and off they went home the same three teenagers but now with a joint experience and memory which would stay with them forever.

Their close friendship lasted until the girls went to different Colleges and slowly drifted apart into their own lives, meeting occasionally as their paths crossed. Each time remembering that first swim in the lake and April?s entry into womanhood.


At nearly sixteen Leslie had grew in taller, heavier but still lean, he also matured emotionally, His mother watched his development, slightly worried about the way two girls doted on him, April and Annie were inseparable and she envied the intimacy of the three.

Occasionally, she noticed other Mothers raise a questioning eyebrow when they saw them together it seem odd that two girls of their age always seemed to have the younger Leslie tagging along. Although they reflected that he was not so much tagging along but there as an accepted friend. But as they knew that he was Annie?s only sibling, any doubts about the relationship were dismissed. as speculation. Anyway the girls were off to university soon.

However, what they, and the girls, didn?t know was that Leslie had another admirer, April?s young sister was eight years younger than April. She also wondered why here sister and Annie hung out with Leslie so much. And spent a lot of time whispering together and giggling. Occasionally, if she was in the room, looking round to see if she was listening. Young June became very adept at listening without showing any interest as she got on with what she was doing. It gradual dawned on her that they were always talking about sex and often Leslie?s name cropped up in the conversation. Now June was at that pre-puberty age when girls start taking an interest in their own bodies and feelings that exploration produced. From her school friends with brothers she also learnt about about boy?s anatomies; in fact, she examined one or two brothers of her friends in return for taking her own knickers down so they could examine private parts as well.

From the overheard conversations, she concluded that Leslie?s who she rather liked because he always talked with her like an equal rather than as a young kid., knew quite a lot about her and his own sister?s anatomies and that they knew more about his than was generally the case. This cause her do some speculating while she lay in bed examining her own physical feelings. And she came to the conclusion that she like him very much and wanted him to look at her the way he often did at April and Annie.

At the bottom of their garden they had a small summerhouse it was wired and had a heater because her father used it as an office when he needed peace and quiet to work he sometimes brought home. In the winter it was used to store the garden loungers neatly stacked in one corner although one was set up to use if need be. One day she was reading a new book for a school project. It was boring and when the doorbell rang she quickly dropped it and went to see who it was. Her dream man , Leslie, was there asking if Annie and April were around .

?Come on in ? She said smiling brightly ? It is cold standing here?. she shut the door as he accepted her invitation. ?No ?she replied as she shut the door ? They went into town to look for clothes for College. Do you want a drink ?? She added. Leslie said yes and they went towards the kitchen to get some squash. He hadn?t really taken muc h notice of June before, but as he saw her swaying her hips in front of him trying to look sexy as he followed her into the kitchen, She is a cute kid he thought to himself. June decided it was time she made her play now that she had him alone. So having filled the glasses she hoiked her self up onto the worktop her short skirt some how managed to expose much of her thighs and she hoped even her knickers to Leslie as he sat down in a chair. They talked about school and the usual things until she suddenly asked him if he thought she had nice legs. Leslie looked at her and then her legs ? Yes not bad for a first year ? with a smile. Now she mentioned it he thought having a closer look they were going to be like her sister?s shapely, slim with nice ankles and endless, when she started growing in a couple of years. She wriggled with pleasure at the compliment and asked if he wanted to see more of them. Leslie was taken by surprise but he thought she asked him seriously so replied ?why not?

June grinned at him jumped down from the top and reaching under her skirt pushed her knickers down and stepped out of them.kicking then to one side then she took hold of her skirt and lifted the hem to her waist and exposed her legs thighs hips and all between to his gaze. He actually blushed at the display before him her flat belly joining in the vee of her legs with a plump pubic area at the junction.. Leslie was a healthy boy and reacted as expected, unable to restrain the growth of his organ, even it he had wanted to. The resulting bulge did not go unnoticed by June, who happily regarded it as sign that he appreciated what he saw. She sat back on the top making sure her skirt was free from under her bum and opened her legs not only did it expose her plump pubic lips but in her moist state caused them to part exposing the inner parts.

Leslie wondered where her folks were and what he should do about this blatant offer she was making, sex with April was one thing but this pert little girl was too young to know what she was doing..Leslie smiled at her and said ? Well there is not much else you can show me is there ??

But June wasn?t put off by that and threw back at him? But you have shown me what you are hiding yet ?.

?And what might that be ? He bantered daring her to use the word.

? Your cock , of course she ? Challenging him to drop his pants.

He looked at her and realised she was serious and excited at the prospect. So he undid his belt and zip and pushed them down and let them fall to the floor his loose underpants tented as his member was release. June watch in awe as she looked at the outline through the thin material, she lick her lips as she stared at his crutch ?and the rest? she whispered without looking away. Leslie obliged dropping underpants as well His engorged penis looked even larger because the older girls kept him shaved . June let out her breath and gasped ?It is beautiful ? And as an afterthought ?Can I touch??

Leslie could think of no way he could refuse that request and nodded. She slid off the top and reached forward and grasped it in her small hand for the first time feeling the warmth, pulsing solid engorge flesh of a man size penis it looked and felt different to the little boy sticks she had felt before.

It feels heavenly she mused to herself as she felt the power implied , like that of a race horse when the gate goes up and it leaps forward in action. She sighed and wished she was older so she was big enough to take it inside her vagina and what it would feel like. She tentatively reach under and held his her other hand so much bigger than the little boys she had felt before. Leslie was feeling the need for relief so he said ?OK? seen enough ? As he bent and retrieved his clothing June stepped back watching it disappear within his pants as he struggled to get it comfortable and not showing too much the state it was in.

?Do you have to go ??. She asked pouting her lips ? I was just beginning to enjoy myself? .

Leslie was worried about her parents or sister returning. But was reluctant to leave also wanting to explore this little girls body and compare it with their grown sisters.

Then she said ?come with me we can go to the summerhouse.? She gathered her discarded clothes and took his hand and lead him down the garden away from the hous to where the summer house was hidden by shrubbery . She opened the door and enter turned on the electric heater and put her clothes on her fathers desk. Leslie was amazed how she had been so unconcerned walking down their garden naked she reminded him of Annie. April was more conservative and would at least put a top on, but then he thought with a smile she had big boobs to hide.

June sat back on the lounger and said undress and come and sit with me..

Leslie shrugged and started to get out of his clothes letting them drop to the floor. She reach for his manhood and pulled him close. ?Oh!? She gasped ?the end is all slippery now? Leslie?s reluctance evaporated and he started to play. Her chest hardly shown signs of the breasts she would have latter but her fat bulging pubes which project forward of her slim body were different from the older girls and his fingers went to stroke and explore the area between her slight thighs. He smiled to himself thinking that it felt much the same as one of Annie?s tits with out a nipple. The fold which divide it reminded him of a peach. He lightly traced it length with his finger tips and she sighed and her grip on his penis tightened a little. Annie?s lessons had not been wasted on him as he recognised the signs that June young as she was found his touch to her liking. He repeated his caress and her legs opened wider pulling her crease slightly open, his finger tip returned along it pressing slightly firmer this time it brushed over her little nub and her body stiffened involuntary with the shock message sent to her brain from the tender nerve ends . She felt his penis jerk the same message as that passing from his finger. His finger ploughed her furrow once more parting her lips, so that his finger tip felt the hidden wetness within. June moan soften at this invasion, she had never felt so much pleasure doing it to herself probably she thought because this time Leslie, a Boy, was doing it and was able to see inside ee her for the first time. ?You can put your finger inside me if you want? she murmured adding ?It won?t hurt me, I have done it to myself?

Leslie?s mind was in overdrive, here was April?s little sister inviting him to feel her up while she was holding and exploring his penis and testicles. She hadn?t started her periods yet, but still wanted to play with him. It was all too much and as he slowly plunged his finger into the entry to her tight vagina which it had found buried between her lips his penis jerked in her hand and spewed his cream over her small body . She squealed as it landed on her chest and belly and as another load spurted she directed it at her Pubes. Leslie pushed his finger deep inside her feeling no resistance his thumb rubbing over her clit as Annie like him to do and June arched up on the bed as the biggest orgasm she had ever know hit her. She twisted and squirmed as she clamped her legs around his wrist holding his finger inside her until she went limp and collaspe on the bed.. Leslie withdrew his finger and usesd his hand to spread and rub his cream into her skin. He wiped his penis dry and left her lying there while he dressed. After a while her eyes opened and she look at him and smiled. ? That was so amazing, can we do it again soon ! ? She asked eagerly. Leslie said ? Yes OK? while wondering what Annie and April would have to say if they knew what had happened..

He cycled home wondering if he should visit June again. She was a nice kid but 5 years younger than him, he knew his dad was 5 years older than Mum but 5 years is nearly half a lifetime at June?s age. But she was a nice kid and he did like her.


It was two months before her twelfth birthday that June managed to get Lelsie to have intercourse with her, She was walking on air for days afterwards. 3 weeks later she became a woman and had her first period. She couldn?t contain her self and just had to tell April. April was a bit shocked at June?s enthusiasm, but said that when her periods started she would have to be careful if she wanted to do it again and explained things to her. Admonishing her that she should tell April if she did it again. April confided in Annie as always, and they agreed that that Leslie should be told to be careful with June.

By the time the elder girls headed of to university, Leslie and June were regular friends and he was able to pass his knowledge on to her.

As they grew up they became inseperable and both families accepted that they would eventually marry. They didn?t go on to University although Leslie learnt practical engineering, and when June was 17 they went backpacking to Australia together. Leslie got a job with a Water bore hole Engineer, and while June still barely old enough to marry, they did so, having decided that Australia was the place they wanted to be.

It was many years before Annie met her brother again.


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