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An internet hookup

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A few years ago I was chatting with a wonderful lady that I met in, of all places, a movie review blog. The fact that I have a kilt and sometimes wear it was a blog topic on more than one occasion. After emailing privately and chatting on the phone for a couple of months, we decided that I should fly out for a "visit." I wrote this story for her, imagining our first meeting. My uncle lives near her, so it was a good excuse. Our actual first meeting was pretty similar, but took place at her townhouse instead of in the airport.

We decided that Vegas isn?t soon enough to satisfy our mutual passions. We meet at the airport, location is unimportant. Maybe you came here, maybe I went there. Immaterial. My heart races as the strange faces pass by me. My knees feel weak with anticipation, both of meeting you and what may happen this weekend.

The crowd suddenly parts, and two people recognize each other, who, before this moment, had only been pictures on a computer screen. We step toward each other?stopping?almost touching.

?Ed?? I nod.

?Janet?? She nods.

Two strangers suddenly become two friends who never met. A mutual hug seals the meeting.

?I see you wore your kilt after all,? she says slyly, looking downward with a devilish look in her eyes.

?You know it!? I reply, feeling her eyes moving up and down my body. A nice feeling, I can tell you.

We walk down the concourse, talking of the flight, local events we can attend, anticipated weather conditions, and other small things. ?Just a sec,? I say, ?there?s something I really need to do.?

I gently pull you to the side of the concourse, put my hand around your waist, and put my lips to yours in a long, soft, warm kiss. To my delight, it doesn?t take you by surprise. In fact, you respond by immediately putting your hands to my lower back, pulling me in tight, and returning a passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

We continue to kiss for several seconds, getting more and more passionate. You feel a bulge against you that wasn?t there before. You reach your hand around front? oh, yes?you know what?s happening. My face feels flush with desire and the roaring in my ears grows louder. We are both breathing heavily, from the deepest parts of our lungs.

We look around quickly, but no one has noticed us yet. How will we ever make it home? You spot what looks like a flight crew lounge. Maybe it?s not in use? We walk quickly up the stairs in heated anticipation, hoping that the lounge is empty.

It is! Thank God! We lock the door and continue kissing passionately. My kilt no longer hangs straight in front. Well, no use in disguising it now, I think. We stumble our way to the couch and sit down. Without having to stand anymore, our legs intertwine as our hands explore each other.

I really don?t know when, but your shirt and bra have come halfway off. Did I do that, or did you? I didn?t notice, not that it matters. My hand closes around your perfectly shaped breast, fingertips gently playing with the nipple. As I put my mouth on your erect nipple and gently play with it with my tongue, I notice small, quick gasps coming from you. ?She likes that?good!? I think to myself.

After a few minutes, you slide down the couch to the floor, an evil smile is on your face. You grasp the hem of my kilt and quickly pull it over your head. I feel two soft, warm lips around my erect member?wet, sliding, grasping, caressing. Oh, God, that feels great! After a couple of minutes I feel a great heaviness begin in my balls. It grows to encompass that entire area of my body. Meanwhile, my shaft starts to feel tingly and incredibly good.

No! Not yet! I reach down and gently pull you away from my throbbing head. It wants to explode so badly, but now it?s your turn. I pull you back up to the couch and onto your back. Kneeling down, I pull your pants off, which was easy as you had already unzipped them to play with yourself while pleasuring me. The panties come off with your pants and I smell the musky smell that everyone knows?sex! You know what?s next, and you eagerly extend your legs over my shoulders.

?Aahhhhhh?beautiful? I say as I first see your magnificent honey pot. I place my hands under your bottom to hold you up and place my tongue to your folds. You give a shudder. I part the folds to get at the sensitive mound underneath. As I move my tongue back and forth over it, I can feel even more juice flow from your pussy. I breathe evenly as I spell out the alphabet with my tongue over your clit.

You grasp the back of my head and start to rock your hips back and forth under my tongue caresses. Your breathing comes shorter and shorter, louder and louder. The room around you disappears, even the couch disappears, your entire focus is on my tongue and your clit. I slide a finger into you and you give a shudder as I find a small mound inside, near the top. I run my finger back and forth across this mound while my tongue continues to work back and forth.

?Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-oh-goooooooooooooooooddd?.? you scream, as I feel you contract wildly around my finger and push my face deeper into you. ?Geez, I think she?s gonna pull a muscle!? I think, as you collapse back onto the couch.

After a few seconds of rest, you look down and breathlessly say, ?Ohhh?now?please, now!?

I straighten up and throw the front of my kilt over your lower torso. Not being able to see is kinda kinky, we both think. You feel my hot shaft against the front of your pussy, slowly moving back and forth. I tilt my torso and you feel my head part your lips. ?Yes!? you breathe softly, and I slowly enter you.

I push in about an inch, and pull out a little, distributing your warm wetness. I push in a little more until I encounter the same resistance, and pull out a little again. This time, I have enough wetness to fully enter you. You gasp as I push in until our hips meet. You are so warm, soft, and wet! I let out a loud groan and put my hands under the small of your back, pushing inside of you even farther. Your face is contorted into a soundless scream as I feel your muscles spasm again around my cock.

After a few seconds I start to rock my hips back and forth, with you echoing my motions. Your pussy is so wet there is no resistance to my motions at all. In fact, the more I stroke inside of you, the wetter you become!

I lean back a little, putting pressure on the top of your love canal with my throbbing, purple head. You start groaning, and I know I?ve found the magic spot again! I tease you with a few shallow strokes?just enough to move my head in and out of your warm opening. Then I lean forward and lift up on your hips a little, as I plunge my ever-hardening dick deep inside of you.

Faster and faster I thrust in and out of you. Our groans start coming simultaneously, and from deeper in our bodies. My balls start to feel heavy again, as my knees start to quake ever-so-slightly. I lean forward and put my hands on the couch, on either side of you. The heaviness spreads to my whole pelvic area and my shaft starts to feel tingly and sensitive again. ?Oh, god?I?m gonna cum!? I gasp out, as my thrusting gets deeper and slower. ?Yeah, baby, cum inside me!? you whisper hoarsely. ?Ah?ah?are you sure?? I ask breathlessly, hoping you answer soon. I?ve just reached the point where my whole genital area feels like a balloon that?s been inflated too much and is about to pop. All men know that this is the point of no return. Nothing can hold back the flood that?s coming.

?Ohh, yeahhhh?cum inside me!? you insist! My thrusting is now coming in short, spasmic bursts deep inside of you. You could swear that I?m actually getting bigger and harder as I brush against the back of your tunnel. ?Aahhhh?aaahhhhh?cummm?cuuuummmmm!? I moan out.

Suddenly, I throw my head back and my whole body starts to convulse. You feel my dick pulse and the first wet splashings in the back of your vagina. ?Oh FUCK!!!? you scream out as my cum sends you over the edge again! Your whole being focuses on your cunt, as you pull my hips in tighter and tighten your muscles around me. We stay motionless like this for endless seconds, our bodies straining into the sexual ecstasy we are in. Slowly, our bodies relax, and I collapse on top of you.

For several minutes we just lie there, stroking each other playfully and enjoying the afterglow of mind-bending orgasm. My dick gives an occasional pulse for the next half minute, sending shudders through your body.

I look around us. -Did I just see a shadow at the door?- Was someone watching us? I?m not sure. I give you a long, passionate kiss while I slowly withdraw my now very flaccid (and satisfied) penis out of your body. Vaginal wetness and cum drip out and onto the couch. Oh well, not our problem. I lean down and run the tip of my tongue over your cunt lips again, tasting the combination of juices. Yummy! You give a giggle.

We get dressed again, which doesn?t take long as we never got more than half undressed anyway. A feeling of calm and satisfaction washes over us as we enjoy one more deep, passionate kiss before leaving this den of love. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall!

Well, the quick firstie is now done. I wonder what will happen later when we have more time and privacy? ;-)

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