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Adminstrative Secretay Gets Naughty

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Kelcey lover new job. Well, not new, she had worked for this Oklahoma school for about four months, beginning at the end of a school year, working through the summer, straightening up a mess left by the secretary before her.

School had now started, and it was hot, very humid, almost unbearable until 11 p.m. or later, so when football season arrived, the "ladies" and girls usually wore their summer sports wear to all the games.

Her husband, Cory had been depoloyed to Iraq. Previously he was gone for a year and Kelcey, with the exception of one "moment of weakness" survived her horniess without straying.

Kelcey, 5-10, and 41 years old, looked much younger. She had the body of a 29 or 30 year old, long, brownish blonde hair, perfect teeth, and green eys. Her legs were tan and perfect, just the right roundness and as "Jerry" had told her when her husband was in Germany, "your body could make the pope want to fuck!"

She was admired by the administration for her loyalty to the school and for her dedicaion and desire for accuracy. Her responsiblites was reconciling all money collected by the school, and it was an awesome job, with lots of responsibility, and she handled the tasks very well.

The football game this night was across town, about a 30 minute drive. It was in an area of town where she grew up, but it had changed with the majority of the patrons thier being of the black persausion.

Although in 2005, bias and prejudice still existed the further south you went, even in southern Okla. and the football program suffered, as the stadium had to seat the visiting team fans with some of the home team fans. Even in the appropriation of funds, the richer "white" schools received not only more money, but were funded first.

Traffic was horrible. She got there about three minutes into the game and sat with the opposing fans, not noticing any of her school's fans, but she was seated and happy for that, so many people were there.

Her attire for this hot night was a button up lavender shirt, blue jean shorts and sandals, indeed looking sexy, but more importantly, being comfortable.

There was a tap on her shoulder, and she was stunned to see Rodney, a black man with whom she graduated!

He made room for her, giving her more comfort and more room and chatted the whole game. Rodney couldn't take his eyes off Kelcey's tan legs and did everything he could to look down her top, but to no avail, as he was around many people and had to be discreet. Kelcey did stand out as the only white gal in that particular section of the stadium, but it didn't bother her.

Kelcey was "loving" Rodney's attention, and talk. They caught up on nearly everyone Rodney thought Kelcey knew. Kelcey had never noticed how "handsome" Rodney was.

The secretary had strayed in the last year during a "moment of weakness" with a man doing some yard work for her and at this time she was experiencing severe horniess, much the same as she had then, and only came to the game to try to "take her mind off the horniness."

Sitting with Rodney did'nt help the situation, as more and more she was getting aroused and wet with all the attention her old class mate was giving her.

With about a minute to go in the game he handed her a yellow slip of paper with his address on it.

"Stop by on your way home, we have some more caatching up to do," he smiled, but was firm and demanding, causing Kelcey to become even more aroused.

She tried to explain she probably shouldn't but Rodney was insistent, almost demanding, so at the last second her ford explorer went down the street to the address he had given her.

Getting out of the car she had never realized her top button on her top had come unbuttoned, and Rodney, by his stare, obviously noticed, but she did nothing to correct it.

He poured her a glass of red wine and sat beside her on the couch. Realizing how nice the carpet was, she had already kicked off her sandals before entering the living area, much to the delight of Rodney, who Kelcey noticed had "quite a bluge" in his pants.

Kelcey had never fucked a black man but confessed to Lou Ann, a friend of hers in high school who was dating Rodney's older brother, that she would "before I die."

Which reminded her, (drinking wine made her very horny and very submissive) "whatever happened to Lou Ann? I haven't seen or heard from her in years," Kelcey asked Rodney.

With almost and evil laugh, Rodney replied, "oh one of my nephews broght her home, they are downstairs," he replied very coyly, intriguing the horny secretary who was on her second glass of wine.

Her pussy was soaked, and tits erect, showing through her thin bra, they had to be c cups and through her lavender top, and of course, Rodney noticed.

"Let me show you the house," Rodney said, almost ordering Kelcey, and he helped her off the couch, and his touch, it sent a marvleous sensation right straight to her pussy.

He put his arm in hers and began showing her the rooms in the top floor. Rodney had an amazing place. "It's immaculate," the barefoot,horny secretary said smiling.

Rodney got brave and put his arm around her and to her suprise, Kelcey put her arm around him in response.

The went downstairs, "now Lou Ann hasn't changed much, so don't be suprised what we might see, " Rodney told Kelcey before opening the door.

Kelcey knew. Once, Kelcey watched Lou Ann give blow jobs to 10 of the 11 starters on the football team after a practice and nearly talked her into participating, but she was breathing so rapidly seeing her best friend naked on her knees, she went home and fingered herself to a most marvelous orgasm!

The opened the door and Kelcey gasped. Her friend, Lou Ann, was naked, getting a "marvelous sized cock," Kelcey observed, thrust into her shaved pussy.

For just a second Kelcey gasped, both Lou Ann, and Rodney's nephew, Jerome, had seen her, white as a sheet!

"Hey, you all right?," Rodney asked her.

Smiling, she said,"yeah, just caught off guard," she added, breathing very rapidly.

Rodney introdced her to Jerome and Lou Ann squeeled,seeing her old friend.

"I get it, you want down their closer," Rodney said, "so go ahead, I understand, I brought you here to enjoy yourself," he added, letting Kelcey pull away for just a second.

Kelcey found her self on the bed, still clothed, well two buttons undone now, of course she didn't notice, but right up by Lou Ann, who gave Kelcey a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, if you are down here, lose the clothes," Jerome barked.

Kelcey figured Jerome couldn't be more than 17 or 18, and Kelcey rememberd that Lou Ann cared little about age, old, young, in high school she fucked them all!

Lou Ann smiled and began unbuttoning Kelcey's top, to her suprise,with no resistance. Jerome went behind her and unsnapped the secretary's bra, and Rodney laid her on her back and removed her bra and panties.

"Wow! Awseome," Jerome screamed, his black cock,slender, long and hard, "what a body," he smiled.

Kelcey, stunned, wetness gleaming from her pussy, watched as Jerome pounded his cock into Lou Ann's pussy, in and out, she was so close she could hear the squishy sounds.

Lou Ann was 5-8, 42, and looked like a 25 year old. She looked the same as she did her senior year in high school. Not an age mark anywhere and she was fucking like she did in high school, moaning, groaning and squirming and Kelcey was so consumed, she never realized Rodney had undressed and was approaching her with his own, hard,slender, long, at least 8 inch black monster of a cock, and lowered himself to where his cock was near the lusty female's mouth.

"Oh yeah," Lou Ann managed to groan," Suck his cock honey, suck it good, cause the more you make him cum, the bettter he fucks," she laughed, squirming as Jerome was fucking her harder and faster.

Kelcey hadn't sucked on a cock since high school until she had that meeting in the park with Jerry, and Jerry had her blow him good, and God, "I loved it," she recalled.

Soon, Rodney pulled his cock from her mouth and shot his cum all over Kelcey's tits and she rubbed his balls and cock until it's hardnes returned and she begged, "fuck me Rodney, fuck me, I need it bad, please fuck me!"

Not only was Rodney happy to oblige, he and Jerome both fucked her and Rodney fucked Lou Ann and the two females stayed ther often night sucking cock often, and being fucked and used all night.

Once, Lou Ann even ate Kelcey's pussy and the tired,horny, sexy, secretary offered no resistance.

"I am so glad I came to the football game tonight," Kelcey said.

"Oh, you'll be back here Kelcey,"Lou Ann smiled, "these guys are addictive, you won't be able to do without," she added.

Laughing, Kelcey said,"I am not sure my pussy can handle these big cocks."

"Oh, just wait till Rodney or Jerome get you in the ass honey, it hurts like hell at first, then you get accustomed and beg for more, " Lou Anne said smiling.

"Oh yeah, you will be back, I will be in touch," Rodney said firmly.

Since that night, Kelcey has had a wet pussy and looks forward to her next encounter.

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