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A Woman Awakes - Ch. 3, A Lady's Touch

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The ?Awakened Woman? confides to her husband in a telephone conversation.

Hi honey, it?s me. I hope that I didn?t wake you. I miss you. I can?t wait to see you again. I?ll be so glad when you get back home. Well, I?ve got another story to tell you. You know how I said that I was going to loosen up and start living some of my fantasies? Well, I followed through on my promise and fulfilled another one this week. Do you want me to tell you about it? OK, here it goes. This might take me a little while because it is a little complicated.

You probably remember that one of my fantasies was to make love with another woman. Well, an opportunity arose this week that I just couldn?t resist. I was at the Mall yesterday when I bumped into my friend, Bonnie. You know her and her husband, Bob. She said she needed a break and asked me to have a cup of coffee with her. So, we got a couple of coffees and sat down to talk a little. I told her that I was a little lonely this week because you were out of town again. Bonnie said that she got lonely too, when Bob was out of town. She asked me how my sex life was, and I told her it was great. At first, I couldn?t believe that she asked me the question. Then, I couldn?t believe that I blurted out an answer. I even told her about our plans to spice up our sex life by fulfilling our fantasies. She smiled and said that she and Bob have been doing the same, but they have been at it for a while. She asked me if I had been with another man yet. I blushed a little and said, ?Yes.? Bonnie said that she had also had few other guys. However, the one thing that she really occasionally enjoyed was making love with another woman. I grinned and confessed that was on my list of things to try. Bonnie went on to say that it wasn?t like lesbian sex because she didn?t consider herself to be a homosexual. She didn?t consider herself to be bisexual either. She said that she was just a woman who enjoyed sex with guys, but liked to make it with a woman once in a while. Bonnie said that men were great, but making love with a woman was a real change of pace. It added a little variety to her sex life. ?Making love with a woman is just a different, but exciting, experience,? she said. Then, Bonnie asked me if I would like to try it out with her. I thought about it for a minute and answered, ?Yes.? - - - - We were familiar with each other and shared the same fantasy - what the heck! I decided to go for it.

Bonnie said that she was just about shopped-out and was on her way home. So, she asked, ?Your place or mine?? I decided that I?d be a little more comfortable in my own house. We headed home together. When we got home, we put our packages down and walked into the family room. I looked at her and smiled. I told her that I always thought that she was an attractive woman, but I never thought that I would ever be with her like this. She smiled and said that she thought that I was attractive, too. She also said that she was a little ahead of me because she had fantasized about being with me. She reached out and touched my hair. Bonnie said that she really liked it and liked my style. Then, she leaned forward and gave me a little kiss on my lips. It was nice, but different than what I was used to with a man. She asked me if I was OK. I said, ?I?m fine.? Then, she asked if I was ready to make love with her. ?Yes,? I said.

She took my hand and we climbed the stairs to the bedroom together. She sat on one side of the bed, and I sat on the other as we undressed. Bonnie finished a little sooner than I did. She came around to my side and helped me out of my bra and panties. Then, she reached for my hands and pulled me to my feet. We stood there and looked at each other for a moment. She was a beautiful woman. Her body was nicely proportioned. She was just a tad taller than me. She looked at my breasts and asked what size I was. ?36D,? I answered. She smiled and said that she was a 34C. Her breasts were not quite as full as mine, but were beautiful and were tipped with nice nipples. I was certain that the fellas found her to be a hefty handful. Bonnie reached out for my shoulders. She pulled me closer to her. Our nipples met. She brushed her nipples against mine as she moved her shoulders from side to side. Wow, I thought, only a woman could do that. We embraced. My arms automatically wrapped around her as she held me in hers. It was a different, yet wonderful feeling. I could feel our bare breasts touching each other. Her nipples were hard and so were mine. The smell of her perfume was very sensual. This was better than I ever imagined. Bonnie put her lips to mine, and we kissed. Her little tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I must have hesitated a little because she stopped and asked me if I wanted to continue. I told her that I was just a little shy. Bonnie said that she understood because she felt the same way her first time, too.

She suggested that we lay down together on the bed and talk a little. First, however, she sat down and asked me to turn all the way around so that she could see all of my magnificent body. I complied, and she said that the guys were right about me. I immediately asked her what she meant by that, and she said that she would explain. So, we got into bed together and faced each other on our sides as Bonnie began her story. She said that her hubby, Bob, had a bunch of guys over to play poker every Saturday evening. There are six guys in the group, counting Bob. They play poker and talk about their favorite subjects - - sex and women. Bob has Bonnie stick around to serve them drinks and snacks. He always has her wear something tight or revealing. He encourages her to rub her breasts on their shoulders and necks as she serves them. She keeps them distracted, and Bob usually wins the pot every week. But, none of the guys complain because they love the service.

Bonnie said that the guys are divided into three groups of two each. One group calls themselves the tit men. The second group are called the leg lovers. And, the third call themselves the ass masters. The guys are always talking about women and rating them. Each group has listed local women according to the assets which they value most. And, they even have an overall listing based upon asset combinations. Well, Bonnie told me that I am on all of their lists. She said the leg lover guys gazed at my gams at the neighborhood swimming pool. Bonnie stroked my thighs as she told me that they said they would like to have my legs wrapped around their waists. I am rated number one on their list. Then, she told me about the ass masters as she grasped my sweet cheeks and pulled me closer to her. Those guys saw my bottom when I was bending over at the pool while spreading out my beach towel. They rated me first on their list because I was the woman whose cheeks they would love to part with their peckers. Finally, there were the tit men. They also saw my breasts as I was bending over at the pool. They rated me a 10 + 10. Bonnie caressed my breasts, and said that the guys were right and would be pleased to know that they are real. She cupped and squeezed my melons, then began to play with my nipples as she continued with her story. The tit men said that I had the nicest knockers in the neighborhood. They would love just love to lock on to my nipples . And then, Bonnie said, as she moved her hand to my muff, there is the main, or overall list. This list is called the ?babes they would like to bang? list. She said that I was obviously first on this list, as she began to rub the silky down on my snatch. I blushed a little, but Bonnie told me that I should be proud to have guys think about me that way. I asked her if she was on the list as I began to feel her breasts. They were nice, and natural. I enjoyed touching them. I began to massage her hard nipples as she continued to concentrate on my crotch. Bonnie said that she wasn?t on any of their lists because those were all wish lists. The guys didn?t have to wish about her because she had been with each of them several times.

She explained that when Bob was out of town for the weekend, she would take his place at the poker table. The guys call it ?poke her nite? or ?hump the hostess nite.?

They all play poker, and the guy who wins the most hands gets to stay and have sex with her after the other guys go home. Every time a guy wins a hand he gets to have a little of the hostess. The tit men usually feel her up. The leg men have her stand in front of them while they caress her thighs. And, the ass masters have her sit in their laps and massage their meat with her beautiful buns. If Bonnie won a hand, she got to grope the groin of the man of her choice. She said that the guys kept track of how many times each of them had humped her. Bob was gone for 5 or 6 weekends each year, and the poker parties had been going on for about five years. One of the guys had her 12 times, and the low man on the winners? list had her twice. The others each had her 3 or 4 times.

I asked her if Bob knew about this. She smiled and said yes. He has her use a camcorder to tape the entire evening. (Sounds familiar doesn?t it? You horny hubbies think alike!) Then, they watch it together when he gets home. He just loves watching her have sex with other men. Bonnie slipped her finger into my nookie and continued to talk.

As a matter of fact, she said, Bob always invited the winner back for an encore performance when he returned home from his trip. Bonnie said she would have sex with both of them at the same time. Usually, she would give her hubby head while the other guy did her doggie style. She says that she and Bob really got a lot out of the poker parties and sex sessions. Bob says that she keeps the guys cumin?, and he cleans up week after week.

Last year, when Bob turned 50, he asked Bonnie for a special favor. He asked her to participate in a gang bang with him and his poker pals. She hesitated at first, but the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to do it. Bonnie said that it was an interesting orgy. They started with her standing. The leg lovers knelt on their knees and humped her legs like a couple of horny hounds while they massaged her thighs. At the same time, she suckled the tit men. Bob was one of them. Each locked on to one of her knockers. They rubbed her back while they tongued at her tits. The ass masters were behind her, of course. They had little lubricated vibrators. They put one in her pussy, and worked the other into her tight little ass. Boy, Bonnie said that she couldn?t stand for too much of that. She was getting aroused so much that she was beginning to feel faint. So, they moved her to a big blanket on the floor. The boys really went to work on her there. But, Bob had laid out the rules for the guys. - - No one was allowed to cum until the finale. And, if any of them came ahead of time, they were out. - - So, they were all very careful lovers. Bonnie said that the poker pals had their paws on her constantly. She was continually caressed by six pairs of hands. There was always someone paying attention to her mouth, breasts, butt, and nookie. She had sex with them in a variety of positions. Bonnie said that she gave them all a little head, and they all licked her in turn. She laid down on her back and each dipped his dick into her in the missionary position. Then, she knelt on her hands and knees as they did her doggie style. Each time they lined up like kids outside a toy store, and each could hardly wait for his turn. Finally, Bob said that it was time for the grand finale. He had this carefully planned. He pulled out a portable massage table which he had rented for the evening. One of the ass masters laid down on the end of the table. The other ass master lubricated Bonnie?s bottom. Then, the guys lifted her up and laid her on her back on top of the guy on the table. He slid his cock between her tight cheeks. The next guy lifted her legs so they were perpendicular to the table. He stood at the bottom of the table, and pushed his penis into her pussy. Then, another guy climbed on the bed and straddled her knockers with his knees. He put his cock in her cleavage, and pushed her melons together with his hands. Two guys stood at each side of her love bed. Each one took her hand and placed it on his penis. Finally, the birthday boy, Bob, turned her head toward him and put his meat in her mouth. Then, the show started. She could feel the dick in her derrière as the ass master moved in and out of her. The cock in her cunt was also sliding in and out of her slot as her pussy got pounded. The guy on her tits was having a great time as he ran his manhood between her melons. He was also massaging her hard nipples as he humped her heaving breasts. She was giving a generous hand job to each of the men at her side. They grew greater as she moved her hands up and down and all around. Bob, moved his meat in and out of her mouth as she sucked on his love stick like a lollipop. They all moved constantly as Bonnie became more and more excited. She said that the stimulation from six studs was almost too much for her. Finally, the orgy brought her to orgasm. The rest of the guys followed. The dick in her bottom began to throb, and she felt the something warm and wet fill her rump. Next, the cock in her cunt overwhelmed her with a warm wad. The guy on her chest pumped cream on her bouncing breasts. The two gents in her hands erupted like geysers. And, Bob started to squirt in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and smiled. ?How was that, birthday boy?? - She asked. Bob was beyond words, and so were the rest of the guys. Gradually, they recovered and went home, hoping for more next year. Bonnie was covered with cum and was quivering a little from all of the sexual excitement. Bob told Bonnie it was the best birthday bang that he ever had.

Well, Bonnie really got me excited with her sexy story. She had her nimble fingers in my nookie the whole time. Her continuous attention had aroused me. She asked me if I was ready for some lovin?, and I said, ?Oh yes.? Bonnie moved me to the edge of the bed. She knelt on the floor at the edge of the bed and put the backs of my thighs on her shoulders. Then, she spread my legs and buried her face in my pussy. She kissed my lips and nibbled on my nookie with her lips. Oh my, did that feel good! She knew just where to put her tongue. I was beginning to appreciate the advantages of being with a woman. Her hands occasionally moved up to my tits which she tweaked to tantalize me more. She also moved her hands over the rest of my body in a wonderful way. I was soon squirming and squealing with delight. She kept lapping at my pussy lips, and gave a special caress to my clit. Then, she concentrated exclusively on my clit. The juice just ran out of me as she made love to me. I thought this was indeed everything I had imagined plus more. Finally, I couldn?t stand it any more. I arched my back and groaned with gratitude as she brought me to an orgasm.

Bonnie moved up on the bed and kissed me deeply. She asked me what I thought of making love with a woman, and I said it was wonderful. Then, I told her that I wanted to make love to her. She said that she would like that. Bonnie said that she would like to have me in the good old 69 position. She rolled over on her back and had me straddle her on my hands and knees. She positioned my face over her pussy while her head was between my knees. Then, I lowered my arms to let my mouth reach the moist mound between her legs. She was as hot as I was. So, I returned the favor as I nibbled and licked and sucked on her nookie. She reached down and played with my tits as I made love to her with my mouth. She also played with my pussy and put a finger or two into my twat. I tried to remember the lessons her tongue had taught me as I lapped at her. I had spread her pussy lips wide with my fingers to give me maximum access to her treasures. I saw her sweet little clit glistening with moisture and began to give it my undivided attention. Soon, she was writhing with pleasure as I brought her to a climax. Her orgasm was strong, and she pinched my nipples as I finished her off.

Then, I moved my body beside Bonnie?s, and we embraced as true lovers. I had found that making love with a women was indeed an unexpected pleasure. It was an experience that I would always treasure. We kissed, and talked about how great it was. We promised that we would get together again, soon.

As we dressed, Bonnie asked me if I would like to be a server when she hosted the next ?hump the hostess nite? for the poker playing guys. She said that she would handle all of the intimate details during the evening, and I could be a sexy surprise servant and get to know the guys. She said that they really behaved themselves nicely. They were all sweethearts and would ask for permission before they did anything risqué with me. They would most likely feast their eyes on me and fantasize the first time. I told her to give me a call, and I would be there because I was just starting to fulfill my fantasies. We kissed one last time, then I watched as my new lover left for home. I thought, ?Wow, what would my next fantasy feel like??

Thus ends Chapter 3.

The heroine will explore further fantasies in Chapter 4.

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