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A Wild Night to Remember

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The six of us were sitting in a circle. All of us were nervous as we all were meeting face to face for the first time. Sex was the reason we were all there. None of us had done this before. It had taken months chatting on line to find six people willing to meet for the first time and have sex.

There had been many chat sessions with cameras and sound so we were not complete strangers. We had a plan for the evenings events and had made choices as to who would be with whom first second etc.

We were all married couples in our thirties.

There was Joyce and George who had one soft swing experience, which included some touch and feel and kissing games is all. Diane and Jim had never done anything. And last but not least was Sherry and me who had never done anything either. I am Don.

Two of the ladies had expressed a curiosity about a bi experience, but neither was sure if it would happen tonight. They were both open to the possibility however. Actually I think they will because they both talked a lot about their curiosity during their chats. I hope they do, as some threesomes are part of the plans for the evening. One of those that are curious is my wife Sherry.

We were ready to start. First were Diane and I as I was the host and had first choice.

I had picked Diane as she was only 5 foot tall with 40d boobs and was a lovely looking woman.

The first event was limited to be 10 minutes with no intercourse allowed, but everything else was ok. I was excited and wanted to get my hands on her. We had chatted in private and she knew I wanted. This would be her first time with someone other than her husband and was really nervous, but willing.

I stood up and took Diane by the hand and led her away as he husband watched knowing another man would be handling his wife if a minute. I had chatted with him and he was very ok with it and actually turned on by the idea. When Diane and I were alone I first kissed her and she leaned into me and kissed me back. I had told her that I was going to undress her when we were together. She whispered I am so excited.

I unbuttoned her top and she seemed to relax now that it was actually happening. I was very hard as I removed her clothes. Suddenly her face got red and her breathing increased as I played with her boobs. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock and was kissing her and playing with her boobs and felt her hand on my cock.

She slowly stroked me and we were both getting hot and I heard 10 minutes up. She quickly put her clothes on putting her bra and panties in her purse. It was obvious to everyone something had happened as my pants were a tent and her face was very flushed and she was braless.

Next were Sherry and Jim. 10 minutes later they returned and Sherry had a smile on her face. I think she gave him a blowjob, as he seemed very calm.

Next were Joyce and I and finally George and Sherry. Sherry and I went twice so everyone got to be with someone new. Sherry really liked George, as she told me later.

He has a 9-inch cock, which she got to know it very well. Joyce was so hot that when I got my finger wet she climaxed.

By now everyone was turned on and excited. All had gone well. Break time.

The main event was about to start. The only rule was that no spouse could watch his or her spouse in action. None of us was ready for that yet.

Because were six it was agreed that Sherry and I would be voyeurs for the first full swap.

That left George with Diane and Joyce and Jim as the first main event. They were going to fuck this time. Sherry and I were just going to watch this first 30-minute session.

Diane and George left first and went to one bedroom and followed soon by Joyce and Jim to the other bedroom at the opposite end of the house. Sherry and I waited for a few minutes to give them a chance to get started.

Finally we went to watch.

First Diane and George. We peeked into the bedroom and were very quiet. Diane was on her knees naked and George was standing with a 9 inch hard on. Diane had him in her mouth sucking. Diane had told me it was her favorite thing and I was looking forward to later. I noticed George look at the clock and they only had 20 minutes left. He pulled Diane up and turned her around and pushed on her back and she bent over. He got on his knees behind her and was licking her pussy. Diane moaned and said oh yes and pushed back against his face.

Next he stood up and with his cock in hand pushed it into her pussy and began the ride. Diane climaxed crying out. We left them humping each other and went to watch Jim and Joyce.

Joyce was on her back and Jim was slamming into her hard and fast. We could hear him grunting and Joyce saying out loud oh yes fuck me and she climaxed.

I heard her say as he continued to fuck her cum in my mouth and shortly moaning he pulled out and she went down on him and he exploded in her mouth pulling out still squirting all over her face. They collapsed on the bed both panting and looked over and seen us watching. Sherry exclaimed wow, was that hot to watch. They both smiled and we left them kissing each other.

The next event was to be two threesomes.

Diane was the other lady who was bi curious so she was to pair up with Sherry and a guy.

Joyce, with 2 guys: So it was to be Jim and me with Joyce. Diane, Sherry with George.

As Sherry told me later:

The three of us went into the bedroom and got on the bed. We were all fully dressed, except Diane and I neither had under ware on by this time. Diane and I were both anxious and excited. We had chatted several times about doing this and were both excited. I was already wet just thinking about what were had planned to do.

Diane and I were both on our knees facing each other and a little uncertain how to get started. George in a quiet voice said a kiss would be nice. Both Diane and I leaned forward and had our first kiss of many to follow. It felt strange kissing another so the first kiss was a little tentative, the second lasted longer and than we both got into the kissing part.

Diane and I made eye contact and on the next kiss I offered her my tongue and she opened her mouth. Her face was very flushed and we were both turned on. So we wet kissed for a time and I could feel my pussy tingle in anticipation. If I had panties on they would have been wet.

Finally I made the first move and reached over and unbuttoned her top and her twin 40 boobs peeked out and I slipped my hands inside her blouse and felt a woman up for the first time. Diane gasped and I felt her nipples get hard, and her kiss more passionate. She whispered, oh that feels so good. I said you feel good.

Dianne followed my lead and unbuttoned my top and I felt her hands on my boobs and wow what a feeling to have a woman playing with my boobs. I pulled her top off and looked down at her boobs and said nice and she removed mine. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked. Diane shuttered and her hand moved under her skirt and I could see she was playing with her pussy and she gasped and shook and had a mini climax.

I moved my hand under her skirt and we were both playing with her pussy and her hand moved away and I felt it slide up my leg and I moved my legs apart and we played with each other for a time kissing the whole time. I whispered in her ear this feels so good and she said yes.

George had moved and was standing next to the bed watching with his cock in his hand stroking. I slipped a finger inside Diane and felt her finger inside me. We were so hot for each other by now. George presented his 9-inch cock sticking straight out and close to our faces. I watched as Diane turned her head and took him in her mouth and sucked.

Diane released his cock and I went down on him. For a while we sat there sucking on George fingering each other and I felt her finger go deep in me and jerked and climaxed on her hand. I felt her pussy quiver on my finger and she joined me with her climax. George moved back to watch us getting each other off. We were both thrusting and gasping and finished kissing and fingering until we both done.

We feel together on the bed panting and moaning and kissing. George said you two are wild and wonderful. Diane and I made eye contact and smiled at each other.

George got on the bed and reached down and removed both of our skirts and we were all naked. He moved down me kissing and licking as he went. I felt his tongue on my pussy and shuttered at his touch. He worked me over as Diane watched. She slid down next to him and was stroking his cock as he ate me up. He looked over to Diane and made eye contact with her and asked want to join me?

This was the big one for us both and we had chatted about this part. We both wanted to do it but also nervous. Diane looked up at me and I smiled back at her and said I would love for you to do me.

I spread wide and George pulled Diane up and showed her the way. He licked me again and Diane with some hesitation followed his lead and licked me. I was so hot watching her down on me. She licked and sucked on me softly and I shuttered and thrust forward and came on her face. I looked down and her face was all wet.

George moved behind her and slipped his cock in her pussy and went deep. She cried out and I reached down and pulled her face into my pussy and George fucked her hard and she licked and sucked on me hard. I heard George grunt and looked up at his face and he pulled out and squirted all over her butt and back. When Diane felt his hot cum splattering on her butt and back and gasped shuttered and came with him. I held her head in my hands and thrusting forward and grinding my pussy in her face jerked and climaxed flooding her face with my cum.

We all lay there panting and gasping for air. I pulled Diane up to me and was kissing her and tasting myself and whispering in her ear you were wonderful. I came so hard with you and want to do you. She whispered back yes and I loved feeling your cum on my face it was wild. We needed a little recover time so we were lying there together holding each other with light kisses. George moved off the bed. Diane and I were head to head softly talking. She said I loved tasting you it was so different. I want to taste you again. You got so wet. I said I want to taste you. I feel very close to you. I think at that moment I feel in love with her.

Slowly the soft kisses became more passionate. We were wrapped up with our legs intertwined and our pussies touching. We rubbed against each other with fucking motions. I got very aroused and lost in the sensations of this naked woman in my arms and all I wanted to do was make her cum with me, so I moved down her body and my head went between her legs and I tasted my first pussy and I loved it.

I felt her shutter at the touch of my tongue. I felt her hands on my head guiding me to the right spot. I licked and sucked her. I loved how she tasted and she was very wet. I slipped a finger in as I licked her. She gasped and thrust forward against my finger and mouth.

At that moment my life changed. I became a different person.

I heard Diane gasp me too and knew what she wanted and swung around and we moved into a 69 lost in each other and I felt the rest of the world go away. There was only she and I.

We were locked in the 69 for what seemed like a long time. We licked sucked and fingered each other moving toward our climax, but in no hurry. We both wanted this to last forever.

I felt her pussy quiver against my mouth and knew she was about to cum and I was ready myself. She jerked against my mouth and I could hear and feel a muffled grunt as she continued licking me. She started to twist and turn and I had to hold her down and I felt the flood of her cum in my mouth and that pushed me over and I climaxed with her.

We both became very quiet and as we relaxed we slowly moved a part not really wanting to. We moved up to each other intertwined softly and tenderly kissing each other and ended with a long hug pressed together full length. Diane said I will never be the same and I said me either. We both knew that we would do this again. Diane and I became lovers for years to come. What had started as lust had turned into love.

George looked toward the door as he heard his wife yelling fuck me from the other bedroom.

My threesome.

Myself, Jim and Joyce went into the other bedroom. Joyce in chat had told us she had always wanted to experience two men at the same time. She had her chance now. Our intentions were to fuck her brains out and she knew it and was ready.

She immediately got on her knees fully dressed in the middle of the room and waited.

She said I feel like such a bad girl. We moved over to her and she unzipped both of us licking her lips in anticipation. She pulled my cock out first than Jim. We were both hard and at the ready.

She said what I want is both of you in me at the same time. I came prepared for that to happen. I am squeaky clean for both of you. We knew what she meant. She wanted one of us in her butt and one in her pussy. She was truly going to be a bad girl tonight.

Sherry and I had done anal a few times over the years and when she was really hot she wanted to do it. So I was certainly willing. Joyce said her and George both liked it as well, but she was reluctant to have him see her with another man, at least for now.

Joyce sucked on us both for a time, until we were both at our hardest. She said she would get you both off later if we liked. We moved to the floor and Jim was to be on the bottom with her facing him and her on top. She climbed on and he slipped his cock in her pussy.

She gasped and said well, and went for a ride kissing him and moaning as he fucked her. I stood by watching this beautiful bouncing up and down on his cock moaning and gasping saying yes fucks me. After a while I moved behind her and played with her butt. I was in no hurry. She knew what was about to happen, but I was going to make her wait for a while. I lubed up a finger and slipped up her butt and she grunted and pushed back.

She looked over her shoulder at me with my hard cock at the ready and I could see the pure lust in her eyes and she said please do me I want it so bad. I pressed my cock slowly into her butt, as she was very tight. Slowly I went deep and I felt her shutter and she cried out oh yes good, good. Than, I pumped her. We fucked that way for a long time. She completely lost all control grunting moaning and yelling yes fuck me. She came and came and came again.

Finally she collapsed on top of Jim panting. I pulled out without Cumming and she got off of Jim, turned around and went down on me, sucking, licking, and wanting me to cum in her mouth. Jim presented his cock to her and she sucked us both and I said cum and she turned and looked up at me and I exploded in her mouth and on her face. She than turned to Jim and pulled him in deep grabbing his butt and held him deep down in her throat and he lost it jerking and moaning and exploded in her mouth and down her throat.

She fell to the floor panting and said yes that is what I have wanted. It was incredible. I must have climaxed 4 or 5 times wow.

The six of us sat again in the circle all naked and looking as we all had just been fucked which was true of course. We went around the group sharing how much fun we all had that evening promising we would do it again soon.

The evening was over.

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