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This is a true story about what happened many years ago between me, my wife and a complete stranger. I don’t remember where my wife Sally and I sent the kids for the night. I only know they both were no where around that evening and we didn’t have to worry about picking them up either.

Sally knew I liked to show her off when we went out somewhere, usually a bar with a pool table or two. Most of the time she would dress in something I had picked out for her I observed as a general rule, the further away from home we went the more daring Sally would become. This night, however, we were going close by, to a bar named Cisco’s.

Cisco’s was sort of a biker bar with a lot of pool tables. When Sally and I arrived the place was almost full and all the pool tables were taken. Sally and I found a couple of stools at the bar and ordered drinks for each of us. I watched the tables looking for one that might open. We finished our drinks and ordered another round.

When those drinks arrived, I walked over to a table and asked if I could put up my quarter. There were no protests so when my quarter came up I found a cue that was passable and racked the balls. The two fellows that were playing on the table were about to leave. That meant if I won the game Sally and I would have the table to ourselves.

I had just taken my first shot when Sally said she was going to the bathroom. I continued to play until I finally won. Still Sally had not returned from the ladies room. I racked the balls for the next game and leaned against the table waiting for her return.

It was just a moment later when I saw Sally dart out the side door and into the parking lot. I thought she might be getting sick so I walked about half way across the bar when I remembered her purse. I didn’t want to leave it behind while I looked after Sally, so I went back and picked it up. By the time I opened the back door and looked around it had been about three minutes.

I remember thinking what a shame it would be if Sally got sick. She had spent quite a bit of time getting ready and she looked really hot that night. She wore a real short white skirt and an orange knit sweater that buttoned up the front. It was sort of see through in the right conditions and I had looked forward to watching as other guys would check her out. Now, if Sally was sick we would just go home.

Just then I caught a glimpse of something orange off to my left. I took a couple of steps into the parking lot to get a better look. I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was my wife and a guy about my size, with black hair, leaning against out car making out. They were kissing as he pushed his groin into hers. I couldn’t see his left arm or hand, but I assumed it was allover Sally’s right tit.

I walked over to them and handed Sally her purse. The guys said his name was Bill. He added that when he saw Sally he just had to stop her and say a few words. He said she was stunning and asked if she wanted to do a line of crank. Sally of course said yes and we go into our car. Sally and I were in the front with Bill in the back.

As Bill crushed and lined up his crank, I put my arm around Sally’s shoulder and unbuttoned some buttons on her sweater. I probably undid more buttons than I should have. Her tits were just about falling out. After we did the lines we decided to drive and get some beer. Sally asked Bill to come up front and sit with us while we drove to the liquor store. I had both my hands on the wheel when I noticed Bill had put his left arm around Sally’s shoulder. It looked from where I was that Bill had a clear view of Sally’s left tit and nipple as it fell out of her sweater.

I pulled into the liquor store and Bill ran in and paid for a 12 pack of Bud. When he got back in the car I said we can’t just sit here with the beer. I suggested we drive back to our place and continue to party. Every one said that was fine. About 10 minutes later I pulled into the drive way and shut off the car. I said I would go ahead and turn on the outside lights so no one would fall down going up to the house/ It was about a 100 foot walk from the end of the drive way to the house up a rather rough set of railroad tie steps.

When I got to the top, I turned on the walkway lights and went back down to the drive way. I wanted to help Sally up the stairs as well as get our coats and her purse. Bill could carry the beer. At the bottom I saw they had not gotten out of the car yet. I hollered out to them that all the lights were on and we were ready to go up to the house. When Bill helped Sally from the car, her sweater was falling off both shoulders and both tits were swinging free. I knew something had gone on while I was gone. I started to feel my cock stretching out and getting harder.

When we reached the house and went inside Sally immediately said she was going to change into something more comfortable. She went into her bedroom and said she would be right back. Bill and I poured three beers into glasses and sat down at the dinning room table. He asked if we had any playing cards. I told him I had just bought two new decks and got up to get one.

I returned with the cards about the same time as Sally. She had put on a short red negligee that had matching panties. It was definitely see thru and left nothing but her pussy to the imagination. Sally looked directly at Bill and asked if he liked what she had put on. He of course said yes to that question. He probably never dreamed he would see a pair of tits like Sally’s that night.

He told Sally I had gotten out some new playing cards and we were just about to start playing poker. He asked if we had any chips. I said we didn’t be we had lots of pennies. I brought them out and we divided the pennies into three equal piles.

I couldn’t keep my cock from bouncing no matter how hard I tried. I sat and watched Bill gaze at Sally checking out her tits and nipples. The more I watched the harder I got. Finally we started to play. We were playing just straight poker, nothing fancy. Sally asked what we were playing for. Bill answered that we were playing for the pot of gold.

Sally asked Bill what the pot of gold was. He told her if she lost all her penne’s to him like I was doing, he would let her know. I didn’t want to loose, but I found myself drawing cards that I normally would not have taken. Maybe I wanted to loose subconsciously to see the outcome if or when Sally lost.

Eventually I ran out of pennies and was out of the game. Bill and Sally continued playing and I went into the kitchen and poured us all another beer.

When I came back to the table I saw that Sally’s right shoulder strap had fallen and her tit was once again falling out. I am sure Bill was loving every second. I tried to motion to Sally that her tit was out, but it didn’t really matter, she had lost and now was going to discover what the pot of gold really was. My cock must have been sticking straight out. I could feel it begin to quiver as Bill explained what the pot of gold was.

He said, since he won he was going to have to remove his shirt. He then was going to remove her negligee. He reached over Sally and lifted it up from the bottom and over her head. When it was completely off her, he leaned over and pressed his lips against her right tit and munched on her nipple. At the same time his hand found the center of her panties and he began to rub her clit. I looked at Sally and saw in her eyes both surprise and excitement. She began to breath harder and harder as Bill pushed the tin material to the side. His fingers reached inside her panties and found her pussy lips and clit. I couldn’t stand it any longer and undid my pants and let them drop to the floor. I took my cock in my hands and began to stroke it as Bill fingered my wife and sucked on her tits. It didn’t take Bill long to slip off Sally’s panties and reach into her pussy unobstructed.

As he continued to stroke her clit, Bill somehow made it to the couch... We had covered earlier with a blanket. He didn’t need any effort to push Sally down and begin sucking on her tits again. All the while he was driving Sally insane with his passion. I was jerking off as fast as I could trying to sustain the moment.

Bill sucked on Sally’s tits as she pulled his head against her chest as if she was never going to let him go. I saw Bill begin to ease up and begin kissing Sally’s neck as his dick moved closer to her pussy. Then with a mighty shove he entered her and began to pump in and out in rhythm with Sally’s thrusts. I was looking at Sally, my wife, being entered by another guy that set me off. I shot a huge load as they were pounding each other, and finally felt relieved. In a minute or two, Sally was full of Bills cum.

Sally excused herself and said she was going to take a shower. She got up, kissed Bill one more time and left to take her shower. Bill and I looked at each other. I told him I had never done anything like that before, but found it very exciting. I said I would probably try it again sometime. With that we got dressed and I drove him back to the bar.

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