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It all started one hot summer day in July my wife and I were out with a couple of friends of ours, Amanda and Chase to have a cook out and a few drinks. We had entertained the idea of inviting another woman into our bed for a for a couple of years. But by talking about it, I mean we would talk about it while we were having sex. It always seemed to get us off fast so I could tell she really liked the idea. But I didnt really think she would ever actually do it. Mainly because all we ever did was talk about it instead of actually planning it.

Anyway,we were all having a great time. Having known this couple for what seemed like all of our lives, everyone was comfortable and as the drinks flowed, so it seems would my wifes inhibitions. The cookout we were at was at this beautiful little stream and our spot was at the base of a 20 foot waterfall. Well after drinking for a few hours we all decided we better not waste the hot weather and go for a little swim to cool us all off. Well as it turned out my wife forgot to bring her bathing suit and had to sit out while the three of us took a swim.

After a few minutes in the water I decided to get out, as it seemed a little unfair to be out having fun splashing around in the water with our friends and her on the bank by herself. After drying off we talked for a few minutes and I asked her why didn't she just get in in her t-shirt and panties, as panties reveal less than your normal bathing suit. This is when my wife informed me she had on my favorite pair of solid lace purple panties. They would conceal nothing as they truly were entirely lace. We had been drinking for a few hours. So knowing how horny my wife gets when shes drinking I said "So what, noone will notice, and besides your t shitrt will cover you up enough and you'll be in the water".

Needless to say, she reluctantly agreed after a few more minutes of coaxing on my part by telling her how sexy it would be to know she was running around in her panties in front of our friends. I knew she thought it was hot and that it would be our little secret.

After a few minutes in the water she decided she needed to get out and get another drink as the sun was making us all drink more then we probably should have this early into the day. She, being really buzzed off of a few shots and a few beers had forgoten she was in her t shirt and lace panties. So it was a huge surprise and delight as I watched her get herself a beer and set down on a huge rock and watched us playing around in the water. As I kept my eyes on my wife I noticed she started kind of fanning her legs as she always does when shes hot and drinking. At first I wasnt sure if anyone else noticed. But everytime her legs parted she was giving one hell of a peep shot at her beautiful pussy.

Knowing that my friends girlfriend is kind of a freak (at least thats what she always let on like when we were partying with them). I was watching to see if she would notice. Sure enough I caught her looking and then whispering to Chase. I was sure she was pointing out the fact that my wife was giving a free peep show. Well after a few more minutes I thought Id let her know she'd been showing off before she caught them looking at her and got embarrassed and wanted to go home. To my surprise she quickly let me know that she knew they were watching and it was getting her hot as hell.

Me being a man of course I goaded her on in this. Because the thought of my beautiful innocent wife getting off showing her pussy off like this was getting me hard as hell. After a little while I decided I had had all I could take and invited her to get in the water with me for a little swim.

When we got to the waterfall I grabbed ahold of her and pleaded with her to fuck me right there against the rock wall. She said she thought I'd never ask and as we are under the water who can see and pulled her panties to the side as my by now rock hard cock slowly slid into her. I must say the sound of the water fall mixed with the sounds of our fucking were driving us both into a heated state of bliss like were the only two people on the earth.....until......I heard Amanda giggling just feet from us. It seemed we werent as discreet as we thought. I didnt want to stop because I was so close to cumming so I whispered in my wifes ear that we had company and she said "I know I told her I was going to fuck you under the waterfall before the day was up". Apparently Amanda had said she didnt believe her and that if she did she wanted to watch .

Well this sent my mind into a frenzy just knowing that my wife had been daring enough to tell Amanda that she could watch. As I looked back up from my wife I noticed Amand slowly swimming up behind my wife. Wanting to see just what would unfold I quickly looked down and pretended not to notice. Chase was right behind and at the most thought they just wanted to enjoy the feel and sound of the waterfall as they fucked as well.

All of a sudden I felt a hand slide across mine on my wifes ass! I could'nt believe it Amanda and Chase were feeling my wifes beautiful ass and tits as I was fucking her. As I looked up I saw my wife wink at me and whisper "You like what you see?". "What man would'nt" I said. She kissed me as deeply and passionatly as I can ever remember. Then she giggled wickedly and said "I want you to take me from behind". I knew this would put her facing our friends as I fucked her and the thought had me ready to cum right then and there. No sooner had she turned around than she had her hands all over Amanda and was kissing her.I was beside myself with pleasure, excitement, and also bewilderment!

I could'nt believe what I was seeing! My beautiful wife of 15 years doing what we had talked about so many times while making love. By the way she was kissing and touching Amanda I knew that she was loving it. All of a sudden I seen Chase ease toward my wife and I knew that she pulled him to her under the water I could see through the crystal clear water her hands; one was on Amanda's pussy and the other holding Chase's cock as she was moaning and pushing into my fastly swelling cock!

Chase looked at me as if to ask if it was ok and I nodded at him and immediatly his hand found her tits and he leaned into kiss her fully on the mouth! Well this sent her over the edge as she began pounding and crying out in what I took to be one of the greatest orgasms I had seen her experience. It was incredible. She was gripping my cock so tight in her that I couldn't take it and grunted as I eptmied into her as I never have before!! I thought I'd never stop cumming.

As I collapsed on her back, our friends asked if we wanted to go have some more drinks at thier place. Which was ony a couple of miles away. My wife immediatly said we would love to and they swam off to get dried off and get ready to leave. My wife turned around to me and kissed me and asked if I enjoyed what I had seen. "That was the hottest fucking thing that I have ever seen. You looked so beutiful". With that she asked if I wanted to go have a few more drinks and a little more fun. Of course I said yes.

After we got all our things together we started over to Chase and Amandas house.My wife Lilly, was so fired up by the waterfall encounter that I was sure things were going to be incredible this evening.

"Are you turned on still by what had just happened in the water?" she asked.

To answer I put her hand on my still thick cock."wow" she said. "you really must have liked it".

Giggling, she started rubbing the growing bulge in my shorts .

"Did you like seeing my hands on Amanda and Chase while you were behind me?" she asked.I just moand as a response.

"Did you like seeing their hands on me?"Again I let out a moan, as hearing her recount our romp and the feel of her hand on my cock was all I could muster.

"Did you like seeing me kiss them while you were fucking me?"her hand was pressing harder against me and she was moving araund alot in her seat. I knew she was getting turned on by this as well. This time I nodded trying to keep my eyes on the road.

"Kissing them while you were fucking me made me come so hard baby .I hope we can do it again?"she asked. She then slid a finger inside her panties and brought it up to my lips. I hungrily licked it wanting to taste her sweet wetness.In her most pleading voice she asked"Can we have some more fun with them tonight?" They really turned me on by being there while you fucked me". I couldnt help but smile to myself as I was thinking that tonight I was going to do whatever she wanted.

As we pulled up to thier house Inoticed Amanda had changed into a tiny skirt and a tanktop with no bra.I smiled at her as I figured it was probably due to the heat as it was well over 80 degrees.

As soon as we are out of the car Chase tosses me a beer and Amanda hands Lilly a mixed drink.Joking I said "I'd like a drink of that." and realized it was almost strait vodka with very little orange juice. I just smiled and acted as if I didnt notice.

Someone said we should build a fire as it was starting to get dark and we didnt want to go inside.So Chase and I set about gathering some wood and left the girls to chat.

After a few awkward minutes Chase asked "Are you alright with what happened?" "Sure" I replied "We are here arent we?"

He laughed and so did I as the ice was finaly broken on the subject.You know Chase said"Lilly sure has some nice tits." "Yes I know" I assured him as I smiled. "I noticed Amanda has some nice ones too,not that I got to feel them or anything". I chided. "I'm sure that won't be a problem." he smirked.

We both laughed as drunk guys do when talking about women.

When we got around to the back of the house with the wood,we noticed the girls weren't there.Looking at each other we both said "Must be in the bathroom." As everyone knows girls can't seem to go by themselves .

We got the fire started within a couple of minutes and still no girls.By now our interest on how long it takes a girl to pee got the better of us.We went looking for them.

We went through the house and got to the bathroom door.Chase knocked and I heard Amanda say "Yes?" "Did one of you fall in or is one of you sick?" He joked to the door. "Niether." we heard Lilly say as she slowly opend the door .

There in front of us was a sight I had dreamed of seeing for some time.

Lilly was sitting on the counter with her legs dr*ped over Amandas shoulders.Amanda was crouched on the floor with her face level at Lillys pussy.

"Wow" I said and Amanda let out a slight giggle as she smiled at us and turned her attention back to my wife.

I could see the flushed look on my Lillys face and knew this had been going on probably since we left to go get the wood.

As we stood there watching Lillys breathe started getting faster and her hips moved with every lick of Amandes toungue. I heard Lilly let out a gasp as her hands shot to the back of Amandas head .

I knew that gasp and it meant one thing.Amanda was about to make her come.

Lilly looked right at me and moaned"Oh Amanda,that feels so good.I'm gonna come.Please don't stop."she pleaded as I seen her grinding into Amanda's pretty little face.I seen here eyes flutter closed and her head start to slide back as I knew she had started coming. It was beautiful.

I looked at Chase and he was just smiling and looking on as if he'd seen it before.

My cock was straining at the material on my shorts as Amanda got up and kissed Lilly. She turned and kissed me. It was the most erotic thing to taste my wife on her lips.

She then turned and told Chase she needed another drink and they walked away towards the kitchen.

"Looked like you enjoyed that". I said joking but still serious. She just grabbed ahold of me and pulled me to her as she shut the door.

She jerked my shorts down as she knelt before me and took my cock all the way into her mouth .She was holding nothing back as within minutes I was close to coming. "Better slow down." I said as I pulled her up to my face and kissed her. "We've got plenty of time" .I told her. We shouldn't leave the our host's outside my theirselves."That wouldnt be very nice. now would it"? I asked.

We walked out the back door and I couldn't believe what we were looking at.

Chase was.........

TO BE CONTINUED...........................................

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