June 20, 2018
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A 55 year old granny gets FUCKED for the very first time

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A 55 year old Granny gets FUCKED for the very first time -- a true story!


It was 9 pm as the 737 started it’s descent into Baltimore. The ice and sleet shot past the wing at 400 miles per hour. It was difficult to concentrate on my adventure novel about some poor bastard that had been stuck in a life raft for a couple of months. The bumpy plane ride made it difficult to read but the real reason that it was so hard to concentrate was that I just didn’t know what was happening at that moment “ back at the ranch”.

My beautiful and loving wife of 35 years, Sarah, and I had left Baltimore last Sat. for a weeks vacation with our friends Tom and Kristen at their beach house near Myrtle Beach. We had known Tom and Kristen for a couple of years and when they asked us if we would like to drive down to their beach house for a week in the middle of the winter we were more than happy to accept. They are both such lovely people and they do like to have a good time. We knew that we could only join them until Thursday and then we would have to fly back as I had a meeting with a client on Friday that could not be postponed. That was fine with Tom and Kristen but they started in right from the start suggesting that I fly home when I had to and Sarah could stay a couple more days and drive back with them on Saturday.

We had a wonderful time together riding bicycles, playing golf, we even ran into the still freezing water once. We went out to eat most nights and then danced the nights away at various clubs. I am almost 60, 6’3 and rather slim while my wife is a barely 5’ pixie that looks and acts much younger than her 55 years. She has rather small breasts and an average, petite build. Our friend Tom is also about 55 and about 5’8 with a muscular build and balding, while his wife Kristen is a 5’9, very well endowed, statuesque blond of 45. It has been wonderful this week being able to dance with Kristen as she is so much closer to my height and the feel of her body against mine has led to more than a few fantasies.

We played hard each day, danced hard each night, then ended each night with a glass of wine in the hot tub. And as the week wore on, the banter in the hot tub each evening became more and more risqué. There had never been any outright mention of anything physical but Sarah and I did discuss the “ what do you think?” We had once fooled around with another couple a few years ago. We had the most erotic summer of camping and playing adult games . I actually got my first blow job and Sarah gave her very first blow job to another man. We were married right out of high school and were both virgins. We had only been with each other until that one time and oral is as far as that had gotten. Do you think our friends might be willing to go down that route? How do you ask something like that?

By Wednesday Sarah and I had decided that the hot tub chat had gotten us really turned on and it was now or never .. We had never done anything like this before. What happened a few years ago just happened. There was no planning evolved. A little fooling around by the campfire that got out of hand and we loved it. But how would our friends take it? We decided that tonight we would not wear bathing suits in the hot tub and see how that went. Our hosts would either think it was cool and hopefully join us or they wouldn’t. Hell, we’re not that bad to look at. So Wednesday night, after we returned from a very hot night of dancing , Sarah and I wore nothing under our robes as we made our way out to the hot tub. Our friends were already in the water with a couple of bottles of wine ready and the bubbles on full. I think they were surprised to say the least when we disrobed and joined them in the tub but they never let on. But the usual .banter had ceased and there was an awkward silence. But soon Kristen’s top was off and setting on the edge of the tub, followed soon by Tom’s trunks and to our surprise first Kristen slid over next to me and then Tom slid over beside Sarah and everyone was smiling.

The banter ceased for a few minutes while the kissing began. I felt Kristen’s soft lips on my now dry, anxious lips and I held her not knowing just where to put my hands. I felt her lips part and her tongue started to explore and I held her tighter. I looked over at Sarah and she was also deep into a very passionate kiss and Tom’s hands were now caressing her lovely little breasts and Sarah’s hands were nowhere to be seen. Her face was flushed. Was it the hot tub? And then I felt a hand lightly wrap around my hardening cock. That brought me right back to the now and present. Kristen was slowly squeezing and releasing and playing with the head of my penis so as I kissed her again even harder I let my hands wander to her probably 42” breasts that were surprisingly firm. I first fondled her rock hard nipples and then lightly sucked on them one at a time as she continued to play with my now hardening member. My wife now had her head leaning back, her faced really flushed and she was quivering slightly and Tom’s hands were still under water. That’s as far out of hand as things got that night but when we said good night and Sarah and I went back to our room we had the most wonderful sex that we had had in many years. We made love slowly. Starting just inside of her and very very slowly sliding deeper and deeper into Sarah’s soaking wet pussy. Our nerve endings were just on fire and we felt each other’s body like we had not in the last 35 years until Sarah began to feel that familiar glow overtake her. As she started to moan and quiver, I climaxed and shot a little bit of cum deep into my precious wife. We slept like the dead that night and woke up grinning like Cheshire cats.

But now it’s Thursday morning and just when things are looking good, I have to leave tonight to go home. And today is Tom’s birthday. I told Sarah how much I adore her and told her that if she wanted to stay and continue fooling around with Kristen and Tom that it would be alright with me. I love her and she loves me and that’s forever but if one of us can have some fun in the mean time then go for it. We decided to look for a birthday card so after lunch Sarah and I headed off on the bikes and found a little card shop and a birthday card. So just as Tom was leaving to take me to the airport I gave him the card. I had written a note wishing him a happy ménage a tois and just signed it Jim So here I sit in this bouncing airplane wondering what is happening right now. How far will they go? And I will be in suspense until Saturday night! I’ll just have to let Sarah tell the rest of the story..

Sarah ….

My lips were dry with anticipation. Was this the right thing to be doing. Would our friends be offended or would they think it was cool. I dropped my robe and quickly slid into the bubbles to join our friends naked!

Jim and I were only exposed for a few seconds but there was no question that we had been seen as it suddenly became very quiet. The sexual banter had stopped and I was afraid that we had just made the biggest mistake of our lives. Oh well, just stay safe in the bubbles and smile.

Kristen was first. She slid over next to me and gave me a kiss. On the lips! That was a first. And then in one quick motion her top was off and was lying out on the deck somewhere. We were going to be OK. Just an adventure. And then Kristen moved past me and slid up to Jim’s chest, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard and long letting her ample, naked breasts break the surface.

With that, Tom slid over next to me, wrapped his muscular arms around my neck, and slowly and passionately kissed my lips. I glanced over at my husband for approval. His arms were around Kristen’s shoulders but I couldn’t get his attention. He was busy. And then I felt strange hands on my small but perky breasts and I think I might have let out a little gasp. Other than that time on the camping trip a few years ago, no one but my Jim had ever touched those little ta tas. Should I stop this right now? But it feels sooo good. Still couldn’t get Jim’s attention as his tongue was exploring Kristen’s mouth and he was busy. On my own again. So I grabbed Tom’s head and kissed him hard and deep, sliding my tongue past his lips. I just let the passion build. I hugged Tom so tightly while I kissed him so deeply then I suddenly noticed that he had slid a finger inside of me. I couldn’t believe that this was happening . I had to stop this now while I still could. But it felt so incredibly good as Tom slowly caressed inside of me. Who do I kid, I can’t stop this. I can only lean my head back, close my eyes, and try to not make any sound as now two fingers are stroking where no one but Jim and my gynecologist have ever been. Just like the old days when the kids were still at home and Jim and I had to keep it quiet.

When the orgasm past, I slid my hand down to find o my surprise that Tom had already removed his bathing suit. I put my hand around his manhood. It was so different. It was thinner and harder and it seems much longer that Jim’s 71/2 inches. And it moved! Why did the skin move back and forth when I stroked it. It took some concentrating to figure out that it was so different from Jim because apparently Tom was not circumcised. WTF ! Who knew? But everyone was getting out of the water now . The rest of the evening was a blur but I do remember that Jim and I made love slowly and passionately that night, while all the time I kept fantasizing about what Tom’s cock might feel like inside of me. My orgasm was deeper and more intense than anything that I had experienced since we were kids!

In the morning I told Jim how much I loved him and thanked him for such a wonderful night. He told me how much he loved me and how much he thought that I should take our friends up on their offer to stay another day and ride home with them. He reassured me that he was fine and that if we continued fooling around that it was good with him as long as I was having fun, and that I told him in detail all about it when I got home. I assured him that nothing was likely to happen but thanked him anyway.

We got dressed and at breakfast I asked our friends if that offer of a ride home on Saturday was still good and they both said that they were hoping that I would.

Jim and I rode our bikes for a ways and picked up a birthday card for Tom and then it was time for Tom to take Jim to the airport. Kristen and I stayed behind to take a walk on the beach and have a little girl chat. It was a little awkward at first until Kristen broke the ice by saying how much she and Tom enjoyed last night in the hot tub but only wished that we had done that sooner. She went on to say that she and Tom had been discussing playing around for some years but never had the balls to do anything . That they just never knew where to begin and that we were such good friends. I went on to tell her about our little camping adventure a few years ago and how we had enjoyed it and how nervous we were that we might offend our friends but decided to just go for it.

When we got back, Tom had just gotten home. He had decided that rather than the three of us going out to dinner we would cook up some burgers on the grill and he had stopped and picked up the necessary and would we join him in a beer?

The three of us were noticeably nervous. Kristen flitted about the kitchen not accomplishing much of anything at all and I had absolutely nothing to do but wonder if anything might happen tonight and if so what. Kristen and I had both made martinis and Tom had made himself a gin and tonic. I remember making love to my Jim last night while fantasizing about being with Tom. And we all made a second drink!

I was roused from my memory by the phone. I knew it was Jim but I let my host get it. Tom had just stepped out back to start the grill and Kristen said it was for me. .Jim said that his flight had been delayed two hours because of weather in the DC area but that he would be getting out tonight and probably getting into Baltimore about 9 and he would be home by 10 Jim was interested to know how everything was going and I told him that we had decided to stay in and cook up some burgers tonight I told Jim that I missed him and really wished that he could be here tonight and that I would talk to him when I got home on Saturday. And I did wish that Jim was with us now but then again the adventure was in flying solo.

After the most awkward dinner of over cooked burgers and a little lettuce I thought so now what. Back in the hot tub so early? The silence was deafening .Kristen suggested that we could play some cards. OK. You need four for bridge. She suggested something simple like blackjack. We played a few rounds and killed a few minutes. You could cut the tension with a knife. I suggested that we should play for money. Small bills only. Tom said that he had a better idea. How about strip poker? The winner (closest to 21) would remove a piece of clothing from the one with the lowest count. And if you went over 21 you drank a shot of tequila . He never even waited for a reply but was off to the liquor cabinet for a shot glass and a bottle of tequila. I thought, oh well, this could be fun and I really wouldn’t mind seeing all of Tom on dry land. Especially that uncircumcised cock of his. After a few rounds Tom and Kristen were down to their underwear and I had had a few shots. We were laughing and finally loosening up. Kristen won, Tom lost and I drank. She made a real show of removing Tom’s boxers slowly, not letting his cock pop out until the last minute. God, don’t stare! Look at Kristen! Look at Tom’s eyes which were glued on me but don’t stare at Tom’s elephant trunk that was just beginning to swell. Look somewhere else, damn it. Quick, shuffle and deal another round. Tom has a perfect body. Muscular, just hinting of “cave man” Shit, shuffle and deal and try not to look at Tom. I still had my shear bra and string bikini on. This time I won, Kristen lost and tom drank a double shot. I removed Kristen’s thong and tried my best not to look at her private area as I knew Tom was staring at me. She was shaved completely smooth and the head of her clit actually protruded slightly through her now very moist pussy lips. Oh shit, don’t look.

Tom broke the ice by suggesting let’s go into the bedroom. What the hell was happening? Had this gone too far already? Would I get to touch Tom’s oh so different cock again? As I followed Tom and Kristen across the living room to their bedroom I held back as long as I possibly could. I let my underwear fall like I was leaving a trail of bread crumbs so that my rescuer could find me.

When I absolutely had to go I made my entry, naked, into their bedroom. Son of a bitch! Nobody even noticed. They were already lying on the bed with Tom on his back in the middle and Kristen on the far side. They were totally engaged in a passionate kiss while Kristen gently stroked tom’s manhood. He was firm but not yet hard and the emerging deep red head was fascinating. Don’t look stupid! It was obvious that they had left the near side of the bed for me. The threesome, the ménage a tois. I settled into the bed next to that muscular hunk that I had fantasized about last night and ran my fingers through his ample chest hair. Maybe I’ll be able to touch him and we’ll kiss and that will be that?

Kristen started to suck on Tom’s cock. She was very good and tom was becoming harder and longer by the minute. I kissed Tom hard and deeply. It felt so good and right as visions of the hot tub last night flashed through my mind. I reached down and cradled Tom’s amazingly large balls while Kristen continued to work her magic on her man.

Suddenly Kristen shifted and I had full access to Tom’s now rock hard cock. She positioned herself right over tom’s head and slowly lowered herself so that her now swollen pussy was just within range of his tongue. They must have practiced that before. Their position was now perfect and I was stroking that glorious cock and sucking gently on that deep red head. It felt strange to have the extra skin sliding up and down on that shaft. I tried to take as much of Tom into my mouth as I could. It felt so different from Jim. Kristen started to moan slightly. I had gotten down between Tom’s legs so that I could watch Kristen being pleasured. Her nipples had become rock hard points. .I have no idea why but I slithered up onto tom’s belly and started sucking on one of Kristen’s nipples. She is much taller than I and this allowed Tom to take a hold of my little breasts. She was moaning more loudly now and she took my head in her hands and pressed my mouth harder into her breast.

I was licking and nibbling her breast when I felt a finger playing at the entrance to my pussy. That was one thing last night in the hot tub but this was in a bed for God’s sake. I should bolt right now, do something, but I didn’t really want to. And then I realized that unless Tom had three hands that was no finger!! This couldn’t be happening to me but I guess deep down I hoped that it was. I slid down a little bit onto Tom’s shaft just to see what another cock would feel like. No large mushroom head like Jim’s, it just slid right in. The moving skin was so different and exciting as I rocked back and forth and made little circles. Kristen was now bucking and moaning as Tom was sucking right on her clit. His face was soaked. I felt his head now pushing hard against my cervix. Totally new territory.

As Kristen gasped and fell backwards groaning and moaning I rode gently up and down on Tom’s shaft bottoming out harder and harder each time. I felt the delicious pain in my cervix with every down stroke. Tom had grabbed onto my forearms with his powerful hands and he started to thrust upward to meet my down thrusts. Each thrust was deeper and deeper and rearranged my insides a little more. He was underneath me and I was on my knees above him with my hands on his shoulders. With each thrust he came completely out of me then back in harder and deeper. We were animals! And I was growing an Adam’s apple! And then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. No sneaking up like with Jim, This was a bolt of electricity that went from my scalp to the soles of my feet and ripped out everything in between. My back ached as I writhed in pleasure and pain. I quivered and shuddered as my vagina and anus went into spasm and I screamed in ecstasy . I was in a whole new world when I heard Tom’s faint voice from the old world saying that he was going to cum and had to pull out. Another voice, certainly not mine but coming from within me and sounding more like a banshee hissed back “don’t you dare pull out you ass hole. Fuck me harder and fill me with your cum”.

With that Tom arched his back and drove himself as deeply into me as he possibly could. My knees were off the bed and my full weight was supported by the end of his penis pushed into my cervix. The pain was intense and glorious as his member went into spasm after spasm shooting load after load of semen into me. I was contracting around his wonderful shaft as if to milk every last drop out. Spasms of pleasure radiated from my shoulders to my feet and my pussy burned. It felt like gallons of “stuff” was leaking out of me and running down the insides of both legs and tom was still shooting more.

Finally neither of us could take it any longer and I collapsed onto his hairy chest and just tried to breath…For the next 5 or 10 minutes “aftershocks” continued, both mine and Tom’s. At last Tom became limp and his cock just slithered out of me and more semen or love juice or whatever flowed out of me.

I wanted to stay right there forever but I knew I could not. I kissed Tom and whispered happy birthday and with great will power I slid off of Tom and tried to stand on my wobbling legs. I kissed Kristen who was as white as a ghost and was just staring at Tom and me. With great difficulty I made my way back out across the living room, past the “trail of bread crumbs’ that I had left to aid in my rescue and waddled into the guest bathroom to “freshen up” One look into the mirror and I knew that this was a train wreck. I needed a carwash! I was soaked from the waist down, my chest and forearms were all covered in red blotches and my neck and head were beet red. Forget my hair. I was looking at a train wreck and the tipped over dairy tank car to be exact. I slid into a cool shower and started to cry. What had I done? Had I ruined my dear friend’s marriage? Now what?

I got out of the shower and staggered back out into the living room. It was just nine o’clock. The sounds of giggling were coming from the master bedroom. I grabbed my towel and slipped out into the cold night air. I slipped into the still hot tub which was now just very warm and let the water enfold me. I felt safe. I closed my eyes and thought to myself that I had just survived a train wreck and that must be an adventure! I thought about the man I love so dearly and wondered where he might be right now. I thought about being FUCKED and fucked hard by another man for the first time in my life. I opened my eyes and looked at the stars. It was still. The faint sound of Kristen having an intense orgasm drifted out of the house and I thought thank God that I wouldn’t have to be sleeping in those sheets tonight.


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