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3 some mmf, couple and friend

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It was a beautiful day. We were on our way to my friends wedding. The sky was blue and it was 78 degrees. My drop- dead gorgeous wife was wearing a light yellow dress that was cool and sexy. The wedding went off without a hitch and afterward we were left with a free day, no kids, and no demands on our time. I asked the typical question “what do you want to do”? And got an unexpected reply. Let’s go to Ted’s. It was unexpected because Ted’s wife was out of town so I said “yea we could or we could go catch a show and get dinner.” She looked me in the eye and said “or we could go to Ted’s.” My heart started to speed up, what was she up to? We stopped and picked up some Smirnoff Ice. We drank one on the way and on the drive to Teds’ my hand found its way under her dress and between her legs. She was not wearing hose on those hot tanned legs. She shifted in the seat and spread her legs to give me better access. I caressed her pussy until her panties were wet. All too soon we were pulling into Ted’s drive. We kissed and went in.

Ted was on the couch watching TV, his favorite team the Reds were playing ball. We sat across from him on the love seat. While Ted and I talked baseball and the weather my green eyed beauty got us all another drink. When she left the room I asked Ted if his hot tub was hot. Unfortunately he said it was empty. My wife sat back down and put her legs up on the love seat. She gently took my hand and started it back up her dress. I resumed my pussy massage that I had started on the drive over. Ted was oblivious since the game was on. To get his attention I said “hey you may want to get the tub up and running.”Not taking his eyes off of the TV he said “nah, maybe later”; I paused and said “are you sure”! He looked over and got an eye full of my wife’s spread legs and wet panties. He was up and out to the hot tub in 15 seconds.

My wife went upstairs and found us all some swimsuits. Hers was a hot silver one piece that zipped up the front. Her 36 D’s filled it out perfectly! Ted and I were carrying water from the house to the hot tub working hard to fill it quickly with hot water,we did not want to waste any time getting in. When Ted was dumping his bucket in the tub, my wife was standing behind him and unzipping the front of her suit and flashing me with those awesome tits. I must have had a big shit eating grin on my face because Ted looked at me and said what’s going on? I laughed and said “you need to pay more attention to your surroundings”. I think he figured out what she did because when we went back in the house, Ted and my wife went in the kitchen to fill their buckets and I went to the backroom to fill mine. A few minutes later my wife came into my room and said that Ted had cornered her and made her “flash” him as well. He had unzipped her suit to see those tits for himself and reached down and grabbed her crotch. I said “ oh he did, did he. Did you like it? Did it make you wet?” She smiled coyly and said “I don’t know,” so I pulled the leg of her suit over and checked. I said “it looks like we have a problem, your pussy is drenched. Maybe you should show Ted what he did to you.” She said maybe later, with a very sexy smile.

Finally the tub was filled and we had each consumed a six pack of Smirnoffs. A perfect day! I stepped into the hot tub first and then helped my wife in. She sat in a corner chair with me on her left. As she sat down I reached up and pulled the zipper of her suit down to get a little better view. She looked at me and pulled the zipper back up. Not to be deterred I looked her in the eye and very slowly pulled it down again while giving her my best kiss. I knew she liked it because her nipples were erect and this time she let the zipper stay open half exposing her tits. For awhile we just sat in the tub talking and relaxing. Ted had sat down beside her on the right. Soon the talking slowed down and I began to massage her thigh under the bubbling hot water, I kissed her and started to slide my hand up to that hot pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. The moan was a green light for me so I used my other hand to unzip the suit enough to expose her perfect breast. I looked at Ted, we made eye contact, I nodded in approval and he started to massage her very erect right nipple. She moaned some more. I continued to rub her pussy thru her suit and started sucking her left nipple. The moaning got a little louder. This scene lasted for quite some time. My heart and my mind raced. A heart attack for me at this point was not out of the question. She opened her eyes and we kissed. When we pulled apart I looked into her eyes and at the same time reached over and took Ted’s hand and pushed it down to her pussy. Not breaking eye contact I pulled her suit aside to give him direct access and he started rubbing and finger fucking my wife. She sucked in a breath and gave me another moan of approval. She then reached out and took a cock in each hand. I smiled as I looked through the water to see her stroking my friend. My hard on was intense and the way she rubbed the head of my cock was unreal. After a few minutes of this pleasure/ torcher she stopped abruptly and said “I will if you will,” and with that she stood up and peeled off the suit. Two seconds later Ted and I were naked too! She then came over to me and whispered in my ear, “I really want to suck your cock right now” I replied, “Since we are Ted’s guests, shouldn’t you do him first?” I could not believe what happened next. We had never done anything like this before in all the years we have been together, so when she gracefully slid through the water to the other side of the hot tub and grabbed Ted’s cock my jaw dropped, I was amazed and so was Ted! She had taken charge of the situation. Pushing him back to a raised seat, she gave him a long cock hardening kiss. He sat back and closed his eyes as she wrapped her lips around his swollen prick. Her head bobbed up and down while her right hand massaged his balls. I sat in the corner hypnotized by the act. My head cleared a little as I realized her ass was out of the water exposed to me. I stood up and positioned myself behind her. By this time my cock was so engorged and so sensitive due to the earlier rub from my wife, that when I tried to slide into her pussy I started to cum almost immediately. She took Ted’s cock out of her mouth and turned to smile at me and said go ahead. But I pulled out and tried to get back in control. I sat back down and continued to watch the amazing show before me. In a few minutes Ted could stand it no more, my wife pulled her mouth away and he at shot a huge load into the water. She then turned her attention to me. “Your turn” she said. Her mouth felt incredible, her tongue circled the head of my cock and she sucked and moaned till I could not hold back. She got just a taste of my hot cum as she pulled away. Ted was now out of the tub smoking a cigarette and enjoying our show. My wife announced that it was time for a bathroom break and we all wrapped up in towels and went inside.

Inside the house Ted and I let my wife go to the bathroom first. While she was in there we just looked at each other and grinned like kids at Christmas. Wow this is amazing he said. She is amazing said I.

When it was Ted’s turn in the bathroom my wife took me by the hand and we stretched out on the floor on a comforter by the stereo. She kissed me and said “I won’t go any farther if you say not to”I replied“how it has been so far?” Her face lit up and she said “umm wonderful”! With that answer I started kissing and caressing her breasts. She started that soft little moaning again and I was instantly hard. I kissed down her belly to her neatly trimmed pussy. I moved down to lie between her legs and started using my tongue on her clit. I slid a finger inside and began to finger fuck her slippery hole. As I was gently sucking her swollen clit I looked up and was again hypnotized by my erotic wife. Ted had come back into the room and had knelt down beside her. While he was massaging her tits she reached out and took a hold of his half limp cock. She literally pulled him to her mouth and began to suck him as I was sucking her. I pulled myself up and slid my now throbbing cock into that hot pussy. In no time at all I was losing control so I pulled out and began to eat her some more. Having another hard cock ready, she reached down and gently pushed me away as she pushed Ted down to my spot. I stretched out beside her and watched as she pulled her knees up to her chest, exposing to Ted her delicious mound. On his knees between her legs he positioned his thick cock on her pussy lips. I had a front row seat watching his dick trying to find a way into my wife’s tight pussy. He very slowly pushed into her. She gasped as he slid in. She cupped her hands on his face as he pumped and grinded against her. Her legs still in the air he had completely slid in and was fucking her hard. Her tits bounced up and down as he rocked her back and forth. She was biting her lower lip and enjoying the ride. Finally with a moan he slammed into her deeply and filled her with cum. He slid out looking a little spent and a little confused. I think he was confused because my wife didn’t have an orgasm yet. It was up to me. I was already hard again and I took my place between her legs. Her pussy was open, swollen and pink with Ted’s juice was running down her ass. I slid in and began to reclaim what was mine. My cock is not as thick as Ted’s but it is longer. I was soon bottomed out on her sweet spot, and grinding her clit with my body while my prick was buried deeply in her pussy. She was moaning again and before long I felt her pussy tighten as she was about to explode. I looked over at Ted who was on the couch watching and nodding his approval. Her back arched, she rocked and shivered as the orgasm that had taken hours to develop took over her body. The aftershocks continued for several minutes. The smile on her face lasted for several hours. It was the perfect day.

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