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1st swing club experience

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For many years I had wondered what this thing called swinging was like. I loved sex. You could say I was a sexual addict. But to consider having sex in front of others, possibly in group situations? I didn't know if I could do this. I was not built like Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery. More like Brian Dennehy. I was 6'4", 270, and not in the midst of my youth any more. Being of average build, would I be accepted? Whenever I read those swing ad publications, all the men seemed to have 8, 10, 12" cocks. That wasn't me. Think of the embarrassment if I didn't stand up.

Well, there was only one way to find out. First thing I found out was that 99% of the swing clubs in my area (Michigan) were for couples only. And, alas, I was but a single gent. So, I figured my chance of finally getting to experience what all these folks were apparently having fun at was not going to happen. That's when I met Betty & Glen. They were from a nearby town and were a long time swinging couple. I'd responded to one of their ads posted in a magazine, saying they accepted single guys. We met over dinner and had a great conversation. That's when they found out I'd had a desire to try out a swing club.

They were members of Michigan's oldest and largest on-premise club, west of Kalamazoo. They told me they had some single lady friends and thought they might get one to accompany me to the club as my date. The first gal they introduced me to wasn't anywhere near my type. She was into the hardcore BDSM aspect, whereas I was more of a soft pleasure-sharing sort. Was she the norm for swing club members? I was to soon find out differently. The second gal Betty & Glen introduced me to was a great gal, and after meeting over dinner, we found we had quite a few things in common. She tried to assure me that just because she'd be my date that evening, if I didn't desire, we didn't have to do anything ourselves. I assured her that wasn't the case, that I found her attractive. We couldn't play that evening, as it'd been set up just for a meeting and she had to go to work early the following day.

We all met at Betty & Glen's apartment for the 20 minute drive to the club the next night. What was I getting myself into? Should I really be here? Was this really for me? All these and many more questions entered my mind. I'd been told to bring something 'sexy' to wear once we got there. Got there? Shouldn't I dress to impress 'before' we got there? That's when Betty snuggled next to me, felt my crotch, and told me to bring some sexy underwear to wear. That most folks dressed down to lingerie and such once they got there. Thank goodness she told me. First thing that entered my mind was the old saying bout your mother always telling you to put on clean underwear as a kid. In case of emergency, and if you got rushed to the hospital and undressed you wouldn't be embarrassed. Well, I could only think of the embarrassment of not being properly attired at a swing club full of horny people.

Well, there we were, at the front door of a huge country home out in the boonies! I thought we were stopping to get others when I noticed all the cars parked besides the house. We parked the car, and walked up to the front door. Surprisingly Glen didn't knock but walked right in. Once inside we were met by this grandmotherly gal in her 60's. She was naked except for a maid-like apron. Hmmmm, was this the normal swinger? Grannie? I was introduced, asked to fill out a membership card and pay my dues. Then Betty and Glen took me on a tour of my first swing club. Folks were already gathering all over the house. It was a huge split-level affair. On the main floor, where we entered, was a foyer, kitchen and living room with a huge fireplace. Upstairs I was shown 6 bedrooms. Each and every one had three or more beds in them. On tables besides the doorways were bowls of condoms. Two massage tables were also present upstairs. WOW! Near one of the two bathrooms was a spiral staircase going down to the lower level. In the lower level was a dance floor, bar, sitting area, locker room, and gigantic hot tub.

I was introduced around by Betty and Glen as the 'New Guy' and was quickly accepted into the crowd. Folks of all ages, sizes, and socio-economic backgrounds seemed to be here. Many had arrived early and had already begun to 'dress down.' We found a table where the four of us could sit. About 5 minutes later Betty and Dee (my date) suggested we go to the locker room and get comfy. I'd found out just prior to the party that this was going to be a Valentine's party with a lingerie show and sale. Not thinking, I'd brought along a pair of black silk boxers I'd purchased just for this party. Quickly Dee and Betty drug me through the house, naked, to where the lingerie folks were and asked if they had anything that'd fit me in red. They did. Now, in my new 'outfit' these two gals 'presented' me to the crowd. Needless to say I was about as red as the underwear I was wearing. Applause and whoops of 'FRESH MEAT' were heard all around. Now, completely embarrassed, we all returned to our table.

Though having been embarrassed, I was already starting to feel like I'd found a new home. About that time is when my first true swing experience began. Dee and Betty decided it was time to get my 'swinging cherry' broke. They took me by the hand and started leading me up stairs to one of the bedrooms. Those room had a king sized waterbed, an old iron bed, nicknamed 'old squeaky' for explainable reasons, and 'THE LOFT.' The loft was a large bunk bed made by the owners. It consisted of two queen sized and a double mattress on top of 8X10 planks, wall to wall. Underneath was similar to the top, but across the floor. This was the only room where voyeurism was supposed to be allowed. The top of the LOFT was a free for all area. An orgy area. Before I knew what was happening I was being led up the ladder to the top of the loft. I had barely gotten on top when Betty reached out and started tugging on the boxers I'd just acquired. Dee was at the other end of me kissing me and letting me feel her large breasts. I looked down long enough to see Betty had stripped naked and was now proceeding to start sucking on my cock. Here I was, between two women, naked, my cock being swallowed by one, my face being smothered by the others large tits! I thought I was in heaven. That's when I felt the weight of others arriving. Looking over Dee's breast I could see the shapes of two other women I'd admired downstairs. This couldn't be! Not me. Me and 4 women! That's not possible.

Well, these women took their turns sucking on my cock. Each and every time I thought I'd blast a load deep inside someone's mouth, they'd stop. Oh the torture! As one would go to suck my cock another would place their pussy at my face to eat, or tits to suck. I'd have gals on either side wanting me to feel their tits or finger them all at the same time. Talk about sensual overload. Finally Betty said she had dibs for bringing me here in the first place. Who was I to complain? Laying me on my back, she straddled me and sat her moist hot pussy down over my bloated cock head and dropped down. DAMN! At the same time Dee straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. The others kept telling the two girls to save some for them. I came more times that evening than I ever had in one night before. Those four gals didn't let me up until I'd eaten and fucked everyone of them. Sated, almost ready to pass out I heard noises, and looked to my right. That's when I noticed the crowd of people that had been standing there watching. It may have been my first fuck of the evening, but not the last. Nor the last time I went to the club. That was 1989. Since then the owners (Phyllis & Jim) had introduced me to Merry, my partner for the past 15 years. During that time we'd make the 200 mile trip every weekend from our home to play. For three years we even managed the club. Neither Merry nor I will ever forget the friends and acquaintances that we've had in this lifestyle. Thank you one and all.

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