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~ Enticement ~

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Imagine yourself out for the evening. You're walking into a nightclub that you attend regularly. Behind you there is a woman walking. You slow your pace to see what she looks like. When she gets just a hairs breadth away from your back, she whispers, "Don't turn around. Trust me."

The sensuality of her voice captivates you. You hold perfectly still. You can feel her pressing up against your back. She reaches around your head with a black silk sash. She carefully covers your eyes with it, pulls it snug, and ties it in back of your head. She moves to your side. A soft well-manicured hand slips through the bend at your elbow. "Come with me," she whispers.

Your sense of direction tells you that you are heading back to the parking area. She leads you through what seems like a maze; back and forth, constantly changing directions. Eventually she pulls you to a halt. "Wait, please." You hear the sound of a sliding door. Then the whispered words "Get in." You open your mouth starting to speak and a soft warm finger rests upon your lips. "Shhhhhhh. Trust me."

She takes her finger away and you start to speak again, closing your mouth when you hear, "I will not harm you. I will give you a pleasure not many receive."

Willingly you climb into the van and sit where her hands have led you. She places your arms on the captain?s chair. You feel the application of more silken ties; tying your wrists to the arms of the chair snugly; but not too tightly.

The door slides shut. She climbs into the driver?s seat and starts the van. Soft sounds of music fall upon your ears. She drives for a little while and parks. The area is very quiet. You don?t hear any sounds of cars. As the door slides open you hear the sounds of trees gently blowing in the wind. Locusts are singing. The sounds of the night wrap around you. You feel her climb in and kneel in front of you, deftly untying the bonds that hold you partially captive. Both of you know without saying that if you wanted to, you could have overpowered her with ease.

You are led into a house. She leads you toward the sound of giggling females. She opens a door and you are enveloped with the smell of incense and scented candles. You feel a tug on your sleeve as you stand there taking in all of the sounds and scents, and you are led to a bed. You feel hands gently pushing, guiding you as you sit. It seems to be a very large bed.

"Would you like a drink?" she asks, her voice this time not whispered, melodious in its quality. You nod, yes.

She lifts your hand wrapping it around a goblet. You take a sip savoring the taste of it, a bit surprised at its fine quality. Deeply you drink, draining the cup. Someone takes it away from you.

Immediately feminine hands are on you. Running across your back, running over your arms, your legs. Those hands move to disrobe you. They take off your coal black jacket; pull the simple black t-shirt out of your pants. Up over your head it goes. Yet they are careful not to dislodge the blindfold.

Hot soft hands flow over your naked torso, pulling you further onto the bed. When they have you where they want you, two of them grab your wrists slipping a velvety cuff over each. They extend your arms pulling them towards the top corners of the bed. They tighten the bonds giving you little freedom of movement.

More hands are undoing your belt, the clasp of your pants, unzipping the zipper. Your shoes, socks are gone. Gentle tugs from the end of the bed pull on your pants. The hands at your waist hurry to pull your pants down over your hips. Two pairs of hands float over your underwear, gently peeling them off. The hands at your feet slip cuffs around your ankles, pulling your legs outward towards the bottom corners of the bed. All at once, the feminine hands disappear. The door opens. A few minutes later it shuts again.

The only sounds are coming from the burning candles. You lie there silently waiting, your manhood throbbing from all the excitement of having those warm, gentle hands on you. You lie there wondering what is to happen next. Only the sounds of the candles reach your ears. Minutes pass. It seems like hours. Enough time passes that your erection goes down, becoming pliable, soft.

Anger fires your blood. No one is going to do this to you and get by with it. You pull at the restraints, muscles straining. The bedposts creak.

"Patience, dark one," comes the melodious voice.

You turn your head towards the voice. It is coming from the inner recesses of the room, opposite from where you entered. You force yourself into a completely relaxed state. You have to rely on your other senses. You realize you need to stay completely still in order to catch every little sound that may float to your ears.

"Why are you doing this to me?" you whisper, hoping to get a response.

An eternity passes in silence. You hear the small click of a lighter. Listening closely you can hear her inhale and slowly let out the smoke of a cigarette. Your mind is churning to find a way to get her over to your side. Even though you don't smoke the thought passes through your head that maybe she will be willing to let you have a drag off of her cigarette.

"Could I possibly have one of those?"

She laughs ironically, "My dear, dark one; you don't smoke."

Instantly you realize she knows you. She knows enough about you to know that you do not smoke; that the wine she gave you is one that you like, one of a rare quality that not many drink. If she knows you that well, then you must know her too. But you cannot place her voice. You are good at remembering things about people, but this voice you have never heard... or? have you?

Lost in thought about who this woman is, you almost miss the slight rustling sound of movement. You strain to hear where she is moving to, but you can no longer hear her. Now music now fills the air; soft, seductive Celtic sounds. You think, she is smart, she has turned the music on to disguise the sounds of her movement.

What seems like hours flow by. The music continuously plays, lulling you into a sleep filled with dreams of this woman with no face.


She can hear your even breathing, knowing you are now asleep. She warms oil in her palms, rubbing them together. Starting at your left foot, she rubs the oil into your skin. With slow, soft, seductive movements, gently massaging, she moves up to your calf. Her palms reach your muscular thighs; the muscles tense in your sleep. Now she moves over to your right leg, again, massaging the warmed oil into your skin. She can tell you are dreaming. Your head moves slightly in your sleep. She knows you are dreaming of what she is doing to you in reality, and a slow smile crosses her features.


You are floating on a cloud. You are enveloped in intermingling scents: vanilla, cinnamon, exotic spices. Celtic rhythms pulsate in time with the accelerated beatings of your heart. You can feel her hands upon you. She is massaging your legs. Her hands feel like magic upon your skin. The oil warms as the cool air hits it. A different kind of heat spreads through your body. A heat that ends at your manhood. You want to touch her so badly, to hold her in your arms, to kiss her lips. You want to SEE her. She remains a seductive apparition before your eyes. Her features materialize before you in your dreams for a moment. You are taken aback. It simply cannot be her. The thought is shoved out of your mind the moment you think it.

You try to move your arms to touch her as her hands move across your lower abs, but they will not move. She avoids touching your now engorged member. You flex it trying to touch her. Her hands slowly massage over your stomach. They dip down to your side reaching a ticklish spot. Your muscles clench as you strain not to laugh; a soft smile turns your lips slightly upward. Now you feel her fingers running over your chest and moving, one by one, over your nipples. You gasp, holding your breath until her little fingers have finally passed over them. Desire flows through your veins. You want, need to feel her body against yours. You can feel her heat next to you, from where you picture her kneeling.

Her hands float over your shoulders, her hair brushes your cheek. You can feel her warm breath on your lips. Her lips run across yours in the lightest almost imperceptible of kisses. A fluttering of butterfly?s wings. You raise your face up to feel the softness of her lips again. Emptiness. You feel her hands moving along your arm, the oil warming your muscles. Both of her hands caress one of yours. You entangle your fingers with hers. Her hair brushes against your arm. Lips wrap around your index finger, sucking it into her mouth. Her teeth nibble on the sensitive nerve endings of your finger. For a few moments after, you feel nothing but the heat of the warming oil. Your manhood is pulsing with desire, aching for release. A light shimmering of perspiration builds on your forehead. You feel her hands again. They are on your other arm, the gentle massaging teasing you into a sexual frenzy you have never felt before.

Her hands move back up, fingertips sliding along your arm, over your shoulder. One hand continues its path around your neck, while the other traces circles right behind your ear. Both hands delve into the luxuriant softness of your hair at the nape of your neck. She is leaning over you, the tips of her breasts burning into your chest. As you feel her intense gaze studying your features not hidden by the blindfold, you slowly come out of your dream to awaken to the knowing that what you were dreaming, was really happening.

"Who are you?" you whisper. Your voice betraying the passion you feel running through you.

Her hair falls into your face. Her nose nuzzles your ear. The feeling of her hot breath softly entering your ear sends shivers down your spine. Her tongue traces the outer edge of your ear. Lips gently tug on your lobe. She moves to whisper in your ear, "No one. I am a dream, a figment of your imagination."

Her tongue travels the length of your jaw moving to the slight cleft in your chin. It stops lingering. She barely kisses the tip of your nose. Moving back down to your lips, her tongue traces them. It moves slowly across your upper lip, down to the point where your lips join. Then quickly moves across your full bottom lip. She takes your bottom lip in between hers slightly pulling. Her tongue flicks across your lip that rests in between hers. As she releases your lip, her tongue slips inside your mouth to find yours. You deepen the kiss only to have her pull away. You groan slightly.

Her hands move back down your neck. The backs of her fingers brush along your chest zigzagging back and forth. They move around your hardness. Several times they circle you, yet they don?t touch the raging hardness that lies against your lower abs. You feel as if you could burst at the first touch. Your senses are heightened. The teasing leaves you almost in pain.

She straddles your right thigh. You can feel her weight on either side of your leg as the mattress dips. She bends to kiss the point where your leg joins your pelvis. You can feel her breasts sliding against your leg. Her mouth moves up in a path to take your nipple between her teeth. Her hips move so that you can feel the heat of her clean-shaven honey pot. She slides herself along your thigh, moving so that her inner desires are burning against your knee. You raise your knee to her as much as you can. You can feel her wetness as she moves against you, moving across your knee.

Her lips kiss around your hardness not touching it, just as her hands had done. You can feel her hair flowing over your phallus. You start to buck against her kisses wanting to feel her lips surrounding you so badly. She continues to tease you with the heat of her lips. She moves down the top of your left leg trailing kisses in a path to your knee. Her fingertips lightly touch your knee, rolling around it.

You feel the slight wetness of her tongue sliding along the delicate inner thigh licking a path up to your hardened shaft. Her hair brushes against your testes as she stops to taste the sweetness of your inner thigh. She suckles gently. She can feel your heartbeat, matching it with her suckling. As the beats quicken the pulsing of her lips quicken. You can feel her sigh of enjoyment as she brings your passion to unknown heights. Her hips are rolling against your right leg. Her juices cover your leg from midthigh to your foot.


She straightens looking down at your hardness. She can see the glistening of moisture coming out of the very tip. She licks her lips. She grinds her hips onto you; her little bud being ravaged by the hair on your leg. Moans escape her mouth. She moves in between your outstretched thighs. You can feel her weight shift the mattress as she lies on her stomach.


Her hot breath teases your manhood. Her fingers slide along your inner thigh to rest right under your testes. The backs of her index and middle finger press against your prostate. Gently they massage in a circular motion. Her other hand rests right under your manhood. The palm is down against your lower abdomen. Her thumb encircles your shaft. You can feel her breath sliding along your length, as you are pulsing to meet her.

You let out a deep moan as her lips wrap around one of your testes sucking it into her mouth. Her tongue flicks across you within the hot recesses. Gently she sucks. She releases, only to move over to the other drawing it quickly into her mouth. Again, she releases quickly making a slight popping sound. You jump slightly.

You feel the slight wetness of her tongue at the very base of your cock licking around it. She moves in a semi-circle slowly making her way up. Her fingers put a little more pressure on your prostate. You can feel her breath heat the dampness her tongue has left behind. Moans are freely coming from deep within your chest. Your breathing comes in gasps. Her trail quickens up your length. She reaches the bottom of your helmet. Again she slows, circling right under the edge of your helmet.

Small moans escape her, as she finally tastes the liquid that has pulsed out of your thriving sword of passion. She languorously licks it as it falls to the edge of your helmet. She relishes in the taste, slightly salty, creamy, the sweet taste of desire your body emitted for her. "Mmmmm, lovely," she says softly against the tip of your throbbing head.

Her tongue circles the very tip. Her lips wrap around you. The feeling of her hot, soft mouth is momentous. It almost pushes you over the edge. She gently starts to suck, soft pulses. Her tongue runs over the tip of you inside her mouth.

Your hips move wildly trying to get farther into her mouth. You can think of nothing else but the intense desire she has created in you. You begin to moan uncontrollably. The sounds of your passion fuel her to continue.

Quickly, she sucks your shaft in as far as she can. Her cheeks are caving in around you. You can feel them against your length. Her tongue feels soft, wet, and hot. You can feel the softness of the back of her throat. Images of her sucking on your cock float through your mind driving you insane. You thrust your hips up to meet her as she moves over you more quickly. She is meeting your thrusts with her own. She is, now, violently sucking on your cock. She pauses for a second. You can feel her lips pierced at the tip. She sucks you in hard, like sucking a strawberry from a shake through a straw. Your body tightens. You can feel the fire in your balls rising. You yearn to have your hands in her hair, but the restraints hold you firmly.

Sensing your imminent orgasm, she moves over you quickly. She lets her teeth gently graze the entire length of you on one upward path. She stops sucking. Her hot mouth moves over you freely.

You feel her moving down. Your cock enters her throat. The feeling of her lips wrapping around the base of your cock drives you over the edge. You can feel the liquid fire of your orgasm making its way up the inside of your cock. The feeling is so intense. Never before have you felt like this. You can feel her moaning with you inside her mouth. The vibrations of it make your orgasm more extreme. Your spasms fill her mouth. You can feel it coating her mouth. She drinks you in. As your orgasm subsides, she still moves over you slowing her pace. You can feel her tongue softly licking you clean. Her touch is gentle. You jump a little the feelings of your orgasm still have you wrapped in a cloud of ecstasy.

The sounds of Celtic music fill your ears. Their sweet, seductive rhythm again pulls you into sleep. Feeling depleted you eagerly sink into the welcoming darkness.


Hours later, you come up out of the darkness of sleep. Your wrists and ankles slightly aching from the bonds that held you the night before. You realize that you are in your own bed. Immediately sitting upright, you rub your wrists still feeling the cuffs that held you captive. You jump out of bed and begin looking in every room of your house. Looking for her. Not finding anything, you look out in the driveway to see your truck sitting there as if it had never been moved.

You begin to wonder if it was a dream. But you can still feel the slight soreness of your wrists and ankles; smell the slight tinge of the cinnamon oil.

You slowly walk back to your bedroom. Your eyes fall upon the clothes you had worn the night before neatly folded in the chair. The items you had in your pants lying on top of them along with a folded piece of parchment paper. You pick up the piece of paper and sit on the edge of your bed. You open it to find the words she had whispered in your ear the night before.

"I am a dream, a figment of your imagination."

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