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my story Beyond your wildest dreams

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This story has Bondage , Bi-sexual , Female Domination , couples , BDSM , Hope you like it

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams ----by ion3340

To start with , I had been divorced for quite a while , so being bored I thought I would try one of those internet dating sites , well after a few weeks I hooked up with this Lady , she said she was 44 , 5ft 2in , and had 38DD's so we would chat online from time to time . So we finely made a date, I supposed to meet her in Shreveport, La which was about 70 miles north of me.

It was Friday afternoon , I arrived in Shreveport , got a hotel suite , called her , I told her where I was at , she arrived , I was nervous , but excited , she came in the room , all smiles , and ready for whatever happened , we then went out to eat , and afterwards , came back to the suite .

She said she wanted to change into something a little more sexy , so she went into the bathroom for about 10 minutes , when she came out she was really sexy looking , she was wearing leather boots with spiked heels , black leather skirt that barely covered her pussy and a black leather halter top , she was hot .

She looked at me and said so what kinky stuff you like? , I said whatever you want, Boy did I open myself up for a surprise, she said she brought some play things, and I said what, she said you will see. She then looked at me and said , Strip my little bitch , I was caught off guard , but did as instructed , I stripped and stood in front of her , She looked me over walking circles around me .

Then she said sat down on the floor , I did as she requested , I was starting to get hard already and she noticed and smiled , she then walked up and put the tip of her boot , up against my cock and balls , and smiled big , Then she left and went and got her big black bag out of the bathroom , she produced a pair of handcuffs , I swallowed real hard , and said what are those far. She said for you. Then she walked over to me and put them on with my hands behind my back.

Then she took the tip of her right boot and placed it on my cock head, since my cock was hard she pressed it down to the floor, and she said I hope you like pain bitch, and then she put her weight on my cock head pressing it flat on the floor, I could not move since I was handcuffed, and she mashed the head of my cock out flat on the floor, twisting it, she did this for a short time and then stepped back.

She laughed , saying I see you must like that , you are still hard , she then said I think you will do fine for the next couple of days , she then grabbed me by my shoulder helping me to stand up , she then pushed me with my back to the wall , she said now stand at attention , which I did , she walked over to her black back and removed a riding crop , she the walked up to me slapping me on the chest with it hard right on my nipples for a few times , then she stepped back a struck my cock head with it , about 5 times in a row , it felt like bee's stinging it , she laughed and walked to the bed , where there was a small bench about 4 ft long , she pulled it out , and led me over to it , she then lay me down on my stomach , with my knees on the floor , she then undid the handcuffs , and strapped my hands under the bench , she the got down on her knees behind me , and started rubbing my ass , then I felt her spread my ass cheeks , I did not know what to expect at this time , she then took one finger and started rubbing my asshole with it , she did this for a few seconds , she said now relax , but I could not , then she stood up , and she took her riding crop , and hit me hard across the ass ,and said I will do this till you relax your asshole , I will not stop , and she continued to whack me for 20 times , she stopped and kneeled back down , and rubbed her soft hands on my now sore and red ass , then she spread my ass cheeks , I felt her pouring something down the crack of my ass , then I felt her finger on my asshole again , she rubbed it for a short time , then I felt her slip it in a little , she said my you are tight , I will fix that before you leave , inching her finger in , the she said I will massage your prostrate till you cum all over your self , then she started rubbing her finger around in me , at first it hurt , but then started feel better , she did this for about 15 minutes , I felt the other hand on my balls , squeezing them to they hurt and then she run her hand up my cock shaft to my cock head , the she removed her hand from my cock , and the really started working my prostrate , it started feeling strange , but good , I was humping the bench and could not help to moan in pleasure , she kept on , she said now get ready you are going to cum and real hard , and about two minutes later , I could feel my cock burning and like the head exploded , and I had cum all over my self , it was different , and she kept on massaging my prostrate , but I never lost hard even thought I had cum on my self , then she pulled her finger out , stood up and gave me 25 more whacks , and then sat down and just watched me for a while, wow that was a great feeling , I had never in my 49 years ever cum like that .

She then looked at me , and said we have to open you up more , your ass hole is way to tight , she said that what she was going to do might hurt at first but I would get use to it , so she went and pulled out a pink vibrator shaped like a cock , it was about 6" long , she got some lube and lubed my asshole up with her finger , fucking my hole with her finger while she poured lube on it , then I could feel her insert the head of the dildo , inch by inch it hurt a good bit , then she worked it in and out about 10 times , and then with a hard push shoved it in as far as she could , I screamed out , she laughed , then she turned it on to vibrate , then she walked around in front of me (the dildo still in me vibrating at max) and she slowly stripped while I watched , she had a smooth shaved pussy , and tattoos on her in 3 places , her large breast were pierced , and she had her pussy pierced to , I could smell the sex from her pussy as she stood only inches from my face , then she pushed her pussy in my mouth , telling me to eat her , I started licking and eating her wet sweet hot pussy , as I eat her she grabbed my head by my hair pulling me into her , as I eat her , she pulled my hair as hard as she could , then I felt her pussy contracting and knew she was about to cum , and about that time she yelled out , I cumming my little bitch and she pulled my hair harder , then she went limp for a second , then she got up and looked at me , and then she slapped me across the face as hard as she could , then went and set in the chair in front of me smiling , she said I have a big surprise for you , she then picked up her cell phone dialing someone , when they answered she told them , I think he is about ready , come to room 27 , when you want , and she just sat there watching me .

About 30 minutes later , there was a knock on the door , she got up walked behind me , I could not see her now , opened the door , I heard her say come on in , then I could feel her hand on my ass , and then I could feel her with a ass cheek in each hand open me up , and I could feel the dildo being pulled out , and then shoved in hard , this happened about 20 times , then it was removed , then I could feel a third hand rubbing my hole , and a large finger slipped in , the way I was tied down I could not see either of them , and the second person continued to fuck my ass with a finger , then she walked in front of me where I could see her , she said I would like for you to meet my husband Mike , and he stepped into sight , I lost my breath , I had no idea she was married , I told him I did not know she was married , I am sorry , he said its OK , we love torturing men that want my wife , and laughed , then he walked into the bathroom and closed the door , in about 5 minutes , the door opened and he came out , he was totally nude , his cock swing back and forth as he walked towards me , he was at least 7" maybe 8" and was not fully hard yet , she sat in the chair smiling , she said Mike loves to have men suck him off , he walked up to me and took his cock in his hand and offered it to me , she looked at me and said , suck his cock Tim , I love to see him let men suck him , then he rubbed it on my lips , I hesitated , and then opened my mouth , he slipped the head in and I started sucking on it , this was my first time to suck cock , then he put his hand on my head and started slow fucking my mouth , then she got up and walked over he stopped pulling it out , she looked at me , and said how you like his cock Tim , I looked up and said , I think I like sucking it , she said good and patted me on the head , then she went into the bathroom and he followed her , they closed the door , in about 10 minutes he came out , he was rock hard from me sucking it , then she followed him out , she said how you like my strap on , I looked at it , it had to be at least 8" long , and jet black , attached to a leather harness. He then walked over to me and touched my lips with his hard cock, I slowly opened my mouth and he slid his cock into my mouth and I started sucking his cock again. She then walked around behind me , her hands rubbing my ass , then she slapped it about 5 times on each cheek , then I felt her spread my ass cheeks , I could feel the air rush over my ass hole . Then as I sucked his cock , I could feel her finger on my tensed up ass hole , I felt her wiggle it in slowly , as she penetrated me with her finger , I relaxed , and she finger fucked me for a while then I felt two fingers finger fucking me , she was really getting rough , she was enjoy this , I was still tight enough to feel the pain , she continued to finger fuck me as I sucked her husbands cock , then I felt her pull out , then I felt her rub the tip of the strap on against my ass hole , I felt her pour lube down the crack of my ass , then she said , This is going to hurt you more than it will me , and then I felt the pressure as she pushed hard against me with her strap-on , I felt then head of it , go in , she started working it , but it still hurt bad , then she pushed even harder , and I felt it slid in me , as she worked it it went deeper and deeper , she started slow fucking me , while I sucked Mike's cock , then she said look I got all of it in you , she laughed and started fucking me hard and spanking my ass , she was really banging me , and did for the next 12 to 15 minutes , I felt his cock spasm and then he filled my mouth with his cum , shooting rope stream after rope stream in my mouth , I kept on sucking , till he was lip , I swallowed every drop of his sweet cum , she kept on fucking me hard as Mike walked around behind me to watch , I heard her say , this must really turn you on Mike , he said why , she said because you are getting hard again , he laughed oh yea , it does , she hammered me for another 5 minutes , she said , Mike its your turn and fuck him hard and rough like you do me , Then I felt her pull out of my sore ass hole , then I seen her walk around in front of me , she kneeled down and said , I hope you ready for a good fucking , because when he gets turned on like he is now , he can keep it hard forever , she then said you must liked it , because you are hard to , Then I felt Mike rubbing his cock up and down my crack , and then I felt him stop and put his rock hard cock against my ass hole , then I felt him push against me , I knew I was in for a serious fucking so I relaxed and pushed back to meet his hard cock , I felt the head slip in and then then I felt it slid iside my ass , he did not let up till I felt his balls against my ass , he said I am in all the way , and as he started going in and out , I felt her reach under me and put nipple claps on me , then she slid her hand to my balls and she squeezed them as Mike fucked me hard and fast , the she her hand up my cock , stroking it slowly , he was pushing against me with all his strength , the more he fucked me the better I liked it , she then stopped and walked around behind Mike , she then slid her strap on into Mikes ass , as she did I felt him tense up and push deeper in me , she was now fucking him in the ass , she got in motion and as she fucked him , he fucked me , wow this was good.

After about 30 or so minutes , he leaned forward and asked are you about to cum , I said I am close , he said me to , As they pumped and I got even hornier , I felt Mike tense up before he came , and I did to , I could fill him squirting cum up my ass , and I came hard with out anyone touching my cock , after the excitement played out she pulled from his ass , and he pulled out of mine , he then walked in front of me , I toke his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean , she then took her whip and started hitting my ass , telling me that was for cumming without asking her permission . but it was worth it , next thing I know she has quite and setting on the couch watching me suck his cock , he is now hard as a rock , and I suck him for at least 10 minutes , and then he grabs my hair and pulles me on his cock . and then as I suck he unloads again , wow that was intense .

Then he walks over and sits down on the couch and she climbs on for a ride , I set there tied up watching them for a hour, till he fills her with cum , he leaves and goes to take a shower , she then comes over and makes me eat her cream filled pie , till she has a massive orgasm , then she goes and takes a shower , this is to be finished later

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