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Wifes Pornstar Fantasy - MFM and more

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This is a fantasy hubby and I have and we wrote while he was away on business.

I am a struggling actress trying to make it big in the porn industry. You are a director with whom I have a casting call, you start directing me on how to touch myself, which toys to pleasure myself with and you realize that I'm a natural. You're behind the camera but you realized that your cock is getting hard as steel and you're feeling really hot and horny. You want to fuck me but you are trying to be professional. I notice the way you are looking at me and I know you want me, this turns me on so I start getting closer to the camera and asking you to zoom in on my privates. I can tell its taking everything out of you not to touch my wet pussy, so I touch my pussy and lick my own juices.

As I'm shooting the film I am getting turned on because you are a natural the way you move, the way you touch yourself, the way you show me your body... since I want to be professional I tell you that to make it big you have to know how to fuck in front of the camera so i give you some toys to play with, you start with a purple vibrator that's about 8" and you start to play with it, in and out, in and out, and I start to imagine that the vibrator is me and my cock gets harder and harder... then you ask me in a sexy voice: what do I have to be ready for in porn to make it big? I tell you that you get paid more if you do threesomes or gangbangs... your eyes open wide as you don't expect to hear that and you say that you don't know... the way you say it tells me that the thought of it turns you on... I tell you that to practice you can use another toy... so you can suck one while you fuck the other one... you keep playing with the purple cock and start to suck on another one that I hand to you... you try it but you tell me that you feel weird sucking on a rubber cock and ask me for my help... So you help me out of my pants and start to suck me while I shoot, and while you continue to fuck the purple cock

When I hear about the threesome and gang bang I did get a little curious and thought this might be fun. I really want to make it into the industry so I'll do anyting to make that hot director cast me in his next film. I continue sucking your hard cock while the purple dick fucks my wet hot pussy. I start to deep throat your hard cock and tell you in a shy voice: I have never had a dick this big in my mouth, I'm not sure if my little mouth can fit something that huge. You tell me in this industry dicks that I will fuck and suck are as big or bigger than yours. I give you a worried look and you tell me it's OK that you will work with me as long as it takes for me to get it right. I push your dick in further until it's all in my mouth, my head goes back and forth. I can't get enough, my head bobs back and forth my jaw a little sore having to open it so wide to fit that big dick in, I'm like a kid with a lollypop... mmm. I look at you and ask "does it feel good?" you tell me it feels great but I still need to practice so not to stop. You direct me to pick up the other dildo and to hand it to you and tell me that I'm ready for my third cock. You first smack my ass with it then lube it and gently start playing with my asshole. You ask me if I'm ready, I look up and smile and tell you to give it to me. At this point I have three dicks in me. I love the way I feel I'm getting fucked deep and hard everyehere.

So I lube your asshole up and gently start playing with it, first one finger, then another... it's a little painful at first but I tell you to relax, I give you a shot of tequila so you can relax a little, then I try a third finger to losen your asshole a little bit, I take them out and it seems relaxed and ready for that third cock... I tell you to get on all fours and you obey me like the good little slut you are... you're helping me with the purple cock and you're taking it in... I pull out another big cock, a black one about 10", which I ask you if you can take in your asshole... your eyes open wide and tell me that you don't know that it's too big, but before I can tell you that if you want to make it in the industry you're going to have to take it, you tell me that you're always open as your holes are for anything... I lube you up more, and you lick that black cock to give it your own lubrication... you tell me to be patient and gentle and I put it against your ass... when you feel it against it you jump a little but when you feel more comfortable you push against it... in the mean time you're fucking the purple cock and start pushing against the black one... I hold it in place and slowly you start to push back... you feel the big head parting your asshole and then before you know it the head is in... you stop for a little and I ask you if you want to stop... you tell me that you don't... like a good little slut you push back a little more but you stop, you tell me that you feel like it's tearing you apart and ask for my cock... so I take it out and your asshole is puckered up... wondering where it went... I place myself behind you and you push against my hard wet cock... I'm so hard and horny that my cock is dripping... so you take my head, and start pushing... that black cock stretched you so it's easier to take me... so I fuck your ass while the purple cock fucks your pussy... we get in a rithym and now you're taking my entire cock in your ass and the purple cock to the end... all the while you're sucking that black cock and are taking as much as you can in your sexy mouth...

my cock muscles start to spasm and you feel it and tell me that you're ready for the black one so you get on your back, take the black cock with your other hand and start to fuck it... the thick head goes in and you moan with pleasure... you start to push your ass against it and take it all the way in... you relax for a second and put the purple cock in your wet bald pussy... at this point you have both big cocks in you, you look up at me and tell me you're ready for your third cock... so I get close, you open your mouth, lick it once, and take it all the way to the back of your throat in one single slurp...

As you're fucking me in the ass your girlfriend walks in on us. She throws me out of your apartment naked. Men on the street are whistling aking if i need a ride. I'm so scared I don't know what to do. Then all of a sudden she throws my heels and trench coat from the window. My clothes and purse were in your bathroom and I don't dare to go back up for them. She was pissed and I didn't want any problems; however; I did notice she was fucking hot.
I put on my trench and stillettos and walk into a local bar it's crowded 
but I managed to find a seat. I take a seat at the bar and a young gentleman 
offers to buy me a drink. I so desperately needed something to take the edge 
off, so I agree. We drink and drink and I start feeling really relaxed. I noticed the way he kept on looking at my legs. I purposely open my legs so he can see my pussy. I noticed him staring he apologized for looking at it. I tell him I wanted you to se it. He smiles. I ask him if he's ever had a pussy vodka. He says he?s never had the pleasure. I ask him if he wants to 
order one he says sure. I order the drink from the bartender, he brings it over, I tell him to give me his hand, I place his hand on my wet pussy then I have him lick his fingers then drink the vodka. I ask him"what do u think?" He says it's the best drink he's ever had. He tells me to excuse him but he needs to go to the bathroom. as I'm waiting for him I feel someone's hand under my coat, the hand is rubbing my pussy back and forth then they begin putting their fingers in me.

As I turn around to ask him what took him so long I realize it wasn't him but another guy who had been watching us. I smiled and let him continue rubbing my pussy while my other friend comes back. He took his hand out and said you taste like candy I want to fuck you but I'm not alone. I tell him that's his loss because would have fucked his brains out. I thanked him for my pussy massage grabbed his dick and said now that you got me this wet I must find my friend.
I walked into the bathroom and asked "is any one here ?" he says "i'm in the 
stall give me a second, I'll be right out. as I open the stall I catch him masturbating big thick cock, I ask him if he needs a little help. Before he can answer I take off my trench and he begins gropping me pulling my hair, licking my tits, then spreads my legs, takes his huge cock and begins fucking me like an animal. His dick was huge, it filled my entire pussy, I could feel it stretching me open, and hit the back of my pussy. It took everything out of me not to scream but his dick was tearing up my pussy. I was so hot and wet that I begged him to fuck me harder and deeper, then all of sudden my pussy massager walks in and says "I need to fuck you, you fucken turn me on I can?t take it".

As he opens the stall he sees my new friend leaning against the wall, while I have one leg over his waist as he?s fucking me standing up. I tell him that I want him too, not realizing my ass was exposed to him, and taking his cue, he pulls his pants down and pulls out his huge cock, my eyes open wide when I see it think that I am not going to be able to take it, but I am possessed by these big cocks and I ask him for it. His big thick cock is wet from his precum but he wets it with his saliva, and slowly puts it in my asshole. I feel a little pain as he is putting it in, my juices are dripping to my ass and it helps lube his big cock. We slow down to allow me to relax and open for this new cock, finally, I relax and feel his cock sliding into me, filling my entire ass. I?m cock greedy at this point and I pull him into me, I want both cocks all the way in me. I'm getting fucked in both holes, at this point they get a rithym and they are pounding my holes. I thougt to myself my director would be proud. He had taught me well. I feel the first wave of orgasms coming, and it?s one after another, this time I can?t hold my screams and I let go. I asked them to fuck me harder and deeper and they did, I feel another wave of orgasms and all of I sudden I feel my studs explode in my holes, while they come one is kissing me passionately in my mouth while the other one kissed the back of my neck while he massaged my breasts. They keep fucking me until their cocks go soft.

They pull away from me and my holes feel empty. I feel their cum dripping out of my holes and I grab my trench coat, put it on, and head for the door, when I noticed a crowd of horny guys. As I walk by them they ask me if I want more, I look at the one closest to me and wink at him and tell him "you can't handle me, you would need your friends".

As I walk out of the bathroom I hear a ring, all of sudden I realized I had my phone in my coat. To my surprise it was the directors girlfriend she said she watched the video with her boyfriend and she got really horny watching it. She said they fucked like they never fucked before. She said that I really turned her on and if I would come back because she wanted to suck my pussy. I asked her where her boyfriend was. She said he was asleep. I agree to meet her, I remember her tits and ass were beautiful . As I walk in she had wine for me, she was wearing a see through nighty, her tits are big like mine. as I sipped on my wine I kept thinking how I would love to lick and nibble her nipples. She tells me to lay on the couch and open my legs and she start to lick my pussy, her tongue goes in all directions she places a finger in me then two, then three this is making me so wet they just slide, then she puts in a fourth, then all of them. I can tell she's amazed I could take in so many fingers, but after the dick I fucked in the stall five fingers were nothing. I tell her to turn around because I wanted to lick her and we get on the 69 position with her on top of me. She asks me "who tastes better me or my boyfriend?" I tell her you do, and she says "I wish I could fuck you in the ass like my boyfriend did". I moan surprised how aggressive and horny she is, and I tell her to use her fingers. She starts putting one then another. mmm... I moan!

Her pussy juices are all over my face and hand as I play with her pussy while I suck her clit. she begins to moan and groan I tell her to quiet down that her boyfriend might wake up. She says she can't that she's never had someoone suck her pussy like I do. She tells me that she wants to see me fuck her boyfriend while she sucks my pussy, which makes me hot and sends me over the edge. We both cum as I eat and play with her pussy and as she sucks my clit and fingers my ass. After we came and we're there laying naked she asked me what's the slutiest thing I have done. I tell her: "after you threw me out i went to the bar and got fucked buy two guys at the same time. She says you are a true slut and tells me she wants to be a slut with me and get fucked buy two guys like I did while I watch and played with my pussy.

We make a deal to meet next week to fulfill her dream... to be continued.

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