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Wife&8217;s Intro To Slavery Part 2

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. . . And the high bid was at $400.00 when I was sold for the night to a couple in the front. I was lead off the stage by the man. I saw the woman with him walk out of the room. Pick up your clothing he said, put them on. He ordered make it quick, he snapped. He lead me up to the second floor. The lady with him meets us at the room. We went into the candle lighted room. It looked like a motel room. Bed dresser, book case, but it had a medical table and a wooden cross at the opposite corners. The cross had iron manacles hanging on it.

The lady walked across the room and went to the dresser which had three tulip shaped glasses on a silver tray and a wine bottle chilling in a silver iced pail. She said to me, “poured wine and server us slave”. I did what was ordered. I put the glasses on the tray and offered the wine to them. They took the glasses and I waited until the man spoke. My dear you are here as a present for my wife. You will do everything she says without question. If you don’t you will be punished. Understand? I did not know what to say. He said once more. He talked through his teeth. Do you understand? “Yes” I said. “That is not the answer slave”. With that he grabbed me by the dress. I heard the material tear. I was thrown towards the wooden cross. His wife grabbed my hands and in a New York minute I was shackled to the cross. Strip her he ordered. She tore my further my dress was ripped off me. He walked past me and took out a riding crop from the dresser. He walked behind me whipped my buttocks three times slow enough I was waiting for the fourth one. I cried out. “Fuck” I said. “Stop it hurts”. She came over to me and said, “now will you address us in the proper manner slave,” “Yes master” I will. “I am Mistress Pamela, he is the Master David slave”. “Yes Mistress Pamela”.

“Now slave I will free you and you will do what I say.” My mistress told me. “Yes Mistress Pamela” I said. She freed me and ordered me to undress her. I did what I was ordered. She was wearing a tartan pleated skirt, white oxford blouse which was sheer enough that I could see the outline of her black leather bustier. I started towards her. A flash of light filled the room. The master David said “I’m photographing the moments for the memories of the evening”. She ordered, “come here face me slave”. I walked over to her, and stopped about three feet from her.

“Look at me slave, now approach me on your knees and take off my skirt. I bent down placed my hands on the floor. The flashes from the camera was picking up the pace. Master David was taking pictures from all angles. I crept towards Mistress Pamela. I reached her feet and looked up at her for her next order. “Well undress me slave!” I scurried around behind her. I found the button and zipper of her skirt. I unbuttoned and pulled her zipped down. I reached around her waist band and slid the garment over her hips.

Mistress Pamela ordered me to my feet and to face her. We faced each other I placed my hands to the top button and my fingers unfasten he shirt. I took the dress shirt off her shoulders. She stood in her black leather Teddy, and full cut panties. On the floor slave and she told me to remove her panties. I did and was ordered to get on my hands and knees and craw over to her. As I did she turned her back to me and told me to make love to her ass. I reached her and her full panties covered her rounded buttocks. My hands caressed her bottom through the fabric. She told me to kiss her cheeks. And I did through the fabric. The flashing continued. Now slave she said, take them down and use your teeth. I did and with me bighting down on the elastic at the leg opening then I found that they were clinging to her buttocks I released the fabric and went to the waist band. I pulled them down and the perfume form her pussy of a recent orgasm filled my nostrils. I got the panties to her knees and released them. Tongue she said, use your tongue. She bent forward exposing her anus. Rim me slave. She spread her cheeks. And my tongue was at her brown whole. She ordered stick it in bitch. I hesitated. Stick your tongue in. I licked around her whole then she wiggled and said now bitch now. She wiggled her ass and said do it. That is when I felt the crop on my butt that was all it took and I harden my tongue and pushed it in past her opening. I tasted her shit. I heard a click and a hum the vibration from her pussy was transmitted to my mouth. I was French kissing her ass whole. I felt her orgasm as her sphincter was pulsating around my tongue. She was breathing hard and shook to the orgasm.

Slave finger me, I did for a few minutes. Then I was commanded to come around in front of her and lay down on your back. I did. She then positioned herself over me I was looking at her swollen pussy. She lowered her self to my face. Eat me she said. I did this willingly as the camera captured each moment. Her husband was now overhead his foot was on one side of my head and his knee on the other side. What was he doing I thought? I felt her moving and he spread her ass cheeks and I heard her say finger my ass dear. That is it another finger. I am relaxing for you dear. That is it give me the third finger. Yes she said then he stood up and I looked up to see him bending his knees he mounted her. He was fucking her ass and me eating her pussy. I heard her breathing getting deeper and louder. She was saying that’s it baby slide your cock in me . . .ahaaa . . .harder baby. . . don’t hold back! And he didn’t he was banging her ass. She responded I’m going to cum baby. Eat me slave. . . eat my pussy! Her shoulders were thrashing back and forth. Fuck my ass. Oh! Ohhhhhhhh!!! I’m going to Cummm. Open your mouth slave and AHHH She squirted in my mouth as she screamed to her earth shaking orgasm. He was grunting as he pulled out of her ass and told me to suck him. I moved up to take his dick in my mouth. I moved my lips to get around his dick head in then he pushed down. I felt his foreskin pass my lips. The tip of his cock was passing the back of my tongue. His balls hit my forehead. He was fucking my face. His balls slapping my head I felt the cum go up his shaft and pump into my throat. He pulled the spent organ out of my mouth. The string of cum stretched from my lips to his soft member.

He reached out his hand and helped his wife to her feet. He addressed me by ordering me up. Get some rest we are not finished with you slave. Our investment has not paid the pleasure we thought you would return. He was getting dressed as his wife was in the bathroom across the room. He went to a book case he reached for a book and I saw from a dim lighted room he picked out a book. Holding it upright he shocked the book and out of the book and slid into his hand was a video cam. He turned to me and said I will show this and see if I can get some takers. Out of the door he went.

My mistress came to the bed and said, Slave you haven’t received any pleasure have you? No Mistress I haven’t. Well when master returns he will have a few studs to rip you a new one. So lets get you ready should we? Yes mistress. Come over to the exam table. She slapped the cushion sit up here slave. I climbed the table and sat on the cold cushions. Lay back. I did and she reached under the table and brought to my sides leather cuffs. She strapped them on my wrist. She placed a leather belt around my waist, cuffs on my ankles. She rotated my color so the “D” ring was facing my back. I heard a key slid into the lock. The bolt retracted and I turned to see my master with some men and women walk in the door. Ok my master said she is almost ready for your inspection. Finnish making her ready dear. She reached in a draw under me and took out leather straps with hooks on the ends. She hooked the ankle cuffs bent my legs and moved them down and pulled one foot back to my side and did the same to my other leg. Go and inspect her. The couples (three) walked over to me and one of the ladies placed a surgical glove on and took a tube of KY jelly and squeezed some jelly on the glove tips. She massaged my pussy and entered me with two fingers. She moved her hand in and out in a fucking motion and pulled her fingers out only to make her hand into a wedge shape and she pushed her hand in to the knuckles’. I bite my lower lip. She rotated her hand and pushed in till I was stretched to permit her full hand in my body. I looked at a mirror and saw her glove hand burred in my pussy. She looked at the others and said she is flexible enough for the ordeal. Pay the man. Get her dressed and we will take her.

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