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What two women really do alone...

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She led me into the bedroom and told me to admire how neat and clean it was. AS I stood next to the bed to survey the room, she stood behind me and brushed my hair from my shoulders and neck. She kissed my neck and slid her arms around me, cupping my breasts. ?I think it?s time for these clothes to go?, she said, and slipped her arms back around to the zipper on the back of my sundress. She slid the straps off my shoulders and pushed the dress down to the floor. Laughing, she asked if I owned any underwear. She pushed me down onto the bed and climbed over me. ?What about your clothes??, I asked as she laid down on top of me. ?I?ll get to them? she said, then pressed her mouth to mine, and then slid her tongue between my lips. My hands slid up her back and over her arms as we kissed and soon her hands were covering mine. She stretched my arms out next to me and and slid off of me. Holding my wrist down, she reached down next to the bed for a cloth strap which she tied around me. She leaned across me and did the same with my other wrist. She slid down the bed and then tied my ankles the same way. She stood on the floor at the end of the bed and slid her shirt off over head, then pushed her shorts to the floor. She dropped to her knees and sucked my big toe into her mouth and slid her hands along my calf. She kissed her way up my leg and across my stomach and then leaned over me, reaching up so that her breasts were just above my mouth. When I sucked her nipple into my mouth, she pulled quickly away, scolding me for not asking permission. I made my voice sound as apologetic as possible and asked if I could please kiss her nipple. She lowered her breast back to my mouth and made a small noise as I sucked her nipple in. ?I like it when my whole nipple is sucked?, she said, and pushed her breast further into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and clamped my teeth around her nipple and began to suck. ?That?s a good girl,? she said, and moaned softly. She let me continue to suck her for a while and then moved off of me again. ?Let?s see what other directions you can follow,? she said. She turned herself around into a 69 position over me and lowered her head between my legs. I could feel her hair on my thighs and her breath on me, but nothing else. Her pussy was above me and I was straining to reach her. She moved again and tightened the straps on my wrists. ?What is that you want, she whispered into me ear. ?You have to tell me?. ?I want to lick you, I said. She looked at me then leaned back to my ear, licked it slowly and whispered again. ?You didn?t say please?. ?Please let me lick you?, I said and she moved over me again. ?Do it the way I like it, ? she said, ?nice and slow and gentle and maybe I?ll lick you,too.? She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I stuck my tongue out to find her clit. My tongue probed the thick folds of skin gently until I found it, then I flattened my tongue and began to lick it back and forth very slowly. She was leaning down between my legs again and was using her finger to spread the wetness leaking from me up to my clit. She used her fingers to spread the lips around my clit and then pressed her mouth down around it. Her tongue licked me while she slid one, then two fingers into me. I was still licking her, but moaning now while I was doing it. Her fingers were moving back and forth, fucking me while her tongue teased my clit. She shifted her position on my face and and pressed the wet slit of her pussy down on my mouth. I began fucking her with my tongue, then trying to lick inside her when my tongue went far inside her. Her fingers stopped moving inside me and she began to lick me quick and hard. I came strongly, but could hardly move for all the straps tying me down. She slid her fingers back inside me and began to fuck me again, but now she was moving her whole body down between my legs. She knelt between my legs and began to flick her tongue against my clit again. I was moaning loudly now and came again rather quickly. She continued to lick me, slower and slower and then withdrew her fingers from me. She slid her hands down my legs and I could feel my wetness on her fingers as she stroked my legs. She untied my ankles and then slid up over me. She slid her fingers into my mouth as she untied one of my hands and then the other. She asked me if she made me feel good and I told her she did. She began nudging me out of the way and said that she wanted me to make her cum now and she wanted to cum quickly. She laid where I had been and I laid between her legs. She was extremely wet and I slid one, then two, then three fingers into her before licking her clit. I began to pet the inside of her while I licked her slowly. She was moaning already and put her hands down to hold my head. I began to twist my hand slowly inside her, still moving my fingers around. She was saying something, but I couldn?t understand it and I didn?t want to stop. She lifted her legs and pressed her feet flat against the bed. One of her hands slid off my head and onto the shoulder of my arm that was moving the fingers inside her. I was still licking her tantalizingly slowly and softly and I could feel the muscles inside her getting tighter on my fingers. The hand on my shoulder was pulling it slightly, so I pushed my fingers far inside her. It was like a tidal wave as the soft walls of her pussy convulsed on my hand. She was crying out and it was difficult for me to keep licking her while she came, but I somehow managed to keep licking until her pussy was relaxed. I slid my fingers out of her and rubbed my hand between her legs as I moved up on the bed to lay next to her. She kissed me gently and asked if I really had 3 fingers inside her. I told her I did and she laughed softly as she rolled on her side and snuggled against me. We laid for a few minutes and then she got up to get a blanket so we could go to sleep.

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