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West Texas Cheaters

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I want to tell you a story that happened to me a few years back. I was 25 at the time and living in Midland. My husband was a brilliant man, with a very good position at Gulf Oil. He came from one of the most respected families in the Denver area and we had been married about six years, with no children. Life was good as far as the outside world could see. I did not need to work, we were members of the Country Club and I spent most of my days either lying out by the pool, playing golf at the club, or playing Bridge with the other ladies I socialized with. I had a new Sting Ray to drive and an American Express card in my purse. There was just one flaw in my life at the time. My husband was a control freak and he thought having sex was strictly for the pleasure of the man and his drive dictated that it should occur once a month, perhaps, and then for a full three or four minutes.

Now that might have been good for some women but I was far from being a virgin when we married and I already knew better. I did try to be the good wife and until this time had only had fallen a few times and those were strictly one night stands. Then one day as I was walking out of the club with a couple of lady friends I saw Marty?s husband for the first time. He had come to pick her up and when he stepped from that Bonneville convertible I knew I wanted him between my legs.

He was well tanned, tall and broad shouldered with a big smile and perfect white teeth.

I noticed also, he noticed me. A woman has no doubt when a man gives her the once over whether or not he is appreciating or lusting and Marty?s Glenn was doing both.

Some of you most likely have read one or more of my posts before, but for those who have not let me tell you a little about myself. First off I?m a natural blond and to halt the jokes before they start I have an IQ of 134, not great but not dumb either. I stand in bare feet a little shy of 5? 7? and at the time I weighed perhaps 115 to 118 pounds. My bra size was 30F back then, and I can proudly say as big as they are, they never were hangers.

I was in white shorts and a white polo style shirt which even with a bra on allowed my boobs to swing proudly when I walked, especially if I wanted them to, and Glenn?s eyes glued to them.

I knew he would contact me, I just wondered how long it would take him and how he would go about it. It only took three days, the following Saturday as I was pushing my cart along the meat counter at the Safeway store I saw him coming my direction. His cart was empty.

I stopped and waited for him to reach me and we began small talk. Eventually he invited us over to their home for a traditional Texas backyard cookout the next afternoon.

I smiled and thanked him but said I had to decline as my husband was sitting on a well and wouldn?t be back for at least a week perhaps two. This knowledge brought both disappointment and pleasure to his expression, the first followed a split second later by the second.

?Perhaps you could come alone.? He suggested.

I looked straight into his dark brown eyes and said back in a strong but seductive voice, ?Oh, I really don?t like to come alone.?

?I think I can understand that.? Glenn replied and I saw a twitch occur in the left leg of his trousers.

I opened my purse and retrieved a card. I read it over before handing it to him, ?This is one of my husband?s business cards, the second number there is our home phone, the next time you and Marty have a cookout give us a call and if Jer is home,? I paused before finishing, ?We?ll come together, that?s the best way you know.?

?Yes, I believe you are right.? He said back in that deep Texas drawl and I smiled and leaned forward so my boobs were mashed against the cart?s chrome handle and then moved ahead and passed him. ?Bye now.?

Around ten that night the phone rang, ?Hi this is Glenn; just wanted you to know we called off the cookout for tomorrow and was wondering if you knew when you husband will be back so we could reschedule it??

I almost replied, let?s stop the bull shit, the front door is unlocked and I sleep up stairs, but I didn?t, ?I really don?t know when he will be back, he very often goes out on the wells and must wait until they come in, sometimes two or three weeks and he?s only been gone three days.?

?So you don?t expect him back soon??

?No, not soon.?

?That must get pretty lonely.?

?Yes, at times.? I admitted.

?Say would you like to have a drink or something? I?d like to hear more about what your husband does.?

I almost replied sure but quickly thought of a lie that would work better, ?I?d love to but my car has something wrong with it and I have no way to meet you.?

?I could come by and give you a ride.?

I thought, ?I bet you could.? But what I said back was ?Sure that will be fun.?

?Well, how do I find your place??

?Oh, Marty knows, she comes over here often and we play bridge.? I said back.

There was a long pause, ?Marty is over at her mothers, she plans to meet me later.?

?That was cleaver.? I thought. ?Well then, I live at ____ the last house on the right, brick, three level. I?ll leave the outside light on.?

?Great, I?ll be there in ten or so.?

?Bye.? I said to him as I hung up the phone.

?Ten minutes, shit, I need a shower.?

On the bed I quickly laid out a loose fitting pleaded skirt that came down to just above my knees and a lavender blouse that was slightly transparent, and then jumped into the shower.

The door bell was ringing when I turned off the faucet. The master bedroom was the center of the top floor. On the front side was an octagon window that gave light from the sun, or the street light after dark, to the rear was a wide picture window that over looked the pool.

On one side was a walkin closet the size of a small room and to the other was the bath in an equal size room with a large shower, his and hers vanities and a great free standing tub that was at least 75 years old.

I rushed to the octagon window and pushed it open from the bottom.


He moved back so he could see where the voice was coming from and then called out, ?Hi, it?s Glenn and Marty.?

?Come on in, the front door?s unlocked, I?ll be down in a sec.? I called back, doubting Marty was with him but appreciated the thought just in case one of my nosey neighbors were listening.

I open the bedroom door a smidgen and watched as he entered, closed the door behind him, and then turned the deadbolt.

Calling out I said, ?I?ll be down in a minute, I want to comb my hair, why don?t you fix us all a drink? The liquor cabinet is ahead on the left.? I paused and then added, ?Make mine Scotch on the rocks.?

?Sure.? Came the reply.

I slipped on the skirt not bothering with anything under it and then the blouse. Walking to the big mirror over my dresser I did indeed comb my hair until it had a shinny luster and fell gently over my shoulders. I looked closely and was satisfied that when I took a deep breath the blouse would tighten enough my areolae and nipples could been seen. Lastly I added a quick touch up of lipstick ?Now Wanda, if you don?t get you cookies tonight it?s not your fault.?

When I came down the stairs I looked about as if I was trying to spot his wife, ?I thought you said Marty was with you??

?Oh, I just said that for the neighbor?s benefit. She a? she will meet us at the lounge.?

?Why that was so cleaver and to think you would consider my reputation in the neighborhood is so sweet.?

He stood there rather nervously and I saw his eyes drop to my chest so I took a deep breath before asking, ?Is that for me??

He looked up into my face and then down to the two glasses he still held. One almost empty and the other quite full, ?Oh yes, sure.? He said handing me the glass.

?This looks like a double, you aren?t trying to get me drunk so you can have you way with me, are you??

?To tell you the truth Wanda, it has entered my mind.?

?I suspected that.? I said and then turned and walked towards the living room where I sat in a large padded chair leaving him the sofa or a straight back chair. He chose the sofa which was directly across from me.

I eased my legs up so I was sorta setting on them and let my heels slip off and drop to the floor.

I could tell he was very nervous. I suspected this was the first time he was not doing the seducing and the whole play was unfolding strangely to him.

In the next five minutes I learned all about him, where he grew up, what his father did for a living and that he and Marty had met at Texas A&M and were married right after graduation. By then my glass was empty so I said, ?Will you do the honors, or shall I??

?Oh I will.? He said and then he jumped up and reached for my glass but he missed slightly and spilled the ice and a small amount of the remaining liquid on my skirt. I jumped up and began fanning the skirt. ?Oh that?s cold.? I said as he was fumbling for the correct words of apology. I doing so I let the skirt fly up enough I saw his eyes lock down and knew he had seen my blond pussy hair and was now fully aware I was bare assed beneath the short skirt.

?I?m so sorry.?

?No, it could have happened to anyone.? I said, ?Just fix us another while I run upstairs and get out of this wet skirt.?

When I reached the bedroom I dropped the skirt, then removed my pretty blouse and hung it in the closet, then fluffed up the pillows so I could sit there with my back to the big mirrored backboard.

After hearing the ice drop into the fresh drinks I called, ?Glenn, will you come help me??

?Sure.? He said.

And then I thought I had better add something, ?Don?t forget my drink.?

I heard him stop and return to the bottom of the steps and then come on up.

When he pushed the door fully open he eyes were filled with me, naked on the big bed. I had my long legs crossed and was pinching one of my nipples. His gasp was a reward to me for my efforts. However he didn?t move, he just stood there and drank me in. Finally I uncrossed my legs and spread them so my pussy lips were exposed before I said, ?Are you going to stand there all night, or are you going to come over here and eat me??

He chose the latter, and he knew just how to do it too.

Truly the nicest thing about Marty?s husband was, he could keep a hard on for an hour and then with a little help, get it hard all over again.

For the next several months, when Jer was sitting a well I would be sitting on Glenn?s fat seven incher, at least twice a week. He worked it out so he could come by during the day and that way Marty wouldn?t get suspicious. That was fine with me. So I missed a few bridge games with the society women of Midland Texas, what the hell, a girl?s got to do what a girl?s got to do to stay sane.?


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