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Under Orders

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Under Orders

My husband is one of those men who can get women to do pretty much anything, and make it seem like their idea. When he beds you, he leaves you exhausted and satisfied several times over.

Our sex life never lacks for excitement and long ago I learned to listen.

He got up a little earlier that day. I heard him shower and get ready. My pussy was still wet from last night. He came over to the bed unzipped his pants and put me on my knees. "Suck me, it's going to be a long day."

I wrapped my lips around his cock and took him deep. To the back of my throat and then down it. One motion, nice and smooth down my throat. I held his cock there. I just loved the feeling, his cock in my throat, not being able to breath, his hands on my head. As I tried to pull off of his cock, his hands held me there. Dick down my throat, not breathing...until he let me breath. He pulled me off his cock when he wanted to. He'd just grab my hair and pull. I guess I like it more than a little rough. He wasn't done with me, like he said suck him dry.

I used my tongue and ran it along his shaft. I licked at the head of his cock. I stroked his dick with my hand, squeezing it and then he just shoved it back down my throat. I sucked and sucked, licked his dick and balls. Stroked his cock, pumping it, trying to jerk him off. He loved when I would pump his dick and just suck the head of his dick and I knew at anytime he'd ram it down my throat and hold me there. Sometimes I thought I would pass out and just about all of the time my pussy would squirt. A little orgasm, a little dripping pussy getting hornier and hornier, waiting to either be bent over and fucked or to feel his cum on me, and in me. Either way I'd squirt like a little slut.

I felt him start to fuck my mouth and I knew he'd cum soon. I let him bang my mouth, shove it down my throat and then he pulled out, shooting a load across my tits and then putting his cock back into my mouth and shooting the rest of his load. I love the taste of his cum and the feel. I just sucked the last drops of cum out of his cock and swallowed. I looked up at him and rubbed the cum on my tits. My nipples were so hard, and with the cum on my tits, the feeling.... I just came. He could see me shudder and when I was done I gave his cock one last cleaning and he left.

I took my shower and found a note on the mirror,Take a shower, shave your pussy smooth and get dressed in the outfit I have hanging up for you. Call into work sick."

I did as I was told. The outfit was a lace black body stocking that left little to the imagination. There was a cut out for access to my pussy and ass. Pinned to my outfit was another note. " You can put the red thong on, after you've fingered that pussy o make it nice and wet. You will wear this outfit all day. When you are dressed, take a couple of pics and send them to me. The rest of your instructions will be by text."

We had never really done anything like this but I was game, I was wet and horny.

I sent them his pics.... his reply was to tell me how sexy I looked, how hot it made him and just how hard he was. With that he sent me a pic of that nice cock of his.

"No more playing with yourself baby....not yet anyway"

It was a good couple hours later when my phone beeped...."Answer the door" The doorbell rang and my phone beeped again.... "Answer the door as you are dressed" I cracked open the door, it appeared to be a package delivery. "Can I help you? I said.

"I was told you need to sign for this ma'am."

My phone beeped..."Open the door all the way and step outside, NOW"

I slowly opened the door, there I stood in a body stocking on our front steps. He had a package in his hands and when I went to get it, he pulled it away from his body and I saw his hard cock hanging out of his pants.

My phone beeped....."Get on your knees, NOW, and let him deliver his load in your mouth. Give him a great blow job,NOW"

I did as I was told. I got on my knees and took his dick into my mouth. I ran my tongue on his shaft and wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and sucked so fucking hard. His dick wasn't real big... just enough to fill my mouth and I did as I was told. I gave him a great blow job. He didn't take long, maybe a couple of minutes or so.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming. " I opened my mouth and let him watch his dick spurt into my mouth, one stream after another. His dick may not have been big but when he came it was by the bucket. I had trouble swallowing it all. As it dribbled down my chin, I rubbed his dick across my lips, making a little mess that became bigger when he squirt one last time across my lips and chin.

"Ummm, you taste good. Lots of cum... I like that", I said.

"You want more, keep sucking", he said.

I did. I put that dick back in my mouth and started sucking, flipping my tongue on his head when he came again. I swallowed it all this time. No dribbles.

He smiled, as I stood up. He grabbed my ass and pulled me in for a kiss. "I wish I could fuck you but it he said all I could have was a BJ, the best I have ever had."

And with that he left. Other than knowing my hubby sent him I have no clue who he is or if I will see him"cum" again.

I looked around wondering if anyone was watching. Did someone watch? What would they think of me mostly naked sucking a delivery man off on the front steps. Was hubby watching? We live in the woods off the road but living in a new community with construction around, you never know. And there off in the distance up by the road I saw two guys just standing there and staring. Doubt they could see much from that distance but I wondered if they were next.

I turned and went back inside as the delivery man pulled up the driveway. I closed the door and watched. I could see the guys trying to wave him down and stop. A quick stop and he left. I didn't know what was said but I stood there watching to see if there were heading down the driveway. I was shaking some, nervous, excited and dripping wet.

My phone beeped..."He said you were the best. Are you wet?"

"Yes I am soaking wet. I sucked him off twice. He came and came.... I'm a little messy. Can I play with myself now?"

A couple of pictures came back, showing me on my knees sucking on that delivery cock, another showing his cum on me.....

"Looks like you had fun. NO you cannot play with yourself. Clean up and take your thong off, NOW"

I wasn't sure if he meant to take a shower but I did.... and I made sure the thong was left on the floor. Just a quick shower to refresh myself. I was putting the body stocking back on when the doorbell rang. There was no beep on my phone so I went to the door and peeked out to see a women who appeared to be a cop. She wasn't in uniform but I could see a badge on her belt and what appeared to be a holster.

The doorbell rang again with a knock. "Miss, please answer the door. We received a complaint that I need to talk to you about."

"Just one second.." She banged on the door again, "No, now, open the door now or this will get a lot worse."

I opened the door trying to cover myself but here I was in this lace stocking with that cut out for my pussy and ass. I did my best to cover. "Ma'am, please put your arms down. I've seen it all and based on the compliant I think I found the cause." She at least shut the door behind her.

She looked me up and down, then told me to turn around. "Lift you arms up please, turn around again. I need to make sure you are not concealing anything. " I did as I was told. Had someone seen me sucking on that guy and called it in or seen me pretty much nude and complained?

"Ma'am please turn around and put your hands on the wall." I started to protest but, she grabbed me and spun me around to the wall. She kicked my legs apart and pulled my hips out some. I guess you can imagine me there with my ass hanging out, a little bent over for her to inspect.

"Keep your hands on the wall. and stay still. Ma'am I got a call about a nude women on her front porch performing oral sex on a guy. Can I ask what you were doing a little earlier dressed like this?"

I started to turn my head to answer, "Ma'am keep your hands and nose on that wall, and spread you legs a little wider".

"I wasn't sure what to think. My head was spinning, my heart was racing. How could I explain. I didn't know what to say.

It's up to you Ma'am, we can do this the easy way or the hard way..." and with that she pressed against my body, reached her hand around and squeezed my breasts and then pressed her hand against my pussy.

I guess I should have known this was part of my day but I didn't until....

She put the cuffs on me and continued to press me against the wall, I guess at some point she must have undone her slacks because the next thing I felt was a strap-on pressing against my ass. She she slid it between my legs and pressed it against my mound. Before I knew it, she had pushed the strap-on inside of me. At first it was just the tip of it and then slowly she pushed her mounted toy deeper inside of me.

I've used toys but never had a women fuck me. It was a weird feeling really, she opened her blouse and I could feel her erect nipples brush on my back as she pushed her toy in and out of my pussy. I could feel her dig into my sides. I was getting wetter and wetter. No lube was needed, all I could feel was this hard toy in my pussy and these hard nipples on my back, I was dripping wet.

With my hands cuffed I could barely keep her from pushing me into the wall. With each thrust I tried to push back wanting to give as good as she gave me but she just drove me into the wall. She was using very long, very hard and slow strokes. In and out, deep inside and forceful. I guess she could tell I wanted to go faster. I tried pushing back, tried bucking my hips against her toy. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her, "You like it hard and fast don't you? This is just teasing you, making you wet but you want to cum don't you?", "Of God yes, fuck me faster, just fuck me faster." And she did. She was slamming that dick in and out of my pussy, "Oh God, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me." I let out a loud moan and with that my pussy exploded, squirting all over the toy, all over the floor. My legs were trembling. I was trying to steady myself and she just slammed me into the wall. "Your husband said you squirted like a hose. Said you like it hard and fast, God you are so juicy" and she started fucking me again. Little strokes, meant to tease. I could barely stand when she started going faster and faster. Harder and harder. She grabbed my hips, dug her nails into me and pulled me to her. Bang she slammed into me, Bang again and then she slowed a little and we exploded together. She came, making her own puddle and I came making my puddle bigger.

She grabbed me by the cuffs and dragged me over to our coffee table. She put me on my back and slid her toy back inside of me but not for long, I guess she just wanted it coated with my juices ad she pulled out of me, lifted my legs up and squeezed them together. Then I felt her push to toy into my ass. One long slow stroke until the whole thing was up my ass. "Don't stop, fuck me, fuck my ass." "fuck me, fuck me..... make me cum again". She just rammed her toy in and out of my until my pussy squirted, covering her tits, covering her face in my juices and this seemed to send her over the edge. My juices were dripping off her, running down her tits, off her nipples when she pulled out of me and flicked her cit until I was covered in her juices. She squirted on my face and kissed every drop off and before I knew it she was back inside of me. Taking turns fucking my pussy and then my ass. I do not remember how many times I came or how many times she squirted in my face. I just remember her taking the strap-on off and sitting her pussy on my face, grinding her cunt on my lips and making sure my tongue probed deep inside her. I ate my first pussy, a juicy, sweet tight little cunt. All the while she told me how much she enjoyed my body and how much she enjoyed my husbands cock. "When I am done here... I'm taking my pussy over to your husband's office and siting on that big fucking dick of his until he makes me cum, over and over again. I'll let him bend me over that desk and fuck my ass and when he's done. When were both dripping in juices I'll take his dick down my throat and suck him dry. I love tasting his cum. Maybe next time I'll eat his cum right out of your pussy."

I heard my phone beep, "Guess that's him. Must be time for me to go. Guess he can't wait to see his dick disappear into my pussy" , she got up leaving me there soaked in our juices. My pussy hurt but wanted more. My ass hurt but needed more and my mouth wanted my husband cock. Something long and thick to suck on and suck off.

My phone beeped again..... "Take a pic of yourself and a nice one showing that fucked pussy and ass. I'll be home later. I expect to still taste her on you and I expect to find you ready for more, much more."

My phone beeped again...a little while later..... a pic came across showing his cock sliding into her pussy, I wished I was there.......

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