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Tims Big Birthday Surprise

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Tim’s Big Birthday Surprise

Well it was my 50th birthday the big five-O , and Stephanie gave me a birthday surprise that was the greatest present I ever got except for her , and I met her last year on my Birthday , but this year was a big one , she had it all planned , so I went with her to this location , she blindfolded me , and led me in by my hand , I heard two sets of doors close , she told me strip down totally nude but leave on the blindfold , I did as Stephanie told me , she then led me over to a chair with arms , she sat me down , she tied my hands ,to the arms and then tied my ankles to the legs so I could not move or get up , I was at her mercy , she then said she would be back in a few minutes, and kissed me and left the room. I heard the door close behind her , I was sitting there wondering what she had in mind , after about 30 minutes or so , I heard her return , she told me she had returned and once she removed the blindfold I could only watch her but was not allowed to speak , and I agreed, so then I heard her getting undressed , I was excited , but a little nervous , she then walked over to me and removed my blindfold , it took a few seconds for my eyes to focus , she stood there sexy as always totally nude , and she had another man with her , he was young , about 23 to 25 years old , he was totally nude also , Stephanie is 44 years old and a hot sexy woman, she makes every fantasy I have cum true. He said this was a friend of hers, and he was a really good fuck, he said hi to me, and I didn’t say anything just nodded my head.

She sat him on the edge of the bed which was about , 10 ft from me , she got on her knees and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him , she knew I loved to watch her have sex with other men , he sucked him till his cock was very hard , she the stood him up and leaned over the bed , as I watched him slid his cock into her hot pussy , he started fucking her , they were really enjoying it , he fucked her good and hard for awhile , she then told him to lay on the bed on his back , she climbed on him facing him , and she had straddled his cock , she slipped the cockhead into her slowly taking all of him deep into her pussy , as she rode him up and down he was sucking her big tits and she was smiling at me , and watching my cock get hard , she loved cock but she loved making me hard even more , she rode him for a while , I seen her tense up and knew she was about to cum , I could hear her moaning loud and she was getting a good fucking , she looked at me a said I am about to cum Tim , he kept on letting her ride him as she went weak for a second as she had her first orgasm , she then regained her composure as she kept riding him , she had told me before this last time she fucked him he could stay hard for a very long time , she then got off of his cock , it was shinning with her wetness , she then got on all fours on the bed as he entered her from behind , as started to fuck her hard , I had a good view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy , they fuck for a while she was moaning and telling him to make her cum again and shortly after that she yelled out she was about to , he said he was close to Cumming also , as he pounded on her wet tight pussy , he let out a loud moan as he pumped her pussy full of his young cum , he kept on fucking her till both were give out and he slid out of her and lay on his back , she then leaned over and sucked and licked his cock clean , they had fucked for over two hours , my cock was so hard it hurt , he then thanked her and got up and left , she lay there a few minutes , her legs spread wide open for me to see his cum leaking out of her pussy , she then got up a walked towards me.

She then asked me did I like her show she gave me , and I said it was great , she then untied my from the chair , and led me to the bed , told me to lean forward onto the bed where she tied me with my ass sticking exposed in the air , my legs hanging off and my feet on the floor , she tied my ankles to the lower bed with my legs spread apart , where she had full access to my ass , my hands were tied to the sides hanging off the bed , I could not move , I could pick my head up and look around , but that was it, she then climbed on the bed in front of and slid her cum filled pussy up to my lips and told me to eat her friends cum from her , I started to lick her pussy , I could taste his fresh cum and her wet cum mixed together , I run my tongue deep as I could into her pussy , she was moaning and asked did I like the taste , I told her it was great , she then grabbed my hair and started pulling my face deep into as I licked and sucked her clean , once I had her clean as she wanted , she slid back about a foot and started to play with her pussy , and said I bet you would like to cum in me and fuck me wouldn’t you , I said oh yes please , she said no , and slapped my face you must earn this pussy , I will give it to everyone else but you but you must earn it , she then reached behind her a pulled out a dildo and started fucking her pussy , putting on a show , she loved it when I could not touch what I wanted , she fucked her self till I heard tell her say Tim I am going to cum again , I seen her relax as she did, she then slid out the dildo and pushed it to my lips and I sucked and licked it clean , she was smiling , she loved it, she got off the bed and walked over and picked up a large paddle , I asked what was she going to do , she said it’s time for my birthday spanking and she said the louder you scream the harder I will hit , she walked behind me rubbing my ass , she said you will get one for each year , total of 50 and if you ask me to stop , I have to start back at one , then she hit me , it stung and hurt , I bit my lip , she kept on spanking my ass , I counted 10 , 20 , 30 , it was really hurting , 40 , 45 , 50 , my ass was like it was on fire , she reached and rubbed it my Tim your ass is so red , she was enjoying it because she knew it turned me on , she reached down to my balls and squeezed them and run her hand up my cock , she said my I don’t ever remember it being that hard , she then run her fingers down the crack of my ass to my ass-hole , she poured some lube onto her finger and stuck them in my ass-hole , she did this a few times and walked to the bathroom , she returned in a few minutes with a strap on , she was ready to give me a birthday fucking , she eased up behind me rubbing the cockhead against my ass pouring some lube down my ass crack as she pushed the cock into my ass , it hurt at first but as she worked it in and out it felt better , as she pushed it deep into me , she started fucking me faster and harder, I was starting to really enjoy the ass fucking I was getting , she reached over a picked up a slapper paddle made of leather , and every time she would shove the cock up my ass all the way , she would slap my ass , she did this for a length of time , and she slipped her big cock from my ass , it felt strange not having Stephanie’s up my ass , she then put her fingers back in my ass , I could feel her working her hand in me , she said now she had her whole hand in my now opened up ass , she did this a few times and stopped , she the took of her strap on , and then un tied me , She then told me to lay on my back , I did as I was told , she then got a wooden ruler out of her toy box , I did not know what that was far , I was laying on m back with my cock straight up in the air , and it was hard and swollen , she then climbed on the bed and straddled my thighs , sitting all her weight on them so I could not move , she then took the ruler a struck my cock with it , it stung like a bee had attacked me , she repeated this on my cockhead , my shaft and balls , for about 20 times , then she started slapping my nipples , about the same number of times till they were red and sore , she then slid forward across my cock ,I could feel her pussy as it slid over it , she then reached behind her and grabbed it , twisted and squeezing it , she then leaned forward till my cockhead slid into hot wet pussy and started fucking me as she , slapped my nipples , she then leaned over biting them , she was riding my cock like it was a wild bull , she looked at me and said , you can cum now , and as she rode it I started to fill her pussy with loads of cum , she loved that , then we went and took a shower together , this was the best birthday I can ever remember , but I was with the sexiest woman I had ever seen to , that makes it great , she can do anything she wants to me at anytime she wants , she is so great words can not describe how I feel about her.

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