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The meeting

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It started like any other day for her: eat breakfast, get the kids to school, go to work, have lunch with co –workers and come home then fix supper. After supper was when this would get a little more interesting. She had her support group as she told her kids. She took a bag full of her supplies that she would need for that evenings meeting.

This meeting be a bit different from the normal one because they we going to have a newcomer. She drove to the meeting room and changed into her proper attire for the meeting: her short black skirt, black bustier, black boots and nothing else. Oh yes the accessories she couldn’t forget those: the flogger that she stuck in her boot with the leather strips hanging out, her paddle she tucked in around the waist of her skirt, her feather tickler she stuck in her other boot with the feather sticking out. She looked herself over. Yep she was ready. The newcomer was told to arrive 10 minutes early. She should be here soon. He needed prepared.

He walks in and is surprised to see how a leader of this group was dressed. He thinks to himself. ‘So that is why she needed the list of my fantasies. He is told to strip fully “pants down” as he always referred to it in his fantasies. She then straps a collar and leash on him and tells him he best get in the seat now before the other group members arrive. She blindfolds him and then ties him to the chair.

He hears people arrive and they begin chatting about life and a few notice the newcomer in the middle of the room on display. Some walk over and check him out rub his chest and nibble at his ears or neck. They know they are not to touch him anywhere else it “the leader” lets them know it is ok.

The leader calls the meeting to order with a crack of a whip. Wait he thinks I don’t remember seeing that anywhere. They all sit down and she tells them about the newcomer.

“Everyone this is Nick. This is his 1st meeting to our group and I believe it is inspection time.”

She then unties him tells him to get off the chair and begins to lead him around the room.

As he stands in front of you please introduce yourself. The first one says “my name is Mary” and gives him a swat on the ass with the paddle.

“Jim” and he greets nick with a few strokes of his already hard cock.

“Jim, let go he needs to meet everyone.” And he hears Jim get a swat.

“Clair here” she takes the feather and uses it to tickle his balls.

Nick starts to wonder if he will be able to endure the whole meeting the group thing but is so turned on that each introduction just sends him closer to the edge.

The mistress as they are now calling her speaks up. “You will not cum it I say you can and you from now on. Also during tonight’s meeting address me as mistress.” She tugged on the leash and says “is that understood my little cum slut?”

“Yes mistress”

“John” and he grabs his balls and gives then a few licks.

Nick can hear moans from all around him as he is paraded around.

“On your hands and knees now you worthless dog”

Nick obeys but he must have taken a bit too long because he feels a swat across he ass.

As he crawls on all fours around the room now he is wondering how many people are left yet to meet.

“Sally” she takes a nice lick around nicks ass

“Steven” and he just give nick a swat on the ass. This one stings a little more because of his ass being wet for sally’s licks.

“You may play as you wish or watch but I have a bit more training to do.” “Follow me cum slut” “he will be back for clean up later”

Clean up he wondered, was that what he thought it might be. It got his mind spinning. She led him to another area of the room and soon he found he had a butt plug in and a cock ring on both were vibration and sending them thru out his body. He wanted to cum so bad but had not been told he could. How much more must he endure.

With a swat on the ass she said you will now stand before me so I can finish my inspection. She lightly licked his balls and massaged his cock. He could finally take no more as said ‘please mistress I need to cum” with that he felt his body explode. She collected some of his cum.

“I did not tell you could cum so you will now earn your name.”

She stuck a plate before him and told him to lick it clean. OMG it was just as he though he had to eat his own cum.

“Now I believe it is clean up time.” “Everyone get ready for clean up please.”

She was now leading him around the room once again. “You are to clean every pussy and cock clean.” “If you are good at what you do then you may get an extra reward of more cum to eat.’

Nick worked hard at getting rewards and got a few. After he got done with each person he could hear the room clear. He was then instructed after his mistress took off the collar and leash to get dressed and she would get back to him to see if he could join there little group.

She then changed her clothes back to her street clothes. Picked up her bag and preparing to head home. It was a pretty good meeting she thought to herself. I will just have to see what the others thought as she put the evaluation forms in her bag as well.

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