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The bar scene

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Upon entering the bar, he noticed immediately that she was dressed immaculately. Even her hair was perfect, and he couldn't imagine she worked like he did all day. He was bushed, and wanted nothing more than a wind down drink or two before hitting the road to home.

Hard to imagine the two of them alone in a bar at happy hour, in such a busy city, but there they were. Of course, he would keep to himself as usual.

She noticed the fine gentleman enter her place. He seemed apprehensive, yet receptive. She was ready for him. Her long day was one of grooming and haut couture. She had money, why not get what she wanted. A drink before returning to the rich, bastard husband would be perfect. Maybe more than one would be better. Her limp dick spouse would not care what she did. She knew she was merely arm candy to him.

Eye contact was fleeting, yet they kept avoiding each others glances. She finally said, "Why don't you come sit here?"

"That's OK, I'm fine" he replied.

"I hardly bite.......rarely" her coy retort came back.

He had to smile and found no good reason to not move his stool to a closer one. Now along side her, he noticed her garter showing on those miraculous thighs. Her legs were those of legend. He noticed a stirring in his groin, but forgot about it for a minute. The conversation started slowly, almost awkwardly in fact. The weather, the traffic, and such, but their eyes told the story neither of them knew. He was almost embarrassed as his hand grazed her lovely legs. She felt a bit of breath stolen from her lungs, and took his hand and placed it firmly between her knees.

"It's really OK, you know?" He was sure she would noticed his blush, and naivety. What she did notice was his bulge. She liked what she saw, and knew it was because of her. He didn't consciously notice her legs part slightly, but that subliminal thought went through his mind not a second later. It seemed to be getting a bit warmer in the deserted pub.

They were getting a bit more friendly as it became time for his trip to the men's room. He was lost in this place and asked directions of a server. Upon arriving back, he found a fresh drink and a business card under it. He looked at the card, but it had no phone number. Just a name. "Pink Lady Sables". Somehow she avoided his request for a number to go with the card. He forgot about it for the moment, as the conversation took a new turn.

Not much later she wanted to visit the ladies room. She asked where he went, and he obliged with directions. It was not long before she was back.

"I didn't find it, Help me please?"

"Sure" The Ladies room was just as he directed her.

"There it is."

She took his hand and firmly escorted him along with her. The room, much like the bar was empty. She found a stall marked handicapped and dragged him in.

His cock was instantly aware of the impending pleasure. The stirring immediately turned into a protrusion from his suit trousers. She turned, sat and went for his belt. She had a desire in her eyes he had not seen before. She swiftly had his pants around his ankles and took him in her mouth hungrily. She was not gentle. She ate voraciously and he was rock hard in seconds. He noticed her other hand was under her uplifted dress, and he caught his first glimpse of the cleanly shaved and waxed snatch. Her lips were large and engorged, as was her beautiful clitoris. He had never seen one so large. He reached to touch it while she worked on him, but she took his hand away. "What was that", he wondered.

"I'll tell you when", she whispered.

She slipped a wet finger in his ass after playing with his virgin hole. The sensation shocked him, but it was pleasurable at the same time. She was an expert cock sucker. Her slurping sounds, along with her slippery hand sliding quickly over his marvelous member turned him on like never before. He felt his orgasm building, and she must have tasted his pre cum, because she quickly undid her top and offered her compressed breasts for his fucking pleasure. Oh how his cock looked sliding between those wonderful tits. Her tongue diddled his tiny hole as he reached the top of each stroke. Mmmmmm. Not long did it take for him to shoot his load on her neck in a perfect pearl necklace shape. She smiled slyly, and used a finger to remove some of the spunk and lick it from her finger in a most erotic fashion. Then she did a most outrageous thing. She cleaned some of his jizz from her chin and placed her fingers on his lips. He reeled slightly, but somehow trusted his mysterious lover, and parted his lips. The warm, slightly bitter semen was not distasteful. After all, his objective was to please his partner, so he cleaned her fingers perfectly. She seemed to find this stimulating.

She turned and said, "It's time". Bending over and holding the handicapped railing, she offered her bare ass and soaked slit to him. He quickly dropped to his knees and dove deeply into her awaiting wetness. Her turgid clit could not be missed, and he concentrated his energies there. She soon quivered with sensation. His tongue went deep on occasion, and she gasped. He sensed her rising heat and placed a finger inside, while teasing her perfect ass with his tongue. Before even finding her G spot, he felt her fabulous cunt grip his finger in waves of bliss. She had stopped breathing for those moments, but finally regained that bit of lost consciousness. He had now found her pleasure zone inside and she came again, almost instantly. Never had he experienced a woman who could cum three times in mere moments. She was fantastic.

By this time his prick had regained its former girth and length and she reached for it. "Do me NOW", she demanded. It didn't take another word for him to offer himself from behind. He reached for her firm tits, and found her sticky orbs. Using them as a handhold, he found leverage to slip ever so gently and slowly into her steaming love tunnel. She growled slightly, reached back and grabbed his ass, forcibly pulling him into her. "Give it to me hard, you bastard" ,she hissed, almost creepily. "Fuck me you dirty prick". He was not at all used to such talk during love making, but her utterances were incredibly stimulating, and he obliged. He pounded his meat into her as though it would tear her apart. He became an animal for her pleasure. His hand, full of her hair, pulled her head back, but she loved it, he could tell. He held the reins to this bronco, and rode her for all he had. The occasional spank on her bare ass caused her to gasp, and squeal in delight. She was writhing beneath him and rising on her toes to take all he could offer. Somehow sensing his explosion before he did, she commenced a series of pelvic squeezes that seemed to milk the spunk from his rock hard dick. Oh, she was good. He was ready, and so was she. The sounds echoed in the empty washroom, as they exploded together. His orgasm was stronger than the last, much to his surprise. She was getting his best. Her knees buckled a bit, but he had her firmly in his grasp, now with both arms holding her tight against his pumping rod. They came together, and had to take a break to breath deeply while still one. Then, she again shocked him. She stood upright, and stepped onto the edge of the toilet bowl, turning toward him.

"Clean me off now, fucker." She balanced expertly, and held her huge dripping pussy lips open for him. No hesitation this time, he jumped at the chance to once again lick that bare pussy. Her taste now mixed with his own was fantastic. Their juice had leaked all the way to her knees, and he serviced her wishes by lapping every drop with obvious enthusiasm. Upon reaching her sweet spot, she held his head still. "Just a bit now. I want to save some for later", she whispered. He barely started his pussy licking and she stopped him again. "That's enough" she moaned. He wanted more and more of this zipless fuck. She then climbed down, gave him a tiny kiss on his cheek, and said, "One minute?"

Her wish was a command for him, and he already knew it. He remained motionless as she slid out the door of the stall. He imagined she was fixing her face and hair, but he waited not entirely patiently. Then he heard the restroom door open and close on its own.

"Did someone come in?", he worried.

"I can't afford to be caught".

"What's going on?" he thought, and peeked through the crack of the door frame to look for her in the empty room. Unable to get his pants up and hooked, as his hands still shook, he fumbled to fix his clothing. He didn't care how he looked, only where this beauty went. The hall was empty, as was the bar, so he found their empty seats. No sign of the fabulous fuck. He sat and emptied his drink with a long gulp. Looking down he saw what had to be her handwriting on his cocktail napkin. "Thanks for a good time" was all it said. No name, no number. He could have been shattered, but instead he smiled broadly. "No, Thank you" he whispered under his breath.

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