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The bar room encounter

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Dale strolled casually across the entrance lobby's polished wooden floor, heading for the bar. He liked the look of this hotel; it wasn't the newest in town, but it was in a now fashionable area and seemed to be enjoying a renaissance; as well as a growing reputation for being a good place to meet members of the opposite sex. As he passed the reception desk, he noticed one of the receptionists giving him a sidelong look. He rewarded her with a smile. She was younger by at least fifteen years; but then, some women found older men sexy. And the new suit, and silk shirt, surely helped. He was glad he'd made the investment. It was well after eight, yet the bar was still relatively quiet. There was a smell of new carpet, mixed with cigarette and cigar smoke. The background music - a BB King blues number - was barely audible. A barman was polishing glasses. 'Good evening, sir. What can I get you?' Vodka and tonic.' 'Any particular brand, Sir?' Smirnoff... Thanks.' Dale paid the barman, and told him to keep the change; he was feeling generous. He took a corner table near the right-hand end of the bar, and sat with his back to the wall, checking out the clientèle: a young couple, sitting very close and sharing a whispered joke; an overweight middle-aged man sitting alone, smoking a cigarette and sipping at a pint of dark beer; a smartly dressed couple standing near the bar, the man smoking a cigar; two other young couples sharing a table near the centre of the room. The sound of high heels approaching via the lobby took Dale's attention. It was the other girl from the reception desk; a little older than the one that had given him the eye, and with a more businesslike expression. She stood in the open doorway and looked around, as though searching for someone, before turning and striding away. Dale took a sip of his drink, closing his eyes for a moment. He wanted a cigarette, but resisted the urge. Quitting was hard, but he'd gone seven weeks and five days this time, and he was determined to win. The sound of high heels again, but a different, less hurried, stride. He watched the red head enter and cross the room, aware that almost every other pair of male eyes in the room had become, at least momentarily, distracted. She kept looking straight ahead, taking the longest route to the bar. The barman turned towards her and smiled. 'Good evening, Madam. What would you like? 'A medium white wine, please.' Her voice was soft but slightly husky. She placed her purse on the bar, before pushing herself up onto one of the barstools. Dale caught a momentary flash of white thigh above very long lacy stocking top before she adjusted the hem of her dress; a little black number; low neckline and low at the back. The barman poured the wine with practised ease and placed the glass on the bar. 'Are you a guest, madam?' 'Yes, room 1716.' Dale watched as the barman made out a chit of some kind and handed it to the woman to sign. 'Thank you, Madam.' 'Thank you.' She swallowed a first sip of the wine, then opened her purse and took out a small mirror and quickly checked her appearance. As the mirror was returned to the purse Dale caught a brief glimpse of the woman's reflected face. He knew that she had seen him as she'd come in; and clearly, she couldn't resist the opportunity to take another look. She turned her stool so Dale could see all of the front of her but she never looked directly at him kind of looked off in the distance. After a few seconds she turned her chair back around. One of her legs did not move with the other one and Dale got another real good look at her silky panties and a strap holding up her stockings, this time he could tell she had on a garter belt too. She sipped her drink. A smile seemed to be tugging at the corner of her mouth. 'Buy you another?' It was the overweight beer drinker form across the room. Dale hadn't noticed him approach the bar. 'Fuck off.' she said to him. She didn't even turned to look at the man. He reacted as though she'd slapped his face. The barman looked a little stunned as well. Dale put a hand to his mouth, to hide his amusement. 'Suit yourself.' The man hesitated, his face a mixture of shock, anger and indecision. The barman waited to take his order, but the man turned and walked out of the room, almost forgetting to retrieve the cigarette pack and lighter that he'd left at his table. All conversation had stopped but was quickly resumed. Soon more customers arrived. Dale waited patiently for them to be served, then got up and walked over to the end of the bar, finishing his drink on the way. 'Same again, Sir vodka and tonic right?' 'Please.' Dale pulled one of the stools a little closer to the bar and sat down. The red heads glass was now nearly empty. 'And another one for the lady.' As the barman set Dale's vodka down in front of him, he looked more than a little alarmed. His expression seemed to say, 'Are you crazy?' 'Thank you. vodka and club soda for me, please.' The red head smiled at Dale. The barman looked relieved. Dale took a 20 from his pocket and dropped it onto the bar. 'Have one yourself.' 'Thank you, Sir.' Dale turned his attention back to the woman; she sure looked good in that thin little black dress, her breasts were perky her nipples poking straight out under the thin material. She downed the rest of her wine in one, and then looking at Dale, she tilted her head slightly and pushed her hair back over her shoulder with her right hand. 'Use some company?' 'Sure.' Dale gestured to the empty stool to his left. As the woman changed seats, she swiveled her stool towards him, she slowly spread her legs just enough for Dale to get a good glimpse of her stocking tops again and a view of her white silky panties as she stood up. The barman moved her drink along the bar, perhaps trying the keep his expression neutral; but one glance at Dale, betrayed his thoughts, 'You lucky bastard!' Not wanting to use her real name of Teressa she said 'Hi, I'm Julia.' 'Lovely name... I'm Steve.' Dale wanted to use another name on this occasion. Somehow it added to the enjoyment. He smiled at Julia, looking into her eyes and inhaling her perfume for the first time. 'Thank you, Steve,' she replied, returning his gaze and lifting her glass for a first taste of the vodka. 'In town for long?' 'Just for tonight. You?'

'Same.' Dale lifted his glass. 'Here's looking at you kid.' Julia laughed. 'I think I've heard that line before, somewhere.' 'Humphrey Bogart.' 'Casablanca.' 'One of my all-time favorites.' 'Mine too.' They sipped their drinks, with half-smiles and eye-to-eye contact. More people entered the room and noisily headed towards the bar, keeping the barman busy and drowning out BB King's Sweet Sixteen. 'You see yourself as a Humphrey Bogart, then?' 'No... more of a Bruce Dern.' As Julia took another sip of her drink, she glanced at Dale's somewhat receding hairline; what hair remained was cropped short. 'I can see a slight resemblance.' 'Thanks.' 'And I like a man of action, that can also play the bad guy.' Their conversation stalled for a while. Dale wondered what Julia's next move would be. Was she waiting for him to take the initiative? Was the 'man of action' line his cue to do so? Was the play the bad guy another cue. He was very unsure of what to say or do. Julia finished her drink. 'This vodka is very good.' 'You'd like another?' 'No, thanks.' Julia reached into her purse for something. 'I think I'll have an early night... As she stood up she again gave Dale a quick glimpse of her lace stocking tops and a even quicker glimpse of her white panties. See you around.' She then dropped a key onto the stool as she left; the hotel's logo, and the words 'Room 1716', clearly visible on the attached plastic tag. Dale took it and slipped it into his pocket, slowly finishing his drink before following. The barman was still serving other customers, but he gave Dale a knowing look, as he left. As soon as Dale got to the elevator the doors were open, Julia was standing inside waiting for him. The doors shut and the elevator started to move. Julia smiled at Dale with a look of lust in her eyes. I waited for no one to be on the elevator, I was not sure you would come to my room. She then kissed him hungrily. He stepped back. Pressed the STOP button on the elevator. Julia looked at Dale again and said now this is the man I thought I just met a man of action and a bad guy at the same time. Somehow I think I can trust you. What was she going to do? Dale thought to himself, They were surrounded by glass, in the elevator on the outside of the building with a wonderful view of the city. But could anyone see into the elevator? Where was the nearest tall building? Maybe they were high enough... She stopped talking, without warning she slipped the straps off her shoulders, then reached back, slid the zipper down. She let the dress fall to her waist, exposing most of her breasts, her hard nipples. She pulled the dress down over her hips and stepped out it, and put it in his hand. She stood before him. wearing only a white lace quarter cup bra a garter belt those silky thong panties she showed him earlier and a pair of lace top stockings with the longest lace he had ever seen. Dale looked at her admiring the sight of her. He then kissed her gently, teasingly. She responded. "Hmmm." He kissed her hard. He parted her lips with his tongue, then slid his tongue into her mouth, taking her breath away. His tongue found hers, swirled around hers. He drew her tongue between his lips, and gently sucked her tongue. God, she loved that. He slid his hands under her thighs, pulling her into him, He pressed her body pressed against the glass, her arms wrapped around him. Oh, god, she thought, with her ass pressed against the glass. She suddenly realized - there were two elevators! If the other elevator came... Silently, he kissed her throat, her chest, the tops of her breasts. His tongue circled her areola, moving slowly closer to her nipple. Gently, he kissed her nipple. She gasped. He pressed it between his lips. Finally, he licked it. "Ohhh." She closed her eyes. If the other elevator came, she didn't want to know. She surrendered to his tongue. Gently he bit the nipple, holding it between his teeth. He licked the nipple lightly, gently, then harder, faster, then finally flicking it as he held it between his teeth. Flicking it hard. the princess moaned. She felt the heat rise between her legs again. She squirmed against him, rubbing herself against him. She felt the hardness in his pants. She wanted him. He moved to the other nipple. Licked all around it, making it wet, hard. He kissed and licked, but didn't bite. It felt so good, so different from what he did to the other one. He sucked, hard, drawing the nipple into his mouth. She moaned and writhed against him. He kissed her mouth The silence was erotic. She wondered what would happen next. He started the elevator. It began to move. She gasped in panic. Was he going to give her dress back to her. She couldn't get off the elevator like this. God, what if someone got on. She watched the numbers. five six seven. The elevator began to slow. It was going to stop! Seventeen. Julia stood almost naked on the glass elevator, frantic as the elevator began to slow. Was he going to have her get off the elevator, walk out like this? Was someone going to get on? The doors opened. Julia froze. Dale held the "door open" button and looked out. Left. Right. Left. "Our room is to the left. There are people coming from the right." Oh no, she thought. Would He slip his jacket off, and slip it over her shoulders, to cover her nakedness. Not tonight after all she started it, being an exhibitionist for him at the bar. He put his arm around her shoulder, and led her out into the corridor. She wondered how much the people way down the hall could see her as she walked. She saw two women walking toward them from the far end of the corridor. How far was it to our room? Would they have to walk past those people? She felt a flutter between her legs at the thought. Did she want them to see her almost completely naked? what did he call himself, Steve? Yes; she liked that name. Teressa reached the door to her room just as the elevator doors opened again. Steve opened the door and stepped back, allowing Julia to enter first. Finally, they were safely behind the closed door. She was trembling with anticipation. The room was just as she'd left it: the single table-lamp, switched on, its light reflected by the large mirror on one of two wardrobe doors; the double bed standing in a central position, with a well-framed impressionist print above the headboard; a dim light, just visible through the curtained window; the door to the en-suite bathroom slightly ajar. Once inside the room, Teressa transferred the Do Not Disturb sign to the outside of the door, then took the key from Steve and locked it. They stood for a moment, looking into each other's eyes; Teressa's heels almost bringing her up to Steve's height, but not quite. Outside, a distant siren wailed briefly. They embraced and kissed, but slowly and gently, as though to do otherwise might cause injury. Then Teressa broke away, dropped her purse onto a chair, and walked over to the mirrored wardrobe, where she stood looking at her own reflection. . Dale decided he wasn’t going to initiate anything. He wanted her to make the first move. She looked real good standing there looking at herself in the mirror. Dale walked over to the couch and sat down still admiring Teressa. She turned and looked at Dale and strolled over to the couch and stood in front of him "hi "she said," she was standing in front to me in an outfit I’ve only dreamed about. A quarter cup bra, on which rested her naked breasts, with nipples erect, matching stockings, garter belt, and silky panties. "Welcome to my room" she said," I want to give you a nice long welcome". I sat up, looking at her, my cock hardened and poked out under my trousers. " I don’t know where to start" I said. She sat down next to me and kissed me, our tongues locking in a hot wet kiss. I licked her breasts and sucked each nipple as she moaned and stroked my cock through my trousers. "I have a little surprise, why don’t you feel inside my panties and see?" I stroked her naked ass and came around the front to stroke her pussy. The skin beneth her panities felt smooth and soft. I slid them aside and as I did, I saw that she had shaven herself clean. "I want to feel you suck me and tongue my pussy lips, so I shaved earlier today" she said, her voice quaking "I’ve been thinking about this for days and I can’t wait any longer." She stood up and, had me get up too. Holding my hand on the way to the bed, I could feel her trembling from her excitement. Your trembling I said to her. She just smiled. Once we reached the edge of the bed, she climbed on top of the bed and was kneeling on the bed near the edge. I asked her to stay that way as I slipped her panties off her bottom, then one foot, then the other. Now she was kneeling there in the half bra, nipples distended, eyes half closed, bare slick pussy lips slightly parted and her stockings up to the garter. She reached up and unbuttoned my shirt, I shook it off tossing it to the ground. She then undid my pants and I stepped out of them. I was standing in front of her with my cock pointing straight up at its most hard state. I reached out and stroked her bare pussy, with my hand, the lips slightly parting and wet. I lay down and slid under her placing my face under her now quivering pussy, her knees on either side of my head, put my hands on her buttocks and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in her pussy lips, like two open mouths in a deep tongue kiss. My fingers parted her pussy open like ripe fruit, as I licked and sucked inside her. "feed it to me, baby" I whispered, my mouth full of her pussy. Her moans and shaking told me that she was close to cumming. Her hips ground her pussy into my mouth and I sucked and tongued her like I never did before. She lay down on me and started licking and sucking my cock. Her slick bare pussy was driving me wild. In another few moments she moaned out as her pussy convulsed and she gushed on my face. I continued to lick her as her breathing was reaching a runners pace. My mind was reeling at what had just happened. She collapsed on top of me. Quickly turning around she kissed me passionatly. Breaking away from our kiss she whispered for me to stand up. Before I knew it she was on all fours, her ass up, legs spread, pussy gaping slick and hairless. Her fingers were stoking her clitoris. " Oooh look at me baby, look at my pussy. God it feels so good I want you to fuck me. And I want to keep fucking you from this day forward". I stepped up behind her and licked down the crack to her open pussy. She pushed back and begged me not to stop, I whispered " do you want to make up for all the time I wanted to fuck you in one night?, she said "yes, I’ve been blind, I don’t know why you kept wanting me, but now I want you to fuck me all night tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I want you to cum on me cum in me lick me tongue me. I want that beautiful perfect huge cock inside me. I want to play your favorite fetish games. I want to show you my panties and stockings everywhere we go. I want to be your sex toy and I want you to be my sex toy too..just don’t stop fucking me". I didn’t. I licked her slick pussy from behind her as she moaned and raised her ass higher and more open. Finally I stepped closer to her and slipped my cock in her open pussy up to my balls in one stroke. She was open and wet, her slick pussy offering no resistance from hair around her opening. This was the first time that my cock had been in her pussy. I didn't know how long I could last, her pussy was gripping me harder than I ever had felt before, and with every breath that Teressa took her pussy was tightening and relaxing on my cock, her pussy was milking my cock. I slowly pulled my head out and pushed my cock half in, hearing a rush of air escaping from Teressa's mouth, I knew she was enjoying this. Her smile just grew and her moaning was increasing her body shaking from her head to her toes. One of her hands was now gripping her nipple and was forcefully pinching and twisting it, her moaning increasing all the time. With this I began fucking her harder than ever before, pulling my cock almost all the way out and ramming it back in, I would just stand there for a few moments feeling her pussy tightening and relaxing on my whole cock. Looking up and down her beautiful body, her legs shaking, the top of her stockings soaking wet from her own pussy juices running down the inside of her legs, her hair glistening. I grabbed hold of her ass, arching myself so I could force as much of my cock as I could into her, at the same time she was pushing her arse back hard as possible grinding her hips trying to get every last inch of my cock into her. Teressa was screaming at me, wanting me to fuck her harder and faster. Within minutes I could feel her orgasm building; her grip on my cock was tighter than anything I have ever felt before. I pulled her neck back, kissing it and whispering into her ear that I wanted her to come now. With one deep thrust, I came inside her , her orgasm tightening her pussy onto my cock and milking every last drop out of me, and again she came another orgasm ripping through her body gripping my cock even harder this time, trying to get any last drops of cum from my cock. We both collapsed exhausted laying there with my cock still buried deep in her pussy still hard from her last orgasm, her pussy still massaging my cock as her muscles pulsated from her orgasms. We laid there enjoying the utopia feeling not wanting to move, when finally we had come down from the utopia state I pulled my semi hard cock from her pussy. I told her For me teressa, us fucking and having sex was something very special. I am so glad I had the privilege of making you cum and feel so good. We then just then laid on the bed together, Teressa's stocking clad legs rubbing against mine, her hands playing with my balls and cock. I just laid back enjoying this She relaxed, leaning against Dale and kissing him deeply. She seemed to sense the sincerity of what I said, and while it clearly surprised her, it excited her as well. She is still just wearing a bra, stockings, and garter belt. She whispered her approval as I ran his hands over her body. Supple fingers ran down her side. I reached up and slid the straps of her bra off her shoulders, she reached back and unsnapped her bra and took off her bra tossing it to the ground. I slid my hands down and dropped to stroke the flesh of her thigh where it was exposed above the top of her stockings. She stroked my hair, running her fingers through it and pressing me closer to her. I slid my fingers under the lace of her stocking and played with the straps of her garter belt. Telling her how much I enjoyed having sex with her wearing them, and how much I enjoyed her showing them to me in the bar earlier. Holding each other we both fell asleep in each others arms....... What followed was many days and nights of similar activity

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