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The Whipping Boy

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This story is very true. My husband and I have been going to lifestyle parties for about 5 years now and this is one occassion I will never forget.

I entered the Ballroom wearing a very sexy black evening dress. All eyes turned our way when we entered and I spotted a piticular couple that we have known for quite some time now. So we walk over and say our hellos to each other and we sit and discuss the events of the evening.

At one point in the evening the Husband turns to me and asks if I have brought his special toys, meaning did I bring my Whips. I own several and on this night I had brought them all. I smiled and nodded yes to him. A very devious smile came across his face and his eyes seem to dance under the low lights of the ball room. Slowly he leans my way and says to me "I dont want you to hold anything back tonight cause I have been a very naughty boy." As to my surprise I looked at him and saw the wanting in his eyes and I knew this was a night I would not soon forget.

By midnight the party was over and we all resigned up stairs to the hospitality floor. I changed into my most comfortable pj's and started laying out all my tools for the evening. I had brought 6 whips that night. A bat whip for a nice thud feeling. 2 floggers which is real popular with the ladies due to its slight stinging and soft feathery feel. A riding crop for the ones who like it just a bit rough. A leather cat of nine tails which is nice for the men cause a lot of them cant take much pain. And last but not least a four foot bull whip. It only comes out on special occasions. This night was going to be one of those nights.

The couple came to our room and brought most of the party with them. The husband came over to the table to examine all the goodies I had brought for him to test out.He took a long hard look at the bull whip and said to me," This one I want used on me last so I can remember how it felt." So then he took off his shirt and pants and laid down across the bed. I took out the floggers first just to get him warmed up a bit. I began by letting one flogger then the other fall slowly but hard onto his back. He then began to say harder. I went moved the whips faster and faster untill they were spinning so fast and It looked like I was practicing on my double dutch skills.

He then ask for something harder. So I brought out the bat whip which actually looks like a bat cut out of leather and when it hits it has a double thud and really stings nicely. I began on each ass cheek with the bat and the harder I hit the Harder he wanted it so I changed to the riding crop. I whipped him hard with the riding crop all the way up and down his back and ass cheeks.

He still begged for me to go harder. So then I brought out the mac daddy the 4 ft. bull whip. I stepped back away from him a few feet and I began to swing it. The whip made a loud crack as it lashed across his back and he let out an orgasmic moan that could be heard two doors down.

By this time there were about 20 couples standing around watching this torture I was enflicting on this poor guy. All the time he is moaning and yelling harder and harder.

I cracked the whip across his back one last time and I saw a horrifing sight. His skin was so red and some of the whelps has started to bleed. I stopped immediately and informed him of what had happened and prepared to appoligize whole heartedly.

He smiled at me with passion inflamed eyes. He said to me,"You are so good at what you do, you definatly are the Whip Master."

I wouldn't go futher with his beating for fear that I would hurt him badly. So he got up and went to take a look in the mirror. His wife comes to me and thanks me for doing an excellent job on her husband. She informed me that I was the only one that ever got the job done.She then hugged me and went to check on her husband.

I then took a seat in one of the chairs and smiled over to my husband who had been watching in horror the whole time. He said," There is no way I would ever let you go that far with me." And I understood. The husband and wife came back into the room and He grabs me around the waist and pins me to the wall. He has me in a bear hug type hold and thanks me over and over again for doing what I had done to him.

He lets me down and his wife comes over and kisses me deeply on the lips. She thanks me for a wonderful show and follows him out of the room and down the hall.

I was exhausted and there were people waiting in line to be whipped. I rested a bit before I continued with them. Everyone got a nice spanking that night. When I awoke the next morning I was so sore through out my back and shoulders that I could barely move enough to get out of bed.

Now everytime I see this couple I am reminded of the scars this man must care because of my wonderful toys.

Jessi H.

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