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The Pool Man (DescriptionDomme)

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It was a warm spring afternoon and my next stop was Regina?s. This was my first time cleaning her pool, since I was filling for Tom her regular pool man. Tom had told me that Regina was a total; knockout. I arrived to Regina?s home about 1:00 in the afternoon. I walked up to the door and rang the bell a few times which went unanswered. Tom had said that Regina spent a lot of time sunbathing, so I walked around to the back gate and yelled out ?Pool man." Regina opens the gate wearing nothing but a red sheer and a smile, then says ?Oh, your not Tom\." With my eyes the size of dinner plates, I say ?No, I?m Ty. Tom is on vacation." Regina smiles a devilish smile and says ?I hope you don?t mind if I sunbath while you clean the pool?" Still a bit startled, I reply ?No, I don?t mind at all."

Regina walks over to a beach towel that she had laid out on the ground. As I got started on the task ahead of me, I couldn?t help but watch Regina?s every move. Regina glanced over to me as she removed her red sheer. Regina knew I was watching her every move as she taunted me with her glances and smiles. She sat down on the towel and picked up a bottle of tanning oil. With my eyes still glued to her, she began to oil her long shapely legs. After a few minutes, she asked me if I would put some tanning oil on her back. My cock quickly started to get hard. I replied, ?That it would be my pleasure." As I ran my tanning oil covered hands over Regina?s back, my cock became a very noticeable bulge and hoped she wouldn?t notice.

After returning to my pool cleaning, Regina laid down and slowly poured tanning oil over her rubenesque torso. As she spread the oil, she spread her legs wide open knowing all well that I was watching. With my throbbing cock almost pushing it?s way out the waist band of my shorts, Regina began touching her cleanly shaved pussy. I thought to myself, damn I wish I was doing that.

As I was finishing up the pool, it was very apparent that Regina was getting into what she was doing. Her pussy was so wet, I could see it from 30 feet away.

Regina had now switched from rubbing her pussy to fingering it. Her soft sighs and moans said it all as she bit her lower lip. I knew I had to finish now and get out of there before I came in my shorts.

I packed up my stuff and started towards the gate. Regina yelled out ?Where the hell do you think you are going? You haven?t finished here yet!." I replied, ?I have finished cleaning the pool and it?s time for me to go." Regina then let out a evil laugh and said ?I can see your throbbing cock in your shorts, my pussy is so wet and hot, so you are not done." Stunned by what I just heard, Regina said ?Are you hard of hearing or just stupid? Don?t irritate me boy, get over here now." I was so dumbfounded by the way Regina was talking to me, I went over closer. Regina then grabbed my shorts by the waist band and pulled them down to my ankles. She then grabbed my balls and said ?Don?t ever think you can leave without my permission, your job is done when I say it is done !?

Bewildered by the situation, and having my balls feel as though they were in a vice like grip. I replied ?No Regina, I always finish what I start." Regina released the grip of death and laid back down. Her legs spread wide. Her hot, wet pussy screaming FUCK ME NOW. Still in amazement, I climbed between her legs and slid my long, hard throbbing cock into her pussy of fire. I slowly drew it out and pushed it back in again and again. She grabbed my ass and said ?Fuck me like your life depends on it." I pulled back and drove my cock deep and hard into her wanting pussy. I repeatedly pounded my cock into her pussy as deep as I could. She took ever inch of me, as though I was only 3 inches. As I felt my load building and yelled ?I?m was cumming." Regina grabbed my hair and said ?You better not cum until I tell you to cum bitch." I took one more deep hard thrust and Regina pushes my off.

She SCREAMED, ?Get down on your knees, and do as I tell you to do." She grabbed my hair. Pushing my face down between her legs and said ?Eat me subbie and you better make me cum.? With Regina?s fingers entangled in my hair, I started sucking on her swollen clit. Her hips began to quiver as I sucked on her. Regina then said ?Lick me and shove your tongue in me. ? I licked her hot wet pussy as she steered me where to go. She pulled my face deep into her wet pussy. As Regina kept grinding my face into her pussy, she said ?YES, OH YES! Tongue fuck me harder. Suck my pussy. Yes, Tongue fuck me till I cum."

I could tell Regina was about to cum. Her muscles started to tighten. She began to arch her pussy upward. All of a sudden there was a loud gasp ?YES?THAT IS IT..YES? With the last yes, she came like a tsunami. She pulled my face in tighter, grinding her pussy into my face. Between her moans, she said ?Lick it subbie. Lick it all." Her body began to relax and she released her grip on my hair. Regina let out one last sigh and said ?Mmmmm, that?s a good lil subbie." Totally confused now, she grabs my balls again and says ?on your knees. Now beg me to let you cum.? I looked into Regina?s eyes and see the most dominant woman I have ever met. I know that I must make my begging good if I want my balls released without any harm. As I feel the pain of her grip, I begin to beg . ?I beg you Mistress to let me cum. If you let me cum, I will be your sexual slave as long as you will let me. My only desire is to serve you and pleasure you. I am yours, to do as you see fit. I will never complain or say no. I will flourish you with gifts, and give you anything request. It will be my job to work hard and make money so you will never want for anything.?

Surprising to me, I feel my cock harden as it never has before. I became so excited and aroused by her dominance, I was ready to explode, just from being in her hand.

Still looking into her eyes I could tell she was pleased. She loosened her grip and started stroking my cock. She then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She ran her tongue around and around the head of throbbing cock. She went down taking the full length of my shaft, sucking on it like a milking machine. Still extremely intimidated by what has just transpired, I held my load that is ready to be released.

Regina then backs off of my cock and she demanded that I stroke my cock for her on my knees. I grabbed my cock as commanded and started stroking it. Precum started to flow with my first stroke. I could tell by the smile on her face that she was excited and aroused by my compliance of her demands. As I slowly stroked my cock, Regina said ?Stroke it faster subbie.? Just as I was about to cum, she told me stop. As she had complete control over my body and mind, I stopped immediately.

She took my cock in her mouth, went down a couple times on my cock. I almost exploded like a volcano. But I knew better then to cum without permission.

Regina then looked at me with that devilish smile of hers and says ?Mmmmmm you are a good lil subbie. Who?s whore are you?? I replied ?I?m your whore Mistress Regina.?

Very pleased with my reply, she told me ?You can fuck me again and cum but not before I give you permission to cum.?

Regina, once again laid down on the beach towel. She spread her legs wide, impatiently waiting for me to mount her. I slipped in between and kissed her hot pussy, hoping to please her with my gesture of devotion. I slid my way up, and as my cock met her fiery pussy, I knew she would let me cum this time. I plunged my cock in deep and hard like she had commanded earlier. She let out a soft sigh, as my cock worked it?s way in and out. I could feel her pussy begin to spasm as her orgasm was building. After a few more strokes, her pussy clamped down on my hard pulsating cock. She then said ?I am close to cumming. Drive it deeper, harder, make me cum.? I thrust a few mire times. Her pussy tightened around my cock. She began to moan in delight, and told me to cum.? My timing was perfect. I thrust forward, came precisely the same time as she did. It was wonderful. I had never experienced anything so erotic and sensual ever before.

As my cock fell lifeless and slipped out of her pussy, she then pushed me off and said, ?Time for you to go, leave your card on the table by the pool." I pulled my shorts back on, picked up my stuff, left my card and headed for the gate. As I was opening the gate, I turned and said ?This cleaning was on me? and smiled boyishly.

As I was driving off to my next stop, I wondered if Regina did that to Tom. In any case, I am looking forward to going back to Regina?s.

The Pool man.

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