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The Mistress

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Z heard the sound of footsteps in the distance coming closer. He tried to make out where he was in the darkness. The steps were hushed, followed by a swishing sound. He strained to make sense of where he was. And how had he gotten himself into this predicament. He tried to raise his arms to his face. That was when he realized that he couldn't move them. Heart pounding in rythmn to the footfalls of the person drawing closer, he attempted to move his feet and found he could not.

Mind racing he tried to calm down, as he recognized that he was lying down spread-eagled on a flat, soft surface. He shivered, not from the cold air, someone had covered him with a light-weight blanket. He took a deep breath and took stock of what he knew. He could feel his arms and legs, so he was not paralyzed. His body could lift up and down a few inches, and he could make slight movements with his hands pulling them closer to his body. That was when he heard the distinct sound of metal on metal. He was handcuffed to the surface somehow, but the parts circling his hands and feet had been covered in a leather-like material to keep from cutting into his flesh.

How had he gotten here...wherever here was he wondered. He heard the sound of keys in the door and light from a hurricane lamp spilled into the room as the door opened. He narrowed his eyes trying to make out the figure behind it. He could see the outline of a shroud. The lamp drew closer and he saw that the hands holding it were definitely feminine. She drew closer, placing the lamp on the table that he now saw next to him.

He was lying on a bed, four poster with metal rails around the sides. His hands and feet were bound securely he could see. He looked at the woman, but she was veiled, the only thing he could see were her eyes and feet. She did not speak. She rearranged the blanket around his torso, thats when he realized he was shirtless. She moved around the bed and fiddled with something behind the headboard and the bed started moving...she left him in a half sitting position that gave him a clear view of the room he was in.

Curious he spoke to her, asking her how he got here, but the veiled lady remained silent as she worked around him. She straightened the pillows about him, craddling him in the soft bed, a coccoon that was his prison. She left briefly and returned with a meal that she spoonfed him.

After he was done eating and drinking, she cleaned up the inevitable spills and silently padded out of the room.

At least she left the lamp behind he thought. She checked on him at regular intervals, leaving him with silence as his only companion. There was a mirror on the wall in front of him. It was as large as those found on closet doors. It gave him a clear view of the room behind him. He could make out other objects to the left and a little behind him, but he could not make sense of what he was looking at.

On her third visit she returned with 2 large men, his captors he supposed. They spoke in harsh whispers telling him that they were going to release him briefly for him to use the bathroom and toilet. They said that he should not try to escape, that the punishment for such behavior was severe. Finally they warned him not to make Mistress angry, she would do unspeakable things if he did.

Z decided to play it by ear, for now seeming compliant and would keep his eyes peeled for a chance to escape. His captors crowded into the bathroom and toilet watching his every move keenly. When he was done he was led back to the bed where he was stripped naked from head to toe. The captors then chained his legs and arms. The men stepped back and then he noticed that the veiled woman was still in the room. She stepped closer with a shallow basin filled with water. She had a towel dr*ped over her shoulder and soap dangling from a little bag attached to her wrist.

She placed the basin next to the lamp and proceeded to give him a french bath. She seemed to derive pleasure from stroking the muscles on his chest all the way down to his now exposed genitals. She lathered a small wash cloth and in small circular motions over his nipples leaving a wet trail from neck to waist. His nipples had always been sensitive to rubbing and they were now tightly peaked. Shivers rippled from his nippples and his penis began to thicken. The bath was both stimulating and tortuous as he lay there at her mercy.

When she was done with his chest she turned her attention to his genitals. He heard her sharp intake of breath as she noticed the effect of her attentions. He was now fully and painfully erect. She caressed his groin as she began to wash rapidly now, her eyes not meeting his. He wanted to ask her to stop, but a quick glance at his captors kept him silent. They had smug looks on their faces enjoying the view.

She now had his erect shaft in one hand and the cloth in the other. She started at the top and washed the head, letting soap and water trickle down the shaft. The sensations washed over him as he struggled to control his reactions. She circled the head slowly, almost in a loverlike way arousing him even further. His hips raised and fell in rythmn to her caress. The veiled lady then soaped his shaft and rolled his balls as she cleaned every fold and dip. It was exquisite torture. She brought him to the brink of ejaculation and just when he thought he would let fly she would pinch it back. The bath seemed to last hours, but in reality in that semi-shadowed room it only took 30 minutes.

Finally she was done and she left. His erection lay forlorn and unattended. The men snickered as the left. One turned back and told him that that was what he got for refusing to tell Mistress his name. They left him there, taking the lamp with them, leaving him to his thoughts and darkness.

He must have dozed off there in the dark, because he jerked fully awake as he recognized the sound that had pierced his sleep. Boot heels striking the ground in a staccato beat. The sound drew closer. The door opened and one of his captors held the lamp this time. He was closely followed by beautiful woman. She was not very tall, but she had skin the color of coffee and she held her head erect as she looked straight into his eyes. Her eyes were large, brown pools a man could drown in, but they were narrowed as she watched him closely. She was wearing a belted dress that skimmed and dr*ped her curves. With each step the dress clung and swept away, revealing full breasts and curving bottom. Her presence was captivating, a sweet perfume wafting around her.

His captor addressed her as Mistress. Her voice was low and musical. She called his captor Stu. She did not spend a lot of time looking at me, except to replace the blanket that had fallen to the ground as I slept. She gave me a thorough inspection with her eyes before she spoke quietly. Standing akimbo she asked me for my full name, I kept silent. She asked where I was from and why I had come there. She accused me of nefarious plans to overthrow her rule. I couldn't help but notice that I could see the light from the lamp through her dress, outlining her long legs and shapely behind. She leaned in closer as she questioned me and I could make out the outlines of her nipples.

My silence made her questions come out faster and harsher. She then said she would punish me for my disobedience. I struggled against my bonds as I tried to get free and give this woman what my aching member wanted above all, to delve into the depths of her parted legs. She gestured to Stu and he drew closer. Standing slightly behind the bed in full view of the mirror she told Stu to kiss her. He began with her lips and moved to the soft column that was her neck. He began to nibble and suck and she moaned in response drawing him closer, her hips swaying closer to Stu's groin.

Asking permission he undid the belt on the dress and opened it. Mistress dropped the dress to the ground and stood proudly before Stu inviting him to suck and nibble on her luscious breasts. The tips were a deeper chocolate brown, peaked and inviting. Stu lost no time as he gently kneaded one while kissing and sucking the other. Z was entranced by the view.

Mistress slowly backed to a strange looking chaise lounge chair and Stu removed her boots. That mystery object was the chaise lounge. Z wanted in on the action, getting more and more aroused and hard as he watched the couple groping and grunting in the mirror. Mistress lay down and spread her legs wide, commanding Stu to suck and lick her pussy. Her butt cheeks wiggled and writhed as Stu pleasured Mistress to her first orgasm. He watch as Mistress gave Stu a first class blow job that teased and nipped Stu's large member. Stu ejaculated as Mistress deep throated his shaft. She licked her lips as she swallowed the juices, smiled and then proceeded to call the other captor.

He came in and quickly undressed as instructed. She caressed his tool to full engorgement then bent over the chair and he took her pussy doggy style. He started slow and picked up the pace. Mistress and Don were both panting and grunting heavily, their groans of pleasure echoing in the room. Stu stepped around the other side and mouthed her nipples as she dropped her hand to press her glistening clit. The trio continued until Don and Mistress came. They kissed and Stu then mounted Mistress missionary style, and brought her to another climax.

Her pussy glistening with the wetness of two men, Mistress stood before my bed and asked me if I liked what I saw. I nodded. She asked if I would like some of the same and I nodded again. She smiled and said I could only get some if I was a good boy and told her what she wanted to know. Z stared lustfully at her breasts, wanting to touch, trying to touch only to be stopped by his bonds.

Mistress laughed and said I'd have to clean her up first and straddled me as she climbed onto the bed. She reached above the headboard and lowered the bed almost flat. Lick! she ordered placing her now dripping pussy above my face. She pivoted slightly and took my stiff schlong into her mouth and began to tease it again. The faster I licked the more she moaned and wriggled her shapely bottom. He wished his hands were free to finger her depths as he licked and sucked her clean. He felt and saw her vagina convulse and she let go of his dick.

A sharp pang of disappointment shot through him. She demanded his name again and then in need of release he whispered it to her. She stepped away and he thought she would not finish bringing them pleasure, but she was just changing positions. He watched as she lowered her throbbing pussy onto his now overly stimulated head. Her walls squeezed and contracted as she rose and fell on his shaft. It felt so good. Her breasts bounced as she rode him hard. She twisted her hips making his dick touch at different angles at re-entry. He was in heaven. She rode him over and over again throughout that night until both were too spent to continue. She left him there with Don and Stu and the veiled woman. When had she returned? He had no idea, he just remembered her pleasing Stu and Don in the background.

He must have fallen asleep. He awoke to find himself back in his apartment in Amm. Alone. Miles away from home. The sun was streaming in the windows when he opened his eyes. He blinked away the sleepiness, noticing that everything was where it was supposed to be. Had it all been a dream? The sheets had tangled as he slept, wrapping him up like a mummy, he freed himself from their clinging embrace and swung his feet to the floor below. As his feet hit the ground he couldn't help but notice a dark bruise, a narrow band of color that encircle around his ankles. Stunned he raised gaze to his hands. His heart began to beat faster as he noticed that a similar mark was forming as well around his wrists.....


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