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The Interview Part 2 - Meet The Boss

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Patty and my what was suppose to be a short rest, became a longer nap and I awoke was on my back and felt Patty's tongue licking my now stiffening shaft, the lights were all off now except the one directly overhead and I went to sit up but my arms were tied together under the table and when I looked down so were my feet. Patty smiled at me devilishly and I must have had a surprised look on my face as well.

?It?s about time you woke up sexy?, Patty said seductively. I pulled at the restraints but they were firmly tied, I wasn?t going anywhere, ?What are you doing Patty?? ? Oh well you did such a good job of driving me crazy during my massage that I?m going to return the favor but your going to be my slave for the rest of the time we are here, and to make sure you conduct yourself properly I called Lydia, my roommate to help me? I laid my head back down in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

?Shut up and do as your told and you?ll be justly rewarded Larry, argue and you?ll feel the wrath of Lydia and I,? ?But Patty,? I was going to say more but as soon as I opened my moth Patty clenched firmly on my testicles and squeezed just hard enough to show she meant what she said. ?I said quiet slave, you not to talk unless asked to do so, GOT IT?? Patty released her grip ?Yes,? was all I responded. ?Yes WHAT!? Patty said,? Yes mam,? I replied to even harder squeezes this time making me arch my back upward to try and loosen her grip to no avail. ?You will address me as Mistress Patty and Lydia as Mistress Lydia, got it?? ?Yes Mistress Patty,? I answered. ?Much better Larry,? Patty released the death grip on the family jewels and began licking and stoking my now softened cock. Patty wrapped her had slackly at the base of my penis and continued licking from the top of her hand to my helmet shaped tip teasingly running her tongue around the very rim so lightly it was driving me crazy. ?Ahhh that feels so good,? I moaned. ?So good,? Patty rose up her head and was not smiling at all, ?I told you to SHUT UP, how many times do I have to tell you?? Patty stopped licking and slapped my erection so hard I thought it would fly across the room. ?Arrrrhhh, I?m sorry, I?m really sorry Mistress Patty, please stop, PLEASE !!!? another whack from her hand this time not so hard but still excruciating. ?Now are you going to be quiet Larry?? I just nodded my head at her that I would and she said, ?Good boy you learn fast I see? ?Oh look at this cock all soft again what am I going to do with you? I didn?t dare answer her and just laid still.

?Hello Patty,? I hear a new voice, must be Lydia. Out of the darkness I see a petite young woman around Patty?s age. She?s wearing a scooped shirt and jeans so tight they looked like they were painted on. ?What do we have here Patty?? ? This is our slave toy I promised you, his name is Larry,? Patty replied. ?I see you have him ready to be trained,? Lydia said and grabbed my cheek to make me face her, ?You ready to serve us slave?? ?Yes?? I respond and immediately Lydia squeezed my cheeks hard, ?Yes, Is that all you can say is yes, Didn?t? Patty teach you how to properly address me?? ?Yes Mistress Lydia, I?m sorry.? Lydia released her grip. ?So sweetie what do you have in mind?? Lydia said as she looked at Patty. ?Did you bring the things I told you?? Patty responded. ?I think I have everything but what we don?t have we will improvise okay?? ?Good? was the answer

Patty walked over to Lydia and kissed her full on the lips, a slow passionate kiss that seemed to go on for a good long time. Patty then lifted Lydia?s shirt up and over her shoulders, she wasn?t wearing a bra but she really didn?t need it her breasts were full and firm for such a small framed woman. They embraced and kissed again this time Lydia ran her fingers over Patty?s nipples and Patty returned the favor, it was highly erotic, my cock was twitching and beginning to grow again on it?s own. Lydia opened her eyes as they broke their embrace. ?Looks like he likes this Patty, what do you think?? Patty glanced over at my growing erection and laughed, ?If he is lucky he may get some too but I?m not done with you yet either? Patty and Lydia continued to make out right there next to me, and with each kiss Patty removed a little more of Lydia?s clothing till they were both completely naked. Patty motioned to Lydia to go get the bag she brought and Lydia returned with it, I couldn?t see inside it but Patty grinned when she opened it then reached in a took out a collar and leash. ?Put this on him Lydia.? Lydia took the collar and snapped it behind my neck. After she did she took her hand and laid her nicely manicured nails on my neck and slid them all the way down my torso to my straining cock making it twitch upward at the light touch. ? Nice, you chose well sweetie, looks like he might need some relief?? ?Not yet Lydia, he gave me a massage and teased the hell out of me it?s his turn to be teased.? Lydia laughed, teasing is what we do best slave, are you ready to be teased?? Lydia bent forward and with her outstretched tongue she licked my nipples and my whole body tightened up. ?I see you like that too bad you?re tied up at the moment I like it too and she dangled one of her milky globes down over my face. I tried to lick her nipple but she backed away and grasped my cheeks again hard. ?Did I tell you that you could touch me slave?? ?No Mistress Lydia,? I answered. ?Then don?t touch me till I say you can? Lydia lowered the breast again and let her nipple graze across my lips ever so gently, running it back and forth over my mouth but I didn?t dare try to do anything. ?That?s better slave, much better, now watch a pro?.

Lydia motioned for Patty to come over and she obediently did, ?Show slave boy here how you suck a nipple? Patty gently ran her tongue around Lydia?s areola and I could see little goose bumps forming as she did. Around and around Patty?s tongue went stopping every so often to blow her warm breath on them but staying away from Lydia?s engorged nipples for the time being. I was really enjoying the view and wishing it could be me doing that. Lydia?s breath was starting to get a bit labored when Patty flicked her tongue across her nipple, again and again patty?s wet tongue flicked Lydia?s bottle shaped nipple, she flicked faster and faster as Lydia?s head bent back and she thrust her chest forward to encourage Patty more. ?OMG that feels good sweetie, really good,? Patty wrapped her lips around her firm nipple and suckled it putting Lydia over the edge and pushing Patty?s head away. ?See slave that?s how you do it.? Lets see if he got it Patty let him up.? Patty untied my hands and then my feet so I could sit up, I rubbed my wrists, because the fabric she used to tie it was so tight it left marks.

Lydia yanked the leash I forgot was on my neck pulling me toward her. ?Think you can do that right slave?? ?Yes Mistress Lydia.? Lydia took my place on the edge of the table and pulling the lead motioned for me to come closer and I did in fear of her. I began licking and kissing her other nipple just as Patty had showed me. ?Mmmmm, very nice, your right Patty he is a fast learner? Lydia obviously liked what I was doing and Patty began on the other side, before long Lydia was moaning softly then more and more loudly with each suckle of her very firm nipples. ?Okay enough, stop,? Lydia demanded.

?Yes Mistress? Lydia, Patty and I both responded together and I looked at Patty dumbfounded for a minute thinking she was in charge. Patty looked at me and laughed, ? Lydia is my boss here, CEO of the company.? I was in amazed. ?Patty, I think you picked the right guy for the job, and looking at the tool he has there I think it will be a pleasure working with him as well.? Reaching forward Lydia wrapped her fingers around my erection and stroked it back and forth in her hand. ?Oh yeah this is very nice your almost hired Larry lets see how you do in performing your work duties?, and a wink.

?Can he eat pussy as good as he sucks nipple Patty?? ?Oh yes Lydia he had me bucking up and down on the table,? ?Hmmm lets see then,? as Lydia scooted to the far end of the table, dangled her legs down and parted her legs pulling on the leash for me to follow.

I lowered my head between her silk thighs and started licking and softly kissing Lydia?s soft skin of her inner thigh. Patty kissed her deeply on the lips as I moved close but never touched her moist pussy lips. Patty and Lydia broke there kiss, ?I see what you mean Patty, he is good so far.? I began running my tongue along side each of those pouting lips right where they joined her thigh. Lydia laid back and began cupping her breast, and pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers. ?Ohh yeah that is nice, really nice,? Lydia replied. ?Patty be a sweetheart and go get me the bag I brought. Patty walked over and retrieved the bag off the floor and handed it to Lydia.

Lydia stirred the contents of the bag around a little and pulled out a penis shaped purple vibrator gave it a twist and it started buzzing than turned it off. I thought she wanted me to use it on her but I was wrong, she handed it to Patty, ?Give our slave a little reward,? Lydia said. Patty moved behind me as I was just starting to stoke my tongue through Lydia?s wet slit making her legs part even further. Lydia was getting wetter and wetter each time I teasingly licked her inner folds and she would quiver each time my tongue glanced alongside her clitoris hood. I reached my hand in and held her vaginal lips open for better access as I heard the buzzing behind me start again. What was she going to do to me, I wondered. I felt the vibrations on my buttocks making slow circles around the cheeks of my ass. Lydia was getting very excited and brought her hand down to hold herself open for me. The vibrations continued as I inserted first one then another of my fingers inside Lydia?s wetness, using my fingers in a come-hither type motion on her damp sponge like inner sanctity. Patty?s hand reached between my legs and she took hold of my erection pushing and pulling the skin back and forth as the vibrator moved up and down my ass crack now. The feeling was intense but I had the CEO in front of me that needed to be taken care of so I tried my best to concentrate on that. Lydia?s hand both went to my hair and grabbed on pushing my face into her private area hard. I continued to lick flattening my tongue out and pressing it against her moisture rocking my head in a circular motion and doing my best to please my mistress. It was working I guess because Lydia pulled back on my head and like a crazed animal covered in sweat demanded. ?Stick your cock in me and fuck my pussy, fuck it hard, I want to feel your balls whacking on my ass,? and with a shove pushed my head back so I could stand up and do as I was told.

The mood was getting more playful now and Patty took off my collar. ?I hope you know it?s all in fun Larry, we don?t do this every day, but when the boss needs a good fuck you have to oblige you know,? Patty smiled. ?No hard feelings,? she asked. ?No Mistress Patty, none at all. Lydia panted again, ?Come here and stick that cock in me or your both fired.? I gently pushed just the helmet part of my cock inside her and moved my hips back and forth, ?Don?t fucking tease me bury that fuckstick in me NOW !!!? I pushed forward and watched the whole length disappear between Lydia?s legs. Patty still had the vibrator on but I didn?t feel it on me so I glanced over my shoulder and say she was using it on herself, sliding it in and out of her pussy while watching Lydia and I. Lydia?s back arched up and her mouth fell open as I thrust and thrust my engorged cock as deeply as possible inside her she was squeezing my well lubricated cock with each push like a milking machine, it felt wonderful.

Patty stood up behind me again and reached between my legs, cupping my balls in her palm and gently rolling them around, pulling and tugging on them making me thrust faster and faster now. I knew I wasn?t going to last much longer and I guess Patty did too as she pushed the tip of the vibrator into my ass, it was all I could take and cum stared shooting deep inside Lydia, like a volcanic eruption I felt the warmth of my seamen spewing deep inside of her. Lydia clamped down tightly feeling the flow and held me balls deep inside her until the trembling stopped.

After some very heavy breathing Lydia finally spoke, ?You have the job Larry if you still want it, there may even bee some fringe benefits to working for us, so what do you think, yes or no?? Me stupid, no way, I took the job. Patty wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me followed by Lydia doing the same.

After my acceptance on the position Lydia took Patty and I to her office in the front of the building, it was decorated like a palace very luxurious and when she pushed a button on her desk and a wall opened up and there in the hidden room was a hot tub. ?Go ahead slaves hop in and relax, while I get us some wine,? Lydia laughs and leaves the room.

"I can?t wait for my first day of work to get here," I say to Patty. "I think your going to fit in just fine here, wait till you meet some of the others," Patty responds as we both step into the bubbing whirlpool.

"Hows the water?" Lydia is back with 3 long stemmed wine glasses and a couple bottles of wine.

"So what were you saying about the boss behind her back?" ..........

Member Letsgocrazy - continuation of the interview story

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