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The Charge Goes On!

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I arrived home to some hyper children and two men cooped up in a home office impatiently waiting for my arrival. They kids were on me like glue and I had a hard time trying to get them to leave me alone so I could go talk with the men. Even at bedtime they were relentless. But the funny thing about it was the men were on me like glue and were just about the same as the kids.

About 9:30pm I told my husband that they needed to go out of our room so I could take a shower and prepare. He looked at me and said, “You better hurry, it is already 9:30.” I replied to by saying, “okay, but we can’t get started until around 11pm anyway to make sure the kids are asleep”.

They left the room and I began getting ready. I did rush though because I wanted to make everyone happy. I won’t go into all the details but I will say that I wore a blue satin corset with black lace boy short panties. I also had on a pair of black fishnet thigh-hi hose. I then placed a sexy black dress over it to hide what lies below for a short while. Hair and make-up perfect of course. I then went out to meet the men.

I kind of had to go back and hide rather quickly because one of my kids got up to use the restroom and they would have wondered why I was dressed up. My husband took a shower during this time and our buddy sat on the living room couch playing with his cell phone. A few minutes later, my husband came out and called the “slave” who is to be punished into our room.

The slave sat on the bed while my husband set up the porn movie and I grabbed the notes I took from our phone conversation earlier that day. I wanted to remind everyone of what our ultimate goal was going to be. I then sat in the middle of the bed and my husband sat closely behind me.

Our slave was of course very horny and was lying there with his hand in his pants stroking his hard cock. He loves doing that and can do it for hours at a time. I then took out the list and told everyone that I wanted to remind them of what our goal was, the ideas and plans we needed to make sure we address, and what parts or roles we were playing. I reminded them that I was going to be the master during our fantasy-filled playtime, that my husband would be my assistant, and that our buddy was going to be the slave. I asked if everyone knew and were comfortable with their roles for the evening.

Our buddy quickly told me that he was not in the same mind-frame as he was earlier and then asked me where I got the list from. I told him that I made the list during the phone conversation and that I would ensure that he got back to that frame of mind because he asked me to fulfill that fantasy and I promised I would. After all, I am a slut who thrives on fulfilling fantasies and never breaks a promise.

So very laid-back-like I went through the list. I addressed each item on the list and described how each one would be addressed. For instance, I will tell you the first one which was strap-on dildo. I said something like “Okay, you said that you would like for me to put my strap-on on and fuck you in the ass since you have been a very naughty boy. So at the right time I will go put it on and tell you what you are going to do then.”

I constantly reminded him that I was going to be the one in charge this time. That I never get this opportunity and I was going to take advantage of it. I would also remind him that he was going to be my fuckin’ slut bitch because he has been bad and deserved to be punished. I told him it was his fault that my truck needed to be cleaned out and washed, that he had not been keeping up with it. I then told him that his main punishment was because he did not return my text message last weekend while I was in a hotel room, sitting in a Jacuzzi naked and ready for action.

One by one I continued to address each item. Describing in detail what was to happen. I also reminded him that my husband/assistant was going to be included tremendously because the last time he was completely left out. I explained to that fuckin’ slut bitch that he was going to not only suck my hard cock but that he would have to suck my husband’s as well.

As I was reading these out, I would observe his body language. I could tell that as I was going through the list and was increasing the description level of eroticy, making my voice more breathy in sound, that he was getting closer to the frame of mind from earlier in the day. He was stroking his hard cock with increasing determination and power, his breathing became more rapid, he was having a harder time speaking, and you could tell by the look in his eyes that he was being transported closer and closer to that other sexual realm that allows you to be more un-inhibited and kinkier.

As my voice would become breathier I would place my face a little closer to his in a teasing fashion. I knew that keeping things just past the point of reach drives him crazy along with the feel of my hot breath on his face. He told me he wanted to suck my tongue. So I got a little closer to his face and stuck my tongue out and kept it there just at that point that is beyond his reach. It was driving him crazy! So I asked him how he was doing. He then told me that he was becoming more slutty feeling. I told him that that was good because I was the master and he was my slave and that he had been bad and deserved to be punished.

We began kissing. It is quite obvious to my husband and me that he really enjoys kissing me. In between kisses, I would taunt him and tease him by the way I would talk dirty to him. I would remind him that he had been naughty. I reminded him that he was my naughty and nasty slut bitch and that I, Cherry, was the master and that he was to obey me and had to do anything that my husband or I told him to do. During these relaying of words and commands, I would allow him to kiss me. Another thing that I would do is to place my open mouth right over his and just breathe. This would turn him on tremendously. He would respond to the relay of words and commands by telling me he was a naughty slut bitch and that he will do anything I tell him to do.

Now that he obviously was in the frame of mind to allow him-self to turn control over me and to enjoy his extreme level of arousal, he would ask me questions during our little time at the beginning. He would ask me questions like “are you going to fuck me in the ass?” and “are you going to make me suck your cock?” No matter what he asked my responses were very erotic in nature and would remind him that since I was the master I would do these things, be in control, and give it to him hard and with as much vigor that I chose to do.

After about 15 minutes of an erotic endeavor to ensure that I can get him back into the appropriate frame of mind, I could tell that I had succeeded. So, I leaned closer to his face and told him that I was going to go and get ready to hand down his punishment that has been ordered in retribution for the forbidden things that he had done. I also told him that he was to continue stroking his cock and look into the camcorder and explain what he had done, what he was, and that he was about to receive his ordered punishment by his master.

I took off the dress and placed the strap-on over my panties. It is a nice strap-on. It is leather with a dildo that is about 7.5 inches and 3 inches in diameter and it also has a variable level vibrator inside. Once I had it in place, I walked out and immediately took control. It was a great feeling knowing that I was calling the shots for the first time. I walked up to him and told him to sit up. I then took a marker out. I told him that for all of his crimes he deserved to be branded. I wrote “Cherrie’s Slut Bitch” on his chest. He got so aroused by my doing that. He said he had never been written on and that that was a huge turn on.

I then told him to get on his knees down on the floor because he was going to have to suck my cock. It was so obvious he was in that other realm of sexual arousal. He had fantasized about this, having had it on his mind all day, and now it was going to happen. You could tell that he was close to the edge of extreme sexual arousal. As soon as I placed that cock in his mouth he began to tremble a little. He was still stroking hard on his cock. After only a few very minimal yet erotic moves, his eyes opened up and his body stiffened and he had to move his face away from the cock. I looked down and he was squeezing his hand around his cock with tremendous force.

After a minute or so, when he could talk, he explained that he was so turned on by the thought never-the-less the action of sucking my cock that when I placed it in his mouth he reached a level of arousal unknown to him that was very intense and extreme and that he had started cumming. He had to stop and hold on tight to make it go away. He would count to ten out-loud and shout out words like baseball and dead babies. He was so apologetic but trying to explain why it happened. I told him not to worry because it was very obvious to me that he was in that other realm at that point and had thought that this might possibly send him over the edge. But that I was quite impressed that he could stop himself in time.

He sat on the floor and I sat on the bed beside him. The three of us were talking about stuff and nonsense. He kept telling me that he would come back in a few minutes ready to play. I told him I wasn’t concerned because I knew he would not have any problems rebounding. We continued talking for about 15-20 minutes. During this time, my husband was sitting behind me and was kissing me and fondling my breasts.

All of a sudden, the slaves cock went from totally limp to fully erect in less than 2 seconds. I just happened to look down when it happened. It was quite intriguing and eye catching. I pointed it out to my husband and told him exactly what I saw happen. Then it wasn’t much longer than that and the slave got on his knees between my legs and began placing my cock in his mouth. I must admit, I found that to be very erotic and a major turn on.

My husband, sitting behind me and propping me up so that I could watch was kissing me and caressing my breasts and playing with my erect nipples. I was holding the video tape and focusing it on the action that was taking place down at my genital area. I know had a nice size permanently erect cock. It has many of the attributes that I love a cock to have when I am giving it head. It had a very distinct mushroom head that had a ridge around its base that was protruding out almost perfectly. When they are like this, a woman can be assured to feel the extra sensations and pleasure that will occur when it pops through your lips as you are giving head and as it passes through the vaginal vault/opening to lunge deep into her pussy. Both are feelings I truly enjoy.

It was also made to have number ridges and variances in size along the shaft, as well as the veins that exist on a normal man’s cock. All were things that make it the perfect lollipop to suck and tease in your mouth.

As he was giving me head, I reminded him that the last time he was given head for almost two hours total and hand jobs as well. I told him that everyone should learn by example and since he had the best of the best go down on him, I expected nothing less than a command performance.

It was very obvious that he was really enjoying sucking my cock and that he had done this before. I am talking about sucking a cock before and not a dildo. He admitted that he has sucked cocks a few times. He also admitted enjoying it when I would take the cock and wiggle it around or move it in different angles in his mouth. During the whole experience I would remind him that he was my slut bitch and that he deserved having to suck his master’s cock for having been so naughty. I would say things like “That’s right, suck it like a nasty bitch of a slut should!” He would get turned on even more when I would say things like that to him. Though he was doing a good job, I asked him if he wanted any hints on how to maximize the experience not just for the man but for himself. He said yes.

I reached down and placed the cock in my hand. I then told him that he should consider it his favorite lollipop in the world and that he craves to do everything he can to enjoy the whole event for himself. That by his enjoying it the pleasure will be just as great if not greater for the person attached.

I taught him how to enjoy pleasuring the mushroom head. Told him to take his tongue and run the ridge and then to tease the hole on the top. Then taught him to open his mouth slightly and slip it over the ridge and allowing it to pop through. Telling him to continue to tease the hole with his tongue and repeat the pop over the ridge several times but to go lower down on the shaft each time until he reaches the base. I also taught him to straighten his throat out so that he can take it in all the way. And that it is not always a bad thing to gag on it because most men enjoy feeling of a woman gagging on the head.

After he sucked and enjoyed my hard shaft for a very long time, I told him that it was getting closer to time for him to receive his real punishment. I told him to take a few final trips around my cock. I then made him stand up. Once I stood up he began kissing me and then he took my cock and started rubbing it against his. I asked him if he liked kissing me and rubbing my cock against his and he said “Fuck Yeah” which is his description that means “more than I can even express!” We did this for a couple of minutes. I would turn him toward the bed more and more so that I can push him down onto it.

Once I got him close enough, I pulled away from him. He gave me this questioning look. I reached out and pushed down on the bed and told him that it was time for him to begin receiving his true punishment. I placed a couple of pillows under his hips to raise him up so I could reach him. I then lubed my cock up and my husband lubed the slaves slave’s so that he could continue stroking it because I was the master and I wasn’t going to do it. I had already told him that I was not going to be merciful and that I was just going to take his punishment like the slut bitch he is should. He had been fucked in the ass before but with nothing as big as my cock was.

I spread his ass cheeks. Found the hole with my finger so that it could guide my hard cock in. Once I knew I was in the hole I went for it. I forced it in and plunged down hard onto him. I began stroking in and out with a steady motion. Changing speeds up as I went. We also turned the vibrator on to drive him a little crazy. I asked him if it was okay because I knew it hurt some at the beginning, but he was warned. That is what he asked for so that is what he was getting. He said he was fine as he laid with his head down on the bed and one hand stroking his cock.

I continued fucking his ass with great determination and a sense of pride. I had not done it like this before and with such purpose. I was doing a great job at my part of fulfilling this fantasy. While I was doing this, my husband would get behind me and kiss me while playing with my titts. He was also in a position such that when I would pull out of that ass he could feel the amount of force that I was using when I would pound back against his. I still continued to remind him that he was my fuckin’ slut bitch and that he was receiving his punishment that he deserves. I began spanking him. With each hit you could see that he would get even more aroused.

After a good amount of time, probably 20 minutes or so, we changed positions because he was beginning to hurt. I only want pleasure to come out of this for all those concerned, so I was in full agreement of this. I asked him how it was for him and he said that he was so turned on and that it felt awesome. I must admit I was quite turned on myself. My husband said that there were times that he could tell my level of arousal because my face became very expressive each time.

We then laid the slave on his back. I took my cock and placed it in his hand that was stroking his cock. I moved it in and out of his hand repeatedly for about a minute so that he could feel the warmth of the cock that just came out of his ass that was just well taken care of and shown who the master really was. I then straddled his chest placing my pussy on it. Next, I shoved my cock with that brown eye juice covering it in his mouth and told him to suck ever drop off. I fucked his mouth with great purpose reminding him that he was my slut bitch and it was his duty to take it. I used my hand to change the angle of entry from time to time. I would also pull it out and rub it on his face, neck, lips, and tongue alternating it with the pounding into his mouth. He was not able to tell when I would decide to change the technique I was doing. He could feel me rubbing my hot and wet pussy against his chest as I drove my cock deep into his mouth. I was definitely showing him who was master and who was slave.

He continued stroking his cock but was now stroking it up against my ass which he seemed to really enjoy. My husband after some time joined back in and began rubbing my pussy. Then he would bend me down on the slave climbing on top of me and ride my back as if he was fucking it. I could feel his hard member rubbing up against me. I would tell the slave what my husband was doing and he found that to be erotic.

I fucked his mouth for 20-30 minutes at least. He was so turned on by this. I continued to talk dirty to him. He would tell me how horny he was. That I had him so horny by having him fuck my cock with his mouth that he was excited that it was being taped. He also asked me if I wanted him to talk into the tape. I told him yes. So he looked into the camera with the cock still around his mouth and said that he loved having his mouth fucked by hard cocks and that he was a fuckin’ slut that can take it.

Not too long after that I pulled back a little, leaned down and kissed him. I then asked him how he likes having a pussy rubbed up against his chest by the person who was also forcing a cock down his throat and then kissing that person with the same mouth that had been sucking the cock that came out of his ass. He replied saying that he found it very erotic.

My husband pulled me back up and began kissing me and fondling me and giving my nipples hell. Then I could feel his hard cock on the side of my leg being rubbed up against it. I could definitely tell my husband was in a happy place right now. My husband stopped for a few seconds so I leaned down and kissed the slave again. After we kiss for a minute I asked if he likes having kissed me right after I just left from delving in my husband’s mouth. He said yes. I then leaned back up and began kissing my husband and his award winning type of seduction. No one in this world can seduce me the way he can. After we kissed some, I asked my husband how he likes kissing me right after I just left the slave’s mouth. I knew what his answer would be, but you can never hear it too much!!! He said he loves it.

As I continued to allow this seduction by my husband to continue while rubbing my pussy on the slave’s chest, I would take the vibrating cock and rub it on his nipples which are very sensitive. I could also still feel him stroking his cock against my ass. I then stuck one of my fingers into his mouth. Forcing his mouth open in order to allow my finger to dive deep into his throat and to run the ridges of his teeth and to tease the surface of his tongue all the way down to its base.

After a short time I placed another finger into his mouth and was really fucking it hard with them. I was continually forcing them around his mouth with varying intensity, strength and duration. It was quite obvious that he was enjoying it. Matter of fact it was quite obvious that we all were. The arousal level that was present on that bed was of insurmountable proportions. This continued on for a long period of time. There is no way that we could really place a time frame on any of it but I do know that when we started it was a few minutes past 11pm and when I looked when we went to take a break was around 2:45 am.

It was just incredible how we were able to make this fantasy be as close as possible to the list. We still only made it through half of it. The slave will have to return again to receive the remainder of his punishment. I think the only reason other than my hips locking up from being in that position for so long, one that I am not normally in because I am never the fucker and usually the fuckee. Is that we had all expended so much energy and had reached unbelievable and immeasurable heights of arousal that we were crashing fast and all at the same time.

It was quite amusing that my hips did really lock in that position. I could have continued fucking his mouth because I could do the back and forth motion well at this time. But I could not have dismounted the slave without my husband’s help because my hips were locked in place. It was a little uncomfortable from that but I really didn’t care because I was so fuckin’ horny that it was not in the forefront of my mind. I really didn’t notice until I went to move. The bed was soaked from the sweat that the slave created. He was quite hot at that time and I don’t mean temperature.

Once my husband helped me dismount the slave, I laid on the bed to help my hips straighten out. My husband was all over me. Kissing, touching, and grabbing me with increasing determination. Man I love it when he is like this. It lets me know that I am doing a great job at arousing his hormonal levels. The slave laid there watching my husband seduce me and my enjoying it. After a few minutes he asked if he could take a shower and we said “of course.” So he took a quick shower and then came and climbed back on the bed next to me while my husband was still pawing all over me. We all laid there for around 20 minutes and then the slave said he needed to go because he had so much to do. This was around 3:30am by this time. So much to our regret since we weren’t quite finished we said okay.

Once he left, my husband and I took a break for a little while longer. Then he came back into the bedroom and sat behind me on the bed. We were watching a tape of me on the phone with the slave earlier in the day having the initial conversation that started the creation of and led to the fulfillment of this fantasy. Even though we didn’t finish the list, I think it was fulfilled in so many ways but will be finished and re-explored very soon.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. My husband and I were watching the video and were talking about what we were thinking about during the call. My husband said he enjoyed listening to me be so devilish and naughty and responding to what he would say to me with increasing strength of mind. He saw how I was smiling and that I kept writing things down and was intrigued by the different ideas that had come from that conversation.

I told him that I love talking shit with anyone but that when the idea that I could possibly be in control for once and to do something that could be considered kinky or naughty or even nasty really peaks my interest. And that the more we talked and he made these suggestions of what he wanted me to do to him, how he would keep asking me if he was my nasty slut bitch and I his master, and that my husband and I can do anything we can to him and he would do anything we tell him to do, that I would get more and more turned on by the thought. I told him how it would arouse me even more how he wanted to talk to me and kept calling me. Also, that when he called to say he was on the way, I just could help but get even more excited. It also made it seem more erotic and forbidden because he was having to come up 7 hours earlier then when we would probably begin and have to hang out and continue to anticipate my arrival. He had to be around my kids and act like nothing was going on and be entertained by my husband which turned out great because they got along really well. The last time he was here he felt very awkward having my husband here and that is the main reason he ended up being left out of the mix. But this time, he was the least concerned about him being here and was willing to even suck him off.

I know I started sharing that my husband and I were on the bed and watching the video and that I went no further with that. The reason for this is because what happened with that is well worth its own part of this account of a fantasy’s creation and fulfillment.

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