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The Anniversary

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Today is our anniversary. It is hard to believe it has been a whole year. The time has flown, and the relationship we share has taken on a whole life of its own. I can still remember meeting you for the first time.You were beautiful ~ a little shy, a little nervous, but such a sweet sense of anticipation in your eyes. I knew right then i had to be careful with you or i would lose my heart. Being your Mistress came easily to me. Our wants and desires meshed well, making each step in my Domination of you a simple progression from the step before. Of all the wonderful nights we shared, the one that stands out best in my mind is the first night of your complete submission to me, exactly one year ago tonight.

We made special preparations that night. You ran me a bath scented with my favorite freesia foaming crystals and filled the bathroom with softly glowing candles. I allowed you to bathe me, relaxing as the hot water and your smooth soapy hands glided over my body. The light from the candles was rivaled by the gleam in your eyes as you served me. Warm terry towel wrapped around me, the soothing strokes of the hairbrush through my long hair as you dried it, the smooth sweetness of my favorite tea as i dressed while you showered. You made me proud, not forgetting a single detail in your efforts to please me.

You returned from your shower dressed the only way I allow you to be at home ~ soft black satin panties and your collar. You were not expecting the cold smile on my lips, nor the outfit I had chosen, thigh-high black boots with stiletto heels and nothing else. You dropped to your knees before me and kissed the narrow strip of pubic hair just above my nether lips. Again, following the rules I had taught you over the preceeding months. This time I surprised you, though, placing one hand on your head to indicate that you were to remain kneeling as i turned and presented my ass for you to kiss as well. You hesitated, then pressed your lips to the warm crevice dividing my buttocks, with a whispered "thank You, Mistress." Without another glance at you, I strode across the room to the standing armoire in the corner, the place you knew I kept all my sweet toys. I opened the heavy doors, and selected a shiny new leather riding crop, then turned to you with the same cold smile.

"You hesitated. Not good. You know what to do."

Your eyes on the floor, you crawled over to the bed and leaned over the side of it, stretching your arms out over the satin coverlet. I stepped behind you, placing the tip of the crop at your lips for you to kiss, then reaching down and pulling those silky panties to your knees. I raised my arm and brought the crop down hard on the bed beside you and, to your credit, you did not flinch. I raised my arm again, this time bringing the crop down with a resounding slap against your white buttocks. Tears filled your eyes and your fists closed over the coverlet, but you did not forget to say "Thank You," The crop sounded against your skin nine more times, leaving ten beautiful red stripes across your ass. By the tenth stroke, you were crying openly, your body fighting to move away from the stinging bite of the crop, your voice breaking as you thanked me and counted off the last stroke. I again placed the tip to your lips and you kissed it.

I placed the crop on the bed beside you and stroked my hand over the sweltering heat of the stripes. You turned to me on your knees, tears wetting your face, and buried your tongue between my thighs, thanking me for caring enough to punish you. Your tongue delved between my lips, seeking the hot clit, knowing that seeing you take your punishment bravely excites me. I parted my thighs slightly and held your head against me, softly murmuring to you as you showed your appreciation.

Usually, I would allow you to make me orgasm this way, but tonight was special. After a few minutes of your luscious tongue slowly lapping up and down my wetness, circling and teasing my clit, i pushed you away and laid you down on the bed.

I stripped the panties the rest of the way off of you, and positioned you spread-eagled over the bed on your back. The sting in your ass and the sweetness of my pussy had you partially hard already. I stroked your shaft almost negligently as i walked by, removing my favorite flogger from the armoire. This flogger was soft, its lashes made of a buttery suede, more suitable for teasing than for punishment. I began with slow, circular strokes, letting the lashes kiss your body lightly, gently. I worked my way slowly from your thighs to your upper chest, carefully avoiding your cock. As the strokes began their descent back to your thighs, I increased the pressure of the blows, watching as the skin turned a rosy pink and you shivered slightly with the teasing strokes.

Again to your upper chest, the blow falling hard and fast now, your breathing coming quicker, the tumescence in your cock growing in proportion to the rain of blows. A moan escapes you and is promptly met with the kiss of the lashes across your cock. You are wet by now, the trail of pre-cum silver down your cock. Another hard slap across the cock as another pearl of moisture forms and drips. I stroke my finger over the hot, hard skin, and bring the collected wetness to your lips.

You lick it eagerly from my fingertip, softly begging for more, and i know its time for the next part of the evening.

I turn you over, pleased to see the red welts on your buttocks are standing out vividly on the pale skin. I slip your hands into restraints attached to the headboard, and place your feet in the restraints at the baseboard of my bed. I kneel on the bed beside you, securely tying a silken scarf over your eyes. You cannot move, and you cannot see. You hear me bringing items over to the bed and laying them out around you, humming softly to myself as I prepare.

SLAP! My hand comes down hard across your ass, awakening the dull ache of the crop bites. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Yoru body jerks in its restraints and you cannot help but cry out. I laugh coldly, "There, that's better.

I didn't want you getting too comfortable."

I rub my hand over the stinging cheeks, none too gently. You feel me part your buttocks, and you know the cold slipperiness is lubricant. You get nervous; we have not played much this way so far in your training. I slip one fingertip into you, gently teasing my way into your anus. I can feel you resisting slightly and I slap your ass again, telling you to relax the muscles. You obey, but i can feel the shivers in your body.

My finger is completely inside now. I move it slowly, carefully stretching the tight ring of muscles. I gently add another finger inside you, sliding the two in and out. This is familiar to you, and you relax a bit more. I withdraw the fingers and you feel the head of the butt plug we customarily use pressed against you. It slides in easily, the passage well lubricated and slightly open from my fingers. Once it is anchored in place, i move to the head of the bed. You can smell the lemon of the towelettes i prefer to use to wipe the jelly from my fingers. I lean down and whisper in your ear, "Who do you belong to?"

"You, Mistress."

"Who do you obey?"

"You, Mistress."

"Open your mouth."

You do as you are told, and you feel the cold plastic of my strap-on cock being pressed to your lips. "Suck me. Suck my cock, little slut."

You pulled away just a bit, this was something new. But the pressure of the cock against your mouth and the pressure of my hand against your head left you no room to pull away. Your lips parted and took in the head of the toy, your tongue licking and circling it. "Very good, slut.

You do that well." As I spoke, I started moving my hips, forcing you to take the toy deeper in your mouth, rocking it in and out, fucking your wet mouth. As i moved against you, I noticed your hips were rocking in time with my own, causing the butt plug to move within you. I smiled, knowing the time was right.

I pulled away from your mouth, grabbing the flogger from beside you on the bed and bringing it down hard across your ass. "Slut!...I saw you moving those hips. You like the feel of my cock in your mouth and something in that ass, huh?" Before you could say anything, I pulled the plug out of your ass. Your whole body jumped and you cried out from the sting of the flogger and the sudden void in your bottom. I knelt on the bed between your legs, and you started thrashing, suddenly realizing what I intended. I held your hips still with my hands, and placed the head of the strap-on at the stretched pucker of your anus. "I had intended to do this slowly, but since you want to play rough..."

I thrust against your body, hilting the dildo deep within your ass. Up until this moment, all you had ever taken was the butt plug, which was much smaller than my toy. You cried over and over into the pillow as I began thrusting in and out of you, each time pulling almost all the way out, pausing, then sinking my cock back into your depths. As your body stretched to accomodate the toy, your cries lessened to mere whimpers. I slid one hand under your hips, encircling your soft cock and stroking it as I thrust. I felt it hardening in my hand and began moving faster within you. The sweet power of possession filled me as I rode you hard, the base of the strap-on hitting against my soft mons as I thrust, pressing and rubbing my clit. I laid over your back, my breasts pressed to your bare skin, knowing you were reeling beneath me from the complicated feelings of being full and ridden, yet with the softness of female skin and female breasts pushing against you. The heady combination of the toy against me and the knowledge that you belonged completely to me now brought me to the brink and pushed me over. I thrust into you with abandon, riding the crest of my own pleasure, cumming hard as I fucked you. You moaned beneath me, feeling the orgasm sweeping through me, your cock throbbing in response in my hand.

I quickly undid the restraints on your hands and feet, and rolled you onto your back, leaving my strap-on buried deep in your ass. You were flushed, sweating, nipples hard, cock wet and straining. Your eyes were open and locked with mine as i straddled you. "Who do you belong to?"

"My Mistress." You could barely get the words out as I continued stroking your cock with my hand.

"" I slide down over you, engulfing your cock in my soaked pussy, punctuating each word with the rise and fall of my body over your shaft, moving your impaled ass on my toy at the same time. You whimpered a response that sounded like "yes, Mistress" as our bodies rose and fell together. I held tight to you, whispering at you to let go. Your body went wild beneath me, moving harder and harder into me, at the same time driving the dildo deeper with every downward motion of your body. You moaned my name, as the pleasure/pain took over, steadily chanting, "Goddess...Goddess...Goddess...", lost in the sensations filling you.

"Cum for me, my sweet...", I whispered as i felt my own orgasm building again. You screamed, body convulsing as you thrust harder and harder into me, seeking and finding release. The feel of your hot seed filling me pushed me over the edge into my own screaming pleasure, hips grinding against yours, selfishly draining every bit of your essence into me.

The rest of the evening is hazy in my memory...the sweet collapse into each other's arms...the little cries as you removed the toy from your newly broken-in ass...the gentle lapping of your tongue on my swollen labia, cleaning up the mess you made. That night was a year ago tonight.

I can hear you in the bathroom now, drawing the water for my bath, the sweetness of freesia in the air. I wonder if you have any idea of the new pleasures i have in mind for you tonight?

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