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Thank You Mistress IV

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It was 3 wks to the day after my intitiation at the hand of Mistress Marla, that I arrived at the airport in her city. I proceeded to the limo area and saw a cute driver holding a placard that merely said S/S. As Mistress and I had been mailing and phoned, I knew it was for me as it stood for Slave/Slut! He immediately saw me as I was attired as directed in leather mini, fishnet nylons, 4" heels, sheer blouse and visible black lace bra underneath. Your average arriving whore. Having only a carryon, we proceeded to a waiting limo where he opened the door and I entered the back. Out of the late afternoon sun my eyes adjusted to first glimpse the long bare legs of Mistress stretched across the seat, and she patted the seat next to her. As she was wearing only shorts and a halter top (her beautiful breasts swinging free underneath) the difference in our attire was striking. As we left the airport we chatted about events since we parted, as she idly stroked my nylon encased thigh grazing my already moist crotch. Unbidden, I leaned forward and kissed her full lips and was rewarded with minutes of pleasure from our dancing tongues. She gently pushed me back and lightly slapped my face. "..that was nice, but wait permission" she muttered. "Well?" she asked. Quickly I replied, "thank you, Mistress" and received her look of approval. She returned to stroking me and soon had brushed aside my black thong to stroke my shaven wetness. Breathing heavily now, I eagerly obeyed her instruction to remove them and kneel next her seat. Taking the panties from my hand she wadded them and placed them in my mouth. Stating she had calls to make, she sat up and ordered me to massage her bare feet with their red painted toes, while she was on her cell phone. Not at all listening to her calls, I massaged her lovely feet and yearned for more. She hung up, pulled out my gag and allowed me to caress her feet and legs with my lips and tongue. The collar I knew well appeared in her hand which she quickly fastened around my neck. Leather, with a ring front and back, it prompted a flood of memories of our last encounter. Stating that we had some time to our destination, she asked if I wanted to pleasure her. Amidst my pleadings, she grabbed my short hair, pulled me forward and ordered me get to it. I quickly pulled off her shorts, and with nothing underneath eagerly buried my face in that beautiful pussy. I inhaled and licked and sucked every inch of her. I didn't know how much time I had and I was eager to eat her to completion. God, I had missed this! I was rewarded with her grabbing my hair forcing my mouth against her as she flooded my face with her juices. I hungrily sucked and swallowed as much as I could of the delicious squirting encouraged by her moans. When she subsided, she pulled my dripping face to her kissed me deeply. She sat up and putting on her shorts and low heeled sandals, ordered me to clean the seat that was wet with her juices that I missed. I was lapping away when the car stopped and the driver opened the rear door. I followed Mistress into the sun realizing that the driver had seen me licking the seat and had a good view of my naked cunt as I exited the limo. Apparently he knew to wait as he returned to the driver seat as I teetered on shaky legs behind Mistress to a huge double door to what appeared to be a very large mansion. Nothing like Mistress's uptown condo.

We were greeted at the door by a stunning tall blonde woman in a daring green bikini. At first glance, she appeared to be mid thirties with short blonde hair crowning her long tanned body. Although small breasted, she exuded sex, especially when she hugged and kissed Mistress in welcome and took a long look at me in sharply contrasting whore garb. Smiling, she took my face in hands and kissing my cheeks and lips she ran her tongue across my chin and laughed out loud. "I see you've had her busy already, Marla! I know that taste." she said entering the spacious foyer and proceeding to the back of the huge house to what appeared to be a large indoor bar with sliding glass doors overlooking an expansive pool. "Be a dear and make us a drink" she said to me pointing to the long well stocked bar. Mistress and the blonde sat on barstools and chatted while I hurriedly filled their orders. I was allowed to make a drink for myself to bring around to their side and Mistress casually ordered me to me knees between them. She again idly stroked my face while we drank and they chatted as though I wasn't there. Soon, their attention turned to me as Mistress explained that the lovely blonde was Mistress Diane to me and the Fiftyish silver haired man approaching from the pool was her husband, Master Eric to me. He was also tan and fit wearing only shorts as he joined our little group with me kneeling between them. Mistress went on to explain that we would be returning later for a gathering here, and she wanted to introduce her new slave, me, to our hosts. She invited them to enjoy me while she watched as she would have plenty of time later. Her eyes twinkling, Mistress Diane immediately stood and ordered me to remove her bottoms and Master's shorts which I did. His rather large cock bounced in my face and at her command to make it hard I started to lick and suck him from his balls to the quickly hardened head. Led to low square table and positioned on my knees she pulled my face into her crotch as I felt my upturned ass, skirt shoved tomy waist, and his cock quickly filled me. I licked Mistress Diane for all I was worth while fucking back into that lovely cock.

It was to be a wonderful night!

to be continued....

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