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When I moved into my first apartment in the summer of '89, I had just turned 18. I was excited to be out on my own. I had been searching for months but due to the fact that I had a crappy job and was considered a high risk tenant, my applications were denied at all of the nicer places in the city.

I was just about to give up and remain at home for another year when I received an approval from a large building located in a not so popular part of town. Needless to say, I didn't care. I would have lived anywhere.

I desperately needed a place where I could impress the girls and maybe get laid without worry of my parents screwing things up.

My apartment was on the sixth floor. It was small and ugly looking but my imagination ran wild with ideas as I stood in the front door surveying my new dwelling. There were cracks in the ceilings, walls and floors. The smell was rank as if the people before me had been pissing in the corners.

The bathroom was the worst and hardest to clean but in a weeks time, I had managed to change the apartment into a nice and livable environment.

Looking back on those days, I laugh, because my priorities were way out of order. I was more concerned with having a place to party and have wild uninhibited sex than paying the rent. I was so wrapped up in the freedom of living alone, that paying $500.00 on the first of the month didn't hit me until my third week there.

I borrowed money from a friend at work and after paying the rent, I quickly reverted back to my non-caring lifestyle. The fact that not one girl had come up to my new place was frustrating. I had thought that things would be different for me once I got my own place but having no money screwed everything up.

So I masturbated. Every morning, noon and night dreaming of a bevy of beautiful girls running around my apartment naked. In fact I was masturbating more than ever. I was even missing time from work just to lay on my couch and pump my horny cock to the 20 Minute Workout, I dream Of Jeannie and any other show that followed. I was a mess. I had no idea that I was fired until I snapped out of my masturbation coma long enough to go to my mailbox and see that they had sent me my last check.

" Oh, how nice," I thought. " Saved me the trouble of catching the bus."

I was kind of in shock when the first of the month came and I was still short two hundred dollars and no job. I secluded myself in my apartment and waited for the eviction notice.

Exactly five days into the new month, I was awoken by a loud knocking on my door. Scared and embarrassed, I mustered up enough courage to answer the door. " Face the fiddler because I sure as hell can't pay the piper," I thought as I opened my door and wasn't surprised at all to see the land lady.

She was an older Asian lady. Forty or so with short cropped hair and a serious attitude. She was smaller than I but we both knew who was who on the Landlord/Renter food chain. She seemed to glow with power.

As soon as I opened the door she walked passed me and into my slowly diminishing domain. Her eyebrows were thin and created a wave effect over her roaming dark eyes. She scanned the apartment as I stood there unable to say anything.

" You late on rent, boy!," she stated loudly looking at my humble home as if it were the first time she had been in any apartment in the building.

" I'm sorry," I said, looking at the floor, clutching on to the open door for support. My legs were all of a sudden very shaky and tired.

" You fix up real nice and now you late with rent," she added " I, well you see, I lost my-," I started but her eyes turned on me and I shut up with my lame excuse.

" I no care about your excuse boy! Excuses don't pay rent, huh?"

" No they don't Ms. Pang, Im sorry," I mumbled.

" How much you got for rent?"

"Im short two hundred dollars."

" I see," she said as she began walking around again, looking at everything as if it all would soon be hers.

" Shut the door and sit down," she instructed I did as she said hoping that if I played my cards right she might let me pay the two hundred on the next months bill.

I lost visual contact with her when she went into my bedroom. I still didn't move when I heard my dresser drawers being opened and closed.

I was powerless.

" Why you lose job?," she called out, still in my room.

" Um, I ," I tried to answer but couldn't. I was stumped, I mean how was I to explain that I had been taking off to much time from work just to enjoy private masturbation without worry of my parents walking in on me. How was I to explain that?

She slowly walked out of my bedroom and looked into the bathroom before she came to stand in front of me once again. This time her eyes were steady fixed on mine. I felt like a lump of shit.

" I make deal with you, boy," She said with little interest.

" Um, sure! Anything, I will pay it to you as soon as-," I started.

" NO! You late already! When you no pay me, I have to pay out of own pocket, none of this next month shit! I have to pay on time too!"

" Im sorry" " Yeah, your sorry no make nothing! Shit," She said softly looking me over.

" Okay, here is deal," she continued as she sat down across from me.

" Anything Ms. Pang" " You got to give me good time, do what I say," She smiled wickedly.

I was shaking my head 'yes' and had no clue at the moment what she was talking about. It wasn't until she told me to stand up and pull my shorts down in front of her that everything clicked. I was shocked but her powerful voice and attitude had me standing in no time.

" I say take them off!," she demanded loudly.

With a little hesitation, I pulled my shorts and underwear to my ankles and stepped out of them. I became so embarrassed that I covered my penis with both of my hands.

" Now your shirt," She said lighting a long thin cigarette, crossing her legs and acting if I wasn't even there.

I felt myself become flush red as I realized that there was no way to take off my shirt without exposing my cock to her. I felt ashamed for getting myself into this situation. " I mean, what was I doing? Is this rape? Am I being raped!," I thought to myself.

" Take you shirt off, now!," She repeated again in a tone that made me believe that the deal was close to ending if I didn't.

I quickly began to think of ways that I could take my shirt off without exposing my shriveled penis.

I took the first stupid idea that came to me, turned around and pulled my shirt over my head, feeling equally ashamed that she was looking at my bare ass. I turned around holding my T-shirt in my hands, hiding my penis, wondering when this would be over and how much more I would have to do.

" Relax," she smiled, taking another pull off her smoke.

" Show me you cock," She stated in a way that made me think she had seen many and mine was destined to be the smallest. Her eyes moved from mine and I watched her as they focused in on my hands.

" Uh, Ms. Pang, I am so sorry about the money I owe, I will make a phone call and have it in by mornin-," I shut myself up again, seeing her displeasure.

With a smile that was ready to break apart with laughter she asked me, " How?"

I was never more unprepared in all of my life as I was now. I mean, I didn't even have a phone and that's what she was referring too.

" You funny, I give you that," She complimented, I think as she took another long pull off he smoke and exhaled it on to my body.

" So, what you do that is worth two hundred dollar?," she asked as she uncrossed her legs and spread them apart so I could see further up her thighs. She smashed her cigarette out in the ashtray giving me a chance to see the pale white, soft skin at the tops of her stockings.

It was at this point, I knew what she wanted and I was beginning to feel the same way. My cock started to harden beneath my hands.

" You like that boy? You like looky up my legs, huh?," She soothed.

Her was as smooth as silk. I watched her eyes drop again from mine to my covered penis. Terrified what she would think, I took a deep breath and moved my hands, exposing my hard cock to my landlady.

"Ewww, you hard! Oh my!," She said covering her broad smile with her manicured fingers. It was the first time that any woman had seen my penis besides my mom, I had always pictured the scenario to be different. She watched as my virgin cock twitched and bobbed up and down uncontrollably.

" you like to licky the pussy, boy, huh?," She asked as she placed her on the coffee table and spread her legs wide. I could see the dark thick hair of her pussy mound through her white panties. A small quarter size wet spot in between the folds of her swollen pussy lips had my mind swimming in a sea of lust. The whole scene was such a turn on for me.

Ms. Pang was no beauty queen and her chunky body was not the type that I would masturbate myself off too, but right then and there, she was beautiful.

She reached forward and unlocked the clasps on her heels and kicked them to the floor. She watched my eyes as she rolled her stocking down her thigh, over her knee and left it bunched up around her ankle.

" you think my legs sexy?," She asked as she rolled her other stocking to the same position.

" Yes," I exhaled, looking at the wet spot again that had flooded into silver dollar size.

" Come here, boy," she said motioning with her eyes for me to come beside her.

" Now get on your knees," she instructed me.

I plopped down on to the floor before her and like a puppy dog, awaited her next command.

She swiveled in the chair facing me and pulled her legs up and rested them in the arms of the chair. Spread wide for my horny eyes, now was a close view of her soaking panties. I was three feet away and could smell Ms. Pangs pussy scent. It was a strong smell and even though it was not all that pleasant, I wanted to smell more. The silver dollar size wet spot had lost its form and before my eyes had taken no particular shape. She was drenched.

" Now you do good pussy suck and I forget one hundred dollar," She said as she shifted her ass to the edge of the chair.

" Yes," I heard myself say from some far away place. I moved my head between her thighs and showered her thick legs with soft kisses slowly making my way to the money maker. Hell, I would have done it for free.

I reached her pungent pantied covered sex and sucked on it like I was trying to control an ice cream cone on a hot summers day. Her pussy was melting in my mouth.

I gently slipped my finger under the wet material and pulled it aside. I pulled back a few inches to get the full effect of seeing my first real life pussy. Her lips were dark and swollen like two strips of roast beef that you get on your sandwich at Arby's. They were darker than her pink pussy hole that was very wet and leaking cream but what intrigued me the most about this old Asian woman's pussy the most, was her clitoris.

It was thick and larger than any I had scene in any porno movie. It stood erect on it's own like a miniature penis.

" Hurry, boy! I so horny!," she moaned.

I wasted no time, flicking at her little dick with my tongue and sucking it softly between my lips. I quickly realized that my ice cream was melting rapidly, so I adverted my attention to the source. I lapped at her cunt, starting at the bottom and then up the length of her thick lips, then back down.

Her heavy breathing had turned into loud moans and I felt her hands on my head, forcing me down, into her wetness. I probed her pussy hole with my stiff tongue, going as deep as I could and wiggling it around inside. I shook my head back and forth. My nose flicking at her oversized clit.

" Sucky my pussy hole, boy, oh yes!," She moaned between breaths.

I withdrew my tongue from her hot hole and opened my mouth wide, covering her entire pussy. I sucked on her meaty lips like this for a couple of minutes until I had my ice cream back in control then I went back to her amazing clit. I sucked hard on it, smacking my lips together every time I reached the end and it slipped out of my mouth. I flicked at it, stinging it with my darting tongue. Circling it aggressively in between my long hot licks up and down her creamy pussy lips.

" Ewww, yes, I cum in you mouth boy!," she screamed out loud.

With her hands pushing down and her thighs now clenched tight to the sides of my head, I couldn't move, let alone breathe. I felt her body jerk and she pumped her pussy into my face several times before I realized a warmer, thicker juice fill my mouth. I swallowed and sucked her pussy as she fucked my face relentlessly. I was almost out of breath when I felt her legs relax and I felt the pressure of her hands were gone. I pulled my wet face from her hot pussy and took a deep and well needed breath.

I looked up at my beautiful Landlady. Her eyes were and she smiled at me from above.

" You good pussy suck, boy!," She complimented as she pulled her panties back into place and let her legs drop to the floor allowing her dress to her creamy panties.

" You pay me the rest tomorrow, same way. Okay?," She said as she stood up and pulled her stockings up to her thick thighs. "You will pay tomorrow right?," She asked in a more serious tone.

" Uh, yeah," I said in disbelief with my cock aching to cum, aching to feel deeper what my tongue couldn't. I wanted so badly to fuck the shit out of this old Asian woman but she made it clear that I still owed her and I was in no position to ask.

After she strapped her heels on, she walked passed me and patted me on the head.

" Don't worry, maybe tomorrow I jack you off, once you pay the rent in full," She laughed before she closed the door leaving me on my knees with a throbbing cock.

I lay back on the floor and stroked myself, wondering what it would feel like to have Ms. Pang sexy hands jerking me off. I stopped when I heard her voice in the hallway. I quickly got to my feet and looked through the peephole..

" You late again with rent, Shelly!," She spoke loudly to the young woman that lived in the apartment across the hall from me.

" Oh Im so sorry Ms. Pang, won't you please come in and maybe there is something we can work out?," I heard the young woman ask.

" How much you short this month-," her words trailed off as she disappeared into my neighbors apartment.

First and most importantly, lots of thankyou's for all the people who write stories for the NGs. I love every one. Well not entirely true but at least I can thankyou for using your imagination. As Martha S would say" Thats A Good Thing." Secondly for the disappointed readers of this tale.

Im sorry that the character in this story didn't :

get a blowjob, had sex, sucked toes, gave anal oral or : Squirted his cock cream on her , feet, calves, thighs, pussy, ass, stomach, breast, face, mouth. I just wasn't in the mood and it wouldn't be right to stretch the truth, now would it? ( smile)

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