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His thoughts were of her, the way her hair shimmerd in the light, the way her smile danced in his heart, the way her touch burned deep into his soul. He was deeply in love with her, but how could he express the burning in his soul she caused. He tried several times to catch her eye, just a glimps. He often would accidently touch her hand as if he was reaching for the same object as her.

His soul burned with the desire to hold her and tell her how much he loved her. But all he could do was love her from afar, for he knew he was out of her class to even think about being with such a goddess. Night after night, he would lay awake at nights poundering ways he could tell her.

Several years had passed since they started working together. From the first time he laid eyes on her, his soul burned with desire for her, his heart would race just from the sound of her voice as she said hello as they passed in the halls. Oh just how could this low mail boy from the bottom floor ever capture the heart of this office goddess who ran a whole department of upper class men and women.

His dreams were filled with nights of him slidding his hard cock deep inside her wet awaiting pussy, making her every fantasy come true. How he would holder, and tell her as he slid his shaft of hard manhood deep inside her passion fruit, of the love that burned in his soul. How her lips set his soul a flame with each kiss of love he placed on them. How could he express the wants to make her happy in her high class world.

One night as he was working late placing the morning mail on the desks of the upper crusts, as the mail people refered to them, he came to her office door and found her at her desk.

Slowly and timadly he knocked on the door. Her voice softly but furm said " Yes what is it?". "The morning mail " he lowly replied from just out side her door. " Well don't just stand there looking like a total idiot, bring it here" she said forcefully.

Slowly he entered her office with his lowly head hung down, " Sorry miss I didn't know anyone was here at this time" he said in a low tone. She glanced up from benith her papers scatered about her desk. To her suprise there before her stood a simple country looking frame of a man. Her heart seamed to race at the thought of what she coud teach this lowly country bumbkin.

"Well come closer I don't bite" she said, " at least not at first". His heart jumped and missed 3 beats at once, had he heard what she said correctly? Was she making a pass at him? He dare not ask for he was afraid she would get him fired.

Slowly she stood as he approched her, her hair glimmering in the floresent glow of the office lights, her top opened in a teasing yet comfortable way. She reached for the mail as his hand reached out to hand it to her. She purposely droped the mail to see if he would be what she thought and pick it up for her. As she figured he kneled to pick it up when she desides what the hell, it had been a year since a man had touched her in any way. Tonight come hell or high water she was going to get fucked by a man, not her latex and battery freind she had hidden in her desk.

As he kneeld to pick up the mail, she stood over him with her legs opened. Just enough so that as he looked up to hand her the mail he could see right up between her heavenly thighs. She had planned on using her hidden friend once she was sure the office was vacant of all people like she had done many nights during the past year.

As he looked up and saw she had no panties on, and her pussy was well trimmed, free of any pubic hair, other then what crowned the top of her pussy, he felt a deep burn in his soul he had never felt before. Could this be real or a dream?

His breath became short, his palms sweaty, his heart raced.

She reached down taking the mail from his hand, then asked him firmly " do you want to keep your job ? " " Ye ye ye yes ma'am " he nervosly replyed. " Good then get over her and fuck my pussy hard like you do those country girls back home"

With out another word being spoaken he undressed her and himself, then kneeling before her as she sat atop her desk, he began to lick her wet pussy like there was no tomarrow. The burning in his soul was now a ragging fire of lust, want and need. He needed to please her as she demanded he do, but yet at the same time show her the love he had burning for her in his soul.

As he grunted and licked her wettness, she moaned and wimpered like a new puppy lost from its mother. " More more more " she demanded, " eat my pussy as if you were in love with it" Slowly he looked up and told her " but I am in love with your pussy, and the rest of you"

Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth dropped like a ton of bricks had been dropped on her head. " I have been for a while now, but I was afraid to tell you" he slowly told her.

She was floored, how could this lowly mail room clerk love her? had they met? She was dumbfounded at his words as he explained the burning in his soul he carried for her.

After about an hour, she asked him if he would come home with her. His heart raced, his mind swam of thoughts of how the night would be. Could this be true, could his dreams of long months be comming true ?

Suddenly the alarm clock sounded, awakening the lowly clerk from his dream of his burning soul

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