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Sherri at the Travel Agency, The Week Long Cruise

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Sherri had a number of trips that she took in her job at the travel agency, some a few days and some a weekend and about three times she was gone for a week at a time. After I got to know her bosses I was sent a kind of courtesy replacement while she was gone, her name was Connie and she was of black/french heritage. She was really a lovely woman and was a little more buxom than Sherri was. Usually she was the one to come over althought a couple times no one was sent but I was fine considering the benifits that we got from her job. Anyway, Connie was awesome as a girlfriend and that is sort of what she became for a while. The long week found her at my door one day about noon as Sherri had gone to work at 8AM that day. She told me that Sherri would be gone for a week or maybe more, she was special assistant to the boss on a business cruise and would call me later from the ship. I said fine and Connie came in and got some wine and relaxed. Soon we were naked in the bed and enjoying ourselves for the afternoon. She had a nice bottom that was very tight considering her buxom figure, she told me she worked out even though she did not want to loose the weight she had cause she liked her body as it was and her titties were her best feature. I told her that her pussy was but she insisted so why argue. Well, we had a great week and a half together and actually did a lot of things that a husband/wife do. She liked that kind of thing and we had lots of fun. Well, about 3Am one morning Sherri came in, looking completley worn out. The limo had just dropped her off and she came in and climbed under the covers with Connie and I and fell asleep. We got up the next morning and let her sleep and about 6 in the after noon she woke up, came in and kissed us both and sat down to the supper that Connie had fixed. She was naked and it was eacy to see that she had worked hard during the business cruise, bite marks on her body and a few hickies to say the least. She told us that she had been the only secratary for 18 men on the business cruise and that she had to take care of all the men's (and two women's) needs whatever that may be. She had gotten to the ship with the boss and they were taken to a special set of rooms that had been set up. They literally had a private part of the ship to themselves and so only conference attendies were there. Well, the meetings started in a conference room and Nathan came to her room and told her that she will be nude for all the rest of the cruise so she shed her outfit she was wearing then and there. He gave her a briefcase that she would be responsible for and told her that no matter what she was to serve the needs of the clients any time of the day or night. She agreed to this long ago so she was looking forward to the things that would happen. Well, they went in and several of the clients were smiling right off. Sherri took note of their interest and smiled back. One was a woman that was about 6'1" and 225lbs. She was very business like and buxom with the nice full body that is really overwhelming. During the first break she came over and hugged Sherri, At lunch I need you to come to my stateroom she told her. My pleasure Sherri told her. Good then she kissed her and went to her chair again. Sherri was ready to take care of the needs the lady had but she was not ready for what was to happen. She went to the room at lunch as the woman had disappeared early and left. Sherri knocked on the door and was told come in. She did and immediately she was pinned to the wall by this woman. Her mouth was covering her body and suddenly she was raised off the floor and hanging by a rope around her wrists that had somehow gotten on her.The woman then continued her procedures. She tied her ankles apart with a rod in between her legs and then gagged Sherri. Then she sat down, totally naked. Sherri was scared at first then the woman began masturbating in front of her, after an orgasm she got up and took the dildo and began working on Sherri, her pussy got wet and took the dildo in, spasms shook her after a while with her first orgasm. THe woman finally took her down and lifted her and put her on the bed still tied and spread out then began eating Sherri until several orgasms again took her body. At excatly and hour she untied Sherri, dressed and left telling Sherri that she would let her know if she was needed again. The meetin continued and Sherri found her way back, stunned at the least. After a while there was another break and the woman motioned for Sherri to come to the table she was at with several men. Yes, she is very good but I am sure if she is not tied up she is better, is that right Sherri. Yes I am she told her. The woman leaned back and lifted her skirt, no panties were there. Good dear, eat me please. The men watched as Sherri got on her knnes and between the amazons legs and began eating her pussy...The woman was pone that shouted and soon the conference was around the chair watching Sherri eat her thru several orgasms. Then she thanked her and sat up fixing her skirt and hair. One of the men took Sherri by the hand and sat in front of her, I need relief he said so Sherri took his hard cock out and began to work on it. He was not very large but took a while to cum and as she swallowed his load another was given to her to suck. She did and then the meeting began again. At the end of the meeting dinner was served in the conference room and everyone went there, several men surrounding Sherri talking and giving her their room numbers. Soon Sherri was seeing that she was not going to have much rest, not if she was going to take care of everyone. Nathan came up behind her and she could feel he was hard. She reached around and took his rod out and got on her knees sucking him slowly and swallowing his cum. Then a voice said, "Look, we are all horney as hell her, can we just go ahead and gang her really good." Of course Nathan said, lets go to a better place though. Sherri walked with them and the woman came up behind her kissing her neck as they walked. She was naked as they got to the room that was to serve as the rec. room. for the cruise. there was a type of bed there and chairs all around the room, the lights were bright but could be turned down. In the corners were cameras set up and a person operating each one, so that the fun times of the cruise were to be filmed. Okay everyone, requests first please, what is Sherri to do first. The amazon yelled for her to masturbate and threw her the dildo. Very well, Sherri, give us a show dear. She did, slowly taking the dildo and making love to it, slowly she did all that they expected and more. AS SHE orgasmed someone was at her head with a cock, it slipped into her muth and she was sucking as another probed her pussy...suddenly it wa as if someone said go get her, hands and cocks were all over her. Cum was shooting across her body and in her. All that night there were mouths cocks and cum all over and in her. She woke to the amazon kissing her. Time to go clean up dear. She took her and went to the shower with her, washing her body and hair and cleaning Sherri up, then to her own bed. She was sore but there was a mouth on her pussy, the amazon was kissing her softly and her tongue drove her higher till she wet her face. Good sweetheart, now, lets get to the hall. She dressed but Sherri did not, and they went back. AS they entered hands clapped and Sherri walked to Nathans side. The amazon sat at her table. That day the meetings were more serious and Sherri did real secratary work until a man approached her after dinner, I have you for the night he said and gave her his room key. Go to my room and lay one the bed now. She did as she was told and fell aspeel. Sometime in the night he came in and stripped and laid next to her, soon he as asleep, no sex, just cuddling and sleep. He woke in the morning and kissed her and made love to her and left. She showered and went to the meeting again. The week was like that and more will be told later.

see ya.

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