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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Sherri And New Years Eve Girl Fun".


Sherri and New Years Eve Girl Fun

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My ex, Sherri was really in the age of awakening when I met her. We were both young and had it not been for her father's approval she would have by the law been illegal for me but we both were hot and after we got married there were no rules for the excounters we had. The only rule I suppose was that the other had to know what was going on if one decided to play alone. We had parties every New Years and ususlly they went most of the night with couples and singles staying over at our apartment. Well, one New Years Sherri began celebrating a little early in the day sipping Screwdrivers beginning around noon. By the time I got home from work and got ready she was really wasted. Guests began arriving around 8 and Sherri was walking around in her bikini with no intention of changing.."It will just come off anyway" she kept telling me. There were several couples and few singles there that night and we were all doing good, drinks and a little pot going around, everyone feeling good when Sandra came over and asked whee Sherri had disappeared to. I told her I didn't know but I would be really surprised if she made it till midnight. Sandra went looking for her. Sandra was a freinds wife that was really great looking. She had a figure that was buxom and full and yet no fat anywhere that I had ever seen. Her long brown hair always was free and to her waist. Well, the party went on and some were getting more comfortable and relaxing in in corners, some part naked and just walking around as if that was the order of the day. I went missing Sandra about an hour after she had asked about Sherri...I looked on the patio and neither were there, to a couple rooms in the house and still neither were there. Finally I went to a spare room that had a twin bed, table and chairs in it...there was just enough light to see one person leaning over kissing one that was sprawled out on the bed. The one sitting on the edge was kissing and carressing the titties of the one laying down...The one laying down seemd to be dead to the world and was not moving at all...but the one doing the kissing was working their way around her body..kissing, pinching nipples thru a bikini top that had come loose...Then I saw it was Sherri laying down and Sandra doing the carressing..after what seemd like a long time Sherri began moaning and moving her hips against Sandras hands that were taking off the bikini and massaging her pussy...Her legs spread apart slowly and her hips began to move in rythum with Sandra;s hand...Then she opened her eyes and stopped moving..."Oh my god, I can't believe it is you," Sherri managed to say...Sandra whispered to her, "Just relax Hun, I have been wanting this for a long time and tonight is the night I am going to have you." With that her mouth went to Sherris mouth and their tongues found each other...Sandra kissed very passionatley...and began licking Sherri on her chest..making her nipples hard and standing up for more attention. Then Sandra gave her attention to Sherri's tummy, especially her waist..then slowly down to her pussy area. Sherri was moaning and her hips were moving slowly in rythum with Sandras kisses on her hips..Then Sherri bagan asking her to stop. "Oh please stop, please, I have never done this before, please stop. What if Steve comes in?" I thought what the hell, " turned the light switch dimmer up a little and stepped into the room and sat in a chair that had a great view. "I am in and I think you should let Sandra finish what she started," I said. Sherri froze and Sandra just looked at me...I smiled..."Enjoy Sandra, Sherri is all yours." "Are you sure"" Sherri asked. "Yes I told them, enjoy, I will just be watching from here. At that Sherri reached up and took Sandras head and pulled it to her face kissing her deep...She seemed to have come back to life. Sandra began going back to her hips and teased Sherri without mercy. Then her tongue found Sherri clit and she gave out a cry of pleasure while she had an orgasm just from the touch...her hips jerked uncontrollably. Sandra stood up[ and slid off her dress and bra and panties and ladi on top of Sherri spreading her legs widere...then began all over again kissing and sucking. She began biting her nipples harder making Sherri cry out some...Damn, that hurts, Sandra looked at her and told her, "So, that is how it is going to be dear, a little pain and lots of pleasure, now shut the fuck up." Sandra began going all over her body, sucking, biting, licking and bringing her to several more orgasms, each time mixing pain and pleasure with the time of orgasm...then she told Sherri to move so she could lay down..."Now, slave, do fo me what I have done for you." Sherri hesitated and looked at me. "I am not even here," I said. Then she began kissing...Sandra told her where to kiss and how, guiding her all over her body...once she slapped Sherri, "I said bite the nipples hard bitch<' she ordered. Okay Sherri responded and did as she was told. Then she ate Sandras pussy. It was slow at first but then Sherri seemd addicted...she ate her thru at least 6 orgasms each time slurpping up the juices...Finally Sandra got up, naked and both were wet from their love making. Now, we take you out and show you off she told Sherri. Sherri reached for her bikini but was stopped by Sandra. She took her hands and tied them in front of her. Sherri resisted some but each time Sandra slapped her on the ass, making it a nice pink color. They both were naked and walked out into the middle of the living room. Everyone, Sandra said. Sherri is here for our pleasure ladies only tonight. There was a hook that held a lamp that was suspended from the ceiling and Sandra walked Sherri over, took the lamp down and tied her hands to the hook above her head. Then she told sherri to stand there and spread her legs. Three wmone came over and began kissing Sherri all over, fingering her pussy, biting her nipples and probing her all over. Most people stopped to watch the show and severl women stood on the outskirts playing with each other while the assulat on Sherri took place. This lasted about an hour then Sandra took her off the hook. Okay guys, now how many men have a hard on because of Sherri and her playing around. Four guys said they did. ON your knees Sandra ordered and suck these cocks so they are not hard anymore. Sherri got to her knees, her hands still tied and took the cocks offered to her...sucking one after another till the cum filled her mouth...sandra was behind her, massaging her titties and fingering her pussy...Sandra had taked charge of the party and everyone was waiting what was to happen next.after the 4 men were no longer hard she laid Sherri out and tied her spread eagle on a day bed off the living room in a sun romm..."Okay, the rest of the night, anyone needs a fuck or wants to get off or whatever you want, Sherri is the one to take care of it.' We all agreed and I was the first to drive a ragging hard on into her pussy,,,,she kissed me and I got up. She would sleep and then another would come in, put a cock our pussy in her face and she would take care of it. In the morning I found Sandra and Sherri naked curled up on the day bed as if they had fallen asleep making love..Sandra came over a lot after that.

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