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she serves

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Part-1-of-3 The Beginning

I?m James and this story started with an argument between my wife Christy and I about going to Houston for the wedding and reception of her girlfriend Janice. Doesn?t sound so bad except it?s a 6-hour drive each way and personally I think Janice is a bitch, and always have. Well after saying ?NO? a thousand times Christy finally said, ?I?ll make you a deal?. Whenever she says that phrase, I always listen up, because that usually means something will work in my favor involving sex. She said, ?I will be your slave for a night if we can go for the weekend to the wedding.? She knows that I?ve always wanted to make her my slave, but she always refuses, because she hates to be demoralized in that way unless were in bed fucking each others brains out.

I figured that if she was willing to be my slave then she must want to go to this wedding much more than I thought. I told her, ?It?s a deal, but you must be my slave ALL weekend, including the trip down there and back.? Then with a little smirk, I told her, ?I?ll even treat you to sexy new clothes to wear on the trip, and even some new play toys.? Reluctantly she agreed, so prior to us leaving we bought several new items, and I went out and bought some toys for her. She looked in the bag with the sex toys and found an expandable butt plug, 10-inch black vibrating dildo, a black blindfold and a pair of vibrating panties controlled by a wireless remote. She just shook her head, knowing that she was in for a long weekend.

We left the house Friday right after breakfast and headed for Houston and the wedding. Since the reception was being held there, we were saying at a 4-star hotel, that had a lounge, spa, indoor pool?the whole nine yards. At least we weren?t going to be staying in a dump like I figured Janice would set us up in.

While on the I-45, I figured I would test this whole slave thing out. I told Christy to start addressing me as Master. Getting into her role, she nodded, and said, ?Yes, master?. I told her to unbutton her top and expose her beautiful 38c breasts to drivers going by. I could tell she didn?t want to do it, but she obeyed her master and did it. As the truck drivers drove by and saw her breasts, they went nuts on the horn.

After a few miles of horn honking truckers, I told her to pull her skirt up, insert the butt plug then fuck herself with the dildo. Soon she didn?t even notice the all the horn honking because she was too busy cumming all over the seat and the dildo. She was so excited that her feet were pressed so hard against the dashboard that her legs were shaking.

Knowing I was hard as a rock, she asked if ?master? would like his cock sucked. I said, ?Yes slave suck my cock.? She immediately dropped her head in my lap, pressed her pussy against the passenger window and sucked me off right there in broad daylight while we were breezing down I-45 towards Houston.

Along about Katy, I let her fix herself up and continued on into Houston to the hotel to check in. When we arrived and checked in, the hotel turned out to be fabulous. After we got cleaned up, we went downstairs to the restaurant to get some dinner and a few drinks. Christy looked fantastic in a flowered sundress, short on the bottom, showing her great legs and open in the back and low in the front to show off her cleavage and sexy back. As we left the room, she handed me the wireless remote and told me she had on the panties I bought her just incase she was a bad slave. While waiting to order I looked at the settings on the remote and hit the button on low a couple of times just to check it out. Trying to maintain an outward show of calm, Christy squirmed and groaned between her lips a little and told me she would be good.

After we ordered and ate, we went to the bar for drinks. We sat in a corner booth watching people drink and dance as we talked about the weekend.

When I sent her to the bar for a couple more drinks, I noticed a guy talking with her. When I turned up the juice on the panties and hit the button, she almost dropped to her knees. The man grabbed her arm and helped her up. Then as she said something to the guy, she turned and pointed to me at the table. With a puzzled look on his face, the man waved.

When Christy came back with the drinks, I scolded her for not promptly bringing my drink to the table and for talking to that guy. She said he asked her to dance, but she told him, ?You must ask my ?master? for his permission.?

Later when Christy went to the restroom, the man came over and asked permission to sit down. Once seated, he immediately asked me what was going on. So, I briefly explained that we were roll playing because of some things she wanted to do here this weekend. I told him I would allow him to dance with her, but then asked him if he would help me test her as a slave. I asked if he would let her suck his cock and depending on how things went, possibly he might get to fuck her. He was shocked, to say the least and said he really shouldn?t. I told him no names or questions asked, but that I would videotape it, just not his face. Finally he said that his girlfriend was being a bitch, which was why he was bellied up to the bar tonight, so sure, why not? We set it all up then he was back at the bar by the time Christy got back. She was working on her fifth rum and coke, so she was feeling pretty tipsy.

The man came over and asked me if she could dance. As Christy quietly looked at me, I told her that she could dance with him. With a smile, Christy accompanied him to the dance floor. They danced about 20-minutes before they came back. When the man went to walk off, I invited him to sit down. Because she wasn?t asked to speak, Christy sat quiet listening as we made some small talk.

Finally I looked at her and said, ?Slave, this man has treated you nice tonight hasn?t he??

She nodded and said, ?Yes, master, he did.?

?Slave the table cloths on these tables go to the floor. Get under the table and suck his cock. Her eyes about popped out of her head. When she started to speak and I hit the remote twice and said, ?Right now.? She hesitated a minute or two, nodded and then when no one was looking slipped under the table.

His head rolled back and he closed his eyes enjoying what was happening. I couldn?t see what she was doing, but she?d given me enough blowjobs since we?d been together that I could imagine in my minds eye what she was doing. My cock grew to its full 8-inches as I imagined her hot breath on his cock right before she parted her soft red lips and guided his hard cock into her mouth. The suction would be exquisite as she slowly enveloped his cock in her fantastic cocking mouth. Of course she would lick his balls right before she ran her tongue up and down his shaft. Her face would bob up and down his rod. When he finally cummed, his prick would explode, releasing a thick stream of gooey cum in her mouth. Ever the slut, she would do her best to capture and swallow every drop. After about 5-minutes he twitched grabbed the edge of the table. Trying to keep quiet, he moaned through clinched teeth.

Christy came up looking smug with cum oozing out of the corners of her mouth and dribbling down between her breasts. I couldn?t help smiling as I handed her a napkin and told her to clean up. When I asked her if she liked that, and she said, ?Oh yes master, I did?. I told her she was a good girl, and that all three of us were going up to our room. She nodded and we went upstairs.

On the way up, the guy acted like his head was on a swivel, looking all over and acting nervous on the way.

When we got in the room and I told Christy that since she liked sucking him off so much, I was going to let him fuck her. She shook her head to say ?no?, so I took her in the other room. She said she was scared, because we?d never done this before and she just wanted to make sure that I was OK with it. I told her that nothing that happened while she was a slave had anything to do with our marriage. Being a slave, I reminded her, was a free pass for extra-curricular cock, so to relax and enjoy her weekend. I told her I loved her and she would be great.

Stepping back in the room, I apologized for my slave?s rudeness. Motioning towards her, I told him to have his way with her. Sitting her on the bed and pulled her dress up to remove her panties so he could see her shaved pussy. Then pulled her dress over her head to get to her breasts. After sucking on her breasts and biting her nipples hard enough to bring tears to her eyes, he moved between her legs. As he kissed his way down her body, he pulled her legs apart, so I could see the delicate pink lips of her bald pussy. Then my view was cut off when he meshed his lips against her engorged clit and started sucking. Christy bucked against his face as his tongue started lapping at her pussy. I could smell her arousal and it was growing by the second as his tongue continued to caresses her swollen lips. As he worked his tongue deeper into her warm pussy, her moans increased with her excitement. She moaned and wiggled almost violently before finally telling him to fuck her. Rising up between her legs, he pressed his 7-inch cock against her pussy. He played with it for a bit then inched the head of his cock into her. He had a fat cock with a big head and a big pair of over sized dangling balls. Once he?d taken a few easy strokes, they both moaned in pleasure as he drove it into her up to his balls. She shifted, pulling both knees up to her chest and pressing her hips firmly against him. Moving his hands back to her breasts, he started to drive in and out of her in a non-stop rhythm, his big balls slapping against her ass with every thrust that he made. Faster and faster she moved, until she cried out and shuddered as an orgasm coursed through his body. She continued to moan wildly as he fucked her, cumming at least twice before he stopped.

Pulling out, he rolled Christy over and placed a pillow under her hips to prop her ass in the air. As he drove into her, Christy whimpered, unable to mute completely the sounds of her pleasure. Then suddenly her young butt urgently, frantically pushed backwards against him. As strangled gasps escaped from her lips, he kept looking at his watch periodically while he was fucking Christy. After a quick glance at his watch, he started pounding her pussy like a wild man.

As he was steadily pounding her, she kept asking me if she was being a good slave and if she was being fucked how I liked her to be fucked? I told her she was doing fine and that I would let her see it on video sometime if she remained a good bitch.

She asked me if I wanted him to cum on her face, and she shot me a crazed scared look when I told him to dump his nuts inside her pussy. She moaned, ?No, no! Not inside me. Please don?t cum inside me!? As she was begging him not to, he all of a sudden tensed and cummed balls deep inside her hot pussy. She wailed when she felt it and then screamed as she cummed herself. He stroked in and out a few times to get it all out then they both collapsed on the bed.

With her ass still in the air I zoomed in on her pussy. I got a fantastic shot of his nut juice running out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

After a few minutes he jumped up and dressed and said he had to go. He told us thanks and practically ran out of the door.

Just as I was kissing Christy and telling her how hot she looked getting fucked, her cell phone rang. It was Janice, calling her because she was all upset. She said that earlier she?d had a bad fight with Bob, her fiancé, and that he?d stormed off to the bar in a huff. Now that she was cooled down she was heading down to the bar to make up with him. She asked if we?d meet her down there in a few minutes so we could meet him and have a few drinks together. Christy told her we would so after she got dressed and fixed her makeup, we headed back to the bar. Christy hadn?t seen Janice in over a year, and was anxious to meet her future husband. I on the other hand didn?t really give a shit about seeing Janice or meeting her intended.

We walked into the bar and Christy saw Janice at a table. As we approached their table and saw that the guy she was sitting with was the man that had just grudge fucked my slave wife, Christy almost shit her pants. Me, I just chuckled. As we sat down, Janice excitedly introduced us to Bob, her fiancé. Even though we both acted like we?d never seen him before, Bob was sweating like whore in church. We drank and made conversation as the two friends caught up.

As they talked, Christy reached under the table and placed my hand on her thigh so I could feel Bob?s sperm running out of her. I laughed a little and Janice asked me what was funny. I said that I was just thinking about something that had happened earlier, no big deal.

When I excused myself from the table to go to the restroom, Bob waited a couple of minutes and followed me. As soon as we got out of sight of the table, he started apologizing like crazy. He was almost wetting himself; for fear that Christy would blab to Janice what happened. With a laugh, I told him to just to act normal and not to worry, neither of us would tell Janice anything. There was no way that Christy would tell Janice and ruin their friendship or the wedding.

When I got back to the table, I was thinking about her fuck session with Bob, so I told everyone that it was getting late and that we needed to get some sleep. Christy agreed and told Janice we?d see her tomorrow.

On the way up to the room, Christy was so nervous about what had happened, she was talking a million miles an hour. As soon as we reached our room, I commanded her to her knees and reminded her she was still my bitch. Then I told her to shut up and suck my cock. Bob?s cum already lubed Christy?s sloppy cunt, so when I threw her on the bed, my cock slid right in. Then I fucked her, adding my own cream to the mix, before we both fell asleep.

When we woke up the next morning, I told her she could speak freely about what had happened so far if she wanted to. She said after she had calmed down and thought about it all, she wasn?t going to worry about it anymore. It was such a rush that it was the most exciting thing that she?d ever done. She wanted to watch the video, but I told her she had to wait. She begged and said her pussy was twitching wildly just thinking about it.

I commanded her back into her role and she began quietly to get ready. I was really surprised that she held up her slave deal this long. I figured that she would eventually back out on our deal and abandon the whole role once we were actually here.

After breakfast, we went into town to do some shopping and to just hang out until time to get ready for the wedding. While we were out I made her do a few little slave tricks like sucking my dick in a changing room, and letting me bend her over and fuck her in a stall in the mall men?s restroom. It was fun and Christy seemed to enjoy the excitement of possibly getting caught playing around in public.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding, and then headed off to the church. As we sat through the ceremony, she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, ?master, I just wanted to remind you that even though I fucked the groom last night and took his sperm in my pussy, that I still enjoy fucking my master more than anything in this world.? I got so excited that I almost cummed in my pants right there. I knew what a special woman I had. In 12-years of marriage she never strayed once or asked for another man?s cock. It made me feel good to let her have some strange cock as a reward for her devotion to me.

I decided that she deserved more strange cock tonight after the reception. I figured it would be easy to get a couple of guys from the reception, but most were married and word may get back to Janice, which I knew Christy wouldn?t want. So since it was Saturday night, I decided that there would be some guys in the bar. Once they saw her, I didn?t anticipate have any problem finding a couple of guys to fuck her.

When we got back to the hotel we went up and changed into something a little more comfortable for the reception. For Christy, that included her vibration panties.

We both hit the bar right away, before it shut down for dinner. After dinner the night wore on as Christy danced with her friends and had a great time. Christy danced a slow dance with the groom. Later she told me that he said that he?d so much fun last night that if her master allowed it, he wanted to do it again sometime. She said she told him that would be up to her master, but with my permission she?d love to serve him again.

Janice actually danced with me and was very nice. She even apologized for always being such a bitch to me when she was around me. She said that it was mostly jealousy because Christy had such a great relationship, man and life. To be honest at that moment, she wasn?t forgiven and I still wanted to hate fuck the bitch, but since it was her wedding day, I just told her I understood and we could work on being friends.

While Christy was occupied I figured I had better go check out the club. I walked into ?Hip-hop night? where most of the clientele were black. I knew that a southern belle like Christy wouldn?t go through with the deed if it involved black men. She?d lead a sheltered life so she was scared of them. Even though she had fantasized about it at times, she had never had a black man before. Actually she?d been a virgin when we got married, so Bob was the only guy besides me that she?d ever fucked. So a black guy would make her too nervous to go along with the game.

I remembered the blindfold?

To be continued?

Part-2-of-3 Gang-Bang

I remembered the blindfold that I?d bought and figured that would be my solution.

I found a couple of well-dressed black guys at the bar talking, and started a conversation. I told them about our whole role-playing game and what a great fuck Christy was. Luckily she came out of the reception room with her friends for a few minutes while her girl friends smoked a cigarette. One look and the two men agreed immediately.

I got a cell number from them and slip them a room key so they could let themselves in. I told them I would call a few minutes early to let them know when we were going back up to our room. Before going back to the reception, I ran upstairs and got the blindfold so I would have it when the time came.

The night wore down and people started to either stumble back to their rooms or go home. Christy was fairly tipsy but not staggering drunk, Janice on the other hand was on the brink of passing out at her own wedding. Bob asked me if we would help him carry Janice up to their room. Luckily they weren?t leaving for the honeymoon until tomorrow, so she could sleep it off. Christy and I were glad to help him get her to their room and to help get Janice undressed and into bed.

I must admit she has a banging ass body when you get her naked, or at least in her bra and panties.

Then we went back down stairs so Christy could say bye to her friends. At that point I called the two black guys and told them to go on up. Then I went back to the reception and rounded up Christy so we could head on upstairs to our room. She was so horny that she was all over me in the elevator. I told her that the reception was over so she needed to resume her role as my slave. When we got off on our floor I pulled her to the side and told her that I had a slave task for her. Then putting the blindfold on her, I told her that she could not take it off. It was to stay on until I removed it myself. I could tell she was getting scared, but I told her I promised some people that my slave would fuck them tonight.

She started to talk but I put my hand over her mouth, and told her that I would never let anyone hurt her. I told her to trust her master.

When we entered our room and the two black guys were in the sitting area stripped down to their underwear. I put Christy in the bedroom and then came back to talk to them. Their names were Jake and Charles and they assured me they would only go as far as Christy or I would let them. They entered the bedroom and began to touch Christy. She squirmed a little as they stripped her. She looked like such a hot little slut standing there in her garter, stockings and stiletto heels, that they made her do a little dance, so they could admire her fantastic body. Then as they gently pushed her to her knees, they dropped their underwear to expose their black cocks. Jake?s cock wasn?t but about 7-inches long, but it was immensely fat. Charles had about 9-inches sticking straight out, but it was skinnier than Jake?s. They were both un-cut. I was amazed at how much darker the skin on their cocks were than the skin on the rest of their body. As they got ready to feed her their cocks, I was mesmerized by the contrast between their coal black cocks and her pretty pink lips. As soon as Christy began to suck their dark poles, they were such a tight fit; she started to worry about being able to take cocks that big in her pussy.

I told her to shut the fuck up and suck, and she would be fine. She was so nervous that I had to whisper in her ear twice to calm down. Finally I whispered to her, ?just have fun tonight, I won?t let anything happen to you. Tonight is for being such a good wife and person to me for all these years. I love you?.

She smiled, took a deep breath and started sucking their purple-black cocks one after the other. They walked her over and bent her over the side of the bed. Jake got on his knees on the bed and fed Christy his cock. She was sucking it furiously when Charles got behind her and stuck that long dong of his into her wet box. She moaned a bit as his cock began to disappear inch by inch into Christy. Again the contrast between their black cocks and her lily-white skin was over powering. The last couple of inches didn?t seem to want to go in, so Charles pressed a little harder, trying to get it all in. Christy moaned around Jake?s cock as it finally popped in all the way to his nut-sac. Grabbing her hips, Charles stroked her steady all the way in and out. She was going fucking crazy. Suddenly, Christy pulled away from Jake and began to tremble and scream that she was fucking cumming.

Once his balls were spent, Charles pulled out and he and Jake switched spots. Charles?s cock glistened with her juices as he placed it against her lips and slid it into her mouth.

Even as wet as she was, Jake had some trouble getting his fat cock into her tight pussy. But, she eventually stretched enough to allow him in. it was magnificent seeing her cunt being stretched so wide by his big black cock. Through the lens of my video camera I could see her pussy lips being pulled out by Jake?s shaft as it slid out of her. Pink flesh on black was a glorious site. She cummed several times as they switched back and forth. Charles had placed the butt plug in her earlier and with every switch they pumped it a little bigger in her asshole. My video camera was rolling to catch every moment,

When I heard a knock on the door, I went to look out the peephole. I was afraid the people in the next room reported us for being noisy. It was Bob. When I let him in, he immediately started going on about how pissed he was that Janice was passed out stone drunk and he had to fuck a limp wife on his wedding night. He was horny and wanted to know if he could fuck Christy one last time.

I took him in the bedroom and showed him the two black men that were ravaging her. Watching those black cocks pumping in and out of her pink pussy, he was ready to agree to anything. When I told him he could, but that he had to let me go to his room and fuck Janice, and film until I returned, he jumped at the chance.

Taking his key, I headed up to the ?bridal-suite?. When I entered their room, like Bob had said, Janice was passed out on the bed naked. Stripping, I crawled under the covers and started playing with her pussy and breasts. Surprisingly, even passed out she got wet. Whether it was from Bob?s cum or from my touch, I really didn?t care. She did moan and move around a little at my touch so I figured I?d better get busy. Not wanting her to see me, I rolled her over on her belly and put her face down just in case she came to in the dark. Moving behind her, I mounted her like the bitch she was and drove my cock into her hot pussy. Damn she, she might be a fucking bitch but her pussy felt fantastic. Grabbing her hips, I started thrusting like crazy, as I ravaged her box. Gleefully I was raping her in her marriage bed, while my wife was being gang fucked a few floors down. Raping her stupid ass was so much fun that I cummed so hard I almost passed out.

As I pulled out I noticed a tube of KY- ultra gel on the bedside table. Since I was dealing with a complete cunt like Janice, who according to her husband Bob, doesn't readily give up the pooper on command, I knew that even passed out, I?d get the bitch going. First I got her relaxed by eating the old taco. Passed out or not, she sure took to being eaten with a delight I didn?t think she was capable of. Her pussy positively quivered when I pushed my face between her creamy white thighs. Her clit throbbed against my nose, and her taste was surprisingly sweet. My tongue went to work, titillating her to the brink of orgasm, then beyond. Shuddering spasmodically against my face, she grasped my hair and held me there, insuring that I?d feel every shiver.

While she was still caught up in the after glow, I spooned the bitch from behind, as I eased my cock into her pussy and started fucking that snatch. As I pounded her, I rubbed my legs against hers, gently stroked the bitch?s body, and nibbled on the slut's neck and ears. Once I had her going I pulled my cock out of that party hole and inconspicuously slather your now relaxed asshole with a ton of KY-gel. To keep her warm and distracted I continued to slowly work my cock in and out of her tight surprisingly pussy. From between her legs and from behind, I stuck my thumb into her ?cunt? and rubbed her g-spot, while at the same time I rubbed her clit with my index finger. With my other hand I reached down and kneaded her breasts and pinch nipples. I couldn?t believe it; the stupid tramp was overheating like a '76 pinto with no anti-freeze.

Then came the tricky part. Thanks to my precision aim, my trajectory was dead on, as I aimed for her ?brown-eye.? When I pressed my knob against her chocolate starfish, her sphincter relaxed, and I was able to get a little bit in. she was so hot that as soon as the head was in, she pushed back against me. I couldn?t believe it, even passed out; she was ready for some backdoor loving. At this point, I really started fucking that ass.

The bottom line is that no matter what they say every woman loves to take it up the ass, period. Don't be fooled by their lies and games, no means maybe and maybe means yes. In chick-speak, that translates to "make me hot enough and you can have whatever you want".

Once she loosened up I pounded away at her asshole, my balls slapping at her pussy. She began to moan and even tried to talk. I held her head to the pillow and blew my hot cum load in her asshole.

Then before she could see who I was, I pulled out, threw on my clothes and left in a hurry.

I grabbed the ice bucket on the way out the door, so Bob could bring it back with ice, just in case she woke up and wondered where he was.

As I entered the room Christy was lying on top of Jake with his big cock in her pussy and Charles was fucking her asshole. She was screeching, not in pain, but begging them to fuck her harder. Her body tensed and she moaned one long moan as she cummed with two coal black cocks in her. Her excitement was so contagious that they both blasted their seed deep inside her asshole and pussy.

All three were cumming and moaning together.

As they all rolled off each other and I took the video camera back from Bob.

?Have at it,? I said.

Flying across the room, he mounted Christy?s stretched asshole like a flash of lightning. He said that he?d never had ass sex before and was just going crazy. When I questioned that he?d never fucked Janice in the ass before. He said she wouldn?t allow it. Laughing so hard that I almost couldn?t talk, I told him that I?d fucked both of her holes and left a deposit in each. He said he would take the blame tomorrow, if she was sore and pissed off.

Watching Bob taking his turns on Christy?s ass and pussy, had Jake and Charles hard again.

Charles slid under Christy and put his cock back in her pussy. Bob was still pounding her ass so Jake moved in front of her and started fucking Christy her mouth. He was going in so deep that it looked like he was trying to fuck her voice box to death. She cummed so many times that I lost count and I think nearly passed out twice during the three way fuck-a-thon. But she was a real trouper and did her best to keep up with them. I could tell by the ?shit-eating grin? on her face that she was enjoying every cock that they were burying in her.

With a yell, Bob drove his cock deep into her ass as he spewed his creamy deposit into her. When he pulled out Jake moved forward and took over her ass. Soon Charles and Jake were both unloading their black seed into her again. Just the thought that one of them might be impregnating her was heady.

When they caught their breath, they put on their clothes, thanked me profusely for the use of my slave, and then kissed Christy?s panting body as they were leaving.

I gave Bob the ice bucket and told him my plan as he headed to the ice machine before going to his room.

Once they were all gone, I removed her blindfold. Even though her face was glowing with excitement, Christy was a fucking mess. She looked tattered, and beat like she?d just been r*ped. Actually I guess she basically had been. Cum was just pouring out both of her lower holes onto the sheets. She was panting, and her breasts were rising and falling like she?d just ran a marathon. Zooming in, I got video close-ups of both of her cum filled holes. I couldn?t believe I?d just turned my wife into a cum-dumpster.

Timidly, she asked me to come to bed with her. Knowing how vulnerable she was, I took off my clothes and slid in next to her. Rolling me over on my back and said, ?I must be a good slave and fuck master last? then swung her leg over me so she could mount my pole cowgirl style. Cum ran out of her pussy and ass and onto my cock, as she slipped its head between her bruised and engorged lips. Once my fat cock was in, she rode me like it was the first cock that she?d ever had in her pussy.

Bouncing up and down, she eagerly switched between her pussy and asshole giving me a few strokes in each. Both of her holes were so hot and sloppy, cum just foaming out of them.

She would stop and suck my cock clean of the mixed juices, then shove it back in another orifice. The sloppiness of her holes drove me wild, knowing she had just been gang fucked by strangers, and potentially bred by their seed. Not being able to last very long, I was soon adding my goop to her already fertilized pussy. With a loud scream, she cummed with me and then collapsed onto the bed gasping for air. She was drenched in sweat and cum and so well fucked that she couldn?t take another inch of cock. I fixed her a bath and gently washed my slave clean, changed the bed sheets then we both went to bed.

I woke up the next morning with my ?

To be continued?

Part-3-of-3 Day Two

I woke up the next morning with my cock being sucked like a Popsicle. When I got my eyes opened, the camcorder was hooked to the TV with the video from yesterday playing. Christy was going 'nut-so' watching Bob fuck her the first time.

I told her to wait and see the Saturday night session and let me know what she thought. Her eyes popped out of her head when she saw the muscular black bodies of Charles and Jake. She couldn?t help herself; she was mesmerized as she stared at their coal black cocks pumping in and out of her snow-white body. The way she was staring at the TV screen, I thought she was upset, but then she looked at me and giggled.

I said, ?what??

She replied, ?I had no idea I was taking black cock in me. They felt so good, and filled me with their black seed?. Then she told me that I was the best and that she wanted to fuck me. But when she tried, her pussy was just way too sore. I told her we could do it later when she had time to heal a little. Then she went down on me and I cummed in her mouth instead.

After we showered and dressed, we dropped down stairs to the restaurant for a long leisurely breakfast.


I woke up with the mother of all headaches. Thank god, Bob was already up and gone, most likely down stairs to breakfast. As I took 4 aspirins, I thought about last night. The last thing I remember last night was Christy and my new husband Bob helping me up to the ?honey moon? suit. After Christy left, Bob told me that he had some coke, so of course I did a line or two. Who the hell wouldn't? Anyway, I was fucked up already and should have left well enough alone, but stupid me, I didn't. I do remember stroking Bob?s cock, however, I swear I never put it in my mouth. Needless to say, when I awoke in the morning I was naked and my body showed all the signs of having had sex. Besides the taste of cum in my mouth and cum oozing out of my tender pussy, my asshole was sore. And when I checked in a hand mirror it was red looking. Thank goodness there was in an empty blue package stuck to the cold, dusty hardwood floor. So, if Bob did fuck me in the ass, at least he?d used protection. As I got dressed I was so ashamed that I vowed that I?d never ask him about this incident. I guess I just figured I'm not the first bride to drink too much on my wedding night. Needing a female to talk to I decided to drop down to Christy?s room and cry on her shoulder.

When I got to Christy?s room, they were gone; most like they?d just went down to breakfast. Coning a maid into opening their door, I decided to wait.


While we were eating, Bob appeared at our table and after a whispered conversation, I excused myself and hurried up stairs alone. Entering our room, I found Janice sitting on the bed rubbing herself through her pants while watching the video of Christy?s sterling performance.

Without turning her head, she said, ?Well James, it looks like we have something in common after all.? When she turned to look at me, I?d never seen, a more lustful look in my life. ?I want her.? Suddenly the though of Christy with another woman was so over powering that I almost had an orgasm. After a quick blowjob and a promise of future sex, Janice and I made a deal. Setting up the camcorder, I hurried back down stairs.

Having given Janice time to go back up to her room, get prepared, and return here, Christy and I were outside our door. Instead of entering, I told her that I had some errands to run, but not to worry; I?d arranged another playmate for her. Then with a reminder that she was still my slave and that she was to obey the orders of the person waiting in our room, I sent her in alone.

When Christy slowly entered, there was no one there, but she could hear someone moving around in the bathroom. She was nervous, but she?d discovered since leaving home that she liked the unknown and unpredictable, it gave her a sense of thrill that was more exciting than anything she?d ever experienced. Not knowing what else to do, she laid down on the bed and closed her eyes for a minute, trying to soak in what had already happened, and what was still happening this weekend. Christy was not a very conceited person, but she did think of herself as pretty. She had short dark hair and big brown eyes with long dark lashes. Her body was toned, and her breasts were small and firm, just big enough to cup in your hand. Christy opened her eyes when she heard the bathroom doorknob turn, and in walked Janice.

Christy was shocked at what she saw. Then the shock turned to awe. Janice was dressed in a tight black corset and a black garter belt and hose, with shiny black spiked heels on her perfect feet. Her nail polish on her long nails was deep red, and her blonde waves were half falling on her face. In her hand she held a long intimidating looking riding crop. When Janice?s dark eyes locked onto Christy?s, her intimidation turned to fascination.

?Janice what??? Christy started.

?Shut up!? snapped Janice, ?Get undressed!?

?I don?t?? Christy started again, but heard the whip crack in the air.

?I mean now!? Janice said sternly, and to Christy she looked dead serious.

As Christy slowly and fearfully, started taking off her clothes, Janice didn?t take her eyes off her. Christy was so intimidated that she was helpless. She had no choice; she had to do what Janice wanted. In some way Christy kind of liked the powerless feeling.

As she pulled off her already almost soaked panties, Janice told her to lie down. Christy lay on the bed, her chest visibly rising and falling as she breathed fast and hard in excitement. Climbing onto the bad and straddled Christy, Janice then leant over and pulled out four silk scarves from under the pillows and tied Christy to the bedposts by her hands and feet.

?Janice?? Christy said,

?You are to call me Mistress.? Janice said sternly. Christy started laughing but stopped as she felt the whip crack on her stomach. She yelped as it stung and her skin turned bright red. Somehow the stinging pain got her even more turned on. ?Do you understand, bitch?? Janice asked, the whip still in her hand, and no pity on her face.

?Yes Mistress,? Christy whimpered. ?I understand. I?ll be a good girl.?

Janice put her face right up against Christy?s. Then when Christy tried to kiss her, Janice slapped her hard across the cheek. ?You are a naughty girl,? she purred. ?You have to be punished,? added Janice as she ran her hands up and down Christy?s body. Christy wanted to feel Janice?s touch so much, but Janice stopped just before her hands got between Christy?s legs, making Christy so frustrated.

?Please Mistress, touch me,? She pleaded.

?Shut up, cunt.? Janice snapped. ?I will touch you when and if I feel like it.? Suddenly Janice got up and went to get something from the bathroom, leaving Christy on the bed alone, horny and anxious. When Janice came back carrying a huge black vibrator, Christy started having second thoughts.

?Please no Mistress, it?s too big.? Christy whined, but to no avail. Ignoring her pleadings, Janice knelt between Christy?s legs, and put the tip of the vibrator against her dripping wet, tight opening. Then Janice started slowly but forcefully, pushing it in. as she watched Christy?s expression, she continued to ease the vibrator deeper into Christy?s pussy. Christy?s hole was stretched as taut as it would go, as the hard vibrator slid into her, aided by her hot juices. Switching the vibrator on, Janice started slowly fucking Christy with it. Christy felt totally powerless to resist as she lay there tied to the bed. As Christy tightly clutched the bars on the end of the bed and her legs twitched uncontrollably, the vibrator slid smoothly in and out of her. When Christy felt herself slowly coming to her peak, Janice suddenly pulled the vibrator out and switched it off.

?Please Mistress?? Christy pleaded in frustration, ?Please make me cum, I?m begging you.?

In anger, Janice lashed her across the thighs, causing Christy to shudder in pleasure and shock.

?You are not to speak without permission!? Janice ordered. Then lying on top of Christy, she kissed her hard, her mouth forceful against Christy?s. As they continued to kiss, she slid her hand between Christy?s legs and started stroking her.

?Now you can cum,? Janice whispered in her ear. Christy didn?t need any more encouragement, she cummed immediately on Janice?s hand. Once she started, the throbbing was so intense, that she couldn?t stop cumming. Janice lashed her hard up and down her body, which only added to her pleasure and made her cum even harder.

I came in just in time to watch Janice seat herself on Christy?s face. ?Lick me slave,? I heard her say, her voice hard and full of lust. Christy stuck out her tongue and started licking hard, almost drowning in Janice?s liquids. Janice was so swollen with lust that she started rocking and grinding her pussy on Christy?s face. Janice was facing Christy?s feet, so she was in a perfect position to grab Christy?s breasts. She squeezed so hard that tears sprang into Christy?s eyes. Janice?s fingers digging into her tender flesh hurt like hell, but she liked it.

?Harder bitch? Janice said her breath coming fast and hot. Christy licked as hard as she could. Soon she could feel Janice?s deep contractions. Moaning, Janice dug her fingers harder into Christy?s breasts, making her yelp in pain. Christy was so wet; she really wanted to touch herself. Once Janice?s orgasms ebbed and she quieted down, and got off Christy?s face.

Out of nowhere Janice pulled out a pair of nipple clips. Christy looked at them in horror and fascination. When Janice maliciously clamped them on Christy nipples, the vicious little teeth dug into her tender flesh, sending sharp pain surging through her body.

Seeing her friend now naked and on top of her acting all horny, was making Christy get hotter and hotter. Janice?s tousled hair was, was making her look even sexier. Her whole body glistened with a fine sheen of sweaty, but the look on her face showed that she had no intention of stopping. Christy nervously bit her lower lip as Janice used one of her long fingernails to slowly scratch her all the way from between her breasts downwards. Janice had a wild look in her eyes as she watched Christy?s chest rise and fall while she moaned. Christy wanted Janice to hurt and abuse her, to use her as her sex slave. Seeing this, Janice sat on Christy, and with her long legs open, started rubbing her pussy against Christy?s pussy. She rode Christy faster and faster, as she rubbed their clits together. With screams, they both orgasmed and their hot juices mixed together as their panting and moaning filling up the room.

Grabbing her whip, Janice lashed Christy across her rising stomach. The pain and pleasure were so confusing that Christy cummed all over herself. The sharp throbbing pain of the lash, and her orgasm was a mixture of intense pleasure and pain. She loved it; it was such a high like nothing she had ever experienced before. Then when Janice cummed, she screamed as she again dug her fingers into the delicate flesh of Christy?s breasts.

Turning, Janice looked at me with those wild lust filled eyes. Grabbing her by the hair, I flung her down on the bed beside Christy, and mounted her like a wild bull. I viciously rammed my cock into her hard enough to leave bruises. We were both so violent that it was more like a fight than sex. The sex was pretty rough until just before we were finishing up. Then I slowly pushed my cock all the way into Janice and started pumping it or maybe I should say flexing it. I wasn?t thrusting in and out in a fucking motion. Janice was clinching and un-clinching her pussy, making it pump (swell up) by itself without moving my body. At the same time, I asked her to squeeze really tight with her pussy, as I was flexing my cock. It was fantastic. Janice had such muscle control that it was like being squeezed by a warm moist hand. It was so tight that when I slowly pull out, I exploded into such a powerful orgasm that I almost passed out.

After I cummed, I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. During the rubbing it felt like I was going to cum again, but damn, did it ever feel great. Her lips were so soft and delicate that I think it almost felt better than cumming, it was that good. I don?t know why I question it when it feels good but I guess I?m just the curious type. I discovered this little trick in the shower when I was in my teens. Actually, it happened just like that before the rubbing on the head. Before actually bathing I'd jack off and cum, and then when I turned on the water I lifted my cock to point towards a stream from the showerhead as if I was trying to fill my cock up with water through my pee-hole. Then, my-oh-my did I erupt like a volcano. That leaking felt so good, real good. Since then, I have been doing this with a partner and it is so much better.

When it was over, Janice wordless started removing the nipple clips and scarves, setting Christy free. Slipping on a robe, Janice regally walked out of the room, her upper thighs still wet from what had happened.

?Thank you so much Mistress!? Christy called out to her.

?You better be grateful,? Janice said in a cold, strict voice, with her whip cracking behind her as she left the room.

After a quick shower, we packed and went down stairs to check out.

Bob and Janice were getting ready to leave on their honeymoon and we caught them in the lobby. Janice told us how bad she felt for Bob that she?d passed out on their wedding night and was unable to give him some good wedding night sex. But she said, he fucked her anyway, and cummed in her ass. We just smiled and told them to have a great time. What happened in Houston stayed in Houston.

This weekend was the best thing that ever happened to my marriage. Now Christy craves my cock all the time. Thinking of sexy thoughts from that night, we watch the video quite often. And it always leads to a full night of erotic play. Now that Christy has let herself go and become more open to experiencing new things whether its dressing up, new positions, bondage, or whatever, she found that she has a little freak in her and we have a hell of a lot more and better sex. Christy is normally somewhat ?demure? in her manner, so it?s still a shocker to have her sidle up next to me and purr about "what ever she that she?s interested in doing with me that night".

On the off chance that Christy is just going through a phase of sexual growth, I?m exploring everything she seems interested in: toys, positions, and anything else. I figure that if there is anything that I?ve wanting to try, now is the ideal time to try it. And, timing is truly everything.

Since we?ve been role-playing, I?ve discovered that I have a sadistic streak and like the ?slave? thing the most. There?s just something about debasing and humiliating Christy that lights my fire. The other night while she was in character she started talking about ?golden-showers?, and said that she wanted me to pee on her. When the other guys that I had lined up arrived, I had her kneel in the bathtub while I peed on her head. At first I directed my hot stream into her hair. Then I worked it down her face to her breasts. I could only imagine the how humiliating it was to feel my warm pee splashing in her hair and run down her face. By the time I finished peeing on her, her hair was soaked and pee was running in rivulet down her face on to her chest and down her stomach.

The two guys that I had over to join in the fun got so excited that when I finished, they stepped forward and took a turn. After all three of us had emptied our bladders, we went into the living room while she cleaned herself up.

Janice and Bob call quite often and Janice always asks me if she can have Christy again. I tell her she can when she convinces Bob to swap partners openly. I think she?s been working on his training. They plan to come visit us in a couple of months for the weekend. We?ll see what happens.

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