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Serving their needs...

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We're meeting for the first time tonight. The anticipation has been building for the past week. My mind has been filled with all sorts of erotic and wicked thoughts. This would be my first time submitting to a dominant couple. The thought is both scary and exciting. It seemed like we had some similar intrests, but what if they went too far. My curiosity and desire pushed me on. I even was wearing my butt plug under my clothes in anticipation of being made to take a toy or maybe even a strap-on latre. The thought brought a smile to my face everytime I hit a pot hole and felt my but plug move in my ass.

I arrive at the agreed upon bar. When I walk in, I find you guys sitting at the bar having a drink. I recognize you from your pictures in your profile. I take one last deep breathe before I walk up and introduce myself. We get a table off by ourselves. We all sit there and enjoy a drink and engage in idle chit-chat. The whole time I am just thinking about being on my knees and made to service you both. You catch me in thought as I linger too long going to take a drink of my beer. You look over and simply say "let's get out of here".

I follow you guys back to your place. I think to myself, "this is it". I follow you inside. Once we're inside and the door is closed I'm told to strip and get on my knees. I follow your orders. First thing, a blindfold goes on. Now I'm in an unfamiliar place, with new people and I can't see. I am feeling very vulnerable, yet very excited. Now all I can do is hear people moving about but I can't tell who is who. Next I feel a collar go around my neck and some cuffs on my wrists.

Next, my new Mistress speaks. She says "Now, your reward for being a good boy is tasting this delicious pussy. And just so you know what you're working for, come here..." A leash is attatched to the collar and I am led behind my mistress and I hear her sit down. Next she grabs me by the hair and pulls my face to her pussy. "taste it!" With a hand full of my hair she pushes my mouth to her pussy and I start to lick, tasting her sweetness. Holding my head in place, she starts to move her hips, like she was fucking my face. My face gets covered in her sweet juices. Then, to My dissapointment, she stops and pushed me away. "Now you know how good the reward is".

I hear her stand up and then someone else sits down in front of me. I, of course know that this is my new Master. My Mistress orders me on my hands and knees with my butt in the air. She notices the butt plug I have had in this entire evening. "Looks like somebody started without us tonight. Well, now it's our turn. I'm not the only one you have to please". And with that I feel a hand on the back of my head again forcing me down. This time I met with a nice hard dick at my lips. "Let's see how good you do with this" I hear my Master say. As I open my mouth to take him in I feel a light sting across my ass. My Mistress is behind me flogging my ass as I suck my Master's dick. "You better do a good job" she says. I have sucked dick before while playing with a couple in the past, but the thought of being "forced" to do has me really excited. My Mistress has slowly picked up the intesity of her flogging and just like my Mistress my Master is now holding the back of my head and fucking my mouth.

"That's enough for now", my Mistress says as she grabs the leash and pulls me up to my knees. "You're done with your mouth for now". And with that, a ball gag is inserted. I am then told to get on my feet and I am led down the hall to a bedroom. Once in the room I am led to a bed and told to lie down on my back and put my hand above my head. The cuffs are then linked together and attatched to a teather at the head of the bed. Two more cuffs are put on my ankles and those are attatched to teathers in opposite corners at the foot of the bed spreading my legs. I hear what sounds like a lighter and I assume someone is lighting some candles to set the mood.

Next, I feel my Mistresses nails run down my chest scratching me as they go down. Next, she stradles my face, facing towards the bottom of the bed. "oh what this must look like" I think to myself. Next she starts to pinch and pull on my nipples teasing them. I start to moan in pleasure. After a couple minutes of this, the pleasure turns to slight pain and she puts on the first clamp on my left nipple. I want to scream in the mix of pleasure and pain but the gag muffles my cry. Next she clips on the clamp on my right nipple and lets the chain rest on my chest for a second. Now she starts to grind her pussy on the ball gag in my mouth. This alone is torture knowing how badly I want to be licking that sweet pussy. Her juices get the ball wet teasing me with her taste. She then starts to pull on the chain on the nipple clamps tugging on my helpless nipples. Again, I can only image what this must look like. Me tied to the bed, her rubbing herself on the ball gag in my mouth and pulling on the nipple clamps.

The next sensation catches me off gaurd. I feel some drops on my chest followed by a slight burning sensation. My Master is dripping candle wax on me. Again, I want to scream out in pain and pleasure. He drips wax down my chest, across my belly and then on my dick. This is where he focuses his attention cover my dick and my testicles in wax. The sensation is almost too much to bear along with my Mistresses torment. After some time, my Mistress gets up. I'm left with the taste of her wetness on the gag.

After a minute, she comes back and kneels on the bed next to me. She takes off the gag. She says "Here, I have something else for your mouth". And with that she slides what I guess is a dildo in my mouth. She says "now suck on this like you were sucking on your Master earlier". I'm once again given the same treatment with her grabbing a hand full of hair and forcing me to suck her strap-on. "You better suck it good. You're going to want it nice and wet".

Then the teathers are released from the cuffs. I am once again ordered to my hands and knees on the bed. "Now let's see how good you can take it". The butt plug is removed and I feel some lube dripping down my ass. Then my Mistress kneels behind be and pushed the tip of the dildo to my ass. Slowly shes pushes forward and I can feel it going into me. I can't believe the sensation. I've played with toys on my own before, but I've never had anybody else in control of anything going in my ass. I can feel her push in until several inches are inside me. I let out a moan as the sensation fills me. Then she starts to pump her hips. I can't believe it, I'm being fucked in the ass. It feels so good.

Then I hear my master sit down in front of me on the bed. "It's not that easy, you have to do some work too". And with that he pushes me mouth down around his dick again. At this point I think I must be in heaven. My Mistress is fucking my ass with her strap-on while my Masters feeds me his dick. As my Mistress picks up the pace and starts fucking my ass nice and hard I lose all inhibitions and start sucking and licking my Masters cock like a hungry little slut. His dick is so hard in my mouth, then he puts both hands on the back of my head and starts fucking my mouth. I'm getting fucked on both ends and loving every second of it. Then, I hear my Master's breath quicken as he pulss me down harder. He lets out a moan as I feel the first spurt of his cum in my mouth. He jsut holds my head in place, not letting me go. He continues to fill my mouth with his cum as my Mistress pounds my ass. After he finishes coming he says, "Now I don't want to have to clean any cum off of this bed." And with that I swallow everything he gave me.

"Looks like you did a good enough job", my Mistress says. She slowly pulls the dildo out of my ass. "Now lie back down on your back". I do as I am told. I feel empty after having my ass fucked so well. The cuffs on my wrists are again linked together, but this time they are just in front of me resting on my chest. "I guess you have earned your reward for now". Once again, my Mistress stradles my face, but this time I don't have the gag in my way blocking my enjoyoment. My tongue goes to work licking up everything I can, tatsing my sweet reward. Then my Mistress shfts slightly forward, "Don't forget to lick here too"... I am presented with her ass and I do as I am told and continue to lick. My tongue darts around her sweet ass and then in her lovely hole. After a couple minutes of enjoyment, she gets up and sits down next to me. Pulling the leash she has me face first in her pussy and once again holding the back of my head. I lick all around her pussy and then her clit and after a while I manage to get my Mistress to climax.

"Not bad for a first time, but you still need some work. We were easy on you since this was your first time". And with that, I am aloud to clean up and leave.

Exhausted and content, I drive home. All the way home I can't get the image of the evening out of my head. I dwell on the actvities that had just taken place and linger on the thought of what else they may have planned for next time...

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