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Samanthas Story

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Hi I'm Samantha or as my friends call me , Sam . I live with my mom who is divorced from my dad and although I see him often it is not often enough . My mom dates quite a bit as she is real attractive and guys are always hitting on her . She also has quite a nice shape which I guess I inherited . She has a steady boyfriend who sometimes stays overnight and when he does I can hear the lovemaking going on in her room . Her moans are quite loud and even screams when he satisfies her which is most times .

I have to admit I get a little excited hearing it all and usually end up masturbating at least once , sometimes two or three times using my finger .

Oh , I am 16 and considered pretty , slim and I guess a nice shape as a lot of boys look at me . I have little interest in any of them as they behave so stupid most of the time . As for sex , I am content to do myself with this little vibrator a girlfriend bought for me .

Last summer I had an experience that changed my life although that probably sounds odd as I was only 15 . I was at my girlfriend Julies house for a pool party with some other girlfriends , Carrie , Ashley and Heather . Her mom Cathy , who is a widow was supervising . She's a really cool mom and we all love her , especially me . Anyway , at one point I dived into the pool and came up without my bikini top . Well actually it had slipped down around my waste but I was unaware . When I surfaced in front of Cathy , Julie's mom , she was staring at my chest . It was then I realized my top was down but the look in Cathy's eyes sent a warm glow right down to my pussy . This was a first . Heather finally noticed and screamed and all eyes were on Sam who had to scream as well but the memory of Cathy's eyes stayed with me . So , for the rest of the afternoon I spent as much time as I could with Julies mom trying to figure out why she had caused this feeling to come over me . When it was time to leave , I kind of lingered behind and even Julie left with Carrie . I had changed into shorts and a halter and when I thanked Mrs. Avery with a kiss on the cheek are breasts pressed into each others and that warm glow once again passed through me . When I backed away I could not help but to look at hers in her bikini top . There was a moment of discomfort and she told me she thought I was pretty . Having my moms boldness I told her I noticed her looking at my bare breasts at the pool . She was nervous and mumbled something about me having beautiful ones . Now it was her turn to be bold and asked if she could see the again . Keeping my eyes on hers I lifted my halter top over my head showing her just what I had . Of course I was bra less as I never wear one in the summer . By now I am feeling a little warm and not from the heat . She took charge now and asked if she could touch them and I can't remember wanting anything more . She reached out with both hands and grasped them feeling their weight and thumbing my nips . This got my motor racing so to move on I asked if I could see hers . She released mine and reached behind her and unhooked and removed her bikini top and now I understood what she felt seeing mine . They were beautiful ! She grasped mine again caressing them and said , "go ahead" . Well , it didn't take a genius to figure what she meant . Now here we were rubbing and caressing each other wondering where to go next . She asked me if I wanted to stop and I said no way , it feels too good .

The phone rings ending our groping . It's Julie wanting to spend the night at Carries . Of course mom says . Immediately , it dawned on me that we may be able to continue what we were doing without interruption . So I called my mom and got the okay to spend the night at Julies , which in fact would be the truth , sort of . We then went back out to the pool area , both topless but swimming was the last thing on my mind . We sat down and Cathy asked me if I'd like some lotion on my burn . Well , I had no burn but saw the possibilities , that is Cathy's hands all over me , not just my tits . She rubbed lotion onto my back and then the backs of my thighs getting real close to my pussy a couple of times which I really liked . I had removed my shorts so when she came to ass she lowered my panties and rubbed my cheeks even touching my poop hole once sending a shiver through me . I turned over and she began on my breasts causing my nips to get real hard . Now I may have been only 15 but I knew where all this was headed so when she rubbed the lotion down toward my pussy I was ready . She seemed to hesitate as if she realized that this would be the point of no return . No way this was stopping and I said , "go for it , touch me there " . In one smooth motion she slid her hand right onto my cunt and inserted a finger into me . I guess she must have decided it was what she wanted . She moved her finger back on forth , in and out and over my most sensitive spot , the same spot I press my vibrator on when I masturbate . By now I'm feeling dizzy with lust but knowing what I really wanted and knowing this was the perfect time I got bold once again and asked her to use her mouth instead of her finger . I could see the surprise on her face but she went right down on me and stuck her tongue up inside . Oh golly , oh golly I thought , this is the best . She tongued me for a while then she would suck on my clit then tongue me some more . Finally , when she was running her tongue back and forth over my clit , knowing I was getting close I begged for her to make me cum and boy , did I ever . I even think I squirted as I had heard about although never from doing myself . It seems as though it went on for a long time but finally wound down . I felt like a limp rag . Cathy held me close for a time which was so beautiful and I thanked her for what she had given me .

I was unsure where to go next but wondered if she wanted me to do something for her . I doubted that a finger would be enough after what she had done for me and wasn't sure I could lick a pussy . It was then I noticed she had removed her bikini bottoms somewhere along the line and there was wetness all down one thigh . I guess Cathy must have enjoyed that to but doubtful it was as much as I did I thought with an inner grin .

Okay here goes . "Would you like me to do the same for you" I asked . She said yes of course but suggested we move inside into her bedroom where it would be more comfortable . We went in naked and not knowing what to do next went directly to the bed and layed down . She lay next to me and we started to kiss although it seemed a little awkward at first . It didn't take long though to get back into it as that magical feeling was beginning again and with our tits touching each others and nips getting hard the feeling started racing again . Oh my , how I wanted this I thought . I kissed and licked her breasts and rubbed them with my hands flicking my thumbs over them as they got hard . This was absolutely heaven . Finally I reached down and placed my hand on her cunt . It was wide open and so wet that I was able to slide two fingers right in , then a third . I turned my hand so as be able to rub her little nub with my thumb . She commented on what a fast learner I was . My passion took over and I moved my face right in front of her slit but stopped short . It was one thing to rub it and stick my fingers inside , but lick it ? She must have sensed my hesitation so with words of encouragement and spreading herself with her own fingers I went for it . The taste hit my tongue first and although a little strange I decided I liked it . A bit salty perhaps probably from being out in the sun all day . I figured mine was likely the same . But as always , nature took it's course and soon I was lapping away like a pro . I found her little nub and sucked on it as she had done . By now she was going crazy , moving all over the place , humping my face , moaning so loud I am surprised the neighbors didn't hear . I guess she wanted more and asked me to turn around but no way was I going to lose contact with that cunt . I managed to do so , turned on my side not sure what was happening when I felt her tongue licking up my thighs and then enter my slit once again . Oh golly , she's going to lick my cunt again ! Is this really happening to me I wondered . I was so into it I can't recall what happened next . She told me after that I had rolled on top of her and sucked so hard she immediately cum all over my face . All I know is that I cum at the same time , a really great cum that I will always remember . Wow I remembered thinking after , is this what it's all about . I truly hope so .

Cathy reminded me that I was spending the night and I remember thinking , how can we keep this up all night . Well , I was going to learn . As the night progressed and after we had licked each other to orgasm in a number of different positions many times Cathy decided to take my cherry so to speak . She brought out this toy that was similar but quite a bit larger than my vibrator . I had never penetrated myself deeply , satisfying myself with the vibes on my clit to cum but figured , it's gotta happen some time . She explained that it was a small one she used in her anus when she felt really nasty . "Okay , I said but please be careful" . We kissed and hugged once again getting back up to our earlier heights and knowing what she wanted to do stayed on my back and spread my thighs . She placed the toy right on my slit and asked if I was ready . Yup , I replied . Ever so slowly she pushed it into my cunt , in and out slowing down when she met resistance . "Okay , it's going to hurt a little but the pleasure after will more than compensate" she told me . "Just do it quick " I replied . She applied a steady push and yes , it hurt but once it was all the way in she held it still . With it still in me she kissed my lips telling me to just hold still and soon the pain will stop . The pain did end and was replaced with a feeling of being filled . "When you think you are ready let me know " Cathy said as she continued to hold me and kiss me . Well , I wasn't sure what ready meant but how long was I going to lay here . After a while I said "Okay Cathy , I guess I'm ready for you to do me with this thing " She smiled as she slowly slid it out of me and then back in . The pain returned but much less this time and each time she drew it out and in it lessened to the point the pain was gone . Cathy withdrew it once again and switched on the vibes and placed it against my cl it . It was like coming home and now the pleasure started . When she slid it in again I could feel my tightness trying to hold it back but along with that was the urge to accept it all the way and rapidly . I placed both my hands on Cathy's and gently so as not to hurt myself pulled it in , them out , then in , then out . Oh my god , I was fucking ! In and out in and out , all the time seeing a look of love in Cathy's eyes . "It's going to happen" I told her . I kept fucking this toy setting my own pace to maximize my joy and could feel it building like never before . Cathy had to slow me down as all I wanted was to cum and cum hard as I knew I was going to . "Oh god , here I go Cathy" I screamed . I had found it ! I knew at that moment that I would someday be a fuck machine and although licking pussy and getting licked was great , it would forever take second place to this ! I loved fucking ! I want to fuck every guy I meet ! Big cocks , small cocks , just fuck me with them !

Well , I finally came down from my high and the look in Cathy's eyes said it all . She knew what she had created and that someday I would move on and not in the direction she had hoped for . But I will always love her for showing me where my real passion lies . That's not to say the night was over . We took turns fucking each other with her toys , licking each other to orgasm and I even fucked her in the ass with what had become my favorite toy . I even tried it in my ass and though it gave me no great pleasure I felt someday it would . We awoke in the morning both very sore in all our orifices but that little soreness served to remind us of what joy we had found with each other .

My final question to her on parting was . "Do you think Julie would like me to lick her cunt " ?

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