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I am not really nosy--at least I don't *feel* nosy, but I guess I can be tempted into it. I was up in the attic and happened to look through vanes at the side of the house, and discovered that I could see right over our neighbors' fence to their swimming pool. Maybe I wouldn't have stayed to watch, but our neighbors are quite a bit wealthier than we are and I really didn't know them that well even though we had lived side by side for a few years. Not only that, but right when I looked, there was the lady of the house, Jessica, sunbathing--nude. It was like peeking into another world--the *rich and famous*--Jessica sure seemed to have it all: a beautiful house with a pool in back; she was thin as a toothpick and absolutely gorgeous; she had time to just lay in the sun and keep up the most beautiful tan. No, I wasn't envious--much. But I was curious enough to watch her a little while, even if she was just laying there.

Perhaps I was entranced for a little while, dreaming of living like that myself, but she was just laying there and I was about to leave when a woman walked out the back of their house. I stayed to watch.

The woman was well-dressed, in a skirt-suit and carried a tray with a drink and some papers. She was tall, slender, and..., well *stately*

might be an appropriate word. She had blond hair pinned up. She carried the tray over to Jessica and placed it next to her. Jessica didn't even look at the woman who walked out again, but sipped the drink, and then opened an envelope--it was apparently their mail--

and read.

I wondered about the woman. A maid? She seemed well dressed to be a maid--more likely a personal secretary? Jessica had money, but that seemed a bit unlikely. I was hooked. I kept watching. I feel foolish admitting it, but I just watched her read her mail and sip her drink. After a few minutes, the woman came out again. Jessica lowered her chair to horizontal and turned over on her stomach and the woman sat next to her and rubbed oil on her back. She didn't hesitate to touch any part of her, either, covering her arms, legs, and her rear, thoroughly, I might add. I was amazed. That was how rich people live? I wasn't sure I could let someone (besides my husband!)

touch me like that. After that, Jessica lay on her stomach for a while, and after fifteen minutes or so, I got bored and went back downstairs.

Somehow, the sight of Jessica like that stuck with me--the vision came back to me as I lay in bed that night. I figured I was just dreaming of being rich and beautiful.

The next day, I guess the devil inside of me made me go up and peek again. Jessica wasn't there, but I went up later and she was, sitting in the same chair, nude, with a straw hat, and reading a book. A girl came out--it was Jessica's daughter, Hillary, who must be about 19.

She was in a one-piece swimsuit and after saying something to her mother, went swimming. I still can't explain why I was so intrigued, but I went downstairs and got a stool so I could sit and watch.

Hillary swam back and forth across the pool at a leisurely pace for a while, then went back into the house. In fact, a few minutes later I saw her drive off.

Jessica still sat there reading her book. She got up and switched chairs, but settled back to reading. I saw her do something with the table next to her--I figured out that she pushed a button. Soon the woman (maid?) came out, dressed as before. She was quite a contrast to Jessica and Hillary, walking across the pool area in her heels and skirt. She wasn't carrying anything. When she approached Jessica, she immediately went down on her knees in front of her.

Somehow it didn't register for a second, but when it did, I opened my mouth in shock--she bent down between Jessica's thighs and put her face to Jessica's crotch! She was moving her head just a little.

Jessica was still reading her book and hadn't even looked up!

My heart was in my throat. It was momentarily too much for me to comprehend or something, and I got up and paced around in a circle once. Then I sat down and looked out: the woman was still kneeling with her face buried between Jessica's thighs. Jessica was still reading, but she shifted her position once, seemingly bringing her pelvis closer to the edge of the chair. She continued to read. Then suddenly she put the book down, grabbed the arms of the chair, leaned her head way back, and lifted her legs and wrapped them around the woman. I saw her body tense. They were frozen like that for maybe fifteen seconds, then Jessica unwrapped her legs and picked up her book and started reading again. The maid, or whatever she was, got up and walked out in her erect, business-like walk. It seemed that neither of them had said a word.

If Jessica had been on my mind the previous night, now I felt obsessed--I couldn't concentrate the whole evening and even my husband noticed a couple of things I forgot to do. I was still wondering if my eyes had played tricks on me or something.

After that, somehow I was hooked. Every day, I went upstairs and watched whenever someone was out at the pool. I saw that maid do the same thing to Jessica some more times, and I also saw her oil Jessica's body when she was laying out. Once she oiled Jessica's body, the front, while Hillary was swimming, and she was very thorough too! It didn't seem to phase any of them. Hillary sometimes had a girlfriend over to swim with her, and Jessica didn't seem to mind sitting there nude even then. Hillary always wore a suit except once when Jessica wasn't out there, Hillary took a nude swim.

It was really something to see that maid with Jessica. A couple of times, she did Jessica while she was reading, like that first time I saw, but once right after oiling Jessica's front, she knelt down next to Jessica and licked her crotch while Jessica lay there. And once while Jessica was laying out on her stomach, she reached over and pushed the button and the maid came out of the house, pushed Jessica's legs apart and lay her body down between Jessica's legs and pushed her face right into Jessica's rear! Jessica bent back her body and got up on her elbows, but never looked back and the maid.

As I watched these acts, I noticed that I started touching myself! I got wet watching, and would touch my breasts through my blouse or rub my crotch! Finally, I slipped open my pants and masturbated while watching them!

This went on for over a week, and then one day, Jessica had some friends over. One of them was Anne, who lives across the street and is a good friend of mine. In fact, I do a lot of things with Anne, and hadn't been aware that she was friends with Jessica. The other woman I recognized as someone who lived down the street, but I didn't really know her. They were all dressed in bikinis and sat around drinking and talking while that maid served them.

Then, one time, the maid didn't leave after bringing out a tray, but just stood there in front of Jessica. Jessica was saying something to her. Then the maid started taking off her clothes! She just took them off piece by piece until she stood there in front of Jessica nude except for her high heels! Her body was positively white compared to Jessica, but she was tall and slim and had a body I'd love to have.

Then Anne lifted her rear and slipped off her bikini bottom! The three of them sat there, with just Anne nude from the waist down and the maid standing there facing them! Then the maid knelt between Anne's legs and started licking her! I couldn't believe it!

I've known Anne a long time, and this was quite a shock! I didn't know she knew Jessica, and I certainly didn't know she did things like *this*! In just a minute she was obviously breathing hard and she wrapped her arms and legs around the maid's head and kind of pulled her body tightly to her. Then in a minute, she let go, and lay limply in her chair. The maid then went over to the other woman, knelt in front of her and slipped her bikini bottom off as she lifted her rear off the chair. Then the woman took off her top. The maid then knelt and kissed the woman's breasts. They did that for a minute, then the maid drew away and the woman stood up. The maid lay on the concrete on her back, and the woman knelt, straddling the maid's head and lowered her crotch to the maid's face! She knelt there for a little while, then put her hands behind her neck and started grinding her body a little. Jessica, who still wore her bikini, got out of her chair and knelt in front of the woman. Then she leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. It was strange, but they didn't touch except for their lips--it looked like the lightest kiss though they lingered for a minute. Jessica then pulled away and took off her bikini and sat down again. The other woman grabbed the maid's head with her hands and seemed to be pulling it into her crotch.

Jessica nonchalantly stroked her own crotch a couple of times. Anne watched intently.

In a minute, the other woman got up and sat down in her chair again.

The maid then stood in front of them facing them again and in a few seconds she put her hands up behind her head. The three woman looked at her. Then Jessica stood up. She was still nude. She had a *whip* in her hand! A small one, but I could see what it was! She had it doubled in her hand and she held it out, touching the maid's body with the doubled part of it. Then she lifted it up, rubbing the woman's body with the doubled end, up to the maid's neck and jaw, and then down again across her breasts and down to her crotch. The maid just stood there. Then Jessica rubbed the maid's crotch with it. She looked into the maid's eyes. The maid stood there for a few seconds, then her knees seemed to buckle a little and Jessica stopped. Then Jessica stepped back and the woman bent down and touched her toes, and held that position. Then Jessica went around behind her and shook out the whip near the maid's rear.

I couldn't take it anymore. While this was going on, I was thinking about how Anne and that other woman were such friends with Jessica that Jessica had them over for this sort of entertainment.

Why wasn't Jessica friendlier with me? I could be there too. I hadn't sought Jessica out, perhaps being shy about having so much less money, but obviously with Anne and that other woman there, such concerns were unfounded. I watched and imagined being there.

That maid licking *me*.

When I saw the maid waiting to be whipped, it was too much. I went downstairs and immediately headed out the door, thinking about what item of food ingredient I could ask Jessica for. She would very likely invite me in! And, well, we might actually continue as they were going, but at least I would be there, and see Jessica and that maid in person! It would be so weird! I was sure Jessica would invite me to the back. The thought of that maid at my beck and call...

Jessica herself answered the door, wearing a terry wrap. I commented that it was a perfect day for the pool (real subtle, I know, but I wasn't thinking clearly). Jessica paused and eyed me and I could imagine that she was wondering whether she could let me in on her secrets. Finally, she invited me in for a swim! I told her I'd have to go get my suit and she said not to worry, that they had plenty of spare suits and she was sure she had something to fit me.

She took me to the door of her bedroom, stopped in to grab a suit (a little white one-piece), and left me in another bedroom, telling me to try it on. It looked small, and sure enough, I discovered I couldn't fit in it. Right when I gave up, she came back in. There I was, nude, and more than a little embarrassed, and she said she was sorry and that she'd get me another. She also took the suit, and she took my clothes, saying she'd hang them up. I waited for a little while, and then realized, there I was, nude, in someone else's home, without my clothes. I waited for what seemed like five minutes, and wondered where she was. I glanced around for some kind of cover and realized there was absolutely nothing in the room, even a curtain or bedspread, with which I could cover myself. I began to get nervous, but chided myself for it.

Then the door opened. But it wasn't Jessica, it was that maid! She was completely dressed, in that business-like suit of hers. I quickly stood, sort of covered myself with my hands and mumbled something. She didn't say a word, but immediately walked right up to me, leaned over and kissed me on the lips! She grabbed my head, and her tongue had slipped into my mouth in seconds! Then I felt her hand on my cunt, caressing me! I was quickly slipping away! I was in such a shock--it had been so quick!

Then, suddenly, she pulled away, and before I knew what happened, something was in my mouth. A gag of some sort! It was fastened behind my head before I realized what happened... I don't know how that maid worked so fast and smoothly... and in seconds my hands were fastened behind me and my ankles were fastened together! I was unable to stand and was laying on the bed in seconds! She reached down and massaged one of my breasts for a couple of seconds, and then she up and left, closing the door after her! My heart was beating so hard!

Then the door opened again, and in came Hillary and her friend! They looked at me, and Hillary had a little whip! They giggled a little, and then Hillary touched the whip to my cunt and started to stroke it!

She leaned over me and said "Would you like to feel *that* across your ass?" I felt a finger reach under my legs and find my rear hole and press against it!

Then I looked up and noticed Jessica was in there! She was nude!

She got up on the bed on her knees and straddled my head and started to take off my gag. "Just lick!" she said and lowered her cunt onto my mouth! "Do it, slut!" she added.

I hadn't done anything like that before. I took an experimental lick.

"More!" she said in a harsh tone. I started licking in earnest.

I licked and licked. "Don't stop!" she said when I slowed down a little. I licked faster again, and she said "You're an easy one, aren't you?"

Then she pulled away. I don't think she had come. I noticed Hillary was nude. She was standing, watching, and the maid, who was still fully dressed, was standing right behind her so their bodies were pressed together. She was reaching around Hillary's body and caressing her breasts and hugging her tightly. Hillary had her mouth open and was breathing with difficulty but her eyes were on me. I didn't see Hillary's friend anywhere.

"Ready for the whip?" It was Jessica. The gag was back in my mouth. Jessica rolled me over on my stomach. I felt something on my rear, at my rear hole! It was fingers. Then something pressed. A cock? A fake cock! It was pushed into my rear!

I looked toward Jessica. That friend of Hillary was sitting at Jessica's feet, nude, licking Jessica's cunt. She was handcuffed and blindfolded. Jessica wasn't touching me--it must be someone else pushing the dildo in my rear. I turned me head to the other side. It was Anne and that other woman! They were both in their bikinis.

Anne was doing it. The other woman had her hand in the front of Anne's bikini bottom fingering her.

"Is she ready for the whip yet?" It was Jessica's voice. I looked over at Hillary and the maid. They were both completely nude, locked in an embrace, kissing. They seemed oblivious to us. Anne was breathing hard. The other woman had pulled off her own bikini bottom and was fingering herself with one hand as she fingered Anne with the other. Anne looked at me, and at my bottom.

"Let me whip her," said Anne. My best friend. I was coming and I knew I'd let her.

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